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Guarding Emma Watson Pt. 02


Authors Note: So, we're back with the second part of this story. Which also happens to be my second admission to the site. Again, I would like to ask you to keep in mind I'm not native English speaking, but please don't let that stop you from making suggestions, comments, anything so I can improve my English. And please, vote!

I realized while writing this part, that I have made an irritating mistake regarding timing... Emma didn't stop dating 'Will' until 2013, while the last instalment of Harry Potter came out in 2011... Sorry 'bout that. I'm just going to gloss over this error, as I'm sure not many of you are that intimately aware of Emma's dating history ;-)

This is, as was the previous part, which I would suggest you read first, a slow story. If you're looking for a quick fix, you'll be disappointed. If you want a story that has erotic & sexual encounters in it, I hope you won't be disappointed though.


Part II - Safe word & Public appearances

I woke up and my mind went over the events of yesterday. How Emma Watson had broken up with her boyfriend, how I had learned she got horny as hell when I used my commanding Voice on her and how she had swallowed my cum after she had masturbated for me. There was something I needed to take care of as soon as possible though. She had ordered me to get tested for any diseases, she apparently hated condoms.

I chuckled as I got up. Sometimes being in London did really have benefits. I figured I could go to a hospital, get my tests done and still have more than enough time to do some shopping before I needed to be back at the hotel around five. Upon discussing my contract with Emma when I became her personal bodyguard, I had insisted that I got a day off every two weeks, unless we were in some strange country and Emma personally asked me to stock up on the off-days. London was not a 'strange country' and today was my day off. Emma had however asked me to join her for dinner tonight with the rest of the Harry Potter cast and some of the crew. I hoped to be back before we had to leave and get some time to talk about some things with Emma. We still had to talk about a safe word and I wanted her opinion on some other things.

I ordered up some coffee and got into the shower. As I was buttoning up my shirt after my shower a knock on the door announced the arrival of my coffee. As usual I had ordered enough for two, since Emma usually joined me for a morning cup of coffee. I wasn't sure she would today though, given what she had done yesterday. Apparently I was mistaken. As soon as the delivery boy closed the door on his way out, I heard Emma's bedroom door open behind me. Turning around I got treated to my daily morning dose of Emma beauty. Her hair was still ruffled from sleeping and she yawned while stretching. Her regular night attire consisted of a miniscule pair of white cotton panties and a long sleeved sports jersey. I think it was some rugby team. As she stretched her arms upwards however, the jersey crept upwards revealing her toned upper legs and just hinting at the point where her legs joined in her shaven pussy.

"Morning Pete," Emma smiled.

"Hey Em, sleep well I trust?"

"Yeah, thanks to you," she winked as she made an allusion on last evenings events.

I chuckled as I poured the coffee. Out of the corner of my eye I watched Emma stroll towards the table and sit down on the other end of the three person couch. As I finished pouring the coffee, she bent over to grab her cup. I couldn't help but notice that for the first time, she didn't even try to cover the down blouse view I got of her perky breasts. I let my eyes linger for just a second before smiling.

"You should take care of what you show there, Emma" I said as I sat down with my own coffee. I smiled as I said it though, to show I was jesting.

"Why? It's not like you haven't seen them before." Emma replied with a hint of defiance.

"Actually I haven't. You didn't take of your shirt yesterday, remember?"

She pondered on that for a second before answering.

"I didn't, did I? Perhaps I should remedy that."

She didn't move to do anything else just now, so I let it rest. We drank our coffee in silence for the next minute or so.

"It's your day off, isn't it? What are you up to if I may ask?"

"I was planning on going to a clinic to get some tests done. And afterwards I wanted to do some shopping." I replied and put down my now empty cup. "Speaking of which, we still have a few things to discuss about last night."

"Ah, yes." Emma replied, sitting up and becoming more interested. "What did you want to talk about?"

"First of all, we still need to set up a safe word."

Emma frowned just a bit.

"I will think about it, is it ok if I have one by tonight?"

"Sure. Secondly, I would like to know how you feel about toys."

"Toys?" Emma asked as she raised her eyebrows.

