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Guy's Once In a Lifetime Chance


This story is 100% fiction and is just a fantasy of mine of how I wish I had lost my virginity. Any mentions of a real person's name or places are just parts of my fantasy.

"Ok Shawn she is ready to see you now," the receptionist said as she put the phone back on the receiver and pointed to two doors on my right, "Just go through those doors."

"Great thanks," I said smiling at the receptionist as I headed over to the double doors.

I walked through the double doors and I was taken aback by the extravagance of the room and everything in the room. There were posters all around the room in gold cases of porn movie covers with two windows right across from the double doors with a huge golden desk where a huge leather chair had its back to me.

The chair started to revolve around and I was finally graced with the presence of Cytherea the owner and CEO of Club Cytherea Productions and when it finally stopped I was shocked by what I saw and I think she noticed it because she said, "Hello you must be Shawn. My name is," she stopped and looked down at her body, "Oh I am sorry I guess I should explain. I am nudist and feel more comfortable without clothes on so I hope it won't be a problem."

"Oh um no it is fine," I stuttered out mesmerized by her magnificent body.

"As I was saying earlier, my name is Cytherea and I am pleased to meet you. I hear that you are looking to get into this industry is that correct?" she asked as she eyed me up and down.

"Yes that is right I am looking to get into the porn industry," I said as I smiled at her as she smiled at me after looking me over.

"Well Shawn I have been looking over your application and I have to say I am very pleased at what I see. I think what we will do now is take a picture of fully nude with and without a hard on and then if we find something for you we will call you," she said as she opened a drawer at her desk and took out a Polaroid camera.

"I am glad to hear you like what you see. So um where do you want me to stand then?" I asked as I looked around the room for the possible spot.

"Um well first off, why don't you strip down and then go and stand over there by the poster of me squirting," she said as she pointed to a really hot great shot of her with her legs spread with her juices squirting like a hose without even batting an eyelash.

I sat down and took of my shoes and socks and then took my shirt and shorts and underwear off afterwards. I surprisingly didn't feel nervous at all and walked over to the poster and stared at it for a few seconds, "Wow I don't mean to sound weird but that is a very hot picture."

"Oh, that old thing. That is a picture from the first time I squirted on film. Now why don't you just place your hands on your hip and...yeah perfect," she said as I turned around and got into the position she said.

She snapped a few shots of the way I was then said, "Alright that is enough for flaccid now I want to take some pictures of you with an erection so if you would please gain one. If you need some help we have some magazines for you to look at."

"Um no that is ok I think I will be fine," I said as I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it while looking at her imagining what it would be like ramming it into her right then and now.

It didn't take me long at all to gain an erection and when I stopped stroking it she said, "Alright now just place your hands on your hips and let me snap some pictures."

I placed my hands where she said and just being able to see her nude body made sure my erection didn't go down. She took a few shots of me with my erection before she said, "Alright thank you very much for applying and coming down to take some shots. We right now have no film slots for newbies but when something opens up we will give you a call."

I was a little disappointed hearing that but didn't show it and while starting to get dressed said, "Alright sounds good. Thank you for seeing me Cytherea and I hope to hear from you soon"

"Well thank you for coming down here and I am sure we will find something for you soon. I hope to see you back again soon," she said as she smiled at me and raised her hand so I could shake her hand.

"Oh um yeah I guess I will see you later than. Have a good day," I said as I took her hand in mine and shook it.

"Same to you," she said as we separated and I headed out of the building.

I was so hard after I left to go home that it was almost hard to concentrate on the road and the only way I was even able to do it was by rubbing my cock through my jeans. I have never produced precum before but my pants were getting soaked with all the precum I was producing. At a stoplight half way to my house a woman pulled up next time me and I turned to her and saw her give me a little wink and licked her lips as she took a look at my pants. I just smiled at her and kept on rubbing as the light turned green.

