tagFirst TimeGuys Make Good Pets

Guys Make Good Pets


‘Guys Make Good Pets,’ is what the pink half T-shirt read on the hot young brunette in the arcade in the back of Dave and Busters. She was 18, looked to be about 5’2 and maybe 90-95 pounds. She had braces and cute pink ribbons in her hair. She had on a pair of tattered hip hugger jeans and sandals. Her taut belly caught my eye as she had a little dolphin on a ring in her navel. She was hanging out with a couple of friends and playing the games. I had stopped in to have a beer with a buddy and we ventured back there to play a little skeet ball and I struck up a conversation with her. She said her name was “Amber.”

Lil Amber had a nervously little smile when she talked and I had a feeling she was shy about her braces and how they made her look. From my side, I told her I thought she looked incredible. So incredible that I began to talk to her about maybe ditching our friends and going somewhere we could talk. Now as I did this I noticed she became a little weary. I’m over twice her age and I’m sure her parents had told her many times to watch out for guys like me. She checked me out head to toe and I could tell she approved. Nevertheless, she was polite and she turned me down cold. As she walked away though I could tell she had to think about it. I played it cool and went had a beer at the bar.

Amber and her friends found the dance machine and took turns stomping to their favorite songs. Amber knew I was in the bar and knew I could see her from there. She would dance a little and glance over. She was an incredibly cute girl but when she danced she became so much cuter and attractive. She moved well and she knew how to turn a guy on. Her friends seemed oblivious to our interaction so I enjoyed the show without interference.

A short while later, my buddy was ready to leave but I wanted to stay and hang a little while longer. Besides I had a faint hope of Amber coming around. After my beer, I went to the pool tables and shoot a little nine-ball against myself and chatted with the waitress there. I had been there about 10 minutes when I saw Amber and her two friends leaving to go into the mall. She walked past me trying to catch my eye but I pretended not to notice her. When her friends went into the mall she said something to them and doubled back and came to talk to me.

“Thanks, for the invitation,” she said and smiled.

‘Oh sure,” I said and nodded. I checked her out as she leaned on one leg and then the other and her hands nervously locked and unlocked behind her back.

“Do you want my number?” she blurted out. I could tell she was nervous and she probably didn’t know how else to approach the subject.

“Ah, yeah,” I said and paused purposefully, “Nah, I really don’t have time to date, I just thought you’d like to do something now,” I added. I held the pool cue in front of me and smiled.

I think my rejection stumped her. It had taken a lot of courage for her to come over and offer me her number but I turned her down. She didn’t know what else to say but it was obvious she was interested. She moved to leave but she stopped. She looked me up and down and frowned.

“I can’t right now, I’m with my friends and we are supposed to be picked up in a couple of hours,” she said. She brought her hands to the front of her and stuck them in her pockets. In doing so, she pushed her jeans down off her hips slightly and I saw the top of her pink thong. Her upper arms squeezed her young boobs together and all I could read on her T-shirt was ‘Good Pet’.

I frowned at her and told her, “That’s cool, maybe we can hook up some other time.” I turned back to the pool table to lined up my next shot and I could tell out of the corner of my eye that Lil Amber was disappointed and perplexed about what to do next. She turned to leave, turned to say something, and then yelled something as she turned to run to where her friends were.

‘”Give me sec,” she said excitedly and I turned to watch her tight little ass as she sprinted for the door to the mall and disappeared behind it. I had no idea what she was talking about but I was disappointed I wasn’t going to get to tap that today.

I put all the balls in the rack and returned them for my deposit and got ready to leave. I was slugging down the last swig of my beer when Lil Amber came skipping back into the billiard room. She was excited and a little bit giddy. She spotted me and ran up to me as I was moving to the exit to go home.

“Hey, it’s cool with my friends, I’ve got about an hour until I have to be back here for our ride,” she explained, as she smiled and jumped around nervously.

I smiled at her and gave her the once over. She smelled of berry perfume and she had added some shiny lip-gloss. She giggled nervously and smiled shyly. When I offered her my hand she took it and we left for my car. As we walked she brought her other hand to my wrist and held it as we walked.

“You’ve got great forearms,” she said as she smiled up at me. She caressed my arm and my cock grew in my pants.

