Gym Encounter


Emma moaned as she felt Mandy's tongue contact her neck, licking and sucking lower and lower, down over her collar bone, across her chest towards her nipples, which she couldn't recall ever being as erect as they were at this moment in time. When Mandy's mouth finally closed over her left nipple, Emma arched her back, thrusting herself towards the suckling contact. It was like have electricity arcing through her it was so intense. Mandy pinched her right nipple with her hand as she sucked on the left and Emma allowed her hand to clamp down over her pussy, wishing that she was receiving attention there as well. She couldn't believe just how wet she was when she touched herself, though she resisted her desire to part her lips and pleasure herself.

Despite lingering for a long time on Emma's breasts, Mandy wasn't about to spend all her time there and when she knew that she had Emma completely worked up and likely to submit to anything, she started travelling further down her body. She licked and nibbled, using her tongue, her lips, her teeth and her fingers to touch and caress Emma's body, reading her reactions and noting where she drew pleasure, where she flinched as though tickled and what she shied away from.

Emma found that as Mandy finally approached her pussy that she was holding her breath again. She breathed deeply but soon lost track of what she was doing as she felt Mandy's hands upon her inner thighs, parting them.

Mandy took her time surveying the beauty of Emma's pussy. She kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed. A neat triangle that extended down towards her lips which were covered in a short covering of hair as well. Mandy ran her fingers through the patch and down Emma's lips. She could already see a bead of moisture trickling down from her pussy towards her anus and it convinced Mandy that there would be no turning back for Emma after this.

Delicately she ran her finger down between Emma's lips, feeling her juices, slick against the soft pink skin of her inflamed labia. Mandy wished that she could shave her and see her lips hairless, but she figured that that was something to work towards at another time. For now, she was just going to enjoy the treasure that waited before her. She slid her finger into Emma's vagina and then brought it to her lips, telling Emma how good she tasted.

Emma had propped herself up on her elbows, watching as Mandy began her exploration and again she realised that as Mandy was moving her head into a position to lick her pussy, that she had stopped breathing. There was nothing that she could do to get it going though; she simply had to hold it until she felt the first amazing contact.

It was far from the first time that Emma had had a tongue caress her pussy, but it was the first time that it had ever been done by a woman and there was something indescribably special and thrilling and wonderful about the experience. After the initial moments of ensuring that she could see Mandy work her magic, she was forced to throw her head back and then subsequently, lay back on her back again as pleasure shot through her body again and again with each touch of Mandy's tongue on her pussy and clit.

Concentrated attention on her clit meant that there was no way that Emma was going to be able to hold for very long and she cried out as a first orgasm rocked her world. Mandy slithered back up alongside her and kissed her deeply, sharing the taste of Emma's pussy with her. Emma kissed her eagerly, knowing that she was tasting herself for the first time and not even caring she was so aroused.

"Oh fuck Mandy, that was so amazing," she said quietly a few moments later as her pleasure subsided.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, it was as wonderful to taste you as I have always imagined it would be."

"There's just one thing," Emma said and Mandy wondered if she was blushing again. It was hard to tell whether that was the case, or wether it was just that she was still flushed from her pleasure. Emma's pale complexion and long blonde hair meant that when she'd been exercising, she went a quite a vivid shade of red.

"And what's that, beautiful one?" Mandy asked, tracing a finger over her friend's breasts, teasing her nipples.

"You're not naked."

"Well it wasn't really necessary, I got what I wanted from the bet, to make you scream with your orgasm," she smiled.

"Yes, but I want to see you naked, I want to touch you like you touched me," Emma said, rolling onto her side and placing her hand upon her friend's breast and squeezing it.

"Well when you put it like that, what are you waiting for?" Mandy grinned back at her. "I just didn't want to push you honey."

"Strip for me Mandy, I want to sit here and watch you undress," Emma requested. She then sat and watched as Mandy slowly and seductively removed all of her clothing until finally she stood before Emma naked.

Emma surveyed Mandy's body, drinking in the detail, eyeing off her full breasts. She stood from the bed and took Mandy's large firm breasts in her hands, squeezing and manipulating. Mandy leaned in to kiss Emma, who accepted it with new-found enthusiasm.

