tagGay MaleGym Workout Ch. 02

Gym Workout Ch. 02


It was now two months since I had made love to a young guy in a gym. His name was Matt and I was now back in town for a business meeting. The meeting was really a ruse. I told my wife I was going to be out of town for a few days, but in fact, I took some vacation leave to visit with Matt. I got to my hotel room and called Matt, letting him know I was back in town. A couple of hours later I heard a knock on my room's door.

When I opened up, there stood Matt. He was wearing tight shorts and a belly shirt. I nearly gasped when I saw him there. His cock bulge was protuding from his shorts. I let him in and we kissed each other hard on the mouth. I think we both said how much we had missed one another. It didn't take long until we were both naked. My cock didn't need much attention. I was raging hard from having Matt's naked body pressed so close to mine.

The first thing Matt said was he wanted to shower with me. We went to the bathroom and I started running the water to the showerhead. We both climbed into the shower stall. Our bodies were pressed so tight, it felt like we were having a sword fight. His raging cock was rubbing against my throbbing pole. God how I missed this!

Matt had his back pressed against the shower wall. I reached around his thighs and drew him up. My mushroom head was now pressed against the rim of his ass. I lifted Matt up and then slowly lowered him down. My cockhead pierced his hole and my shaft burrowed deep into his ass. Matt threw his head back and he told me how much he needed this and how much he wanted me.

I thrust my hips up and fed Matt with all my hard seven inches. We were loud there in the shower. Thank God no one could hear our lovemaking noises as the water sprayed over our bodies. I rammed Matt with everything I possessed. He folded his arms around my chest and held on for his life. We must have fucked like that for almost forty-five minutes until I felt my nuts start to pinch. I told Matt I was getting so close now. Matt begged me to seed him.

I finally let go and squirted a rocket shower of my hot cum into his bottom. Matt screamed and begged me for more. This really set me off and I flooded him with more seed than I thought I possessed. After I finished unloading, I just held Matt there until we could both calm down a little. My cock eventually slipped out and we finished our shower.

That weekend I really got to know Matt completely. More than our lovemaking, we just seemed to hit it off on every level. Matt was truthful with me. He said he was finding it hard to be without cock those past couple of months. He almost went out looking for another man, but he held off. The truth was, I was not interested in any other guy, just Matt. I told him this and he appreciated my honesty as I appreciated his truthfulness.

That weekend was spent in bed for the most part. Matt had a healthy appetite for fucking. His cock was long but sort of thin, not nearly as thick as my cock was. Matt's cock was just the right size for my asshole. Matt loved to have me get on all fours. He placed his hands on my waist and then he worked his slim cock into my bottom. I wiggled my ass as he fed me every hard inch of his shaft. I must have taken four or five hot loads of Matt's semen that weekend.

The reality was, however, that Matt loved to be fucked. He craved it in fact. I fucked my blonde lover in ever conceivable position. Matt's favorite way was to be on top, riding my stiff pole. Matt mounted me and slipped down onto my thick cock. God he knew how to milk my cock that way! He would go slow at first and then slowly build up momentum. I would bring my ass up off the bed and pump him raw as we would fuck like that for over an hour.

As much as I would take Matt's ass he still felt so tight around my rigid cock. I would reach up and pinch Matt's nipples. He told me fondling his nips made his so hard and that he could barely control cumming all over me. The combination of my cock rubbing his prostate and his nipples being roughed up, made Matt go insane in the sack.

He would slide faster and faster up and down my cock. All the time telling me he wanted me to impregnate his ass. He begged me to use his manpussy and breed him. Needless to say, this talk made me red hot and I would shoot load after load of my loving into his belly.

The weekend went so quickly and Sunday was now here. We had a long talk about where we were going to go now. Matt knew I was married with children and he wouldn't force the issue. He did tell me he wanted me as a full time lover, not just an occasional fuck every few months. I had been thinking about the same thing during the time we had been parted.

I didn't wanted to give up Matt and told him so. If he would have me, I would go back home and leave my wife and children to be his lover. Right now I am on the road driving back to deliver the news to my wife and kids. I am really torn now. It was easy to say those things when Matt was present. I do know, however, that I have crossed the line. I need my young blonde lover in my life. Something has to be sacrificed to make that happen. I will try and report to you all when I have made the break and I am back in Matt's arms.

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