The minute I walked in the door I felt like I was going to explode if I didn't take my pants off so I stripped right there at my front door just in time to see rope after rope of long jets of white strings shoot from the tip of my cock. I was in such a pleasurable state that my knees buckled making me fall to the floor on my knees.

"Great now I got to clean this up," I said jokingly as I staggered to my feet from the pleasure still shooting through my body as I went to go get something clean myself up.

Two Days Later...


"Shit, who could that be?" I said as I let go of my cock, I had just took a shower and dried off and felt the urge, and ran to go get the phone.

"Hello is this Shawn?" the familiar voice asked.

"Yes this is he," I said enthusiastically as I knew it was Cytherea.

"This is Cytherea and I have good news. We have an opening for a video for you to be in but it is not just a regular video," she said with a warning tone in her voice.

"Well what sort of video would it be then?" I asked interested in it.

"It is a fetish video starring me about squirting. I will understand if you decline and don't worry we will not hold it against you and we will call you when a spot for a normal video opens up," she said with an air of worry to her voice.

"No, no, no, I would love to take the spot," I said probably showing quite a bit of enthusiasm.

"Wow somebody is sure excited about this. Ha ha. Alright then please show up at the building tomorrow at 9 AM," she said laughing at my excitement.

"Ha ha um sorry I am just a little excited slash nervous but don't worry I will definitely be there tomorrow," I said as I blushed from embarrassment.

"Ok great, glad to hear it. I can't wait for it," she said as she hung up the phone.

Once I got off the phone I was so excited that I felt weak in the knees and I didn't even cum yet. I didn't notice at first since I was so wrapped up in the possibilities of tomorrow that my cock was leaking precum like a steady stream of precum making a pool at my feet.

"Shit not again now I got to clean this up," I say as I look down at the pool of precum on the carpet.

I walked over to the kitchen table right in front of me to get some paper towels to clean myself up. I rip of a piece of paper towel and with the other hand went to grab my cock yet when I get my hands rap around my cock it was such a rush. All I remember is my knees buckling and long white strings of hot juicy cum shooting from my cock before all I saw was complete darkness. I woke up later on what I found out was about an hour later. I started to get my feelings back and felt coldness all around my body and I looked down and noticed I was lying in a puddle of cum that had turned cold. I slowly got up and felt the slimy cum slide slowly down my body into the puddle at my feet. I started to get my senses back I looked at the sliding glass door in front of me and was shocked at what I saw. My sliding glass door was covered in ropes of hot sticky white juicy cum sliding down the door and shockingly for me I saw my beautiful neighbor that lives behind me staring at me with a smile on her face. I was frozen from shock but I felt better when I saw her lick her lips and disappear behind the fence.

I start to really survey and take in the mess that I made and said, "Oh shit this is going to take a while to get cleaned up."

It takes me around a half hour to get everything back in order but there are still a few stains I couldn't get out.

Tomorrow right before I leave for the shoot...

"Hmm what should I wear?" I ask myself as I look through my closet.

I finally decide to wear just a plain white shirt with Rockawear shorts and some Reef Sandals. I quickly put on some cologne, check myself in the mirror, and head out. The cold shower definitely helped keep me timid as I drove to the building. I finally reached the building with an hour to spare so I decided to just go in and hang out and see how this was all going to go down. I was starting to feel my erection rising but I figured it is useless to hide it now.

I notice that the receptionist at the front desk noticed my rising tent when she said while smiling and looking at my bulge, "Well hello I am guessing you are here for the video?"

"Yes I am so um where do I go now?" I ask as I smile at her.

"Huh? Oh sorry I am just a little um preoccupied. Go down the right corridor and take the elevator to the basement and take a left and it will be the first door on the right," she says slowly as she takes peeks down at the bulge in my pants.

"Thank you and maybe after I am done we can talk and see what happens then," I say as I wink at her as I walk away.

I see her smile at me and said, "Sure thing. Sounds like a plan."