“Thanks, I said and pulled her closer to me so our shoulders rubbed. My car was parked in the parking garage and we had to use the elevator to go up two floors. We were the only ones in line for one of them and walked in. As the doors closed I turned Amber in front of me and leaned over to kiss her on the mouth. She was expecting it and kissed me back as our mouths met and she opened her mouth to my tongue. As we kissed she giggled and I heard her murmur, “Ahum.”

The ride up was fast and we broke our kiss as the doors opened. An old woman was standing waiting for the car and as we came off, she gave us a shocked once over. She could see the obvious age difference and disapproved with a shake of her head. I just smiled at her and put Amber in front of me and hugged her to me and began walking to my car. Her tight little ass was pressed against my crotch and my cock begged for release.

Amber giggled as she reached to her sides and she playfully put her hands in my front pockets. I laughed and reached forward with my hands and turned her head to the side to kiss her. Her tongue snaked out and I kissed her over her shoulder. We walked like this for the twenty or thirty steps it took to get to my car. When we got there we broke our kiss and after a last playful wiggle of her ass against my groin she turned around to face me.

She looked at me as I got out my keys for my car and quickly glanced at the cars around us. A bright, shiny navy blue Porsche caught her eye and she whispered ‘wow’ as her face rubbed against mine. I tapped her on the shoulder and turned her to my faded yellow Chevy Cabriolet and unlocked the door. She giggled at her mistake and kissed me on the cheek. I had her slide across the front seat as my passenger side door was broken. She struggled to get over my stick shift but settled into the seat. I climbed in behind her and she turned to me. She had a brightly little smile and I could tell the little nymph was creaming in her jeans.

“Well where do you want to go?” she asked leaning forward. Her braces made her talk funny but I loved how she moved her lips.

I leaned forward and kissed her hard and she responded by kissing me back. Her tongue was velvety as she stuck it in my mouth. I brought my right hand up to caress her shoulder and neck. She moaned as we kissed and I felt her neck muscles relax. The berry perfume she smelled of was intoxicating but my nose caught a whiff of something else. It was faint but my nose could smell her pussy juices.

“How about you take my cock out and suck it,” I told her and she giggled.

“Sure,” she laughed and leaned over into my lap and started undoing my pants. Her deft hands worked my pants button and zipper and I helped by lifting my hips to accommodate her. She slid my pants down my legs until they dropped off my knees and turned her attention to my boxers. My cock was stiff and it tented the cotton fabric, hoping for release.

“Now what do we have here?” she kidded and giggled. Her eyes sparkled brightly as she looked up at me sideways. I brought my right hand up to brush away her pigtail from the side of her face. Her right hand slipped inside the front of my boxers and like a snake handler, pulled out my fat rod. She was anything but gentle and I could tell this wasn’t her first car ride.

“What do you want me to do with this now mister?” Amber asked smiling. She put my fat head up to her lips and kissed it. Pre-cum from my slit wet her lips. Amber was getting good at this. She had just started having sex but felt she knew how to please a guy. She knew all guys loved their cocks sucked and their balls played with. She loved the taste of a guy’s cock and the way it felt in her throat. She got turned on by the way guys turned to jello when she started to blow them. She could ask them for the world and they’d die trying to give it to her. Most importantly, she loved the way it made her feel so naughty. She had done her share of swallowing too, she couldn’t say she loved it so much as some guys cum tasted ‘gross’ but she loved the way the guys cock spasmed when he was cumming.

I smiled and taking my right hand I grabbed the hair at the top of her head and pushed her face into my cock. Amber giggled as my cock slipped into her mouth and she began to suck it. The feeling of her young lips wrapped around my cock was heavenly and looked around the outside of the car for anyone approaching. Though Lil Amber’s head was below the dash, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on.

“Suck it good,” I told her and took my right hand off her head to massage her back and ass. Amber was lying across the seat with her face in my lap and her lovely ass sticking out for me. Her head bobbed in my lap and the sucking sounds were in earnest. She obviously had done this before and by the sound of the lip smacking, she enjoyed it thoroughly.

My hand rubbed Lil Amber’s cute little ass through her jeans. She responded by turning her hips to give me more access and I proceeded to rub across where her little asshole and pussy were. This caused her to moan around my cock but she didn’t stop sucking. I patted her pussy lips through her jeans and it caused her to wiggle under my hand.

