tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGuarding Emma Watson Pt. 03

Guarding Emma Watson Pt. 03


Part III – Safe word & an evening with Bonnie

Note from the author: Sorry for the delay, I have rewritten this part three times now since I wasn't happy with the flow. I hope it's ok now though. As usual, comments are very much appreciated (the more there are, the more motivation I'll have to write out the next part :p ).For now, enjoy!


When I woke up the next morning, the first thing I felt was my cock buried between two warm, soft yet firm buttocks. It took me a moment to fully realize it was Emma Watson's ass I was feeling. During the night we had apparently turned until we were spooning. I went over the events of last night as I lay there enjoying the sensation of having this world star sleeping next to me, naked as the day she was born. I smelled her hair and still detected a faint trace of lavender from the shampoo she used. She must have felt me stir since she wiggled a bit a tried to crawl even closer to me. I gave her a soft kiss in her neck and she moaned appreciatively before once again dozing off. I removed myself from her bed and checked the time. 5 am seemed like an insanely early hour to rise, but it had been a habit of me for a couple of years. I had learned that the best time to get some workout done was before breakfast, so I had cultivated that habit. I went to the central room and called the reception.

"Hey, this is Pete from the suite. Would you be so kind as to warm up the spa for me?"

"Sure sir, but please take into account it will take about an hour before it's fully ready."

"No problem, I'll be in the gym anyway."

"Very well sir, have a nice day."

I loved the way these English receptionists worked. Polite, efficient and to the point, just the way I liked it. I put on my gym clothes and took along a bag with some slacks, a fresh shirt, and some underwear.

As I made my way up to the top floor where the gym and spa were located, I realized Emma hadn't given me her safe word yet. I chuckled as I thought about how to make her pay for that. My cock reacted to my thoughts. Perhaps I should forbid her to wear panties for the rest of the day. Or I should make her go topless at all times she was in the suite or perhaps just have her go completely naked. Or maybe just make her wear the leather panties I had bought for her, combined with the remote controlled vibrator. My thoughts were interrupted by a chime from my cell phone. An email from a friend I made in Belgium during my studies. Apparently one of our mutual friends would be getting married in a few weeks and I was invited to both the wedding and the stag night. If I could please confirm attendance at the earliest and inform him if I would bring a plus-one. I marked the email for future handling and walked into the gym.

About an hour later I had completed my work out and felt ready for some time in the spa. Just as I was taking of my work out clothes my cell phone made its tell-tale sound of a text message.

[Where are you?]

Emma apparently had woken up early as well.

[spa, top floor. Just finished work out, come up, wear nothing ;-) ]

I finished undressing and walked into the spa naked. At this hour nobody else would come in and if they did, well they would just have to handle me being naked. I showered and walked into the sauna. For about ten minutes I let my muscles relax and soak in the heat. I left the sauna and showered once more before lowering myself in the Jacuzzi. A few minutes later I heard the door of the spa open and I turned my head to see who was coming in.

It was Emma, wearing a white fluffy bathrobe, her hair still somewhat ruffled from bed. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me.

"Why did you leave?" Emma asked as she moved towards me.

I looked up at her as she walked towards me, the robe opened up slightly as her legs moved and I was pretty sure she wasn't wearing much else.

"I always work out around this time of the day, Emma." I gestured towards the showers. "Please, go shower and join me."

She looked at the shower and nodded. As she walked towards it she undid her robe and let it flow from her shoulders treating me to an impromptu striptease. Her shoulders came into view first, followed by a slight side boob. As her ass came into view I appreciated once again the firmness of her buttocks and especially the two small dimples right at the top of her ass. She lifted her heels to hang the robe on the hanger and it made her buns tighten even further. I soaked in the Jacuzzi while she showered and a plan formed in my mind. A minute later Emma left the showers and I could lavish my eyes on her front. Two perfectly shaped breasts topped by dark round nipples. They glistened in the ambient light of the spa. Further down her pussy also shone with pearls of water and her pussy lips glided against one another as she walked towards me. She stepped into the Jacuzzi with a sigh and moved to lie against me. I draped my arm around her shoulder and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Morning Emma."

"Morning Pete." Emma replied as she snuggled against me.

