tagNonHumanGuardian Wolf Ch. 08

Guardian Wolf Ch. 08


Okay folks! Here is part eight of Guardian Wolf. I apologize for how long it took me to write this. And this isn't the complete chapter. The complete chapter eight was becoming too long and I had already missed too many promised deadlines in the past. So I decided to break this chapter into smaller parts for easier digestion. This chapter will still be four or five Lit pages and I hope it will be received as well as the last chapter.

Because this is a shorter chapter, I hope to have the second part of my original chapter eight finished and ready to post in a couple of weeks. I appreciate all the patience of my readers and the many e-mails I have received to continue my writing with much encouragement.

A quick note about Jessica Hamilton. I know many of you have expressed a desire for me to continue writing about Marcus and Jessica's relationship. The next installment, chapter nine, will start the sequence of events that will lead to Marcus and Jessica's ultimate happiness. I was debating on how soon to expose Jessica to the Lycan world and the knowledge of werewolves. I decided that sooner was better in terms of the flow of the story. Jessica's life is beginning to unravel and her parents are becoming increasingly hostile. Her father, in particular, is starting to show several signs of psychosis and a loss of reality. This will ultimately affect Jessica's safety and ultimately her life. I figured the sooner she was away from her parent's the better. From a safe and nurturing environment, she will be able to develop and mature into a strong and loving woman. Needless to say, with Jessica away from her parents, the need for Augustus and Anna Hamilton to remain alive becomes less important every day. Augustus still has much to answer for what he has done to the Michelson family. I intend, in the next couple of chapters, that justice will be swift and deadly.

Furthermore, just because Jessica has found her mate does not mean she is out of danger. There are still several figures still to be introduced that would like to see her harmed. She still has much in her life, including her narrow view of the world and much of her persona that needs to be modified. It will be up to Marcus and the family to see that she is cared for and shown the way to true happiness. I intend for Marcus and Jessica's characters to remain a main part of the original story; they will not split off into a separate story of their own. I hope my readers will enjoy the direction I will take their relationship in.

Again warnings as to the content contained herein. This part of the story contains strong sexual content including brief scenes of lesbianism, bondage, and domination. I hope you enjoy this next installment of Guardian Wolf.


Chapter Twelve -- Tattoos, and Piercings

October 5th -- 6th, 2006

To say that James and Rachel were happy was an understatement; they were ecstatic and on top of the world. The meeting at the hospital had gone better than either one dared to hope. Both knew most of the credit began with Camille and ended with the children. James and Rachel did little but facilitate and allow a place for the emotions to appear. James will be the first to admit that Rachel's idea of taking Jessica up to the children was an absolute stroke of genius; Rachel will be the first not to dispute this fact. It was rather a great idea, if she said so herself.

Now the rest was up to Marcus and Camille to continue Jessica's social reprogramming until James and Rachel could return to help. They both prayed to the Gods that Jessica did not have any serious bitch relapses. The more time new Jessica was allowed to have, the faster old Jessica would disappear. It would be best if they found a way to get Jessica away from her parents. They were the source of all her anger, resentment, and bigotry. Her parents were selfish, deceitful, and close minded; they would never accept what Jessica was destined to become. They would never allow Jessica to reach her full potential, to become the strong, independent woman and mate she was destined to be. The more they thought upon this matter, the more it seemed likely that Anna and Augustus Hamilton would not be long for this world. But how would they go about it? James and Rachel would need to speak with their Aunt Camille after they got back.

But right now was all about them; James had big plans for Rachel tonight. Her punishment for last night's social transgressions had not been forgotten. By tomorrow morning, Rachel would never forget to think before she spoke out in anger. James planned on exploring the extents of Rachel's sexual threshold and pushing her education in new horizons of understanding. But first he had to have Thumper add some decorative yet functional accessories to increase the experience of their mutual sexual exploration. He pointed the SUV away from Bellevue and back towards the Seattle Metropolitan area.

