tagBDSMHairbrush Beats Football

Hairbrush Beats Football


It was suppose to be just another Thursday evening. Eat dinner, help clean up, read bedtime stories to the kids, and put them all to bed. Then relax on the couch for some Thursday Night Football. It went well, exactly as planned really, we ate some delicious chicken my wife prepared for us. My wife and I quickly cleaned up the dinner's mess. We both read stories to our three boys, her the oldest because she is helping him learn to read on his own, and me the two youngest. When I finished reading to the little boys I shooed them off to bed, while my wife continued with our oldest. I quickly got them tucked into bed and went straight for the television to turn on some football.

As I sat down in my chair I caught a disgusted look from my wife, which I really didn't think much of because she always is disgusted with football, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. Once she was finished with her reading lesson with our oldest boy she took him into bed and wished him goodnight. As she went from his bedroom to ours I saw her glare at me in the hall, with the kinda glare that said you are in trouble and you will regret it. But like I already said she has always hated me watching football why would I expect anything different this time. So instead of caring about her little disgusted glares I just settled into the couch for some football. A few minutes went by and my wife came out of the bedroom, wearing the same shirt she wore all day but with no pants on and just a g-string panty that made my jaw drop as she walked by. She went into the kitchen and began making what sounded like coffee which would be odd if she hadn't just recently purchased some Bailey's alcoholic coffee mix. Once she had that in the coffee maker she walked by again back the bedroom. I was interested but went back to the football game thinking she was just toying with me.

A couple more minutes past and she came out of the bedroom again, this time wearing the sexiest lingerie outfit I had ever seen on her. I wanted to say something as she walked by but I couldn't find the words nor could I get my jaw to move from its open drooling position fast enough and she was gone back into the kitchen. As I wiped the drool from my chin and readjusted my boxer briefs to allow more room for my expanding situation, I heard the microwave start followed shortly by the popping of popcorn. I thought to myself she is making alcoholic coffee and popcorn wearing sexy lingerie? None of this is adding up, unless those glares earlier were less about watching football again and more about "are you sure you would rather watch football then come be with me in bed?" While I was piecing this together she came walking back to the bedroom still empty handed and this time giving me a more definite glare. A "yes, this could be a lucky night for you if you get off your ass and come join me" glare. I watched her all the way to the bedroom, and as she entered the room she tossed out a piece of clothing and shut the door behind her. For a few completely confused, mind racing, and penis enlarging moments I continued thinking about what was happening. I decided on the fact that there was no way football was better than figuring out what she has planned. So I got up and walked back towards the bedroom.

When I approached the door I saw the article of clothing she tossed out was my tight ball hugging undies that I wear when I am attempting to "dress sexy". I picked them up and went to put them on in the bathroom, while in the bathroom I noticed a little note on the counter. It said "bring lotion and hairbrush with you". When I was changed I grabbed the lotion and hairbrush on the counter and headed back to the bedroom. My anticipation increased as i walked to the door and my hard cock was pressing to find a way out of the confined area it was held in. I opened our bedroom door slowly and walked in.

"Stop right there!" She said as I entered.

"Set the lotion and hairbrush down on the bed and go to the kitchen and get me a full mug of coffee and my popcorn in a bowl."

I placed the items on the bed and scurried to the kitchen like a puppy being called to its master. I filled a mug with coffee and a bowl with popcorn and hurried back to the bedroom.

"Mmmm! Thank you! Bring them here and set them next to me. Then grab the lotion and rub my feet, I need to keep them soft."

With the outfit she was wearing I didn't even think twice about doing what she asked. I quickly placed her snack on the nightstand by her bed and grabbed the lotion. I knelt down at the end of the bed and began applying the lotion to her feet. I tried to rub them good and slow, and I was doing good for awhile before she burst out.

"Don't tickle me, you are tickling my feet, I want to enjoy my foot rub not be annoyed by it."

I began rubbing again taking extra care to move slowly and deep so as to avoid any tickling. She let me continue for about 5 more minutes I would guess then she said.

"Ok just stop, obviously we are going to have to work on your pampering skills, I can't stand it anymore. Now come up here and brush my hair for me so my popcorn doesn't get cold."

I got up from my kneeling position and grabbed the hairbrush and then positioned myself behind her on the bed. I must of seemed less eager this time because she snapped

"I did not make you come in here, if you don't want to be here your beloved football is on out there."

"No I want to be here, I definitely want to be here."

I said as I took a long gaze into her luscious cleavage. Then I began brushing her hair in slow long strokes.

"Can you please not smack me with the hairbrush when you place it on my head, Thank you!" She said.

So I tried to be more careful as I placed it in her hair. I was brushing like that for a few minutes when she snapped again "you are brushing so slow that you grab my hair and pull it every time, you need to brush quick but not fast, and gentle but not soft. Now do it right"

I began to increase my pace while trying to maintain the gentle placement but it didn't last long and I smacked her head with the brush again.

"Okay. Wow. You are almost worthless when it comes to pampering aren't you? Just forget it, you know what you can just lay across my lap with your back as flat and straight as you can. My nightstand is too far away to remain comfortable while I watch TV."

I slowly moved to lay across her lap with what had to be a sure face of confusion. "Good." She said. "Now don't move otherwise you may spill my coffee on yourself and that might burn quite a bit."

I felt her set her mug on my middle back and her bowl near my lower back. I was doing a good job of not moving as I hadn't spilt a drop of coffee yet. Then I felt a painful pinch on my balls, and I flinched which in turn caused the hot coffee to splash out and land on my shoulder blade.