"Yes, toys. You know, things like vibrators, ben wa balls, those kind of toys."

As soon as I mentioned the word 'vibrators', I noticed she sat up straight and her nipples became hard. They poked through her jersey and did their best to distract me.

"Well, I already have a little dolphin to keep me company, but I wouldn't mind other toys. Which do you have in mind?"

"I'll let you know when we're going to use them."

"Come on Pete, don't be like that!"

I looked at her and tried to decide if she wanted to play a bit or not. I decided to take the chance and change the hierarchy.

"Miss Watson," I started, changing to my Voice. "I'll decide what I'll tell you and when I'll tell you."

"Yes sir," Emma replied meekly, instantly following my lead.

"Now then Miss Watson, please be so kind as to show me your dolphin."

"Yes sir," and with that Emma stood up and walked to her bedroom.

I must admit I was really beginning to like this setup. As long as we were using first names, it was clear that Emma was my boss and I her employee. However, as soon as I started using the 'Miss Watson' and she replied by using 'sir', things changed. I was in control. I ordered, she obeyed.

Emma returned from her bedroom carrying a little black box. She came to me and kneeled before me, knees together and back straight. I accepted the box and opened it. The inside was laced with red velvet and in the middle there was a silver dolphin. I immediately noticed that at the bottom there was a little button and a covered micro-usb outlet. I took it out and pressed the button. I found out it had four settings. Three separate settings that made it vibrate continually on different intensities and a fourth that gave short bursts of intense vibrations.

"Which setting do you prefer Miss Watson?"

"I like to start out on the softest and work my way up to the third. I rarely use the burst setting as I almost always jump every time it bursts." Emma replied immediately, apparently happy to talk about it."

I put the dolphin back and closed the lid, putting the box on the table.

"Are you horny now Miss Watson?" I asked as I looked into her eyes. The state of her nipples made me suspect she was, but I wanted to hear her say it.

"Quite so, sir."

"What would you like to do about it Miss Watson?"

Emma looked at my eyes, dropped hers to my crotch and returned to look up.

"I would really like to get your cock in my pussy sir. But since we haven't been tested yet, I'll have to settle for my fingers once I'm in the shower."

"I forbid you to cum Miss Watson, not until tonight." I stood up and walked towards the door. "Tonight we will discuss this again and perhaps then I'll change my mind."

With that, I walked out. I had to take a few deep breaths once I was in the corridor to quell my own desire. I chuckled though, since I was quite sure nobody had forbidden her anything in quite some time.

As I went downstairs I used my phone to find a classy sex shop in the neighbourhood. I found several and by the time I was in the lobby I had decided on two of them I would visit. I asked the receptionist for instructions on how to get to a clinic and she gave me some directions.

Less than two hours later, I stood outside of the clinic. Having had my blood drawn and filling out some questionnaires about previous sexual encounters I was quite surprised at the fact that it all went so smoothly. Apparently having a decent healthcare system does have benefits. Normally getting the results would take several days, but I had been able to pay extra to have them later today. They would be sent to my email.

I hailed a cab and instructed it to drive me to the first sex shop I wanted to visit. The driver recognized the address and winked at me. I chuckled and shrugged. As we arrived he asked if I wanted him to wait. I said I couldn't really say in advance how long I would be, but he said he wouldn't mind waiting.

Once inside I was quite disappointed. What had seemed like a classy shop online, was little more than a sleazy disgusting place. I left immediately and entered the cab once more.

"I didn't want to overstep sir, but I have had other customers ask for this address only to come out less than a minute after entering." The cab driver spoke as I sat down.

"Got any suggestions?" I asked.

"I do actually, several. But the questions is how expensive do you want your gifts to be?"

Perhaps I should mention something here once again. Some of you may already know this, but being a personal bodyguard is quite lucrative. Depending on the contract and the type of guarding that needs to be done, the salary for a personal bodyguard can go quite high. In the last four years as Emma's personal bodyguard I had made quite a bit of money. The fact that I didn't have to pay for boarding nor food did help off course.

"I'd like them to be really classy, funny and of the highest quality." I replied.