James placed their iPod back into the interface jack and pressed play. He had selected a particular heavy playlist to see just how eclectic his mate's metal tastes actually were. The first song to blast out of the speakers was Amon Amarth's 'Thousand Years of Oppression'; it was a personal favorite. The heavy beat started to thump and James watched as Rachel's head started to beat with the rhythm of the music. Excellent!

By the time they entered the parking lot of Thumper's Tattoo Parlor they had worked their way up to Pantera's 'Walk'; it was an oldie, but still a very goodie. By this time both he and his mate were beating their heads to the rhythm of Dimebag Darrell's crashing guitar riffs. As the song finished and faded out, James killed the engine to the Excursion and went around to the other side to help his mate. Instead of throwing his mate over his shoulder in another fireman's carry, he opted to offer his dear Rachel a piggy back ride, which she gladly accepted. Rachel grabbed the back of James's hair, which oddly enough was still in pigtails, and with a resounding 'Giddy-Up' prodded her mate towards the entrance to their cousin's shop. James, ever the clown, whinnied like a horse and galloped towards the shop with his mate laughing on his back.

Of course, to enter the shop, James had to lose his rider. He would have continued through the door, but it was pretty low. One of the curses of being tall; you tended to crack your head on a lot of things (doors, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc, etc). With another whinny and a snicker, he bucked Rachel of his shoulders back to the ground; Rachel was still laughing hysterically at her goofy mate's antics. James turned around and nudged his wife tenderly through the entrance with his head much like a horse would nuzzle its rider. This cracked Rachel into fresh gales of laughter.

"It's about time you showed up! Thumper was starting to think you had ditched him," a woman said from behind the receptionist counter.

James wrapped his hands around his mate's waist and penguin walked them up to the desk and the waiting receptionist. Introductions were always first.

"Rachel, I would like to introduce Samantha Kirov. Boris, or Bo-Bo as we affectionately call him, this is his mate," James said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Samantha," Rachel said cheerfully as she appraised the young woman.

"And you too, Rachel. Welcome to the other side of the looking glass. I'll tell Thumper you are here and see if I can drag my husband away from his customer for an introduction," Sam said as she walked into the back room, her butt wiggling merrily with every step.

"It's about time you two showed up!" said a voice behind Rachel and James, "I was starting to wonder whether you got lost or were simply too busy fucking."

James and Rachel turned around to see the very pregnant Amy come waddling down the stairs that led to a residential apartment above the store.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Thanks to my mate's actions last night at the concert, we had to do some serious damage control with a fellow student before we could make our appointment," James said with a reproving glance at Rachel.

"What happened?" Amy asked in astonishment. The mention of damage control at such a large venue got her interest peaked and her imagination going. Had something terrible happened?

"It's my fault Amy. I did something that was unbecoming a future madam," Rachel said as she lowered her face into her hair.

Now Amy's interest was really peaked. Had Rachel done something that could affect their pack as a whole?

"Okay, spill it!" Amy said.

Rachel proceeded to confess her actions of the previous night and her petty jealousies and insecurities directed at Jessica. Like with Camille, Rachel did not pull any punches and left nothing out. Amy's eyes were round with amazement and something else that Rachel could not immediately place.

"Damn that is so fucking hot!" Amy said. Her reaction surprised both teenagers.

"Sorry. It's the hormones. I am so fucking horny right now I can barely stand it. It has been over three whole weeks since the last time Thumper and I fucked and it is starting to get to me. The doctor said we really should not engage in intercourse until after the boys are born. I like the doctor but he is only human, after all. He could never comprehend the sexual drive that we Lycan have for our mates. Pregnant or not I need to seriously get laid soon or I will go out of my fucking tree. But Tiberius thinks we should listen to the doctor for the twins' sake. Easy for him to say! He is not the one whose hormones are completely out of whack and is constantly horny...well, as horny."

"My Hubby does the best to satiate my needs orally, but there is nothing like your mate's hard cock plundering your dripping cunt. Am I right?" Amy said to the blushing pair.

"You will hear no dissension from me," Rachel said.

"So...tell me. How was it getting fucked in front of ten thousand people and no one was the wiser?" Amy asked with a wicked grin on her face.

