"It's okay if you want to keep thinking for a little while longer. I know, it can be a hard habit to break. Even when you're trying to just relax and set down all those tiring thoughts for a little while, your mind won't stop. It keeps going and going, wearing you out with the burden of being required to have ideas and opinions about every little thing you notice. That constant narrative in your brain continues no matter how hard you try to let go of it, no matter how much you want to feel that blissful silence inside your head for a little while. It's not exactly a bad habit-there are times when thinking is important, we both know that. But you don't necessarily want to do it all the time. I understand. I can help with that.

"We can start by giving your conscious mind something to focus on. Perhaps that's going to be my words for you, but if you can also find something to watch or something to do that occupies your attention, that works too. You can look at something pretty and distracting, or tap your fingers on the table in a pattern that keeps your attention-really, whatever you want, so long as it requires at least a little bit of mental effort to maintain. The more you focus, the less you think. The first step in breaking that habit of thought is to shed the extra, distracting ones first.

"So if you're still thinking about my words for a little while, right here at the beginning, that's fine. That's normal. As long as you're paying attention to my words, you're already taking the first steps in getting away from your own thoughts. The more you listen to me, the less you're going to be distracted by anything going on inside your head. All those extra thoughts, all that fuzz of mental static that constantly buzzes around the back of your mind, that's fading away as you actively concentrate on your point of focus. You're paying more and more attention to one or two things, so naturally you're already thinking less. And you can already tell how good that feels.

"It's going to get easier and easier to let that focus keep your thoughts occupied, so that the stream of thoughts in your head gradually begins to narrow down and converge on your hypnotic focus. The narrative that forms your conscious mind is quieting down now, and more and more it's beginning to coincide with what I'm telling you. It's so much more simple to listen to my words and let them become your thoughts, so much more relaxing and nicer to allow yourself to simply follow along with me as your point of focus continually keeps your consciousness from intruding on that peace and quiet. Just keep concentrating, keep listening, keep focusing, and you'll find that those unwanted thoughts fall away all on their own.

"And as you do, you'll find that your body naturally relaxes right along with your mind. You might pay attention to it at times, when I direct you to think about it-maybe you'll notice your breathing getting slower and deeper as you relax more and more, maybe you'll notice the way that your shoulders let go of any tension in your muscles and go nice and loose and lazy under my direction. But otherwise, your body becomes less and less important, not really worth thinking about at all compared to your focus. And that's all hypnosis is. It's just a state of relaxation and focus, so if you're feeling relaxed right now and you're feeling focused right now then you're already hypnotized.

"And once you become aware that you're hypnotized, then it's even easier to let go of those silly thoughts and sink deeper into relaxation. Now that you know that you can let your mind center more and more on my words and let me direct your attention and awareness, you'll find that it gets more and more automatic and effortless to let your thoughts fall away and focus more deeply and more completely on the narrative I'm providing. The voice in your head that was your conscious mind is falling silent now, not simply speaking more quietly but talking less often as you get out of the habit of thinking. You're listening and relaxing, and it turns out it was never really necessary to think at all. Not when someone else can think for you.

"And of course, you know that your unconscious mind is aware of everything I'm saying. Your deeper self is listening to every word; it just doesn't feel the need to talk about it all. As long as you keep feeling safe and comfortable while you relax and focus and let everything I say become your next thought, there's no need for your conscious mind to wake up at all. You can just keep following along, letting me lead you along into deeper peace, deeper pleasure, deeper relaxation as you simply enjoy the feeling of freedom from thought. The less you think, the better you feel. And it feels so nice to know that you don't even have to think that thought. You just need to listen and accept it.

"And if you want, right now, you can feel that pleasure deepen and strengthen, more and more as you simply float on my words and relax into blank, unthinking acceptance. There's nothing to distract you from that pleasure, and so as long as you feel safe and comfortable doing so then you can let it continue to build and grow as you allow my words to fill your deep, dreamy mind. It feels good to stop thinking, and it feels good to let your mind empty out of everything except my words. Your deep self is listening right now to everything I'm saying, and your deep self is opening up to the pleasure that brings. It's okay to accept that pleasure. It's okay to feel good about being peaceful and relaxed.

