Gym Encounter


"Sit on the couch," Emma suggested and Guy sat down and leant back, his erection lying against his stomach. Emma noted that the head of his cock almost reached his belly button as she and Mandy took up positions on their knees on the floor, one either side of him.

Emma reached out first and wrapped her hand around his erection, lifting it away from his stomach. She loved the feel of the soft skin in her hand, experimenting, she slid it up and down the length of his shaft, feeling it move over the hard interior.

"Like the first suck?" Emma offered to Mandy, grinning as she pointed the cock in her friend's direction. Mandy didn't hesitate, but dropped her mouth down over the end of Guy's cock as her friend held it for her, feeling the smooth skin glide over her tongue as she plunged her head down as far as she could and the sucked back up its length.

She continued to work her mouth over Guy's cock, with Emma providing a counter point, her hand working the base of his shaft as Mandy sucked it fervently.

"I forgot how much fun it could be to suck a cock," Mandy said, coming up for air. Emma took the opportunity to lower her own mouth to the head of Guy's cock and start pleasuring him, running her tongue around the head, swirling it around before sucking the tip with a long and lingering slurp. Mandy lowered her head down and licked at the base of his cock as Emma sucked at the top. As Emma continued, Mandy moved up the shaft until she was licking at Emma's lips as they slid over the skin of Guy's cock.

They both looked up at Guy as their mouths met in a kiss just over his cock, brushing against it occasionally and even kissing around the head of his cock as he moaned in response, feeling the tension building within himself.

"I think that you should fuck him," Mandy said to her friend as the kiss broke apart.

"Don't you want to go first?" Emma asked, aware of just how much Mandy had wanted this.

"I want his cum, you can fuck him first," Mandy told Emma. Emma agreed. Guy looked on, hardly believing that these two gorgeous women were having this conversation about him as if he wasn't even really there.

"Get naked Emma," Mandy told her friend. Emma stood up and disrobed in front of the two other people in the room whilst they provided her with plenty of encouragement and many compliments on her tightly toned body.

Now naked, Emma moved towards Guy, standing on the couch before dropping to her knees over his cock, facing toward him. Mandy stopped her just as she was about to reach down and guide his cock within herself.

"Let me make sure you're ready," Mandy said and she slipped her under Emma, feeling for the moisture that she anticipated finding. She wasn't disappointed and easily worked two fingers inside her friend's pussy.

"Mmm, feels like she really does want this," Mandy said to Guy, withdrawing her fingers to show Guy just how wet they were. She took them in her mouth and sucked them clean. Then she reached down and took Guy's cock in her hand, leaned over and sucked it wetly before pointing it up at Emma's pussy.

Emma sighed as she felt the tip of Guy's cock rub against her pussy for the first time. She wiggled her butt around, trying to assist Mandy in directing it into her pussy. Then she sat down slowly, feeling his large erection slide between her lips, stretching her wide.

She moved back and forth slowly, working it further and further into her pussy with each downward movement.

"Fuck that's good," she said as she was repeatedly penetrated. Guy groaned with his own response to the pleasure that he was feeling on his cock and reached up with his hands to feel Emma's small breasts, her diamond-like nipples spearing into his palms.

Mandy moved behind them and reached between them, caressing Guy's balls and running her fingers either side of his cock along Emma's wet swollen lips. Each time she drew her hand back, she let a finger linger along the entrance to her friends butt hole. Emma wiggled, not wanting that particular attention.

Mandy stood behind Emma, her hands reaching around in front to play with Emma's breasts as she crushed her own against her friend's back. Emma rode up and down Guy's cock. Mandy then moved around so that she could kiss Guy and have him suck on her tits.

"I think we need to make Emma cum, Guy," she said after watching the two of them fuck for a bit longer.

"And how do you propose that we do that?" he asked, grunting as Emma slid back down on the entire length of his cock.

"Turn around Emma and slide down his cock so that you're facing me, not him," Mandy instructed. Emma stood up and turned around. Mandy grabbed Guy's cock again and once more guided it within her friend's pussy.

"Now, lean back a bit, I'm going to lick your clit." Emma leaned back against Guy, who leaned sideways to see what was going on. Mandy knelt between the tangle of legs and began licking at Emma's pussy, her tongue sliding over her clit and also moving down over her lips, brushing the side of Guy's cock as he was buried in Emma's pussy.

"Mmm, if he was in your arse Em, I could really go to town on your pussy," Mandy said as she worked over Emma's clit."

"Yeah, well that's not happening, so just enjoy this," Emma laughed. Guy's hands closed over Emma's breasts and she closed her eyes as she dealt with the myriad of pleasures that she was now being subjected to. Her nipples were more erect than she thought she could ever remember and her pussy juices were almost flowing constantly she was so wet. Mandy sucked hard on her clit and she came, her pussy grabbing at the cock that was buried within it, her body shuddering. She whimpered at the intensity of the pleasure.

After allowing her a couple of moments to sit there, Mandy asked her to move from Guy's cock and took it in her mouth, tasting Emma all over it. She sucked him up and down his length and then looking up at him, asked, "Want to fuck me doggy style?"

