tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHali Makes Them Feel Better

Hali Makes Them Feel Better


"Ok, girls!" Hali stood in front of her cheerleading squad, her hands on her hips. "This is a huge game. We need focus! We need noise! And we need energy! Does anyone think we can lose this game?"

"NO!" screamed the girls. Hali flipped her ponytail, and raised her voice.

"Are we the best damn cheerleaders in the damn country?"


"Are we going to show our team and our school that we are the best?"


"Ok, lets move!"

Hali began to run towards the field, the squad following her. Right before she stepped onto the turf, she began to cheer, raising her pompoms above her head and the girls followed, all cheering as they ran out to face the crowd. The crowd cheered back, screaming as the girls flipped and jumped in front of them. After a couple flips, Hali moved her squad to the sidelines to prepare for the game to start.

Hali was in her senior year at college, and had fought to her position of captain of the cheerleading squad. She had done a good job, too, and as she surveyed her girls one more time she was proud. They were all in terrific shape, toned and tan under their skimpy green and yellow uniforms. They had practiced until every flip, every cheer, every lift was perfect. She had made sure that every girl was seen with the most popular and successful boys on campus. She herself was rumored to be dating the baseball star, a rumor she had started.

The two teams met on the field and the cheerleaders screamed and jumped up and down as their team was announced, clad in dark green, white and yellow. The other team, the school's rivals ran in, in their navy and grey uniforms. Hali turned away when their quarterback was announced, Todd Micherod. She had hooked up with him just that weekend at a party, and hoped she wouldn't bump into him while he was on her campus. She scanned on the crowd until she saw her baseball star, and blew him a kiss. She smirked when he blew one back. She knew he wanted her, and he had proven to be a perfect cover, allowing her to hookup with whom she wanted on the weekends and remain the school's golden girl.

The game started and her girls performed beautifully. By the time the third quarter was over, Hali was beaming. The halftime dance show had gone without a flaw, and her school was up over 20 points. When the game finally ended, her school winning by a landslide, Hali was almost hoarse. The other team had been slaughtered, and as they left the field, she snuck a look back at Todd. He had taken off his helmet, and she watched him throw it down and spit in anger before stalking off the field.

Back in the locker room the girls chatted excitedly. They all stayed in their uniforms for the parties, but touched up their hair and makeup, traded out sports bras for push up, and spandex athletic panties for thongs. Hali reminded them as they left to keep up appearances, and then they were gone, all to waiting boys and parties.

Hali locked the locker room and skipped out to the parking lot. She knew that there was a massive party in one of the frat houses that most of the players were going to, and was planning to drop by. Maybe she would see her baseball player. Maybe she would even let him into her bed tonight. She had been teasing him for about a month, stopping him as he slid his hand up her shirt. Maybe it was time to give him something.

She was so distracted by these thoughts that she didn't realize she was right by the rival team's bus.

"Hali!" She jumped and spun to find the voice.

Todd was leaning against the bus, his hair wet from the shower, smoking a cigarette. He walked up to her.

"Hali? I knew you went here, but I didn't know you were a cheerleader."

Hali bounced slightly, cold in her small uniform.

"Cheerleading captain," she corrected him.

"Captain," he agreed. He looked down her slowly, at the gap between her small skirt and top, where a sliver of toned flesh showed. "So you enjoyed watching us lose that badly."

Hali put her hands on her hips, shoving out her chest a little more. Teasing.

"Well, it is my team you lost to. So... yes."

He stared at her face for a second. She stared back, confident. She knew what he was seeing. Large green eyes in a heart shaped face, her eyes made to look even larger with thick mascara. She had slightly round cheeks that made her look younger and innocent, and a small mouth with sweet lips that were painted a dark pink. Carefully applied fake tanner and bronzer made her skin glow. Her dark auburn hair was up in a high ponytail with a dark green ribbon tied in a perfect bow, the curls just brushing her shoulders.

"That's not very nice," he told her. He took a drag from him cigarette and looked down her body again. "I've had a bad night. You could try to make it better."

"And how would I do that?" she teased. She cocked her hip, bending one long leg.

"Blowjob?" he suggested. She laughed.

"Be serious," she told him. "I can't be seen with you! You're the rival quarterback! I have a reputation. And a party to get to. " She laughed again, and turned to go. He threw his cigarette on the ground, and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her against his body.

"What, did you not have fun on Saturday?" he whispered in her ear. "Because I did. Your mouth is fucking heaven, babe, and your pussy is even better." He ground lightly again her ass, and kissed her neck. She sighed at the feeling. She had had fun with him. He was a good lay. She let him kiss her, then turned around to face him. She could smell the cigarette on his breath, and felt his hands slid to her hips, finding the skin between her skirt and top.