As they kissed, Emma turned her friend around so that now Mandy had her back to the bed. She pushed her backwards until Mandy sat down, then allowed Mandy time to move onto the bed before climbing onto it with her. Emma sat beside Mandy and ran her fingers all over her body, touching her finger tips lightly against the flesh of her breasts and tummy, alongside the small patch of hair above her labia.

"Wow Mandy, you are so gorgeous, I've never really taken the time to study you like this before."

"Thanks, Emma. That means a lot to me. I can't say the same though, I've studied you naked every time I've ever had a chance at the gym," Mandy replied, grinning.

Emma lowered her head to Mandy's breast and for the first time since she was a babe, took another woman's nipple into her mouth. She sucked and played with it, flicking her tongue over it, rolling it, catching and pulling it between her lips. Mandy moaned, encouraging her friend, but Emma had other things on her mind.

Releasing Mandy's nipple, she moved so that her head hovered over Mandy's pussy. She reached out with her fingers and ran them over the small patch of hair and then down to touch her labia. Mandy parted her legs to give Emma access and Emma began to explore everything about her friend's pussy, starting with light caresses and touches either side of her slit.

Mandy's labia were swollen with desire and her pink inner lips were poking from between them. Emma ran her index finger over them and it slipped gently between them. Mandy spread herself further and Emma watched as her friend's pussy opened in front of her. She applied more pressure with her finger and it slid between her lips. With that parting, Mandy's clit became clearly evident, poking out excitedly, begging for attention.

Emma ran her finger in a circle about Mandy's clit before rubbing it harder. Mandy moaned and Emma continued to apply pressure and movement to her little nub of pleasure.

Emma pushed a finger deep into Mandy's pussy, feeling it slide into the wet warmth, marvelling at how different it felt to connect to only one end of the sensation as opposed to when she masturbated and inserted a finger into herself. A second finger quickly joined the first and Emma was soon working them in and out, watching Mandy's pussy as she accepted the pleasure that her friend was offering.

Emma could see the moisture glistening on her fingers now as she continued to work them in and out of her friend. Remembering the sensations of Mandy's tongue on her own pussy and with growing curiousity, Emma withdrew her fingers. She used them to part Mandy's lips and lowered her head; her tongue tentatively snaking out, seeking to taste another woman for the very first time. She wasn't sure what she expected, but she wasn't disappointed. He tongue lightly flicked along Mandy's lips as she absorbed this new sensation and taste. Mandy's lips were smooth and slick in their puffy, moistened state and Emma enjoyed running her tongue back and forth along them. She wanted Mandy to cum though and thought that licking her clit was probably a much better way to get her to achieve it.

Emma flicked her friend's clit with her tongue, feeling her hips flinch at the contact and hearing her moan in response. She circled the clit with her tongue, working it around and around and then rubbing back and forth, using the knowledge of what she liked to try and get her friend off.

It worked. Minutes after she had started, she could hear Mandy's breath coming in ragged gasps as she neared the point of no return. Emma pressed harder with her tongue and rubbed firmly against Mandy's clit and Mandy cried out, her stomach fluttering and pussy convulsing as her orgasm washed over her.

"My god, you are a natural," Mandy said to Emma later as they lay sleepily in each other's arms, their naked bodies touching, reminding Emma of what she had just done.

"You think so?" Emma asked, smiling to herself, pleased that her friend had enjoyed her attentions.

"Oh believe me, I know you are," Mandy replied, planting a kiss on Emma's neck before draping her arm over her and allowing her hand to cup her friend's small breast.

Moments later, there was nothing to be heard from the room but the soft sounds of their breathing as they lay sleeping together.


Emma and Mandy sat at the bar, waiting. They were expecting Guy to come in and have a drink with them again.

"So have you spent any time with Guy since we last me up?" Emma asked Mandy.

"No I haven't, I tried calling him a couple of times, but he says that he's been really busy with work and that this was the first chance that he'd had to get out and have a drink.

At that moment Guy walked into the bar and both women fell silent as he approached. They all greeted each other and Guy leant in to each of the girls planting a kiss on each of their cheeks.

They grabbed some drinks and chatted for a while. When Guy got up to go to the toilet, Emma turned confidentially to Mandy.