"It was actually closer to fifteen thousand and it was one of the hottest things I have ever dreamt of...let alone experienced. I get wet just thinking about it." Rachel said as her cheeks reddened with desire from the recent memory.

"Well having a wet pussy will make things a little easier when you are pierced." Amy said.

"What does a wet pussy have to do with piercing?" Rachel asked, obviously amused.

"Sweetie...just where do you think you were getting pierced today? Hasn't James shown you what he and Robert picked out for you yet?" Amy asked as she stared accusingly at James.

"Honestly I wanted to look, but the big lummox said it would be better as a surprise. So James, honey! Just where...and with what am I getting pierced today, hmm?" Rachel asked as she faced James.

"You are getting pierced in two places," James said as he produced the velvet box from his back pocket. He opened it to display an intricate belly piercing: a white gold chain with three tear-drop emeralds; the total weight was almost one carat. Rachel's eyes grew wide in astonishment at such a lavish and sensual piece of jewelry. However, what caught her interest at the moment was a small loop that was hanging just below the last emerald.

"What's with the loop?" Rachel asked.

"It is so we can connect this chain to your second piercing," James said as he produced a second, unknown jewelry box from his coat pocket. He opened it to reveal what looked very much like an engagement ring.

The ring was every bit as intricate and beautiful as an engagement ring with four small emeralds set in the ring. The only thing that distinguished it from a normal engagement ring was a small loop attached to the center of the ring and its size...it was considerably larger than a ring that would normally fit on her small fingers. Curiosity got the better of Rachel and she simply had to comment on this odd piece of jewelry.

"I thought you said it was impractical for Lycan to wear wedding bands," Rachel said pointing at the box.

"It is. And this is not a ring...well it is...but it doesn't go on your finger," James said this as he looked directly at her Levi covered pussy. James pulled the clitoris ring from the box. There was a rather nasty looking piercing meant to put a hole through her love button. Rachel looked at the ring like it had teeth on it; which, in a way, it had.

"Whoa buster! No one said anything about piercing down there. Don't I get a say in this?" Rachel said as she started to backpedal away from her mate. On one hand the thought of piercing her pussy scared the shit out of her; on the other, it made her pussy gush with arousal. A pair of feminine hands wrapped around Rachel and held her firmly against a bountiful chest.

"Don't worry sweetheart. You will love it. Thumper gave me mine and it makes sex so much more amazing, if you can believe it. I'm just jealous that I didn't think of the connectible belly ring. That is something I am definitely going to get after the pups are born," Amy said as she whispered in her ear, blowing a hot stream of air that made Rachel shiver and go weak at the knees.

Amy turned Rachel around with surprising ease for a woman in her condition and kissed her fully on the lips. Rachel was surprised and aroused all at the same time. This was the first time she had ever kissed a woman and the experience was heady to be certain. Amy released Rachel's lips with an audible pop and a moan from Rachel. She could feel her juices now flowing freely, re-soaking her sodden panties.

"Believe me, it will be fantastic. Here...look at mine," Amy said as she pushed Rachel to her knees to give her a better view that her protruding belly was obstructing. Amy lowered her maternity Levis, stepping out of them to avoid tripping; she wore no panties. She parted her labia to give Rachel a clear view of a large gold ring with an equally large sapphire embedded in the ring. Amy began playing with her clitoris to engorge her love button with blood to better show off her vaginal accessory. The sensations of diddling herself in front of others had her immediately on edge.

"Haa...see...look how bloated and full my clit is with the ring pierced through it. Now imagine a similar ring moving and hitting your clitoris with every thrust as your mate takes you again...and again...and...and...again." Amy said shuddering as a medium size orgasm coursed through her body, momentarily easing her sexual thirst for her mate and lover. A small stream of sexual honey was now running slowly down her thighs.

"Does it really make sex that great?" Rachel asked. Her curiosity was starting to outweigh her reservations about permanently piercing such a private and sensitive part of her anatomy.

"Let me put it this way to you," Amy said as if she were tutoring an exceptionally slow child, "you know our mates are already bigger than most mortal men, right?"

