tagBDSMG's Submission Ch. 01-02

G's Submission Ch. 01-02


Chapter 1

Let's start from the beginning. My name, I shall not reveal. To my friends I am G. It all started when I was pursuing a pH D in Uni. Three years ago:

I'm 21 years old, 5 feet and 8 inches tall. People say I am very good looking. I have a slight inkling that I am.

A couple of years ago, I had just joined Uni, and had found an apartment quite close to the campus, in a rather safe and posh part of the town. I could afford the place due to my scholarship and the fact that I shared it with a couple of other girls, April and Jane. They were both going to the Uni. April was also doing a pH D under prof. big D, in a similar topic. April was my oldest friend. We had both gone to school together, had been neighbors in our faraway hometown, and now we both joined prof D in the same time. April found Jane - an 18 year old undergrad who didn't want to stay in the dorm, but couldn't afford an apartment without asking her parents for money. With a part time job as a waitress in a local coffee house, Jane could get by in the apartment, paying less rent than me and April, in exchange for bunking in the living room, in a fold-able bed The first term went by in a flurry of coursework and a gradual erosion of awkward shyness..

In the space of the term, the three of us had become comfortable with each other and by the time we met for the first time after the break in the living room, we knew each other fairly well.

April, slightly tall, thin and brown haired, had scraped through the trimester with barely enough grades to work for Prof. D.

"It's a relief though," she said, as she sat on the dining room table. "No more coursework!" She gave Jane a mock evil grin.

The younger college girl pouted. "oh, piss off." Jane was quite foul-mouthed. Her smile robbed the words of offense as she stuck her tongue out at April. Even though she was a lot younger than both of us, she gave April scant respect. To me, however she was adorable. She came to me for all her academic doubts, she asked me for all relationship advice. In short she was like the younger sister I didn't have.

Jane was a bold girl. I would bet anything that she was not a virgin. Her boyfriend, John was a year older than her. I had seen them making out tons of times all over the Uni, and every time she caught my eye and winked from behind John's face smothering her - behind the the stands, in the library, in the terrace. Everywhere. They couldn't keep themselves off each other. I found that slightly irritating, having recently broken up, but I still had waved back at John once when he stopped sucking Jane's face long enough to turn back, smile at me and wave. I didn't mind her. She could be quite sweet.

She dressed, well, like a mini-slut. Her skirt hems always far from her knees, her jeans always tight and low and her tops always tight and low cut.

Now, she was sitting with her legs crossed under her, on the couch. her miniskirt riding up to give us a view of her thighs. Her T-shirt was tight, and I noticed that her boobs seemed to have gotten bigger over the break. Since when did I start noticing another girl's boobs? Since now, I guess.

"Are you taking any courses this year G?" she asked, looking at me.

"Yeah, a couple..." I replied.

April looked at me like I was crazy. "Why would you do extra coursework on top of the teaching assistance you need to do for Prof? It's not like you need to."

I shrugged and smiled. We hung out and caught up until eventually Jane fell asleep. The semester was starting well.


Couple of weekends later, I was still single. And very horny by now. So as a consequence I was working extra hard on the courses. I was feeling pretty good by the Friday night. We had plans for a girls night in. That is when it started.

We watched a movie and drank some wine. I think one of the reasons Jane hung out with us a lot is because of all the free access to alcohol. I was through my fourth glass and now getting quite tipsy. It was a proper pajama party, and I didn't see anything stopping me from getting drunk.

I was the only one wearing pajamas though. Jane was wearing a short nightie, letting me see glimpses of her panties all the time, and April was wearing a long t-shirt and shorts. I don't know whether it was the alcohol, or Jane being so cute, but I found my eyes drawn to her legs in the hope of getting a panty shot once every couple of minutes.

I shook my head. Get a hold of yourself G. You're not a lesbian.

After a couple of more glasses, I wasn't thinking clearly. I had also seen enough of Jane to get me wet downstairs. I couldn't believe myself. I was still in denial. All this leads me to what happened next.

April suggested we play spin the bottle. or Poker. Jane's grin looked very evil to me. "Strip poker!" she yelled. April stared at Jane. "Ewww!" She said, but still smiling. Then they both looked at me.

I was still grinning foolishly. I still don't know what I was thinking when I said, OK.