"I know just the place!" And with that the driver took off, depositing me in front a shop painted in black. The window was filled with dolls wearing lingerie, but you had to look rather closely to notice the not so common items. I thanked him and asked if he was willing to wait once more. I gave him a hundred pounds for his efforts and he thanked me stating he would wait for at most three hours. I asked for his name, and with a smile he gave it to me, Andrew.

As I walked into the store I was pleasantly surprised. It was clean, smelled nice and had space to browse the wares. The, incredibly beautiful I must add, lady behind the counter smiled and welcomed me. I looked around for a few minutes before approaching the sales lady.

"Hi, my name is Linda, how can I help you?"

"Hey Linda, I'm Pete. I'm looking for some toys. I was hoping you could help me with that?"

"Sure, what kind of toys are you interested in?"

"I would like something that my friend could wear in public, without anyone noticing. If at all possible with a remote controlled vibration in it. Also, something that she could use to stimulate her, ehm, behind?"

She smiled and asked me to follow her. In the next hour she showed me an extensive selection of toys. Remote controlled vibrators, remote controlled vibrating ben wa balls, remote controlled anal beads,... It was astonishing that virtually anything I could come up with, it would exist in a remote controlled version. There was one thing that really did strike me as almost impossible. A leather, rather comfortably looking, pair of panties. With what appeared to be two separate places where other things could be connected. Linda explained this was something new they had gotten a few days ago. It came with a set of vibrators and dildos that could be attached to the panties and that would penetrate pussy and/or anus when worn. I looked rather sceptically at it until she smiled. She cast a quick look at the door and lifted her skirt. Showing she was actually wearing it. My eyes went wide and I started to say something but she stopped me.

"I've tried all of the extras. I especially liked the small remote controlled vibrating butt plug in combination with the clitoris stimulator."

I coughed and thanked her for her expert evaluation.

"Believe me, it was MY pleasure testing them." She laughed.

I exited the shop having spent several hundreds of pounds on toys. Including the leather panties. Linda even added several sets of batteries, though most of the toys had their own internal batteries.

I returned to Emma's hotel room tipping my cab driver with another hundred pounds and I got his personal cell phone number in case I ever needed another cab ride.

As I walked into the hotel room carrying my non-descript black bag full of toys, I heard Emma and Luke arguing about something. Apparently Luke was getting rather nervous about something. I placed the bag on my bed, deciding I would store them later. First I wanted to hear what the discussion was about. Then I wanted lunch. I was only noon and I still had some time off this afternoon.

"Pete, you tell her. Please!" Luke looked at me with some horror in his eyes.

"What do you want me to tell Emma, Luke?" I asked as I poured myself a glass of water. I winked at Emma since I had my back to Luke. Luckily for me, Emma is still an actor and didn't react to my wink.

"Miss Watson wants to have a personal appointment somewhere and she doesn't want me to know about it." As I turned I saw Luke throwing up his hands in disgust and standing as he walked towards me. "You know I can't protect her image if I don't know what she's up to! Tell her!"

"Emma, is it really that important for Luke not to know where you want to go?" I asked Emma as I walked towards one of the comfortable seats.

"It's embarrassing!" Emma answered.

"I see. Luke, would you mind giving Emma and me a few minutes please?" I asked Luke.

"Sure, whatever, I'll be in the hallway."

As Luke exited, Emma explained she didn't know any decent reason for her to get herself checked for diseases. I suggested that maybe she could use a gynaecologist visit as a cover story. I wasn't entirely sure, but they could do those tests as well. Emma thought about it and replied that she didn't want the paparazzi to know about it, it would stir up all kinds of annoying gossip. Perhaps, she suggested, I could rent a scooter and she and I could go there together, completely incognito? I thought about it, and decided that if Emma would wear a helmet with a shaded visor and some default black clothing, nobody would be the wiser if we drove out of the hotel underground parking.

"You call your gynaecologist and set up the appointment, but please, try to take into account your schedule? I'll talk to Luke."

"What will you say?"

"I'll tell him you broke up with your boyfriend because he was cheating and you're worried about stuff."

