Guessing Game


I felt her hand pull my shorts down a bit and pull the waistband of my underwear down so that more of my cock was exposed. The other hand continued to stroke the head of my cock and then grasp the shaft and pump me up and down for a minute. Fearing I was going to come right there, I was enjoying the sensations so much. I tried anew to get a hint as to who this was. Were these familiar hands? Would Carol let Debbie do this? She sure would...she was pretty wild and they wanted to confuse me and win. I leaned a bit to my right to see if I could feel a familiar body against me. No help there.

More stroking, just a firm pull up and down...steady rhythm...nothing distinctive other than the increasing arousal and impending climax. Then she stopped and I had to guess. I breathed deep and just guessed.

"Carol again..." I said, thinking that Carol wouldn't put her up to this at first.

"Wrong!" Carol exclaimed with a victorious yell. "That was Debbie dear Dave, tugging on your boner...which is quite leaking by the way."

This got the girls set off again with peals of laugher, catching up one point.

4-3, still with a narrow lead.

So things were getting serious...I was sitting there on the sofa, not tied down, but with an immense erection and Carol had just watched her friend Debbie stroke my hard cock for the first time and I was leaking pre-cum and sitting there with a dumb, but very happy and aroused smile.

I heard footsteps draw closer after a few moments, and then felt someone kneel in front of me. My legs were pushed apart and hands were pulling my shorts and under wear down. I lifted my hips so that she could pull my shorts down and off my legs. I was now sitting there with my shirt completely unbuttoned and the rest of me naked, exposed and very, very aroused.

I think I knew what was next, and the next few moments were absolute torture of anticipation. I felt the hands stroke my inner thighs and then my balls, tight to my core with arousal. I then felt hair cascade over my thighs and stomach and then lips closed around the head of my cock. I almost exploded right there. The soft wet tongue laved the sensitive underside of my cock which was in her mouth. But whose mouth was it?

My utter and extreme arousal was definitely impairing my judgement. Would Carol let Debbie do this? She let her stroke me a moment ago...Wouldn't Carol, ever the exhibitionist, take pure pleasure in showing off her oral skills to her friend? Now my cock was sinking deeper and deeper into her mouth and I throbbed with excitement. God I wanted to come right there...right in her mouth, whoever this was. Another part of me wanted this to continue because the sensations and the mental imagery of not knowing were intense.

More and out, gently, slowly, carefully, trying not to give away the identity. No distinctive moves...Carol had given me enough blow jobs over the weeks that I'm sure she either was trying to appear generic and had told Debbie the same. But this was still a good mouth, a talented and wet mouth. And most of all, the one sucking me...

Probably after a total of 5 minutes, the sucking stopped with a slow, upstroke, couple flicks of the tongue at the sensitive groove at the underside, and then a 'plop' of the cessation of activities.

The steps withdrew and then Carol's voice said, "Who was that now Dave...sucking you off?"

Something in her voice was a bit of a challenge but a bit telling. I'm not sure what it was but I guessed, "Carol, that was you...your great mouth..."

"Wow Dave....right you are...I guess I'd better vary my technique to keep you interested in the future."

"That's 5-3, me, isn't it ladies?" I said, gloating just a bit.

"Yeah, it's not over yet big boy...and I do mean big boy," Debbie said, with a sultry laugh. The girls giggled their infectious laugh again, and set about to plan their recovery.

I must have looked quite the sight, sitting there almost completely nude in front of two hot, and very stoned but horny ladies, my cock hard, red and shiny with the saliva of Carol's mouth.

I heard whispering, planning soft voices and more rustling of clothes. A couple minutes later, I was running through options...and how hot this whole situation was. I was a bit buzzed from the Margaritas but still quite with enough functioning brain cells to be in heaven with this wild game of Carol's.

"Alright're gonna have to work to get this right...and no coming...that's not allowed," Carol exclaimed. "That's not part of the game."

"I guess that depends on what you are planning on dishing out...I'm not the one smoking the weed, remember. If I was, you wouldn't have to worry, because I wouldn't be able..."

"Maybe you should have a couple tokes and make us both real happy," Carol said, and then started laughing , quickly followed by Debbie breaking into rolls of laughter.

"You guys are hilarious...totally a gaff."

"We're not done with you...let's see what you got...oh yeah, we see what you got," Carol challenged, again breaking them up.

After a moment when they calmed down, I felt the footsteps again approaching and then I felt a pair of legs between me, against my calves. Then a hand grasped my cock and I felt an ass against my stomach as my cock was guided to a wet pussy sitting down on me and impaling me in a hot wet grasp. I inhaled deeply as my cock was buried in one pussy, and the ass ground around reverse cow girl...

Who was this? I didn't think Carol would let me fuck her friend in front of her, but they were stoned and wanted to win. Was she messing with my head, knowing I'd think this and then have her friend sit on my cock?

God this felt good. I wanted to use my hands and grab her ass and her tits and fuck her hard, whoever this was. What a glorious pussy, my cock was so wet and I could feel her juices dripping down my balls. But I couldn't tell who this was...More slow, steady up and down, grinding, hands rubbing my balls. Carol knew I loved this, but she could have easily told Debbie what to do...

Shit! My dick was in either my girlfriend's pussy or that of her good friend and I couldn't tell. But I sure was enjoying the ride....Back to the 50-50 guess, but I wasn't going to guess until the sensations stopped or I was going to come, which was very, very soon.

As soon as I felt the imminent moments before I came, the woman stood off me and withdrew my cock from the heat of the wonderful sensations of the hot pussy, with an audible groan from me.

I just had to guess..." again..." I just didn't think she would have Debbie fuck me.