I walk off with a pip in my step feeling on the top of the world at the moment having so many possibilities of some more sex once this video is done today. I start to feel my cock slide down against my leg growing to its full length. I finally reach the door to the elevator and follow the directions that the receptionist gave me. I was pleasantly surprised with the comfortable atmosphere the whole place had.

I finally reached the door which had a sign on it saying "Set" and I took a deep breath, took the handle in hand and turned it and said, "Alright Shawn this is it, your big break," and I walked in the room.

I was shocked and excited at the same time, I had walked into a room that was a complete replica of a school class room and that is when I saw Cytherea standing at what must was the teacher's desk.

She was reading a piece of paper when she lifted her head up and saw me and said, "Ah Shawn I am so glad you are here. Please come over here. I have a script for you."

I started walking to her as I took in the realism of the room and actually started to leak some precum since one of my great fantasies has to do with me and a teacher. I finally reached her and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw; Cytherea was standing there with her legs spread open and a woman on her knees sucking at her pussy.

"Umm umm Hi um is that the script," I asked staring down at the woman on her knees as I look up and point to the sheet of paper in her hand.

"Yes this is it. Here you go it isn't too long since the plot's are never to in depth," she said smiling as she handed me the script and as she noticed me staring at the girl on her knees, "Oh oops I am sorry this is my assistant Samantha. She is just getting me up and ready for the shoot but it looks like you don't need any help," she added as she looked down at my bulge.

"Oh um sorry I am just a little excited about all this especially being able to work with you," I said blushing as I looked at her face now instead of at the assistant.

"Well thank you Shawn that is very flattering of you to say. Why don't you give the script a read through and change into your outfit and by then it probably will be time to shoot. The dressing room is over there," she said as she pointed to a door at the opposite end of the desk.

"Ok thank you very much," I said as I walked script in hand over to the dressing room.

I went to the dressing room and got changed into my outfit which looked like what a teacher may wear. I then started to read the script as I walked out of the dressing room and basically the film was about me being the teacher and Cytherea is having problems with her boyfriend and I end up fucking her.

"Wow you look great in that outfit. So what do you think of the script?" she asked as she looked me up and down.

"Why thank you, you um look really sexy in yours. The script is fine I mean not too much to it ha, ha," I say as I look her up and down in her typical yet still sexy school girl outfit.

"Why thank you Shawn you are so sweety," she said as she rubbed my right arm, "Why don't you go and get in place we are about to start."

"Oh yes of course," I said as I woke up from my little trance staring at her and walked over and sat my desk.

The storyline was that I was her teacher and she has been doing poorly in my class as of late and I have noticed her in a very down and depressed mood so I asked her to stay after class one day.

She tells me that she has been doing poorly because she has been preoccupied worrying about her boyfriend because they had sex for the first time a week ago and she did something that he thought was disgusting. He left her and started telling everyone at school and everyone thinks she is disgusting and nobody wants to be her friend. I ask what happened to her and she tried to describe it to me but it was to hard for her to describe and all she was able to tell me was some strange liquid came out of her when she felt immense pleasure so I felt we should recreate it and see what it is that is wrong with her even though I knew exactly what it was and that there was nothing wrong with her. I had never experienced having sex with a girl who could squirt but she was attractive and I felt it was now or never.

Right after she explains everything and we decide to reenact it...

"So what was it that you two did first?" I asked getting into character.

"Well um we started kissing first," she said looking a little nervous yet a hint of excitement.

"Ok did he kiss you or did you kiss him?" I asked.

"Umm I kissed him," she said starting to smile at me.

"Ok well let's get this started. Don't be afraid," I said as she started to walk up to me.

She walked up to me and started to lean in to kiss me but went fast and she hit her head on mine.

"Omg professor I am so sorry. I am really still new at this kissing thing," she said as she put her hand to her mouth.

"It is ok sweety no worries just don't rush it so much. Just let it happen," I said to her as I took her head in my hand.

