tagLesbian SexGym Friends - The Vacation Pt. 02

Gym Friends - The Vacation Pt. 02


After weeks of waiting, the time for our trip finally arrived. Sara and I would have 5 days of being together without having to sneak around to get time together, and no worries about what activities at home would keep us from getting together. I enjoy my time with my husband and our activities together, but too often those times together led to frustration when it meant I couldn't get together with Sara. We'd made a plan to keep our husbands satisfied far enough in advance of the trip that they wouldn't be looking for fun the night before we left on our trip. We had an early flight, so the night before was not going to be a late night saying "good-bye, don't miss me". The preceding days were active ones, so that last night as I finished packing I provided my husband with a quick oral pleasure and sought the good night of sleep that I'd need for my early travels.

The Uber car to the airport was at the house well before the sun came up and we headed off to pick up Sara. We pulled up to her house and house and I went to the door to help with her bags. She came out wearing the cutest warm-up suit. I didn't want to wait until Florida. One look at her and I wanted to drag her back into her house and have her right there. We would have missed our flight and given her husband quite an eye-opening show, so I controlled my urges and helped her to the car. With many smiles and glances up and down her body, we settled into the back seat of the car, ready for the half-hour drive to Bradley Airport.

As we sat in the back seat talking about how much fun it would be to enjoy the sun and go shopping while in Florida, I felt Sara gently touch my hand and say "Oh yes, this is going to be quite a fun vacation, enjoying all the girl activities." I noticed the driver glance in the rearview mirror after that comment and moved my hand so he wouldn't see us touching.

I quickly replied, "oh yes, shopping for dishtowels for the condo and all those things girls enjoy but guys hate." That changed the driver's expression. Clearly, he had been thinking that he'd like to watch what he fantasized we would be doing and it wasn't shopping for dishtowels. Sara also noticed the change in his expression and realized what he had been thinking so she made sure that the rest of our drive was filled with discreetness and held the suggestive comments for later, when only I would hear them.

We quickly arrived at the airport, unloaded our bags and wished our Uber driver a good day and many more easy fares. As we stood on the terminal sidewalk, he wished us a good day and many enjoyable girl activities on our vacation. We assured him it would be a good vacation, complete with great girl shopping and a lot of fun.

We then proceeded to the part of a vacation that is never fun, the trip through baggage check-in and security. After a not so bad wait at the baggage counter that made us wish we hadn't packed like a couple of women making sure we had everything possibly needed, we moved over to the security line. Things seemed to be moving reasonably and the line wasn't that long, but I still couldn't resist one good comment as I leaned to Sara's ear, "I should offer to check under your warm-up suit to make sure everything is in order and what you have under it is fully examined." She moaned softly as I whispered to her and I felt the same moan escaping my throat. Once again, there were nearly overwhelming urges filling me with a desire to enjoy Sara right there on the security table, even if there would be an airport full of spectators. Thoughts of the fun we would have on the vacation filled my mind as we moved through the security process. Somehow, despite my lack of ability to pay attention to what the security officers were asking me, I made it through and we headed down the terminal corridors to our flight, giggling with each other about all the good times we were about to have.

As we approached the gate, we noticed that boarding was just beginning. Like good travelers worried about watching our bags, we took turns visiting the ladies room while the parents with babies and others needing extra time were boarding. Finally, the time arrived for our group to be called to board. We grabbed our stuff and headed to the gate, a quick ticket scan and down the boarding ramp we went. We got on the plane and moved to our seats. I pushed Sara to the window seat as she grabbed her blanket and we sat down, pushing our bags under the seat in front of us. We sat there, anxious for our vacation, as the rest of the passengers boarded and finally, the doors were closed and the safety talks began.

At the flight attendant demonstrated the seat belt, I reached over to Sara's seat belt and pushed it into her stomach, "Just checking to make sure you're secure," I giggled as my hand pressed quickly between her thighs, giving her pussy a quick squeeze. Her face showed a combination of surprise and arousal. "I'm not going to able to keep my hands off of you for much longer," I whispered as the flight attendant droned on about window exits, flotation devices and all the other things we needed to know in case of emergency. The plane jerked into motion as the push back process started and the plane turned for taxiing across the airport. Soon, we were at the end of the runway and the engines roared, pushing the plane down the runway and then we felt the lift of the wings as the plane rose into the sky. The announcement came that the lights would be dimming for the first portion of the flight, giving everyone a chance to catch up on the sleep lost in making such an early flight.