"Works for me," grinned Guy. Mandy climbed up so that she was kneeling on the couch, leaning over the back of it and Guy stood behind her, her elevated position placing her pussy at the perfect height for him to stand as he fucked her.

He guided his stiff cock to the entrance of her sopping wet pussy and slid himself home, feeling Mandy push back against him as he penetrated her. He felt her lips slide along the length of his shaft and then slowly drew himself out again. Mandy urged him to keep it going, slowly to slide in and out of her pussy. Guy maintained a slow and steady rhythm in and out until Mandy started moaning and asking for it harder and faster.

Emma watched the other two fucking and felt that given that this was a threesome, she should be participating in some way. She moved onto the couch and started to play with Mandy's ample breasts as she was fucked. Mandy turned and grinned at her, saying, "Kiss me." Emma moved closer to Mandy and they joined their mouths and tongues in a passionate kiss as Guy kept working Mandy's pussy with his cock.

"Oh fuck, I can't keep this up, I'm going to explode," Guy announced.

"I want to taste you," Emma said, moving to sit on the couch, her head level with the point where Guy's cock was pistoning in and out of Mandy's pussy. Guy pulled his cock from Mandy's pussy and watched lustfully as Emma seized it with her hand and guided it to her mouth, sucking quickly up and down, her hand pumping the lower half of Guy's cock. Emma could tell that Guy had reached the point of no return and told Mandy that if she wanted his cum, she'd better be quick. Mandy quickly joined Emma on the couch and sucked on Guy's cock, just as he lost control and erupted. He shot again and again and Mandy swallowed it, licking and sucking, Emma watching her until he had no more to give.

Emma looked at Mandy and said, "Your turn to cum." Mandy grinned and sat on the couch with her legs spread as Emma moved to position herself between them. She commenced licking her friend's pussy, her tongue working all over it and between her lips as she sought to bring her to orgasm.

Guy watched Emma eating Mandy's pussy and the excitement of the sight was enough to start his cock hardening again. He stroked it, encouraging it so that he might get a chance to extend this dream-fulfilling experience.

Mandy had her head back and eyes closed, her hands kneading her breasts as she enjoyed the attention of Emma's tongue. Guy moved back onto the couch and sucked on her nipple.

Mandy reached out with her hand and grabbed his cock as he sucked her tit, telling him how pleased she was to find it hard and erect again. "Let me suck it," she insisted, urging him to get his cock to her mouth. Guy knelt upon the couch next to her and allowed her to suck his cock some more.

"I think you should get down there and fuck Emma from behind Guy, I want to see you pounding into her while she licks my pussy." Guy smiled at Mandy and did as she suggested, moving in behind where she knelt on the floor. Emma's only response was to wiggle her arse at him as he probed between her lips with the tip of his cock. She pushed back, sliding onto him as she took a brief break from Mandy's pussy.

"That is such an awesome sight," Mandy declared when Emma resumed eating her, her face bumping harder against her pussy each time that Guy thrust into her. It wasn't long until Emma's attentions on Mandy's pussy paid dividends and Mandy was screaming with delight as her body was rocked by her orgasm.

Seeing Mandy convulsing in pleasure, Guy fucked Emma hard and swift from behind. Emma had her hands placed on the couch on either side of Mandy and was pushing back against each penetration, loving the feeling of Guy's cock deep inside her pussy again.

"Oh fuck, here I go again," Guy declared.

"Fill my pussy, Guy, I want to feel you explode inside me," Emma said out loud. Mandy encouraged them both as she sat and watched, Emma still between her legs as she was fucked.

Guy pumped Emma for all he was worth and then held sill, his cock deep inside her as it ejected its second load of sperm.

Emma moaned as she felt the release deep inside her. Guy allowed his cock to slide from her pussy and Emma rolled over onto her back, feeling his seed inside her.

"You don't get off that easy," Mandy declared and before Emma realised what was happening, she had moved between Emma's legs and started licking at her pussy again. And as Emma felt guy's cum start to ooze from her pussy, she felt Mandy's tongue dart down from her clit, to lap at the entrance to her pussy.

Emma heard Mandy slurp the cum up and was quite astounded. It wasn't something that she ever would have thought of doing but when her friend did it, she found the thought of something so 'dirty' quite exciting. Certainly by the time that Mandy was finished, she was moaning and writhing on the floor, close to another orgasm.

At this point, Guy moved in behind Mandy and rolled onto his back, pulling her pussy down to his face so that he could lick it as she made Emma cum yet again. Emma soon screamed. She was spent. Mandy sat back and raised herself over Guy's face as he worked to satisfy her pussy, only too happy to oblige and assist with his efforts, grinding her sensitive pussy against his face until she too exploded.

The three of them tumbled apart and recovered, sharing a final drink before deciding that it was too late and too much effort for anyone to bother making their way back home. The two girls climbed naked into bed each other and Guy fell asleep on the couch, snoring and dreaming of pussies.

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