I slid my hand up the bottom side of her face and grasped it in my hands. I looked her deep in her beautiful eyes and pulled her face to me tilting it the opposite way my head was coming to hers making our lips meet softly and sensually. We just stayed like that for what seemed like a few minutes enjoying the pleasure that shot through both of us. Even though this was a video and we were supposed to be acting professional I couldn't help but feel some real electricity coming from this sexual act. I was starting to personally really get aroused by this then another porn star may.

I think she got lost in the moment as well because there were some lines we were supposed to say at that point but we were both so lost in the moment that we started to move our lips melting them into each other as I our heads started moving opposite ways savoring the sexual electricity that was flowing I knew through my body and I think through her as well.

We started to open our mouths and engulf each others lips sensually as I dropped my hands down to around her waste and pulled her into my body. We started getting more passionate making the kiss sloppier as we started moving faster with our lips. I started to snake my tongue against her lips and she quickly let her lips slip open and let my tongue snake deep into her mouth. I used my tongue to start massaging her tongue as we both started to moan in each other's mouth as I slid my hands down to her ass and started to knead her cheeks.

She reached up slowly with her hands and lightly pushed my face away from hers and she said just as her our tongues and lips separated, "Wow Professor that was just amazing. I don't think any word could do it justice. I have to admit something to you professor. My boyfriend did not freak out when we had sex and I squirted. He got so turned on that he came actually. I knew all along before we had sex that I could squirt and what it is. He never went around telling anyone in fact he is obsessed with me doing especially doing it all over him and letting him suck it up. That is the reason why I have been slacking off because he wants it so much but I came here today because I have had a crush on your for a long time and I told you the lies so I could sleep with you but I am starting to feel feeling for you professor and I can't lie to you anymore. I hope you aren't mad."

"Well now sweety you have been one naughty girl. I have to admit thought I knew what you were trying to describe right off the bat and I had to see it and experience it. I must also admit that I have had feelings for you for a while and have had fantasies of fucking you for a while but I knew they were wrong and was not going to try and make a move and risk my career but my feelings for you and this opportunity are too great to pass up. I think since have both been a little deceptive so I don't think any punishment is in order. Now I think we should maybe move on. I would definitely like to see what is concealed under those clothes of yours sweety," I said as I ran my finger up her blouse.

We had now completely diverted from the script and the basic plot for the movie and were now only expressing our true feelings for each other only leaving out our real names but I guess it seemed so interesting and real emotion showing that nobody stopped us and just let what was happening to continue.

She didn't even respond but she didn't have to because her next actions said everything. She stepped a few feet back from me and just smiled at me as she reached up with her hands up to the top button on her blouse and slowly started to unbutton the buttons on her blouse slowly tantalizingly slowly showing more and more of her sweet soft skin making it ever more torture seeing her strip.

I could not take it any longer so I got up and walked over to her and said, "Oh god sweety I can't wait any longer it is torture," as I grabbed hold of the sides of her blouse and ripped it off her body leaving her in just her bra.

We both just looked into each other's eyes and we each could see pure lust in each other's glazed over eyes. We both had one thought on each of our minds and that was pure animalistic desire for pleasure and we would not stop until we got it. I reached up to her bra and literally ripped the cups apart exposing her gorgeous full firm pert breasts and just when I pulled my hands away she reached up and ripped my shirt off.

We both didn't even have to say anything to know what we both wanted as we both just surveyed up and down each other's bodies as both of our chests heaved from all the excitement just when we both of our bodies just sort of meshed into one as we embraced each other into an animalistic French kiss with plenty of groping on both sides.

She started to reach between us to grab at my belt but I grabbed her hands in mine and removed them as I start to frantically but thankfully successfully removed my belt as she reached down to her skirt and started to unzip her skirt and we both managed to shimmy out of the rest of our clothes leaving both just in our shoes. I quickly kicked them both off with the opposite foot and reached down quickly to slide off my socks.

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