"I can't. I had fun on Saturday, but anyone can see us here." He leaned forward and lightly bit her earlobe. She shuddered, and leaned more into his body.

"Then lets go onto the bus. Most of the guys' drove, and the rest are trying to drown themselves in the shower after that loss. We have some privacy before they get here." He cupped her ass through her tiny skirt, squeezing, and continued to kiss her neck. She moaned, and then made a fast decision.

"Ok, we'll get on the bus. But this has to be fast. I can't be seen with you." He let go of her, and they ran onto the bus. In the second row of seats he stopped and grabbed her again, kissing her deeply, and reaching under her skirt to squeeze her ass, rubbing his erection against her through their clothing. They moved slowly, until he was sitting and she was straddling him, still making out desperately. His hands moved from her ass to under her shirt, shoving her bra cups down to pinch her hard nipples. She finally moved away, panting. Her lipstick was all over his face, and he was also panting.

The rows of seats had a lot of room between them, and Hali was grateful for this as she got off his lap and dropped to her knees between his legs. He was straining hard against his jeans and he groaned in relief when she unzipped his jeans and reached inside to pull him out. She pulled his jeans down further, and he shifted so that his hard cock pointed straight at the ceiling. She leaned over and he groaned again when he felt her hot breath on the tip. And then her soft lips were circling him, and her tongue was rubbing right below the head, her small hands cupping his balls. She began to bob up and down, and she listened with satisfaction as his breath sped up.

"Suck on my balls," he hissed out and she did, jerking him off as her lips and tongue massaged his tight balls, before she returned to his shaft, sucking hard on just the head before taking him, just for a second, all the way into her throat. She repeated this a couple times, sucking hard on the head and then a quick deep throat, and was rewarded with Todd groaning and cussing above her. She was in the middle of this, his cock deep in her throat, when he hands clamped down on her head, one tangled in her ponytail, and he began to force her head up and down. Then she heard it. Feet climbing the steps onto the bus, and male voices. She tried to lift her head, but Todd had a firm grip on it.

"Guys!" Todd exclaimed. There was silence when the rest of team saw their quarterback, and the redhead kneeling in front of him. There was no mistaking what she was doing, especially as Todd continued to forced her head to bob up and down. Then the rest of the team burst into sound, cheering and laughing, shouting questions at Todd. Hali flinched at the amount of voices, and tried again to struggle away from Todd, but his grip on her ponytail was too hard.

"Guys! Guys!" Todd yelling over the pandemonium. He stopped forcing Hali's head up and down, but still held it in place with his cock deep in her mouth. Not in her throat, but close. He was panting slightly, and Hali could feel his cock twitch, so hard and big that it completely filled her mouth. She waited for him to tell them to get off the bus and come back in a couple minutes. She prayed desperately that he would say exactly that.

"This is Hali. Hali is the cheerleading captain here. She has a very good reputation, and she worries about it a lot. But even though she worries about her reputation, she is secretly a slut. A total whore. Not only did she fuck me on Saturday, but also she came up onto this bus to make me feel better about our loss with her little slutty mouth. And I'm willing to bet that if we promise not to tell, she'll make us all feel better. Because I'm thinking that we should get something out of tonight, and a pretty little slutty cheerleader borrowed from the team that beat us is exactly what we need to make the night better. What do you think?"

Hali heard a huge cheer come from behind her.

"I'm about to finish this whore's mouth here." Todd began to again force her head to bob up and down, faster than before and Hali felt his cock twitch again.

"I think no sloppy seconds. We can only cum in her mouth, not pussy or ass. Trust me, she swallows like a good whore. We can also cum on her, as long as its wiped up right away. That way we avoid a mess on the bus. Agreed?"

The guys cheered again, and Todd thrust harder, and shuddered, holding her head hard so that his cock stayed in her throat as he groaned and came hard, his hot jizz running down her throat. He continued to hold her in place as he soften, before finally letting go, his cock dropping out of her mouth with a soft "pop". She looked around and felt panicked when she saw at least eight guys, huge guys, watching. She was an experienced girl, and had been in threesomes, but never something like this.

"I don't want to do this!" she told him. "I told you I would gave you a blowjob, and I did, but I'm not fucking your team! I'm not!"

"Of course you are," he told her calmly. The team was silent, waiting until Todd told them what to do. "You're a whore. A slut. This is what whores and sluts do."

"I am not a whore!" she protested. Todd laughed, and tucked his cock back in his jeans. He leaned forward and ran his finger across her bottom lip, wiping up a drop of cum.