"You know I think I really want to fuck him."

"Oh, so I mean nothing to you now? One night of bliss and that's it?" Mandy teased. Emma poked her tongue out at her in response. "Of course not, but I feel like that I need to let you have the first go, after all, you were the one that had the guts to go through with that crazy bet that started all this."

"Well, I appreciate that and must admit that I've found myself on my bed with a vibe inside me wondering how he'd compare," Mandy laughed.

"What no dreams of me then?" Emma responded, getting her own back.

"Oh I always think about you," Mandy assured her, winking and placing a hand high on her friend's thigh. Emma blushed.

"Well if you want, say the word and I'll let you have first crack," Emma said quietly before indicating that Guy was returning from the bathroom.

Several drinks later and Emma needed to pee. Mandy offered to go with her but Emma told her it wouldn't be nice to leave Guy alone at the bar ... someone might decide he was too yummy to leave alone. Guy laughed good naturedly.

"So what's the story with your friend Emma?" he had asked her as their conversation continued during the night.

"Hmm, what do you mean?" she'd asked.

"I mean is she single? She's gorgeous and so I'd expect her to have some sort of relationship going and it's easier to ask you than her."

"Nice, I'm the one here in the bar with you and you ask me about her? You sure know how to dash a girl's high spirits." At least he had the good grace to wince she noticed having put him in his place. "If you must know, she is in fact single. I take it that you're interested?"

"Yes I am actually," he said, blushing.

"Well I'll take that on board and give it some thought, Mandy said, wondering what she might do with the information.

The night was a lot of fun for all three of them, drinking, laughing and enjoying the company, flirting outrageously, Guy with Emma, Mandy with Guy and Emma with both of the others. Eventually though it was time to go home.

There was a lot of hesitance, everyone knew they had to leave, but Mandy was reluctant to leave Guy alone with Emma because by this time she was determined that she'd like to have a chance to sleep with him. Guy was trying to hang around to get a chance to speak to Emma alone, something that his best efforts had failed to produce through the evening so far. Emma was keen to let Mandy speak to Guy, but when she tried to leave, Guy kept dragging her back into the conversation.

"How about a night cap at my place?" Mandy suggested when they'd failed to say goodbye to each other for about the fifth time. Emma looked at Mandy to try and read her intent and Guy seemed to hesitate, waiting for an indication as to what Emma was likely to do before he committed himself.

"Sure," Emma said and was quickly echoed by Guy. They grabbed a cab and all headed back to Mandy's place where she provided them with drinks before putting some quiet music on the stereo and joining them. Guy had seated himself on the couch next to Emma and Mandy had to content herself with sitting opposite him.

Emma could feel Guy's presence but was concerned about the fact that Mandy clearly wasn't happy about being left out of the action. She allowed Guy to lean close, but drew the line at his attempt to allow his hand to linger on her knee.

Mandy disappeared after awhile, announcing that she had to pee. When she returned, it was obvious to Emma that she'd removed her bra and she'd undone two buttons of the red blouse that she'd been wearing. The first button that was now doing its job must now have been as low as her nipples. Emma eyed off her friend's nipples. They had clearly been stimulated as they stood out perky and firm against the soft fabric of the blouse. She glanced across at Guy and noted that he too was taking in the view that Mandy's change had provided ... cleavage and nipples.

"I think I've got some chips and dips around in the kitchen, hang on," Mandy said after a couple of minutes. She got up, leaning forward so that the blouse fell away from her breasts slightly, giving Emma a glimpse of even more of her breast and probably a massive eyeful to Guy whom she turned towards as she stood up.

"I think she likes you," Emma said to Guy as Mandy rustled around in the kitchen.

"I think I like you," Guy said very directly to Emma, causing her to blush.

"Oh," Emma replied.

"Is that a problem?" Guy asked.

"Well sort of. I mean, I like you as well, I just have this issue that I know that Mandy's really keen and I'm not sure how she'd react to being left out of this," Emma replied.

Just at that point, Mandy returned with some chips and dip and placed them on the coffee table between where she was sitting and where Emma and Guy were sitting, again giving them a long and lingering view of her firm breasts as she bent over the table. When she sat down again, she managed to ensure that her skirt rode up her thighs and over the next couple of minutes, with shuffles and small movements, exposed her underwear.