My wrist caught her bright pink cell phone as I petted her pussy through her pants and I got an idea. I unclipped it from her belt and called a buddy of mine. Amber looked up at me as I made my call with my cock in her mouth and smiled. The vision was almost too much, my cock lurched and I brought my right hand to the back of her head and pushed it down on my cock. Amber went with it and tried to deep throat me. She gagged a little and giggled as my call went through.

“Bry, you home?” I asked as I turned my attention to him. Below me, Amber backed off on my cock, caught her breath and started to playfully licking up and down my shaft. I looked down at the little brunette nympho and winked. She giggled and took the side of my cock in between her lips and sucked. She looked like she was sucking the butter off a corn of cob.

My friend Bryan was home. Bryan was 43 years old and recently had been booted out of his house by his bitch of a wife, Debra. He was living in an apartment about two blocks from the mall so he came to mind when I thought of places I could take Lil Amber so we didn’t have to hump in my car in the parking garage. I told him I was coming over but didn’t say anything about Amber. I wanted to see his shocked expression when she came in with me. I hung up after being assured he was home alone.

“We’re going to run by a buddy’s place,” I told her. She was licking on the slit of my cock head and teasing me as she stroked my shaft. She didn’t seem to mind and sat up in her seat to put on her seat belt.

I had other ideas though as my cock was throbbing and I wanted release. I leaned over to her and stopped her from putting on her seat belt. I kissed her on the mouth and motioned with a head nod for her to continue what she was doing. She held the seat belt in her right hand and looked at me. As Amber got my hint and giggled. She smiled brightly and her braces shined as she let the belt snap back to its place behind the door and dropped her pretty face to my lap. She opened her mouth to take in my cock. Her small teeth slid across my cock head and it felt incredible. She started sucking again and her right hand wrapped around the base of my cod.

“God, you’re really good at that,” I complimented her. She slipped the cock out of her mouth and giggled a ‘thanks’. She smiled at me and playfully pretended like she was going to bite my cock head. I laughed and told her ‘please don’t’. I moved my hands to her head and pushed her pigtails away from her face and behind her head. Taking her head and pigtails in my hands I pushed her mouth on my cock. Amber opened her mouth in a perfect oval and took in my first couple inches.

“See how much you can take in your mouth,” I told her. My hands held her head and amber eagerly tried to take in the complete length of my cock. She got the first 5, 5 1/2 inches in her mouth of my 7, 7 1/2 inches but couldn’t get in the rest. It was fun watching her try to do it and after she pulled off my cock to take a breath, I asked her to try again. She smiled and opened her mouth wider and slowly dropped her head in my lap. Her mouth sunk down to about 6 inches and she gagged herself and had to pull her mouth off me.

Lil Amber giggled and gasped for air and her left hand came up to her mouth to catch a burp. She smiled at me and she muttered, “I think that is about as far as I can go,” I laughed and smiled at her. She was a lot of fun to be with and she was an enthusiastic cocksucker. My cock was twitching and rock hard and my balls were ready to burst.

“Try it again,” I said with a smile. Coaxing this little slut wasn’t hard as she smiled and moved in her seat to position her mouth over my cock. She opened her little mouth and saliva drooled from her lips and braces and dripped on the head of my cock.

“Oops, sorry,” Amber giggled. She looked at me and smiled and opened her mouth to give it another try. Her mouth slid down the length and her mouth hallowed then bulged as she slipped deeper.

“That’s it, try to get it all,” I egged her on. She giggled with my cock in her mouth and had to slide back a little bit, caught her breath and started down again. At 5 inches, her face bulged and became a little red. She made a slurping sound as she tried to swallow the excess saliva in her mouth and the sensation was incredible. She sunk to 5 1/2, 6 inches and a vein bulged I her forehead. She couldn’t sink any deeper and after a couple seconds, pulled her head off coughing.

“It pokes me in my throat and I can’t go any farther,” she explained. Her mouth was wet from saliva and she flickered her tongue in her mouth and swallowed. She looked at my face and saw my satisfied look and giggled.