As the lights dimmed, Sara pulled out her blanket and covered herself, getting comfortable for the flight. She whispered to me that she was going to catch a few minutes of sleep to rest up for what I had in mind for our vacation. As she snuggled in, my hand slipped under her blanket and moved to her waist. I found the waist string to her warm up pants and pulled gently, loosening the waistband. She looked over at me with a questioning look as my hand slipped into her warm pants, my fingers moving to the crotch of her panties. Her blanket covered my arm, and in the darkness, no one could see that I'd started to massage her sweetness through her panties. Sara shifted to allow better contact as she whispered, "Feels good but is this a good idea? I'm not sure I'll be quiet." I had no intention of showing any common sense or discreetness at that point and continued to gently massage her through the soft material of her panties. As Sara buried her face in her blanket, I continued to massage her, trying not to move my arm or cause any motion that would be noticeable around us.

As I continued to rub and stroke her gently, Sara parted her legs, giving me better access to her luscious and aroused pussy. I could feel her heat through the thin material of her panties as I continued to massage. In the darkness of the cabin, I couldn't see Sara's mostly covered face as she surrendered to the enjoyment of the massage. I slipped my hand up a few inches and down inside her panties, feeling the luscious heat of her arousal as I continued to rub and stroke her. My fingers gently moved up and down the lips of her aroused pussy, finding her now swollen cum button as her enjoyment of the situation increased. I rubbed light circles around her aroused clit, pleasuring her softly and gently. As I continued the pleasurable massage, I heard soft moans of enjoyment from Sara. As my fingers stroked her aroused pussy, I felt her hand on my hand, then her legs clamped together, holding my fingers against her as she held my hand tightly against her. She seemed to stop breathing for a second as she then pulled my hand away from her and whispered to me, "Wow...my first airborne orgasm".

I pulled my fingers from inside her panties and softly licked them, whispering in return, "great taste...hope I get to enjoy it a lot this weekend." Sara assured me that would happen often.

The remainder of the flight was uneventful. Plenty of knowing glances, hand touches and generally acting like a much younger couple heading off to a weekend of bliss but otherwise, a normal flight to a vacation. Once we landed and gathered out things, we headed to the rental car counter and baggage pick-up as if nothing special was going on during this weekend of sun and fun. Once we were in the rental car and heading out of the parking lot, I reached over and took Sara's hand, holding it like the couple that we were for the weekend. She smiled as we drove holding hands. I noted out the interesting points along our drive, identifying restaurants we should eat at, showed her the best places that we would be shopping at and giving her an overall tour of the area on our way to the condo. With a laugh she looked at me, "and I was thinking that we'd never make it out of the bedroom of the condo."

With a squeeze of her hand, I quickly replied, "What makes you think that we're limited to the bedroom?"

Finally, our drive was done and I parked in front of the condo. "Our vacation palace awaits," I told her with a smile. We grabbed our bags and went through the door, heading to the elevator.

I pressed the floor button and the door closed in front of us as Sara leaned over to kiss me. "I have a present for you and then I'm going to get even for what you did on the airplane. It's taken all the self control that I have to not grab you and enjoy your body since you played with me on the flight."

I looked at her, "oh, this time with you is enough of a present. I don't need anything else."

Sara looked at me with a smile, "oh, it is something that I think we'll both like."

The elevator opened and I led Sara to the condo door and in we went. As soon as the door closed behind us, I wrapped my arms around Sara and gave her a deep, hard kiss. Our tongues intertwined in passion as our hands moved over each other. We kissed and groped in hot lust without making it off of the entry way tiles. After a few kisses, Sara broke off our embrace asking for a tour of the condo. As I led her around the few rooms, our hands kept exploring each other like a couple of teenagers alone for the first time. After the tour, we returned to the entryway to pull our suitcases to the bedroom. I asked Sara if she wanted her own bedroom or would she like to join me in the master bedroom. Her reply, "I plan on joining you in all the rooms. Should I unpack my suitcase in your bedroom?" So, in we went with our suitcases.