Rachel nodded in understanding, knowing exactly how endowed her James was.

"Now just imagine this little beauty swinging on your clit, intensifying the sensations, every time big boy over there thrusts between your thighs. To put it in context for you, I never ejaculated...or squirted... before I got this piercing when I had an orgasm. Now I am lucky if I don't soak the bed entirely; the sensations are that fantastic," Amy said remembering a time when Tiberius fucked her to so many orgasms in one night, they had to sleep on the floor because their mattress was so saturated with a mixture of cum and pussy juice.

Amy could tell her words were having the desired effect at calming Rachel's worries and ultimately persuading her to get the piercing. Rachel was close, but she wasn't entirely satisfied.

"Who else has a piercing like yours? Is it really that common for Lycan women to get pierced...you know...in their pussy?" Rachel was nearly stammering as she breathed the last of her question. She was wavering between indecision and orgasm with imagery that was floating through her mind. James was making it worse as he provided his own fantastical images to her overworked imagination.

"Absolutely! It is very common, especially among the younger mated pairs. But even the older folks are coming around to the idea. In fact, Thumper's mom and Aunt Maggie came in here last week to get their own clitorises pierced," Amy said.

That little nugget of information threw James for a loop, effectively stopping the endless flow of erogenous imagery he was sending his mate through their ad hoc telepathic connection.

"My mom has her clit pierced? And Aunt Cami? Wow! Please tell me that Camille had Thumper do the piercing." James said. He could only imagine the embarrassment at having to perform that particular piercing.

"It was suggested, but Thumper backed out. As open as we are about sex, some things are still just a little too taboo around here. Piercing your own mother's clitoris is asking a lot of any son, especially my Thumper. It's okay. Samantha performed the piercing for both our moms," Amy said.

"It's cool yet just a little creepy to know my mother has her clitoris pierced," James shuddered involuntarily, "ugh...things that make you go blech!" Both Amy and Rachel laughed at his visible discomfort.

"Well you're not supposed to visualize it dumbass," Amy said with a smile on her face as she watched her cousin involuntarily shudder at the thought of his pierced mommy.

"Yes...but that is like asking someone to not look at a car accident. It is nigh impossible to not look at it. It may be the most horrific and disturbing car accident on the planet but you still have to look. It would drive you mad not to," James said as he justified his involuntary vision of his mother.

"Okay...okay...enough about our mothers. Now you're making it creepy for the rest of us. Rachel, you asked for more proof about clitoral rings. Let me show you someone that has one almost identical to yours. Samantha, could you come in here please?" Amy called across the room. Samantha came bouncing back into the room. Her large breasts bouncing in the loose fitting spaghetti top she was wearing, obviously unhindered by undergarments


"What's up Ames?" Samantha said cheerily.

"Could you show Rachel your clitoral piercing? She is still just a little apprehensive about having something so sensitive pierced," Amy said.

Samantha suddenly got a wicked grin on her face, "sure thing Amy."

Samantha quickly tore her top off to reveal a pair of immaculate 38D breasts. Rachel gasped to see what appeared like two barbells sitting on each nipple. A long, dual-linked chain came from her breasts to join to a belly ring set in her navel. From there a second chain disappeared beneath the waistline of her tight hip-hugging jeans. There was little doubt as to where and to what that chain was linked to. With another wicked grin and a wink, Samantha quickly unbuttoned and dropped her pants revealing that she did not have any panties. When Samantha stood back up again, Rachel gasped to see that the chain did indeed connect to a similar clitoral ring, like the one James wanted to adorn her pussy. But more than that, Samantha's labia were heavily pierced with similar barbells like those on her breasts.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Rachel gasped as she looked at Samantha's hardware.

"The initial piercing scared me as much as you, but Boris was insistent that I get my clit pierced. Now I can't imagine not having it there. It makes the sex absolutely fantastic. I got the navel ring after our last pups were born as kind of a post maternity present. The chain attached between them is just gravy. Trust me...it magnifies your orgasms by ten-fold," Rachel said with an erotic look in her eyes.

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