tagSci-Fi & FantasyGuests Cum First Ch. 02

Guests Cum First Ch. 02


Mikal chuckled low in his throat, running his hands lazily up the back of Amber Eye's well muscled, powerful legs, "Seems terribly rude to not do a simple thing that a guest asks, don't you think?" Despite his effort at humor, Mikal ached. He'd never actually gone to his knees but rather had ended up crouched, braced against the door with his back, the head of his cock brushing the inside of his thigh. He had no intentions of letting the situation stand as it currently was however.

As a carver Mikal's fingers were very agile and sensitive. Learning to carve when one is blind tends to have that odd side effect. Though it had been years and years ago that he'd learned and years since his sight had returned, the sensitivity remained. As Mikal ran his hands up the back of Amber Eye's legs, those sensitive fingers traced every lean muscle line, skimmed the underside of his sculpted ass, then almost lazily drifted across his hips and swept downward to his ankles. Sweet goddess, Mikal thought, I thought I knew buff but, dayyyum.

"And even ruder to not say thank you, pretty dragon."

Mikal hissed as Amber Eyes' hand, still tangled in his hair, tugged upward. Not being given much room, Mikal kept his back against the door as he stood up, his hands running up Amber Eyes' body for balance as much as anything else. Their eyes met again, Mikal's flashing with irritation or hunger, or perhaps both and for a long moment there was a silent battle of wills. Mikal's eyes flicked to Amber Eye's mouth and as he saw the corner twitch up in an almost smile; he knew he'd lost that round. Mikal shifted his weight ever so slightly, and, in doing so, brushed his still achingly hard cock across the velvety soft skin of Amber Eyes' swiftly hardening member.

Amber Eyes moved with fluid speed, his mouth descending to Mikal's as one hand wrapped around Mikal's steel hard cock, wringing a muffled half groan from him.

~The kiss is the thank you, pretty.. the rest of this is why I needed You.~ Amber Eyes mental voice was as searing as his solid hold on Mikal's twitching cock.

In the heat of passion clear metal imagery is rare, it usually consists of emotions or even sensations. What burned into Mikal's mind however was as crystal clear as if he were staring at it. He saw himself pinned against a wall, Amber Eyes running his tongue down the shimmering dragon outline on Mikal's back; him pinned still face first against the door, Amber Eyes buried to the hilt in his ass. On the bed, on his back, taking what could only be called a brutal pounding. Image after image, accompanied by sensations.

Mikal's hands slapped flat against Amber Eyes broad, solid chest, with no result save for the ringing sound echoing through the room. "He can't be serious," was Mikal's barely formed thought. "Please, goddess, don't let him be serious." It wasn't fear behind the frantic half formed thoughts, not by a long shot. The visions had instead ignited a hunger in Mikal that was as close to the hunger of a Cycle without actually being a Cycle as one could get. Gasping and shaking Mikal managed to actually break the kiss, his eyes searing electric blue as they met Amber Eye's.

"No." The single word came out as a choked whisper, but sounded more like a plea. "You don't... want.. to go down... this..path... with me."

Amber Eyes smiled and kissed his temple. "Bet me, pretty dragon. It hadn't been in my plans originally, but you... are... delightful." Each softly spoken word punctuated by trailed kisses along the side of Mikal's face, ending with a sharp nip on his earlobe and a caressing squeeze to Mikal's still captive member.

Two words, two simple words that represented a huge challenge. In his heightened state of arousal Mikal heard the challenge and shivered. This is a really really bad idea, he thought. The solid warmth of Amber Eyes chest under his hands though called, like a siren song. Everything about this man called out a challenge, an almost dare and Mikal rarely turned down a dare or a challenge.

With a whispered sigh Mikal took the challenge. Letting his hands roam again, sliding up the silken hard plains of Amber Eyes broad chest to tangle in the shimmering blond waves of his hair. Aw, fuck me, was Mikal's single, pained thought, he has to have hair that a guy could die in. "So what had been your plans, oh, amber eyed one?" Mikal's hands continued to wander and explore as best they could, as Amber Eyes stood a couple inches taller then him.

"A nap actually." Amber Eyes voice was an almost amused rumbling purr against Mikal's skin, his mouth lazily wandering to explore the line of Mikal's jaw, his hand now idly stroking Mikal while his other arm braced against the door.