Sara opened her suitcase and pulled out a small package, "Here is your present." It was a soft, small package and I quickly pulled the paper off, revealing that she had given me short, satin robe, just like she had been wearing the day I told her about my vacation idea. As I told her how perfect it was, she told me, "I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't be one of those women who walk around naked all time, figuring it is only a girls weekend and no one will see you." I quickly took the robe and retreated into the walk-in closet to put it on. In seconds, I'd tossed my clothes aside and was wearing nothing but the small robe. It covered to my upper thighs and hid everything, but kept nothing inaccessible. As I walked out of the closet to model my new robe for Sara, I saw that she had made an equally quick clothing change and was also there in nothing but her robe. The sight of her almost made me orgasm standing there. I moved across the bedroom to her and wrapped my arms around her, showing her how much I was enjoying my gift.

As I hugged Sara, her hands moved to my body. She began to gently caress my breast through the satin material as her other hand massaged my ass, pulling our hips tightly together. I took her body the same way, feeling her aroused hard nipple through the material and squeezing her body against mine with a handful of her luscious bottom. We felt each other's heat as we kissed deeply, our tongues deeply wrestling in each other's mouth as our hands began to roam across bodies, feeling the soft, slippery material that barely covered us up. As our kissing and groping intensified, Sara pushed me onto the bed and I fell onto my back. As my legs spread from the fall, the short robe opened up, exposing my pussy to Sara. She looked down at me and dove for my pussy. Her mouth covered my arousal as my legs wrapped around her, draped over her shoulders to give her total, luscious access to me. Her lips kissed my pussy lips as her tongue began to caress my swollen clit. I felt the waves of pleasure building deep within me as she licked and kissed me. I held her head tightly against me with one hand as my other hand rubbed my breast, pulling and squeezing my hard nipples through the material. Playing with my breasts intensified the wonderful pleasure I was receiving from my friend as she continued to deeply lick and suck my pussy. The pleasure mounted and mounted. I could feel the pleasure building within me as Sara continued her oral massage. As Sara slipped her fingers inside of me, the waves of pleasure exploded through my body as my climaxed in orgasmic delight. I screamed in pleasure as Sara continued to suck my clit with her fingers buried inside me.

I had to return the favor to her as I rolled Sara onto her back, our robes both open so our naked bodies could rub against each other. I lifted Sara's legs so that they were over my shoulders, my mouth finding the target of my desires as I started to lick the juices of her arousal from deep in her pussy. As she had done to me, I kissed and licked her pussy as intensely as I was able. Her moans filled the room as she encouraged me to continue, begging me to suck and lick harder. In my passion, I found her clit and began to suck that luscious cum button, my fingers slipping into her. Her moans and begging intensified as she screamed that she needed to cum. She pressed her pussy into my face as I continued to pleasure her with my mouth and fingers. As I sucked her, she arched her back up and orgasmic screams filled the room as my fingers were buried deep inside her and I enjoyed licking every drop of her cum juice from her climaxing pussy.

Finally, she dropped flat on her back, breathing deeply, "Oh my, let me catch my breath. I can't go on without resting," she moaned to me as she looked up at me.

I had one more Florida greeting idea to share with Sara. As she lie there catching her breath, I went to my suitcase and pulled out a small bottle of my favorite personal lubricant and opened the package. I returned to the bed and pulled down the covers, not wanting to leave any more stains than we'd already caused. Sara looked at me with a quizzical expression as I dripped the lotion onto her pussy, covering her clit and lips as she continued to pant. I straddled her, our legs intertwined so that we were pussy to pussy as I knelt over her. I pushed my hips down against her hips and began to rub her with my aroused spot. A look for pleasure quickly came to her face as she began to move and grind in unison with me. Our pace was slow at first, pressing contact...long strokes against each other...both of us feeling the enjoyment mount as our pussies pleasured each other. Sara began to moan again, "yes...yes...yes," she encouraged me to continue to grind against her gyrating hips, creating pussy on pussy excitement. Soon, we both intensified our grinding against each other, intensified the pleasure we were bringing to each other. Harder and harder we pressed against each other as our motion grew until we were both frantically rubbing against the other, both overcome with our building pleasure. Our moans filled the room as we gyrated and I felt the overwhelming explosion of my climax moving through my body. I pressed downward onto Sara's pussy as I screamed in orgasmic delight, as my climax hit my body over and over again. I was lost in my total delight as I enjoyed the pleasure.

As my orgasm subsided, I fell onto the bed next to Sara as she looked at me, "That is definitely something we're going to have to do more during this visit," she told me with a smile. I knew our weekend was off to a great start.

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