Gym Class


*All characters are over the age of 18*

-This is my first submission. Hope you enjoy-

It wasn't that she was overweight, or even that she didn't enjoy exercise, but she dreaded eighth period gym class. The uniforms made her feel awkward and embarrassed, and she felt very self-conscious about sweating because the other girls would make fun of her.

As the students filed into the crowded locker room from the hallway, she was filled with anxiousness and nervousness and ducked into a nearby bathroom to wait for the majority of the students to change and leave for the gymnasium. She knew they wouldn't leave her alone after what happened yesterday.

The popular clique at her school had it out for her. She had crossed the queen bee, but it wasn't on purpose. It wasn't her fault that boys were naturally attracted to her unique and beautiful features, boyfriends being no exception.

Her hair was a rich dark brown, with waves that cascaded down her back, if they weren't pulled into a modest ponytail. She had captivating, intelligent green eyes. Her figure was divine, a fabulous set of 34B breasts perfectly balanced with her widening eighteen year old hips. But she had been a late bloomer, so years of ridicule from the other girls pushed her to live a quiet existence, consumed by her studies.

Now she had created a rift in her peaceful life below the radar. Brianna, the rich and spoiled blond, was livid with anger. She had recently eavesdropped on a conversation between her boyfriend and his friends about how badly they all wanted to fuck Lucy. She stood behind the door and listened to them describe the crude ways that they would sexually defile her. She was torn between the anger boiling inside her and the warmth that their dirty talk was bringing to her panties, but she shook that off and stormed away to tell her girlfriends what had happened.

"That stupid nerdy bitch is trying to steal our men from us!" she cried in frustration. "Something has to be done. Ladies, meet me at my house after school and I'll tell you what to do."

After bearing the brunt of their taunting comments in the hallways all day, the time had come. She knew that they had planned something, but she didn't know what. She nervously put her books into a locker and began to undress in the emptying room, hoping that the girls had already left for class.

"Don't waste your time with those gym clothes. We have something different planned," said the sultry voice of Brianna, coming from behind her.

Lucy's heart dropped deep into her stomach. She knew it, the time was now. What would they do to her?

Two of the girls grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back, eliciting a frightened yelp from Lucy.

"Shut the fuck up, we don't want the teacher to hear us and investigate!" said the ringleader and she stretched some duct tape from a roll and strode towards Lucy, bent over a bench and restrained.

She secured the tape over Lucy's mouth and muffled her pathetic whimpers as they guided her towards the showers.

"We'll see how much the boys want you after they see what a little slut you are," Brianna whispered into her ear. Lucy was very frightened and began to cry softly. Her wrists were bound with duct tape around a shower pole, and she was sitting on the ground naked with her knees together. Her face was red and streaked with makeup from crying. She was so embarrassed being seen completely naked, and terrified of what they were planning. What did she mean about the boys?

But as soon as she had that thought, her question was answered. Five boys from the football team appeared in the doorway and approached the scene with wide grins.

"So this is what we came to see? Nice job, Brie. Help me get her ready." One said as his two friends forced her knees apart, exposing her shaven, pink pussy to everyone present.

She felt so violated and exposed, and continued to cry. But she was also confused by her body's betrayal. Why did she feel a tingle between her legs as they forced her and used her? She was sickened by her own body's response to this treatment.

With her legs held open, Seth approached her crouched form and lightly started stroking her breasts and playing with her pink, puffy nipples.

"Does that feel good? I bet you like it when I touch you, you little slut."

She stared at him, mortified, and he lightly touched her pussy lips, letting his finger lazily hover up and down her slit.

"She likes it, look, that whore's pussy is getting wet!" Shrieked Brianna as she dove down to touch the glistening fluid at the entrance to Lucy's cunt.

By this time the other boys had started rubbing their hard cocks through their pants, and a couple and taken them out and began to masturbate to the scene. The girls were also aroused, and had fingers in their panties as they shouted lewd comments at Lucy. Brianna turned on the shower above Lucy's head, and soon she was soaked in water.

Brianna slapped Lucy in the face as Seth continued to play with her pussy, finally touching her hardening clit. She struggled against her own arousal, but there was nothing she could do. His fingers felt amazing stroking her pussy, and her button was erect and throbbing. Her clitoris was extremely sensitive, and there was juice running out of her vagina and pooling on the floor with the shower water.

Brianna ripped the tape off of her mouth and said that if she screamed, she would knock her unconscious. She then thrust her pussy in Lucy's face and directed her to suck it.

Lucy had never been with a woman before, and was shocked at the request. Before she could even make a move, Brianna's pussy was smashed against her face, her clit rubbing against her nose and her juices spreading all over Lucy's face and dripping down her chin.

"I said suck it, bitch! Lick my pussy!" and Lucy began to lick it. It didn't taste as bad as she expected, and she flicked her tongue over the clitoris that was presented before her. Brianna lightened up a bit once she felt her tongue, and began a rhythmic gyration against her soft face.

As Brianna was moaning and humping her face, Seth placed his rigid cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and thrust. He began to fuck her slowly while watching his girlfriend fuck her face, and soon the rest of the students in the room circled around them, the boys aiming their cocks at Lucy's body and the girls licking each other and playing with the nearest pussy they could find.

Lucy couldn't take all of these sensations anymore, and she could feel the orgasm building in her cunt. She let out a moan as her body writhed in ecstasy against Seth's huge cock and Brianna's wet pussy, and her juices squirted all over his thick shaft.

"Holy fuck, her pussy is clamping down on my cock..." He growled as he watched his girlfriend erupt onto Lucy's face. Brianna squealed as she squirted her hot juice all over Lucy, which caused the boys to cum on them, one by one. They each stroked and stroked until they pumped out their loads all over the enticing scene.

Finally, Seth let out a cry as he came inside of her, pumping his hot seed into her juicy pussy until his cock was milked dry.

They left her there, covered in semen and pussy juice and bound to the shower, where the gym teacher would find her hours later.

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