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Gym Showers BJ


I was tired. I sprinted my last lap of the pool and quickly lifted my head at the end of the pool to inhale deeply. My eyes wandered as I slowly tried to regain my composure. Looking towards the other end of the pool I noticed a short middle-aged man in the hot tub staring at my direction. I've seen him before, swimming in a maroon Speedo. He was only OK looking and did have a slight belly.

I quickly pushed off the wall and sprinted a few more laps careful to execute my flip turns aggressively and precisely now that I had an audience. I slowed and began to cool down. I jumped out of the pool and began to stretch glancing up to confirm my admirer was still watching me. He had moved positions and was know standing and leaning on the assistance poll.

After a few minutes of obvious staring he slowly headed towards the locker rooms and glanced at me as he passed my way. At first, I thought nothing of it. As I finished my stretches I headed back into the locker rooms for a quick shower. As described in Gym Jerk Off, the showers were in a small room with 3 stalls lined on one wall and another 3 lining the opposite wall. There was little if any privacy and the first 2 stalls on one side were openly visible to anyone passing by to go to the toilets.

As I entered the shower I noticed the maroon speedo man at the last shower stall. Instinctively, I first stepped into the farthest stall from him, but noticed that it had no soap left in the dispenser. I moved back and stepped into the middle stall opposite from the middle-aged man. I immediately saw his glances that reminded me of my first encounter at the showers. My mind raced as I thought how this may be another experience to remember.

I slowly slipped my speedo off and turned up the heat to rectify the shrinkage caused from the pool. I felt the burning stares across the showers as I nonchalantly soaped my ass and legs slightly bending over. By now, the middle-aged man had slipped off his speedo and was facing me, soaping his semi-hard cock. My cock sprang at the site of this and there was no was to calm my already fully erect cock.

This was my chance I thought. I closed my eyes and turned around revealing my rock-hard cock to the man and pretended to waah my back. Opening my eyes slightly underneath the running water I saw his eyes drift down to my penis and his hands furiously stroking his still semi-erect cock. I took a closer look and it was average sized with a lot of black pubic hair. His sack and cock were darker than the rest of his body.

My dick pulsated as I continued to wash my back. After a few seconds he stepped out of his stall. Looking toward the entrance, he peered halfway out to ensure no one was coming. He returned in front of my stall looking at me still massaging his cock which was starting to get harder by the second. I opened my eyes and looked down at my cock. Without hesitation he dropped to his knees and began to suck at the head of my penis. My initial shock numbed any pleasure I hope I would feel. However, I could feel him sucking harder and harder and his tongue working circles around the head of my penis. Within minutes, I began to feel my ejaculation coming not at the pleasure I was feeling, but this intense site of a man on his knees vigorously sucking on my manhood. I began to punch my cock deeper into his mouth until I came. He closed his eyes as I shot my load into his mouth and he began to suck my head harder to extract all my jizz. Surprisingly he swallowed it and stood up still massaging his dick and stroking mine.

He looked at me and I did not move. I was terrified to reciprocate and had no desire to jerk him off after I already came into his mouth. He slowly stepped back and began to jerk off as I continued to wash myself making sure to at least give him so good cock and ass shots as I lathered my dick and ass crack.

He came in his stall and we watched each other for a few minutes clean ourselves up. After changing, I almost ran out of the gym feeling nervous, panicky, guilty, and horny all at the same time.

That definitely was a HUGE step from a jack-off the previous month.

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