She nodded and turned to make her call. As I exited the hotel room I found Luke talking into his phone. I explained the story to him and he was satisfied, even looked worried for a second. I asked him what the earliest free moment were for Emma to go to the doctor and even convinced him of our plan to take a scooter there. It seemed the rest of the afternoon was clear.

I went back into the room and didn't see Emma immediately. I did however hear the noise of a plastic bag being opened in my bedroom. I chuckled and walked over there quickly.

"What are you doing Miss Watson?" I asked, immediately switching to my Voice.

Emma jumped and dropped the bag back on the bed. In her other hand she held a box that contained the remote controlled ben wa balls.

"Eh, I was... that is... Err, sorry sir."

"Did you cum in the shower this morning?" I asked, ignoring her stammering for now.

"No sir, I didn't." Emma replied, clearly relieved I didn't press the snooping matter.

"At least you're able to follow simple commands." I replied, walking towards her and I grabbed the bag from the bed and moved to my closet. I placed the bag on the ground and turned back towards Emma Watson. She had bowed her head as if in shame, her legs closely together and her hands were both grasping the box holding it in front of her body. All in all she was the embodiment of shame and guilt.

"It seems you do however need a lesson concerning personal boundaries Miss Watson."

"Yes sir," Emma replied meekly.

"Since you're so interested in the toys I bought, you'll be wearing what is in that box tonight as we go to dinner. Is that clear Miss Watson?"

I saw her eyes go wide as she grasped the meaning of what I was saying. A slight tremor went through her and she nodded.

"I can't hear you Miss Watson."

"Yes sir, I'll wear these tonight."

"Leave the box and we'll continue this conversation in the living room."

With that I moved back to the living room and sat down on the couch. Emma followed me and placed herself in the comfortable seat across the table from me.

"Were you able to make an appointment yet Emma?" I asked, switching hierarchy once again.

"Not yet actually. Her personal assistant was going to check for an opening and call me back. Did Luke agree with the scooter plan?"

"Yeah he did, I'll have to make some arrangements though. Do you happen to know what size you need when it comes to helmets?"

She shakes her head and I move to a cupboard and take out a measuring tape that is used frequently when she's getting fitted for clothes. I measure her head circumference and grab the hotel phone. I call the reception and order a high end scooter and two helmets with communication possibilities. The lady at the other end of the phone assured me the items would be ready in less than thirty minutes. Apparently they had those things already available.

Emma's phone rang and she picks it up. She listens for a minute and then looks at me.

"Are we able to get there in two hours? Another appointment was cancelled and she has an opening."

I smile as things sometimes do have a way of working themselves out and nod.

As she lays down the phone, I text Luke informing him of the plan and he answers immediately stating that it's ok since Emma's schedule is clear anyway.

Emma and I order a light lunch to be brought up and I take the time during lunch to check the route we need to take to get to the gynaecologist.

"Sir?" Emma starts and waits to continue until I look up. I am pleasantly surprised by her use of 'sir' as this is the first time she has initiated the hierarchy change.

"Yes Miss Watson," I reply as I look up to her.

"I'm still so horny sir, can I please do something about it?"

"What do you have in mind Miss Watson?" I hadn't forgotten I had said earlier she wasn't allowed to cum until tonight, but shopping for the toys did leave me quite horny as well.

Emma stands up and glides towards me. It's not walking what she does, she moves her legs in such a manner that her hips sway from one side to the other. As she walks she takes off her blouse, showing her black bra. It's close fitting, probably a push up as it creates a quite nicely shaped cleavage. As she drops her blouse at my feet she kneels once again looking into my eyes.

"Well sir, I was thinking about the fact that you hadn't seen my breasts yet." Emma moves her hands behind her back and unclasps her bra. She holds it in place with her arms as she removes the shoulder straps.

"So I was hoping you would allow me to give you another blowjob with my breasts out and then afterwards you would want to make me cum." With that she unveils her breasts to me. They weren't the biggest I had ever seen, but they were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body. They framed her figure exquisitely and het nipples were just adorable. Perfect circles of darker flesh, already sticking out and just begging to be sucked. I wasn't entirely certain she would pass the pencil test, but it would come close.

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