I guess I thought I would be wearing more than the other too, and had a greater chance of seeing Jane naked. Maybe April too.

What is wrong with you G. She's your best friend. I shocked myself into a trance for a minute while Jane went to get the cards.

I drunkenly listened to the rules, in a haze of the shock of having just imagined my best friend in a sexual context. Eventually the games started. Soon it was apparent that I was too drunk to play. Two hands later I was down to my bra and panties, and Jane was grinning evilly. April was rolling on the floor laughing at me.

"OK guys, I'm t-too drunk to p-play..." I lisped. "Let-ss-s stop." I got up and snorted indignantly at a giggling April.

"Aww come on G." Jane pleaded. "We might lose next. I know for a fact that April is not wearing a bra." April stuck out her tongue at Jane.

"Here have some dutch courage," Jane gave me a glass of wine.

I looked at her, sighed and took the glass, and downed it.

And lost the next game.

April was again rolling in a fit of giggles. Jane looked even more evil as she chanted. "Take it off.. take it off.. "

April said, "Bra or panties G?" I looked at her. Even she looked evil, but with an amused glint in her eyes.

Jane said, "Wow you are quite full up top. Why don't you take off the bra?" I looked at her with a drunken mixture of indignation and anger for a moment. She stared coolly back. At my breasts.

At that moment I completely succumbed.

Alcohol? flattery? Submissiveness?

I shuddered and felt slightly sick at the last thought as I reached back and unhooked the strap. Jane said something to the effect of "Release the puppies" and April whooped as I slid off the garment, eyes downcast, now more than slightly aroused that I was doing this in front of April.

I bounced free, reddish brown nipples and all. April went into another bout of giggles.

I frowned at her. "I didn't think my boobs were so fa-funny."

"They are stupendous... " April replied, warmly.

"..ly huge. You cow" said Jane. Her grin did not remove the offense from her words, but as I looked at her, I didn't feel anger and indignation. My pussy squirted my panties wet. And Jane looked down and spotted the soaked nature of said garment.

At that moment I should have left, stormed off. Instead I sat down, jiggling, and kept my thighs together to hide my embarrassing arousal and said "OK let's get on with the game."

Jane dealt again. I had a really bad hand, so I folded. Now either April or Jane would have to lose some clothing, I thought triumphantly. But it wasn't to happen.

"No way are you folding G. Come on." Jane said, handing me back my cards. Again, I should have been furious. Instead, I obeyed her, sighed and called. End result, I lost again.

Both of them were now looking at me expectantly. I was flushing red now, and furious with myself. And I doubt even April, who was on the far side of the room, couldn't have not smelt my arousal by now.

Without any direction, I got up and pulled my panties down my leg.

"Hurrah!" they cheered, as I was naked as the day I was born. I was now really tired of April who was giggling at my bush, while Jane was grinning evilly.

"I guess that is game over guys," April said, after a while when the giggles had subsided and they had both gotten a good look at all of me. "Yup" I said, reaching for my clothes.

Jane had other ideas. The evil little bitch.

"nah uh." She stopped me. "The games just starting. Proposed extension of rules." I don't know why I stopped to listen further. It was like this 18 year old had full control over me. And I was 21 then.

"The game goes on, but the person who loses should accept dares from the winner. And do anything she says." I swear I could see horns on her head.

April nodded vigorously. She was too drunk.

I sat down, now wetting the floor ever so slightly. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME!!

Surprisingly, during the next surreal nude game, I won, and Jane lost. Jane smiled and took off one of her slippers. April giggled. I indignantly slurred. "Hey, that's not fair..."

"OK", Jane shrugged, and removed her other slipper and grinned at me.

I fumed quietly through the next game, and unsurprisingly lost, to April.

"OK," Jane said, and went over to April and whispered to her ear as I waited patiently for my fate. April giggled even more. She then looked at me and said as Jane went back to her seat, "Ok, here's the dare. I want you to go upstairs, to my room, get my waxing strips and completely wax yourself down there. Smooth as when you were ten years ago."

I was shocked. But I found myself moving without a word upstairs, and in a trance found her kit. My yells of pain brought giggles from downstairs, and by the time I finished and look at myself, I flushed furiously. I looked like a baby.