As these sort of things go Mikal was, under normal circumstances, pretty much always alpha in encounters. Truth be told, he'd yielded to only two people, ever. The first had been his friend and first male lover Dyveed and the second was to Kerwind, his soul-mate. Everyone else didn't stand a chance. For all that Mikal was an exceptional Healer and overall gentle, quiet spoken guy, when it came to a romp in bed, he became almost opposite. He might give the impression of yielding, but that was a ruse which worked quite well for him under normal circumstances.

Mikal shivered, his eyes almost closing, his fingers running over Amber Eyes' skin, leaving an almost electric tingle in their wake. A growling, purring trill rumbled in his chest at the feel of Amber Eyes hand that was solidly wrapped around his sensitive cock. Mikal's fingers swept downward, across Amber Eyes' hip, seeking to return the favor, even as the rest of his body seemed to act of its own accord, thrusting not so subtly into that delicious hand.

"Apparently, that's changed." Mikal's voice was barely audible and slightly husky as he fought to keep from melting completely under the sensations. His fingers had barely brushed their goal, a single slick searing touch and then the game changed.

With his free hand, Amber Eyes grabbed Mikal's wrist, stopping him from reaching his goal. He then pulled and spun Mikal, putting him face first against the door with a force and speed that cleared Mikal's head, almost. "It would seem that the infamous Master Carver DeVey is observant." There was an iron strength in the fingers that wrapped about Mikal's wrist, and which now held it twisted across his back. Amber Eyes shifted so that his body pinned Mikal close enough to the door that most movement was nigh impossible, bending his head to brush his lips across Mikal's ear.

That sensual mocking reply was the equivalent of a bucket of ice water being thrown over Mikal. The words sent a icy chill through him. It wasn't that this guest knew him, or at least one part of him. That was easy enough to comprehend, as he was well known in over a dozen different regions, either on sight or by his work. No, perhaps it was the tone that chilled him. Like a faded nightmare that one couldn't fully recall. Despite this, Mikal's body still hungered, even as his mind raced to make sense of the change in the game. Okay, okay.. not the first time I've been tagged because of notoriety, Mikal thought, trying to ignore the growing heat along his back, I can handle this, right?

Gracing the sleek, powerful muscles of Mikal's back was what many assumed to simply be a fantastic tattoo of a dragon in flight, in some sort of iridescent blue ink, starting at the top of his neck with the wings spanning his broad shoulders and ending with the slightly coiled tail at the very top curve of his well defined ass. The dragon was in no way a simple tattoo, but rather the outward reflection of his inner dragon self and deliciously sensitive to the point of near agony in erotic situations.

The feel of something warm and wet running over his right shoulder almost undid Mikal's resolve, as Amber Eyes slowly licked Mikal's shoulder, tracing the upper edge of the wing.

"What? No clever reply... Malcovitch?"

Mikal gave a strangled snarl, lust flashing to fury in seconds. There were a handful of people that knew his full first name and this guest was most assuredly not one of those he counted. It wasn't really a big secret, but it was so rate that Mikal actually heard his full first name that the sound of it was more of a warning of danger than anything. Instinct had him trying to turn, to shove backwards, anything to throw Amber Eyes off balance.

Amber Eyes gave a low, wicked chuckle, slamming Mikal hard against the door. "Hit a sore spot there, pretty dragon? Don't bother to answer, I can feel well enough that I did." He gave another slow lick, tracing another section of the shimmering wing on Mikal's shoulder before continuing, "I'm thinking you need a different sore spot."

Mikal found he was shaking, though whether in fury or hunger he wasn't completely certain. Every brush of Amber Eyes tongue sent burning tingles through his entire body. This combined with the hyper-awareness of his skin to the feel and weight of Amber Eyes body where it touched his and the sweetly torturous grip he maintained on his almost pulsing cock were cause enough to shake. Amber Eyes' words however elicited an almost whimper. Overpowering him, bad idea, he thought raggedly, but I'll be damned if I'm yielding to this son-of-a-bitch. Mikal held onto what little fury remained in an effort to dodge looking at the full implications of Amber Eyes last comment.

Even as these thoughts flashed through Mikal's mind an image flashed, recalled suddenly from earlier. Him, pinned against the door and Amber Eyes running his tongue down his back. Mikal's stomach lurched and he realized two things. One, he could feel the glistening strands of pre-cum dripping and two, that image was accurate ... currently and blatantly accurate.

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