"And if you feel safe and comfortable with it, that pleasure can keep getting just as strong as you want it to. Your unconscious mind is always aware of your surroundings, always attentive to the world around you even when your waking self is deeply hypnotized and deeply focused on my words. Your deep self will know if this is a good time to accept that pleasure and let it become arousal, or if you'll want to come back to this another time when you can fully devote your attention to that warm, drowsy heat that tells you that your body is becoming turned on by this trance state. Whatever you decide, you'll know that it's the right choice, because your unconscious mind always keeps you safe and only lets you relax and follow the instructions that are right for you to follow. Your conscious mind doesn't always need to think about it.

"And because you're not thinking, there's nothing at all between you and that sweet, sensual pleasure that draws you deeper and deeper into blank, mindless bliss. You don't need to think about the way your body keeps feeling better and better, tingling with arousal as my words direct your mind to experience warm, saturating euphoria in every nerve. It's like a wave, washing all the way up from the crown of your head down to the tips of your toes and back again, each time swirling and lingering between your thighs for longer and longer as the sexual heat increases.

"And as I direct your awareness down to the center of your body, you can feel that arousal intensifying. With every word, my thoughts and my words become your feelings as your hands move under my instruction to touch yourself wherever it feels best. You want to make your body feel better, because I've told you to want that and my thoughts are so much easier to think than your thoughts right now, and so it's very easy and effortless to undress as much as you need to in order to give your body more and more of my pleasure. It feels so good to let my thoughts overwhelm you with sexual bliss. It feels so good to let your fingers roam over your body and find exactly where you need to be touched to make that bliss even stronger.

"And it's okay to keep going, to keep pushing that arousal and that ecstasy further and further as your excitement builds. You don't need to think about it. You don't need to think about anything. You just need to follow my words, let them control you and direct you and give in to that endless pleasure that fills your blank, dreamy mind over and over and over again as my words push you to new heights of sexual heat. The less you think about it, the less you think about anything, the better your body feels until you can't contain it anymore. The pleasure saturates you completely, filling every empty space that once contained thoughts, and now that you know how good it feels to stop thinking, you know that it's going to be that much easier to stop your mind again for me whenever you feel safe and comfortable doing so.

"And that thought is my thought, but now it's in your mind, and it feels so much better to think my thoughts that you can't stop the pleasure from overwhelming you. The stronger the pleasure is, the less you think. And the less you think, the stronger the pleasure is. And you can feel that loop swirling around and around, getting better and better until your mind doesn't want to think at all anymore. And you know that when you're not thinking at all, the pleasure will be so strong that you're going to need to come for me. The less you think, the better you feel, until you stop thinking and come. Until you stop thinking and come. Until you stop thinking...

"And come. That's it. That's it. Stop thinking and come, let all that pleasure out, let your mind go so nice and blank and soft as you release all that pleasure in one great, beautiful burst for me. Feel it echoing in the silence of your mind, filling you and then spilling over and out everywhere. There's nothing but pleasure now. Nothing but pleasure in my words, nothing but pleasure in my control. That's right. That's just perfect. You're doing so well. You can just let all that go, let everything go and come for me now. That's right. Yes. Just like that.

"And now that you've experienced that wonderful release, you can begin to let those thoughts seep back into your brain, knowing that you don't really need to think all the time if you don't want to. Whenever it's safe and comfortable for you, you can come back to this warm, blank, empty space with me and let go of the habit of thinking, just switch all those thoughts off easier and easier each time you come back down. And knowing that you can come back down whenever you want, you can come back up right now, waking up more and more, coming back to awareness of your body with one, thoughts returning to your mind, two, feeling relaxed and peaceful and happy, three, smiling at the wonderful break you had from thinking, four, almost all the way back to full awareness of yourself, and...

"Five. Wake."


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/14/18


I’ve lurked for a long while, and you are consistently my favorite author on this site. Figured I should say thanks at some point.

Also, the anon comment about “Real writing” is full of shit. Imore...

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by Hiddenhavenranch12/07/18

What a wonderful hypnotic induction! My sex obsessed little trance slut stumbled her way into the bedroom and grabbed her body wand. Looks like I'm getting laid again because of your excellent writingmore...

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by Anonymous12/07/18

Re: Crap

I’m crying laughing at that one anonymous comment

“Insult to real writers”

*snap*... this is going in my r/iamverysmart compilation

Fun short story thanks^^

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by alchemy188812/06/18

Great hypnotic script!

Thanks so much for sharing this JukeboxEMCSA! Much, much appreciated!

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by Anonymous12/06/18


Wanted a story and got sad crap. Next time add some characters and a story line. This was a waste of time and a insult to real writers.

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