I walked downstairs and was greeted with gales of laughter from April. I was getting very annoyed with her now. By the end of the next game, April was very drunk. But I still managed to lose. Was I purposefully losing? Again, what is wrong with me!.

Jane was the winner, now. I felt a chill up my spine as I looked expectantly at her. "OK, G. For your dare, I want you to eat me out." I was stunned speechless. "With one condition. I want you to wear a blindfold while doing it."

"Why?" my voice was hoarse after not having said anything for a while.

"I don't want you seeing my cha-cha-cha silly!" Jane said as she picked up my panties. "Modesty, you know."

That was when I felt so humiliated. Here I was sitting with both my nipples and my clit embarrassingly erect and staring at her, while smooth as a baby down below, and she didn't want to show me her pussy.

The final straw came when she said, "Guess what you'll be wearing for a blindfold.", holding my wet panties stretched in front of me.

But the straw didn't break my back. I stayed still while she pulled the elastic waistband around my head to tie a knot, and twisted it around till the gusset hung over my nose. The smell was overpowering. My own juices. I was humiliated and aroused, endlessly. The nagging voice at the back of my head stopped asking what was wrong with me as I let me head be guided between Jane's legs. I was thrust blindly between her thighs until I made contact with my destination. Her own panties were pulled down between her legs. I tasted her. Fought the urge to puke; tongued her. She thrust herself into me, suffocating me in her. My nose was stimulating her clit. My tongue, her insides. It lasted for 15 minutes until she came. My face was soaked. My hair a wet stringy mess. I had swallowed a lot of Jane hormones.

Five more minutes later, Jane made herself decent, and said. "That was great. Wow, G!"

Five more minutes later, when she had calmed down, she let me take of the "blindfold". I looked up and saw Jane grinning and giving me the thumbs up. I didn't know what to say. I looked around and saw that April had passed out,

Go figure. I think she missed the last humiliating episode.

We both lifted her to her room, me still naked, and after a humiliating awkward silence I left to my room, head splitting, Jane's evil grin still completely filling it.

I went to sleep naked, in a daze. What had I done? Had every ounce of self esteem left me? I'd just stripped naked, shaved myself and given oral sex to my eighteen year old roommate. All under her orders. The game felt like a pretext to exercise my submissive side.

I could have left anytime. Jane and April would have ribbed me for a couple of days and the whole thing would've been forgotten. But now - neither me nor Jane could ever forget this night.

I started crying. What was wrong with me?

Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up to the mild headache, but stayed indoors. I shower changed and ate some biscuits from a tin and some energy drinks. I dared not show my face downstairs.

Eventually hunger overcame me and I went downstairs, hoping both of my roommates wouldn't be home. No luck. They were on the couch watching TV.

"Hey G!" they chorused, as if nothing had happened the previous night. I cautiously made conversation while eating leftovers of the pizza they had ordered. The next fifteen minutes were surreal. It turned out that April was so sloshed that she didn't remember any of it. She remembered that I had lost and stripped after some time, but that was that. Jane on the other hand pretended that nothing had happened, and this was perfectly fine with me. Her behavior however, made me slightly uneasy. I would have expected her to have told April everything by now just to humiliate me, judging by what I'd seen of her last night. Ah, well, I thought. She's not so bad after all. Suddenly I felt buoyed. So last night could be forgotten after all. I grabbed one more slice and sat down next to Jane, making April scoot over.

Barely a couple of minutes past, I felt normality sinking in, with a great sense of elation. The movie was bad, but we were making fun of it. April and Jane were hugging cushions, and there were a lot of cushions between Jane and April. It wasn't cold, but April liked to snuggle up with cushions. As I reached for some popcorn, giggling at a joke April made about the actress on screen, out the corner of my eye I could see Jane typing. I was about to ask her who she was talking to when I felt my own phone buzz in my sweatpants pocket.

I suddenly chilled up. She was messaging me. I glanced sideways and Jane was carrying on with the small talk with April whom I could barely see under her cushions. So I quickly took out my phone and opened the message.

Of course it was from her. My face paled and I felt lead weights in my gut as I saw a couple of photos of me, naked from yesterday, sitting cross-legged puffy red pussy completely exposed. I glared at Jane. The next photo was me, wearing my own panties as blindfold and licking Jane's pussy. Her face was nowhere in the shot.