I guessed wrong.

"Nope! That was Debbie, you horn dog. I was so sure you would be able to guess, but I guess you're not as good as you thought, huh..." Now it was Carol's turn to gloat a bit. I was sure turned on, but so was that wet pussy on top of me. Perhaps that would work to my advantage...

"I think he was close to coming Carol...we'd better be careful on the next one," said Debbie. The girls had a good, chummy laugh at that one.

"You're probably right...he looks ready to burst, don't you think?"

"Yeah...that filled my pussy but're a lucky girl.."

"It's been a while for you hasn't it Debbie," said Carol.

"Sure has dear...more than usual..back to Bob..."

Both broke down cracking up laughing...

"Who's Bob?" I asked, being a bit left out of the banter, and wanting to get back to the game at hand, and trying to behave and not just jerk off.

"Who's Bob..." they said in unison, and again almost fell to the floor laughing.

Finally, after the giggling simmered, Carol said, "It's not 'who' but 'what', silly...battery operated boyfriend...haven't you ever heard us girls use that one before?"

"Ha...good one...never heard of that who's winning by the way?"

"It's just 5-4...only one point lead for you dear point lead..."

"Don't get cocky..." again, minutes of crazy laughing...even I laughed at that one and at them carrying on.

Then I heard the whispering and the challenge..."better get this one right..." said Carol.

Again, the footsteps approached, and I felt someone stand on the sofa with one leg on either side of me. I could feel the heat and the sensation and the aroma of aroused woman as a pussy sank down towards my face, that I instinctively turned upwards to meet the approaching treat.

I felt close-shaved pussy hair tickly my nose and lips and felt a warm wetness coat my lips. It was so hard to not let my tongue lick and mouth devour the woman standing straddling my face. But this was Carol, not a doubt. That's why the challenge because if I guessed this one wrong, I may never get laid again. Still, I savored the wet pussy being rubbed back and forth across my mouth. I did open my mouth because I couldn't resist anymore and licked the pussy atop me.

The thighs squeezed my head and ears and I couldn't hear the groan but I could feel her gasp and open her pussy a bit more so that I could put my tongue deeper in to her dripping pussy and feel her clit rub harder and harder against my mouth.

I felt a shudder of a small orgasm and an increase of the fluid coating my face and then she stood and climbed down, and I licked my lips trying to gather every last drop of nectar.

"That was you dear Carol...I'd know that pussy anywhere..."

"We gave you that one...I just had to have you lick me a bit...I'm burning up over here..."

6-4 now...almost there...I could just imagine the 4-handed massage and two women all over my naked body for hours as we fucked and fucked the rest of the night.

"And dripping wet know you taste so good babe...and one more point to the win ladies...I can sense victory..."

"Not so fast Casanova... we've got another round to challenge you..." Carol said.

"That wasn't fair though came just a little bit didn't you..." I asked.

"Yeah...I guess I did...couldn't help it...sorry...weed affects me the opposite...I get so horny I can't stand it...doesn't it for you Deb?"

"Yeah, me too...I almost came a moment ago but I didn't want Dave to come so I stopped..."

"Alright Dave....for the possible game-winning event, you're gonna have to lie down on the sofa, but still no hands...and definitely no coming..."

I obediently did as told and lay on the sofa and planted my hands behind my legs.

Whispering, giggling, planning....

The approaching footsteps and then felt someone climb on top of me and without ado, put my cock quickly and deeply in her burning pussy. This pussy was definitely wet and definitely hot and definitely close to coming. As was I. She fucked me slow and deep, with strokes up and down, hands planted on my chest and grinding her pussy hard against my bursting cock.

Then two hands pulled gently on my nipples as I loved and I was on the verge of coming after a few minutes. I'd been turned on and hard for almost 30 minutes, and dying to come in/on one of these lovely ladies.

But then were these a second pair of hands? I couldn't tell...the pussy on me was too hot...too intense...and then she stopped, and let me calm down...but the hands kept playing with my nipples. I thought there was a second body next to me but wasn't sure.

Then a second body climbed atop me, and I felt my head covered with a crotch and my mouth quickly covered with a dripping pussy...this one was definitely not Carol's, because she tasted so different. Carol was fucking me and Debbie was on my face, and I was eating her out...god she tasted good...she was rocking and rubbing all over my face as Carol resumed grinding her clit against my pubic bone the way I knew she liked to do, the way that would make her come.

And sure enough, in another minute, though my ears were silenced by Debbie's thighs wrapped around my head, I felt Carol come and shudder and scream in orgasm. I followed right then, coming hard in Carol's wet and burning pussy. My yells were stifled by Debbie's pussy, and then she too came as Carol was squeezing her tits and I felt her pussy clench and coat my face with her juices. I had released my hands by now and held Debbie's tits in my hands and Carol and I felt and encouraged Debbie's orgasm and her nipples stiffened in our hands as I was drenched with her juices.

They finally rolled off me and my Carol's pussy dripped loads of our combined juices on my balls and thighs and I breathed fresh air and my blindfold was removed.

Carol fell to the back of the sofa, not letting go of my cock, still aching and hard, slick with our wetness, as Debbie sat on the floor next to us...all of us breathing hard and trying to catch our breath.

"That was awesome, " Carol finally said. "I told you that weed makes me so horny."

"Me guys are wild..." said Debbie, breathing deeply and with satisfaction.

"I'll play this game with you are some hot ladies. I think I like what the weed does to you...crazy imagination...but I won, right?

"Seems like we all won, right?

"Sure stuff I'll never forget, that's for sure," Debbie said.

"Me too..."

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