I gently started caressing her arm and she responded by placing her hand on my stomach. She moved it down and as she touched my cock it twitched softly. She giggled and looked up at me. I responded by kissing her on the mouth. Her hand moved further down to cup my balls and she softly started to massage them. Obviously my cock reacted immediately and started to rise.

"I had an awesome time last night Pete."

"As did I, Emma. Though I'm not really sure where we're going from here."

"I was really hoping you would repeat last night's performance to be honest," Emma replied as she squeezed my balls a bit harder.

"Hmm," I replied.

"What? You don't want to?" Emma turned towards me, trusting her breasts forwards at me.

I winked and stood up, climbed out of the Jacuzzi and walked to the L-shaped sofa. I dried off just enough and sat down in the corner, legs spread, cock sticking up into the air.

"Miss Watson," I started, switching to my Voice.

Emma's eyes went wide and a smile formed on her lips.

"Yes sir?"

"You failed in your tasks yesterday." I said sternly.

"Did I sir?" Emma replied, confusion clear in her face.

"Come here and dry off."

Emma did as instructed. After she had towelled herself dry she stood in front me . I folded my own towel and laid it in front me.

"Kneel Miss Watson," I ordered.

She did and sat down demurely, her hands in her lap, head down.

"You really don't remember?"

"No sir, I really don't." Emma replied in a soft voice.

"Think about it for a second then." I answered as I got up and walked to the spa door and locked it from the inside prohibiting anyone else from coming in unannounced.

As I turned back to Emma, I noticed she had turned her head to watch me. As she noticed me turning she turned her head back as fast as she could, but I had noticed anyway. I sat back down next to her.

"Still no idea?" I asked in a soft voice.

Emma only shook her head. I tutted softly.

"Stand up Miss Watson." She did. "Come lie on my lap, ass up." Emma looked at me with big eyes but did as she was told. She lowered herself onto me and I moved her a bit so that her ass was positioned on top of my right leg, sticking up quite a bit. I put my hand on her buttocks and gently caressed them.

"Perhaps I should try to reawaken your memory." And with that I smacked her ass gently. A soft tap, that made more sound than it did cause pain. But Emma yelped nonetheless.

"I told you that any question I asked you had to be replied to by using the word 'sir', Miss Watson." Another slap, slightly harder this time, another yelp.

"Well?" I asked, slapping her again, hard enough this time to leave a small red welt on her buttocks.

"Yes sir, sorry sir, I forgot sir." Emma gasped, though I am sure I detected a small amount of pleasure in her voice. "Please forgive me sir."

With her last phrase I noticed she started clenching her thighs together. I slapped her again, solely on her right thigh. Emma's response was a clear combination of pain and pleasure this time. I left my hand on her thigh and moved my thumb in between her buttocks pulling them apart a bit. Her pink puckered asshole came into view for a second before I lifted my hand once more for another slap, this time focussing on her left thigh. Again Emma gasped in that sweet combination of pain and pleasure.

"Still no recollection of what it is that you forgot to do yesterday?" I asked as I started caressing her ass. My hand moved from her buttocks down to her things and downwards between her thighs. She opened her legs just a bit to allow me access before answering.

"I think I do sir, I failed to inform you of a safe-word sir."

"Correct Miss Watson," as I said this, my thumb touched her pussy lips. Emma moaned in pleasure and I felt an exhilarating combination of heat and wetness coming from between her pussy lips. I moved my hand closer to her pussy and moved my thumb upwards between her lightly engorged lips. My thumb became soaking wet from the juices she was creating and it glided smoothly towards her ass. I turned my hand slightly so that my middle finger came to rest on top of her clit and my thumb could easily touch both her vagina opening and rosebud between her cheeks. Emma inhaled sharply as I let my thumb rest for the moment on the soft sensitive skin between those two holes. I pressed my middle finger gently against her clit and she exhaled a sigh that told me she was becoming very horny very fast.

"So have you thought of something yet?" I asked as I started to massage her clit. Emma's first response was only to open her legs even more. I enjoyed the sight immensely. Two red cheeks, a pink puckered asshole between them that seemed to be winking at me each time her muscles contracted from my attention on her clit.

"I'm thinking about it, sir." Emma responded.

"Think fast Miss Watson, if you cum before you decide, I'll have you walk down to your suite wearing nothing but my cum on your face." As I said this I trusted my thumb forcefully into her pussy. The velvet softness of her insides was countered by the heat that engulfed my thumb. I felt my cock become rock hard beneath her and she must have felt it. She moaned and tried to think. But all she was able to do for now was enjoy the movement of my finger on her clit and the thrusting of my thumb in her pussy.

