Guy's Once In a Lifetime Chance


She was wearing some sexy clear see through fuck me pumps that I had not noticed earlier and she was about take them off before I said, "No please leave them on. I think they are sexy."

"Sure thing professor whatever you want," she said smiling at me as we both still were mesmerized by each other's eyes.

We both started to take scans over each other's body and it was obvious of each of our already states of arousal. My raging hard veined cock pointing up towards the ceiling with my ping pong ball sized balls hanging below it was my give away. Her give away was her rock hard suck able nipples and her pussy juices running down her thigh. We both looked up at the same time to see the other one licking our lips right before we just ran at each other and seemed to melt into an animalistic embrace full of passionate hard French kissing with our tongues being jammed down each other's throats as I start to grab and knead at her ass cheeks and she roamed her hands up and down my back to my ass.

"Hold on a second let me do something," I said as I let our embrace break as I turned toward the desk and took my left hand and just scraped it across the desk throwing everything off clearing space for us.

"Oh my professor what do you have in mind now?" she asked winking at me and licking her lips.

I didn't even respond to hers with words because actions speak louder than words and what I did next spoke volumes. I quickly grabbed her hips in my hands and lifted her up and sat her down on the edge of the desk as I sat down in the revolving char. She didn't even ask the question because when I placed my hands on her thighs and rubbed them up and down and spread them open she understood what I was about to do.

"Oh god professor I have been dreaming about this since I first saw you," she said as I lowered my head down to her pussy.

I stared down at what must have been the prettiest pussies I have ever seen. Her pussy looked so tasty. It was so pretty nice and shaved and small with her lips puffy red glistening with her juices. Her little clit was visible poking out of the hood looking so inviting. My mouth was watering just from looking at her beautiful pussy and I could even feel the heat emanating from it. I slowly snaked my tongue out from between my lips and started to lower my head toward her pussy but instead of just diving right in I decided to torture her a little so when I finally did she would explode.

I lowered my head till it was just an inch above her clit before I quickly went to the right of her pussy and started sliding my tongue softly down her thigh all the way to her toes sucking each one into my mouth.

"Oh fuck professor this is fucking torture. My pussy is fucking on fire," she moaned out in between groans as her back arched.

I started to move up her inner leg giving it little kisses along the way right next to her pussy and I raised my head an inch up from her body and was going to move over to other leg. I was right over her pussy when all of a sudden her back arched forcing my nose against her clit and my tongue buried in her lips as I felt her hands rest on the top of my head and force my head into her pussy.

"Oh fuck professor I am sorry but I can't wait any longer. I fucking need you to pleasure me," she said as her body started to lower itself down as she held onto my head and started to move her hips in circles.

My nose was rubbing against her clit feeling the head emanating from it as I felt it throb and my tongue was still deep in her pussy circling around as I suck up what juice I can. I raised my hands to her breasts and started to knead them.

I kept up with my licking and sucking and kneading as I took her nipples between my thumbs and started to pinch them and just after I did that she screamed, "Oh fuck professor that is it I can't take it anymore. I am fucking cumming."

Just as she said that I felt her pussy convulse and she let go of my head at the same time. I raised my head up just in time so I wouldn't be knocked out by her back arching and her pussy quivering as a stream of colorless and odorless yet oh so tasty cum shoot from her pussy hitting the top of my chest all the way up to my face soaking me in it. Her body slowly started to lower down but it still would convulse slightly as a steady stream of cum was flowing from her pussy as her eyes here rolled around in her head and she kept letting out whimpers and moans.

"Mmm wow Cytherea that was fucking hot. I have never been with a girl who could do that but I think I am definitely going to have to have you do that for me again and again. It sure fucking tastes good too," I said as I scooped up some of the cum in my palm and sucked it up enjoying the sweet taste.

She tried to raise herself up on her elbows but she was too out of it and fell back onto the bed in a small fit of convulsions as her pussy quivered and let out a stream of cum out.

"Don't worry, Cytherea just relax. There is not rush here we have plenty of time," I said as I stood up and looked down at the hottest sight I have ever seen in my life.

This is just a little taste of the whole thing. I hope you all enjoyed and please leave any comments either good or bad but if they are bad please let them be constructive not just hate mail please. Thanks again for reading.

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