Emma kept half an eye on Guy, seeing how he was reacting, wondering if Mandy's overt attempt to lure him was being successful. Emma decided that it was time to give her a better shot at her attempted seduction and announced that she needed to pee, leaving them alone together.

When Emma returned, she found that Mandy was sitting alongside Guy and had her hand on his thigh. Guy looked almost sheepish when Emma walked back into the room.

"Guy and I had a nice little chat while you were in the bathroom Emma," Mandy said, grinning at her friend.

"Oh? What did you chat about?" Emma asked, taking the seat that Mandy had vacated over the other side of the coffee table. She glanced at Guy and couldn't quite pick what the expression on his face was ...embarrassment? Anticipation?

"Oh just the fact that I want to fuck him and he wants to fuck you and the fact that I've already fucked you ..."

"What!!!!?" Emma gasped. "Fuck, I was only gone for a couple of minutes!"

"I know, but I'm so horny I needed something to happen tonight and so I moved things along a little quicker than I might have normally done," Mandy laughed, looking a little sheepish.

"And so where did this quick conversation go?" Emma asked.

"Well we didn't get much beyond the fact that the thought of me and you having sex together gave Guy a massive boner," Mandy laughed, dropping her hand to his lap to indicate to Emma the state of his erection.

"God I don't know what to say," Emma said, leaning back, her eyes focussed on guy's cock, pushing against his jeans, Mandy's hand now rubbing on it slightly.

"I think I have a solution though," Mandy said. Both Emma and Guy looked at her, waiting."

"We could share. Why don't' we have a threesome?" Mandy asked

"Holy crap Mandy," Emma blurted. Guy just watched Emma, obviously seeking some clue. Emma looked from guy to Mandy and considered what it might mean. As she had been in the time leading up to her experience with Mandy, she was again surprised to discover that the idea actually turned her on.

"What do you think Guy, are you up for it?" she said after several minutes of strained and extended silence.

Guy was almost successful in hiding his grin. "Well I have to confess that being a guy, its always been a fantasy of mine."

"Alright!" Mandy exclaimed and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. Guy and Emma watched as she quickly exposed her breasts.

"I want you each to suck on one of my tits!" Emma and Guy both laughed at Mandy's enthusiasm.

"Gee Mandy I don't actually remember saying yes," Emma said.

Guy laughed, but reached out to cup one of Mandy's large breasts in his hand, squeezing and kneading it.

"Yeah, but I know you want to," Mandy said, offering her the breast that Guy wasn't yet touching.

Emma knew that Mandy was right. She did want this and it was a solution to the dilemma of how to fuck Guy and not piss her friend off. She stood up to move around to the other side of the couch so that she too could begin to pleasure her.

"Wait," Mandy suddenly said as Emma was about to sit beside her. "I think that we need to make some room." Then she stood up and started pushing furniture out of the way to clear an area of the carpeted floor before lying down on her back and beckoning the other two towards her. Emma took up a position on her left and Guy on her right and then they each took a nipple in their mouth and began sucking and nibbling her breasts.

"Oh god, it feels so good to have them both sucked at once," Mandy exclaimed. Emma rolled her friend's nipple between her teeth lightly and then sucked it hard and deep into her mouth, loving the excited tension that she could feel in it. Then she felt Mandy's hand on her head, pulling her towards her mouth and she acquiesced, joining Mandy in a kiss.

"That is so hot," Guy commented after a few moments of watching them kiss each other.

"You have to kiss me too," Mandy said to him, reaching out to pull him closer. Guy and Mandy kissed and then Emma decided that she too should get some of the action and after he'd broken from Mandy for a breath, kissed him over the top of Mandy so that she was able to see their mouths and tongues working together. Emma felt a hand on her breast and realised that Mandy had slipped her hand up under her top to caress her bra-clad breast and tease it.

"I think that its time that we got to see what you're packing Guy," Mandy said. "Get it out so that we can suck on it."

Guy grinned and stood up, pulling his t-shirt over his head before sliding his jeans and boxers down in a single movement. His cock sprang up towards the ceiling as it was freed and Mandy and Emma both lauded him for its size and girth.

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