"Be still, you are spilling!" She said as she released her pinch of my testicles.

"You made me move with your pinch." I responded.

"I nicely touched your balls for you love, I did not cause you to move your back."

"That was not a touch that was a full on pinch." I replied.

"Would you like to leave my room, you are free to leave at anytime." She said.

"No." I mumbled as I tried to hold still again.

A few moments passed when I received what had to be a full on punch right to the balls. The pain caused me to turn and make the hot coffee and popcorn spill over completely. Burning my back and spilling all over.

"Oh my god, babe you completely spilled the entire thing, what is wrong with you."

As I was still writhing in pain I noticed that she was covered in bath towels in order to catch the spilled coffee and realized she had planned the whole thing.

"You punched me." I said.

"Oh its my fault again. Lets see here, you can't rub my feet, you can't brush my hair, and you can't stay still while holding my coffee for me. And its all my fault." She said.

Not being able to say much still from the stomach pain from the testicle shot, is all i could do was watch her grab the coffee mug and the bowl and set them aside. Then she grabbed the bath towels and soaked up any remaining coffee and tossed the towel away.

"Come here." She said as she grabbed my side and rolled me back over her lap. "You are the useless one here, not me. You can't do anything I ask and you expect me to put out for you still. Well if you want any taste of my pussy tonight you will hold still or get nothing for as long as I say. Do you here me."

With that she came down hard on my bottom with her hand, and repeatedly smacked my ass over and over again. She didn't quit slapping for what seemed like 5 minutes. Once she finally stopped, she said.

"I am going to make this ass as red as my lipstick. You will learn not to blame me for your pathetic ineptitude."

She removed my undies from covering my bottom and slid them down to my knees. Then I felt her hit me on my bare ass with something other than her hand. I looked back and saw the hairbrush in her hand as she was coming back down with another strike.

"Don't move, I said, you will do as I say from now on. You will answer everything I ask with Yes, Mistress. Do you hear me." She snapped as she continued spanking my ass with the hairbrush.

"Yes, Mistress" I replied.

"Will you learn to rub my feet correctly?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Will you learn how to properly brush my hair?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Will you learn how to be still as my coffee table when asked to do so, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

The pain was really beginning to become unbearable as she relentlessly spanked me, somehow through it all my cock was still hard as rock, with pre-cum spewing all over.

"Finally, will you stop blaming me for your pathetic mistakes?" She said and she finished with 10 of the hardest smacks thus far.

"Yes, Mistress" I exhaled as was happy to have a break from the spankings.

My ass burned bad, and I was afraid to see what it looked like.

"Now that is a nice red ass." She said as she flipped me off her lap and onto my back. "This is your last chance to earn some pussy from me tonight, I am going to place my pussy on your lips and you will continue to lick and suck my pussy until I cum in your mouth like the queen I am."

"Yes, Mistress" I replied happily.

This makes the spanking totally worth it i said to myself, I have long fantasized about my wife "queening" me until I satisfy her. As she straddled herself across my face I took a deep breath and a long gaze at her gorgeous pussy, and watched almost in slow motion as she lowered herself onto my lips. Now with most of her weight completely on me I began licking deep into her pussy. As she got more excited the wetter she got and the smoother her rocking and grinding on my face and tongue got. She lifted a little to allow me some fresh air and then came back down and grinded harder into my tongue. She began bucking back and forth quite feverishly getting even hotter and her climax began to build. She lifted up a little more and reached her hand to the back of my head. She started to bang my tongue and nose into her pussy and clit respectively. Her pace increased even more and now I was in full head banging style rhythm, my face smashing repeatedly into her soft hole. Her moans growing louder she began to tighten her thigh muscles and slammed my tongue in deep one more time, and clenched my head in place with her thighs and held tight as her climax exploded through her shivering body. It lasted almost a full minute until she released my head from her thighs and let it fall back to the bed. Her pussy followed right behind my head and rested with most of her back on top of my lips and she let her orgasm calm back down.

When she had finally calmed she released me from her queen position and layed down on the bed. I too layed there a few moments catching my own breath and making sure that the memory of this moment was permanently implanted never to be forgotten. Then I got up on my side and looked at my beautiful wife and dominant mistress with glee. She looked at me and said.

"Lay back down, you did a good job pleasuring me slave, but since you were so eager to watch your football earlier and not even think of doing something with your wife. I have decided not to give you the pleasure of my pussy tonight."

She reached down and grabbed my pre-cum covered erect cock and slowly started tugging up and down on it.

"Besides after an orgasm like that one, who needs this pathetic little cock anyway. I mean really with your record tonight you would probably leave me unhappy again, you should really just quit while your ahead."

She continued to stroke my cock. Its been so hard for so long that I could cum any second now.

"Plus, I am so wet that I seriously doubt I would even feel this little thing inside me. And if I can't feel it i would definitely be disappointed with it, which will only make me want to whip you for letting me down again."

She said as my climax hit, and my cock began spurting out in gushes, sucking my balls up deep and emptying them all over my stomach and chest. She kept stroking me for awhile longer draining every drop of cum from inside me and then she swiped some up with her finger.

"Now slave I want you to taste your cum for me, just one little taste so you know what its like."

She said as she placed her finger on my lips, and I tasted my cum for the first time. It was sweet and thick.

"Good, now leave my bed slave, and get practicing your pampering techniques."

I left the room with a smile on my face like never before, I would gladly miss football every night if it was replaced by that kinda fun. Wow.

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