"How am I supposed to think like this... sir" Emma moaned, only adding the 'sir' as an afterthought. She started squirming in my lap, but I used my other hand to hold her firmly in place.

"I don't really care Miss Watson," I replied as I added my ring finger to the one already massaging her clit. I started applying more pressure on her most sensitive of places and Emma gasped in pleasure. I removed my thumb from her pussy and got a sigh in return.

"How about..." Emma started saying, but her words turned into another moan of pleasure as I moved my now completely soaked thumb towards her still virgin puckered hole. I coated her asshole with her own pussy juices and Emma only reacted by pushing her ass upwards against my thumb.

I chuckled.

"I'm still listening, Miss Watson."

"I've got one, sir" Emma started, but before she could continue I pressed my thumb against her rosebud, forcing her anus to open up before the tip of my thumb, simultaneously I increased the pace with which I was massaging her clit. Emma's moans became more insistent as her climax started building within her.

I eased the pressure on her ass and let her catch her breath for a second.

"Sir, it will be e..."

Again I pressed my thumb hard against her ass, entering her anal cavity just a bit more while continuing to massage her clit.

"Fuck, that's good... Sir, it will be ex..."

I continued my combined assault on her clit and ass. Making fast small circles on her clit applying enough pressure that I felt her weight on my legs diminish. I pressed my thumb deeper into her ass and felt her weight on my legs increase again. Emma gasped, her breathing becoming fast and erratic.

"Ex... Ex... Exp..." Every time Emma started to speak I would press my thumb against her puckered rose bud. Before she had tried speaking four times I had buried my thumb completely in her ass while still fingering her clit with as much force as I could muster. I felt my muscles in my lower arm become sore but I persisted.

"Expe... Sir, please... Expelli..." Emma tried to force the words between her moans and gasps for air. But by now I was simply fucking her ass with my thumb and she had a climax coming, a major one at that, so she was unable to fully utter the word she wanted to speak.

I felt her muscles starting to contract and I was sure she would cum within seconds. I eased the movement of my thumb just a bit but continued the massaging of her clit. My other hand I moved towards her left breast. As I grabbed her breast in my hand I moved my thumb over her hard nipple and knew by the way she started screaming her orgasm had taken her.

"Ex... Pell... I... Ar... Muuuuuuuuuuusssss" Emma screamed the word, one syllable at a time each time I combined a push of my thumb with a squeeze of her nipple. The fingers that were still massaging her clit received a gush of pearly cum from her pussy and Emma bucked all over my lap as an immensely powerful orgasm took hold of her.

As she came down from her high I gently removed my thumb from her ass and was pleasantly surprised to see it was completely clean. I continued softly massaging her clit and nipple as Emma's orgasm ran its final course through her body. She was panting hard, out of breath and still enjoying the explosion of passion that had wracked her body only seconds ago.

"Expelliarmus?" I asked while trying to hold in my chuckle. "Really, Emma?"

She just giggled in response.

I started caressing her buttocks that were still red from the spanking I had given her earlier. Emma sighed contently as she enjoyed the soft stroking I was giving her. After about a minute she climbed of and sat down next to me giving me a sloppy kiss on the mouth.

"It's appropriate, isn't it?" She asked while eying my still rock hard cock.

"It's the disarming spell, right?"

She nodded and looked around for the folded towel she had kneeled on earlier. She bent down from the sofa sticking her still dripping wet ass and pussy in my face. I got treated to a waft of pussy smelling deliciousness as she grabbed the towel from the floor. She refolded it and placed it again in between my feet. Again she bent over to do so and this time I couldn't resist. I grabbed her thighs, lifter her up so her knees went over my shoulders and buried my face into her pussy. It tasted as good as it smelled. I licked her hard and deep and all she did was moan and squeeze her things together. I put my arms around her waist and held on tight as I continued licking her pussy and ass. Suspended upside down as she was, she had my hard cock inches from her face.