“Try it again,” I said and smiled. Amber grinned and shook her head at me in disbelief. She knew I could get used to her trying to perfect her deep throating techniques. She put her mouth to the top of my cock and I saw her take a deep breath as if she was a deep-sea diver going down for pearls. As her mouth began to slide down the length of my cock, I counted off the inches and she giggled on my cock, “One inch, Two inches, two and a half, three inches.” My right hand went to the back of her head and I held her left pigtail in my hand. “Four inches, four and a half, five” I said and paused as Amber tried to engulf more of my cock.

“Come on, get it all,” I urged her. She pushed her face deeper and her cheeks ballooned. “Five and a half, six, six an,” I continued to count and watch her force her mouth on my cock. Her mouth omitted a slurpy pop but she didn’t stop. At six and a half inches she stalled and I had to help her. My right hand pushed on the back of her head and helped her deeper.

“Six and a half, seven, seven and a quarter,” I said as I applied pressure on the back of her head. Amber didn’t stop but she giggled and lost control of her air and saliva and drooled around my cock. She came up gagging and choking as he backed off my rod. She brought her right hand to her mouth and coughed into it. Her other hand came up to her throat and she rubbed it.

“Your cock choked me and I couldn’t breath,” Lil Amber stated the obvious. She was a little red faced and her eyes were watery.

“Try to breath through your nose,” I coached her and she giggled. She leaned back over my cock and I was impressed with her commitment as my cock throbbed below her. Just as she was about to begin to take my cock into her young throat, a young mall parking security guard walked up the aisle where we were parked. He was checking each car carefully from the center of the aisle, looking from side to side as he went. I saw him pick up Amber’s head as it rose above the dashboard and then disappear and he spotted me looking back at him.

“Utt-o,” I said as I figured he’d come up to the vehicle and ask what we were doing in the garage. Amber rose up and saw him and giggled. She bent back down below the dashboard and laughed.

“That’s just Jerry,” she said matter-of-factly. “He is always coming onto my friends and me when we come to the mall,” she added. I looked over at the tall, skinny, pimple-faced boy and figured his hormones must go bananas when he spots Amber and her cute little friends. He looked to be about 18 or 19 and was trying too hard to look the part of the tough guy security guard.

“He always follows around the mall,” she said and gave the head of my cock two licks. “Once he asked my friend, Missy, if she’d like to go out,” she added and laughed with an‘as If’ tone. She took her mouth and put it to the top of my cock and sucked on my slit. The pre-cum that had leaked from my cock disappeared deliciously into her mouth.

“The guy’s a pervert, sometimes when you are talking to him, he stares at the front of our pants, you know where our pussies would be,” Amber said excitedly. “My friend Crystal calls him, ‘Camel Toe Eyes’” she replied with a giggle.

I joked, “what’s wrong with staring there.” I looked down between her legs and leered. She looked me and saw that I was staring there and laughed. Taking her hands, she put them in a heart-shape and held it in front of her jeans. She didn’t have a camel toe but her tight jeans were snug there.

I looked at Jerry and he smiled and kept walking. He had caught Amber’s head rise and fall and knew what we were up to. He kept walking and checking the other cars. As he disappeared from view, I tapped Amber on the back of the head. She got the hint but playfully bit me cock along the shaft.

“Let’s try it again,” I said and putting my left hand on her head pulled her head above my lap. Amber moved herself into position and was now on her hands and knees posed above my cock. “Let’s get it all in this time,” I said and she lowered her open mouth onto my cock.

“Yeahha,” I chimed as she took n about five inches and moved her sweet lips to take in more. “Oh god, yes,” I quipped as she throated another inch and a half. She was about as far as she had been before and was trying to get more. Her mouth was wet and warm on my cock and I could feel the head of my cock pushing into the back of her throat.

“Come on, Suck it,” I urged her and my hands gripped her head on both sides and helped force my cock into her mouth further. Below me Amber gasped and blew air out of her nose and her face went red and her eyes bulged. “Yeahha, deep throat me, deep throat me,” I egged her on. Her lips and mouth sunk to the base of my cock and it was now all the way in her mouth. She‘phuffft’ air out of her nose and her ears teared up. “Yeahhha, that’s the way to do it,” I applauded her.

With my cock still lodged in her throat, I bucked my hips at her face and fucked at her tonsils. Amber had taken my advice and was trying to breath through her nose but the facial assault was getting the best of her and she was drooling and her mouth was squeaking.

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