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Guys and Girls Together


I'm not gay. I love girls with hot tits and ass a lot. I just like a little or a lot of cock every now and then. And I love having a big dick up my ass or in my mouth and the taste and feel of cum as it shoots out of a hot guy or a nasty TV's cock.

A couple of weeks ago I was filling my car with gas when I noticed this guy I knew named Jeff from a sex party I'd gone to. I remembered that he went both ways as I'd seen him there with both a guy and a girl. He was tall and well built with long legs and a tight looking ass. He was getting gas and was talking to this young guy that was with him. He was five foot seven or eight and thin with kind of longish dark hair. Good looking kid. I went over and talked to Jeff. He remembered me.

"Hey Billy, this is my friend Jack. Jack this is my cousin Billy." He said. Billy was a babe! I'd guess he was 18 or 19. He was sitting there in the front seat with holy jean cut-offs and an undershirt and I could tell from the lack of hair on his arms and legs that he was pretty smooth all over and I have this weakness for young boys with bodies like his.

We talked for a few minutes and I asked what they were doing with the day. "Just cruisin around looking for something fun for the afternoon." Said Jeff.

"What kind of fun didja have in mind?" I asked.

"Probably the same kind you do." Said Jeff as his eyes went up and down my body.

"What about your young friend here?"

"Well actually, we have to pick up Billy's sister Carla in a few minutes." said Jeff.

"Too bad, we could have ma---"

"Oh we still can Jack." Said Billy. "I know what you want and me and Jeff do it all the time. And me and Jeff and Carla do it some of the time too. And Carla'd like you a lot." Said the young boy.

Needless to say I didn't have to be asked twice or even once. We picked up Carla at her piano lesson. She was a female counterpart of her brother. Thin with long legs and these cute pert tits. She was 18. This was very hot.

The four of us went to Jeff's apartment. Once inside he got out a four tube bong and we proceeded to get major league fucked up on this Thai pot. The room was dark and smoky and Jeff had on some bass hot CD.

I felt a hand on my leg and looked to see that Billy had sat down next to me and had his hand on me. I turned towards him and pulled him to me and kissed him. His lips were soft like a girl's and his tongue was way too smart for his age. I ran my hand up his bare thigh and under the cloth of his shorts. My thumb found the head of his cock and rubbed it through his underwear as his hand rubbed my shaft through my jeans. A hand came from behind me and went inside my shirt to find my nipple. It was Jeff and he pinched the already hard little raisin making me gasp around Billy's tongue as I sucked it.

Carla was sitting in a chair with her legs spread and was rubbing her pussy through her wet panties with one hand and squeezing her small tits with the other as she watched us.

Jeff moved in front of us and got on his knees as we sank back on the couch. I unzipped my jeans and pushed them down and off as Jeff pulled Billy's shorts and underpants off so that his young 6 inch cock could be free. I raised my ass and shoved my jockeys to the floor. Billy looked over at my seven inch hard cock and reached over to cup the head in his hands. As he did it, Jeff leaned over and took the head of Billy's cock into his mouth and started swirling his tongue around the head as he pumped his hand slowly up and down the shaft. Billy moaned around my tongue and his hand grabbed my hair and pulled me closer to him. We pulled away from each other and he leaned back as Jeff sucked on his cock.

I stood up and stood on the couch with my legs straddling Billy's body so that my cock was in front of his face. He looked up at me and smiled as he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue begging for me to put my hard cock on it. I thrust forward and my cock went into his mouth and he ran his tongue under the head and along the glans fucking it. I was leaning my hands against the wall and letting Billy do my cock when I felt someone spreading my ass cheeks and sticking a wet tongue into my asspussy and fucking it in and out. It was Carla and this little old slut had a wonderful mouth. She licked and slurped my ass and down to my balls sucking them just enough to make them hurt so exquisitely. I had to pull away from Billy's mouth or I was going to cum.

Carla moved up Billy's chest and started sucking and biting at his nipples. He was moaning and pushing his cock into Jeff's mouth while Jeff was sucking his young cock and squeezing his balls. Billy grabbed the back of Jeff's head and pushed his cock far into his throat and shot a fat load. He started pulling out as Jeff tried to keep his cock where it was. It came out of his mouth and shot two more ribbons of cum onto his face before Jeff recaptured the cockhead and sucked the rest of his cum out of him and down his throat. I kissed Jeff and licked Billy's cum off his face. Carla was still flicking her tongue at her brother's nipple and her ass and pussy were up in the air just waiting for something to slide into them. I got behind her and stuck my now raging hard cock into her pussy. She was really wet but oh so tight so my cock felt like in was a knife in a scabbard. I started fucking in and out of her pussy while my fingers found her ass and I stuck one into her. I could feel my cock in her cunt with my finger.

"Fuck my ass, fuck my cunt." She cried as I fucked her. I took it out of her cunt and put the head at the entrance to her asspussy. I was going slowly but she pushed back at me and I slid all the way into her and started fucking her ass and then taking it out and putting it back in her cunt and back and forth. Jeff got in front of me and stuck his cock in front of my face. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth and started sucking the head in and out like it was a popsicle. Billy was still under Carla and he lifted up and took one of her young cherry nipples into his mouth and started sucking and biting it. She was so hot that there was pussy cum running out of her down her thighs. I pulled out of her and reached a hand down to pinch her clit as I sucked Jeff. The pinch was all it took as she spasmed and came buckets. Jeff pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked it a few times and it shot onto my face and mouth. I licked it off my lips and used the rest on my cock and started jerking off.

Carla turned around and got her face under my cockhead and started talking to me.

"Cmon baby. Shoot that big load of cum on my babyface. Or if you want to, make me open my mouth and shoot it onto my tongue. I'll swallow it or kiss you and we can both eat it up."

I grabbed her face and squeezed her jaw so that her mouth opened and shot three or four shots of hot cum onto her face and into her mouth. She sucked my cockhead until my legs buckled and then I kissed her and she fed me my cum which we both swallowed.

It was a very hot start to a beautiful relationship. We all get together and fuck every now and then and we all fuck each other separately as well.

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