Another text followed. I quickly opened it, by now flushing furiously. How could I think even for a moment that this would not come back to haunt me? I could feel tears forming as I read the next message.

"Don't try to convince yourselves that you're not a submissive slut. You were so wet yesterday. Now I don't want to blackmail you. I'll even delete the photos, if you admit to me, truthfully, that you didn't enjoy yesterday night."

I glared at her now fuming. The bitch. I replied. "No!"

She took her time checking the reply. I fixed my gaze at the TV steadfastly, my vision was blurred. April was blissfully unaware of the whole thing. Jane looked at me and I saw her delete all the photos. I was crying now. I looked at her and mouthed "Thank you." She held my hand and gave me a tissue. I was breaking down now. This was too much.

My phone vibrated again. "See? No problems. Now stop crying, I have another proposal."

Now I was slightly excited, and calmer. She didn't have any leverage on me, and nothing could go wrong. I wiped my face and text-ed her back. "?"

She typed back.

"I think you lied. You did love last night. To convince you I give you a chance. A chance to be my slave for an hour. You will completely obey me for an hour, and at the end you can decide whether to stop it, or continue till you feel like you want to stop it. What do you say?"

I read and re-read the message. At the end of it, my heart was racing. I found myself strangely drawn towards the proposition. There was an unusual fire in my gut that totally engulfed my senses. A raw sexual heat. In a daze, I replied,

"OK. Just one hour though."

Jane looked up. Her evil grin was back. My pubic area moistened. I smiled back.

She then went back to chatting with April while I contemplated my submission. This was fun, I thought. I am in control. Just an hour, in the house. What could she do?

My phone buzzed again. I opened it. She had been typing when I was in my reverie.

"Excuse yourself and go up to my wardrobe in April's room. Strip, put your clothes in it and wait for my next text."

I looked at her, she was typing furiously. I excused myself saying I had some calls to make and went up to April's room. Jane had her wardrobe there. On entering I was met with a brilliant flash of pink. Most of April's stuff was pink, her bed sheets, her wallpaper. Thank god her carpet wasn't pink. I quickly stripped naked and looked at myself in the mirror. Naked and bald as the day I was born.

My phone buzzed again, and my pulse quickened.

"Put your clothes into my wardrobe, and look at the back of the bottom most shelf. You'll find my skimpiest cheer-leading skirt from high school. Wear it and send me a selfie."

I roughly bundled my clothes and stuffed them in Jane's closet. I bent down and groped around in the bottom shelf until my hands grasped a band of material. I instantly chilled. The skirt was brief. I took it out. I was shocked. How could Jane have worn this? Admittedly she was shorter, and this was from her high school, but this was obscene.

I stepped into it reluctantly and pulled it up my legs. It was too tight. It stuck to my thighs. I struggled a bit and pulled it up until it was stretched low over my hips. I looked at the mirror. It was so low over my hips that my pubic vee was showing, and my hair would've been visible if I weren't bald like a baby. My slit was just covered. I think. I looked carefully at the mirror, and when standing absolutely straight, nothing showed. I turned around. I was showing a couple of inches of butt cleavage. How could a skirt be so short? I felt humiliated and obscene. I took a selfie and sent it back.

My phone beeped. I picked it up from April's bed and opened it with an increasing feeling of dread. Why did I agree to this? By now I knew that Jane was utterly and completely wicked and loved humiliating me. The panties blindfold. The waxing. Now this.

"Do you like the skirt? You look slutty. I forgot to tell you, I had it shortened a while ago:) Now my assignment for you is to come down and watch the movie with us for 5 mins, then offer to go get us some burgers. Dressed as you are. :)"

I was shocked. Not because of the level of humiliating exhibitionism she expected of me, but by my own arousal. I was furiously turned on by this 18-year-old's orders. She brought out a raw sexuality in me. It was then I knew that this would not stop in an hour. I would obey her. Just for the raw sexual pleasure. It was then I realized that I was a exhibitionist humiliation slut. I cried for a couple of minutes thinking about my pathetic desires. I imagined myself facing April with only this skirt on. She would laugh at me first, and then slowly become disgusted? Annoyed?

The thought of her reaction was pushed out by a scene of me standing in queue at the burger till at McDonalds in just the skirt, looking around furiously for known faces who might recognize me.

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