She responded by placing her hands on my own thighs and lifting her head just a bit. A second later I felt heat around the tip of my cock followed soon by her tongue circling around my crown. She applied a lot of saliva it seemed as I felt it dribbling down my cock. When next I licked her from clit to asshole she lowered her head over my cock, taking as much as she could in one go. It felt superb. The superstar Emma Watson was sucking my cock once more, while hanging upside down, my face buried between her legs. I knew I couldn't keep this position much longer so I enjoyed every minute of it, lavishing myself with as much of her pussy juice as I could. But after less than a minute of her sucking my cock I had to lower her back onto the sofa. She released my cock with a soft pop and looked me in the eye.

"We will be doing some more of that mutual sucking, I really love it." Emma spoke with fire in her eyes, "I just felt bad I couldn't reach your ass with my mouth though."

My cock twitched at her last words and I smiled. She grinned and moved to her knees between my legs.

"Now then, where was I?"

Emma took my cock in her hand and softly started stroking it. Instead of taking my cock back into her mouth she now focused her attention on my balls. Licking them, then softly sucking them and back to licking them. She started moving her hand in a small rotation as she was stroking me, and moved her mouth back to the tip of my cock. As she placed her lips on my cock she winked at me. She slowed her stroking but as she moved down with her hand, so did her lips slide over my cock. She pushed her tongue against the bottom of my cock, sliding the slightly rough side of her tongue over my frenulum. Each time her hand moved back up in a twisting motion so did her mouth. She repeated the movement and whenever she went down she tried to take more of my cock into her mouth until she had it all between her lips, save for the part she still had in her hand. She now started bobbing in earnest, going up and down like a pornstar. Each time she bottomed out I felt something against the tip of my cock and I realized it must be her throat. And each time I did so, I heard her choke just a bit as she came up again. Streams of spit started to escape her mouth and started to cover first her hand, then my balls and finally even my ass. I opened my legs further. Emma moved her other hand underneath my own right thigh and pushed upwards. I lifted both my legs until my heels rested on the sofa, and Emma moved her left hand softly over my balls downwards to my own anus.

"You dirty little girl," I spoke, "what are you planning down there?"

Emma just kept on bobbing up and down on my cock, but she traced a single finger, I guessed it was her index finger, over my anus, this time coating my own puckered hole with her saliva. I groaned in pleasure and started to feel my own orgasm building. She applied just a bit of pressure on my anus with her finger and due to the fact that her finger was really tiny she just slipped the tip of it in there without much trouble.

"God Emma, what are you doing?" I asked, as I had never had anything moving down there in that direction. She just kept on sucking me and twirling her tongue around my cock. She applied a bit more pressure with her finger and moved it further up my ass. With the tip of her finger started she started making small 'come here' motions, pushing up just a bit. A shiver went up my spinal column; pure pleasure was being created around my cock and ass. The muscles in my own pubic area started to contract without my control as my own orgasm became more and more imminent. I laid back my head and all I could do was moan her name.

"Emma, Emma, Emma..."

She took it as encouragement to continue. She altered her bobbing up and down my cock to an alternating strong and soft sucking of my crown while she started stroking my cock with the rotating movements once again. Next she pushed her finger up in just a bit more. She touched my prostate through my ass and all my senses now centred on what she was doing there. I felt what would most likely be a real torrent of cum building at the base of my cock. Emma must have noticed something in my body language as she increased the pace of her jacking me off and applied just a tad more pressure on my prostate. It was too much to handle.

My orgasm exploded from my cock. A stream as large as any I had ever produced spurted from my cock into her hot mouth. She swallowed it all while she kept on licking my cock and tickling my prostate. A second spasm of muscles produced a second stream of cum, it flowed into her waiting mouth and again she swallowed. Each time she tickled my prostate my muscles contracted and produced more cum, the streams becoming less large as she continued but she kept on milking me. She kept the last few spurts in her mouth as she twirled her tongue around my crown which was becoming rapidly too sensitive for whatever she was doing. As I regained control of my senses and body I looked down as peered straight into her eyes. I saw something I couldn't quite place but I smiled and her eyes returned the smile. She gently removed her finger from my ass and released my cock now only holding the tip in her mouth. She did something with her hands before sitting up and releasing my cock from her mouth. I saw she still had a fairly large amount of cum in her mouth. She showed it to me and moved her tongue around in her mouth. She then closed her mouth and made a show of swallowing it all. She looked down and a final drop of cum was resting on my now rapidly deflating cock. She licked that clean as well and then climbed on top of me, settling on my lap with her knees on either side of me.

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