"Of course you are," he told her. He put that finger in her mouth, and she tasted cum and lipstick. He removed his finger from her mouth, and roughly pulled her up, pulling her into his lap. He pulled her skirt up, showing her black bikini panties.

"First of all, this skirt is too short. All the cheerleaders had longer skirts."

He shoved his hand into her panties, finding her pussy and began to rub her clit. She gasped at the contact and began to squirm.

"Also, you are so fuck wet. Did you get wet because you sucked me dick, or because we were talking about you fucking so many guys? Because either way, that makes you a slutty little whore, and we don't plan to ignore that." Hali moaned, and he pinched her clit, harder and softer, before shoving two fingers roughly into her and finger fucking her hard. She groaned and swore, her legs beginning to shake. Todd stopping moving his fingers, though he left them inside her, and looked at the team, who were watching intently. Some of them were beginning to run themselves through their pants.

"What do you think, guys? Want to see this whore cum on my fingers?"

Most of the guys nodded, but one guy spoke up, a huge blond guy. Hali could see the clear outline of his hard cock through his pants, but he wasn't rubbing it.

"Dude, you sure this is okay?"

Todd looked down at Hali, and then began to finger fuck her again. His other hand moved from her stomach down to her panties, and he pinched and twisted her hard clit. "Slut, is this ok?" He finger fucked harder, and she groaned, shaking harder.

"I think she likes it, man," Todd told the blond giant. "You can feel for yourself, if you want. This cunt it fucking dripping." The giant leaned forward, and Todd pulled his fingers out of her. She groaned when they left her, she was so close to cumming. Todd pulled her panties to the side, and she felt the giant gently touch her slit. Her juices, now that her panties were out of the way, were running down her inner thigh, soaking a spot on Todd's jeans. The giant slowly stuck his finger inside her, and she moaned, rocking her hips to bring him in further, she needed to cum so much.

"Dude, the whore is fucking your fingers!" Exclaimed one of the guys next to her. "She's fucking you back! She fucking wants this!"

The giant looked at Hali's face, into her eyes, and began to slowly move his finger. She groaned, and her head fell back on Todd's shoulder. She rocked her hips more, and the giant added a finger and began to actually finger fuck her.

"Wait!" one of the surrounding guys yelled. The giant stopped and Hali almost screamed. "We need to get her naked first."

Todd laughed, and then she felt his hands grasp the polyester V-neck of her top, and he ripped it, all the way to the bottom seam, revealing her large tits in her black push up bra, and her tight stomach. The guys cheered, and shoved down her bra straps and the cups, so they fell to her bellybutton, the straps trapping her arms at her sides and her breasts out for everyone to see. Todd pinched her nipples, pulling them and squeezing her breasts. Hali gasped, and the giant began to finger fuck her again, shoving her legs apart so she was almost doing the splits on Todd's lap. Todd dropped her breasts, and two guys leaned over the seat from behind him and grabbed them, squeezing, slapping and pinching. Todd reached down to the waistband of her skirt and tore that too, ripping it cleanly down one of the pleats, so it fell open. Her panties were still pushed aside at the crotch for the giant, and as Todd grabbed those too, Hali felt her stomach tightened and she jerked in Todd's lap as she came violently all over the giant's fingers. The team cheered as she shrieked, panting. And they cheered again when the giant grabbed her by the hips and stood her up, shoving her into the aisle of the bus and ripping her panties. All she was wearing were her white knee socks with the green stripes right below her knees. He held her by her hip as he shoved his pants down, and then bent her over and thrust himself all the way to the root into her wet cunt. Hali groaned loudly as he fucked her hard, only standing because of his hands at her hips. She began to feel another orgasm build, but the giant suddenly pulled out. He spun her around and forced her to her knees, then shoved his cock into her mouth. She could taste herself on it, and his precum, but he only thrust twice before cumming hard, flooding her mouth with his cum. She swallowed and sucked him hard before he pulled out. Another guy was quickly there, kneeling behind her on the floor, and raising her hips to find his hard cock. He sank into her, groaning as she took his whole length. She panted and moaned as he fucked her on all fours, her eyes shut.

She opened them when she felt hands on her face, and saw a another hard dick in her face, the opener of which pulled her face down, prodding her lips with the head until she opened her mouth and he thrust in. She was sandwiched between the two men, who quickly created rhythm, rocking her back and forth between their cocks. She felt hands on her breasts, and realized there were guys sitting on the seats next to her, their hard cocks out. One of them had reached down to grope her hanging breasts, jerking himself off as he squeezed her large tits. After a couple minutes, he stood and shoved the guy fucking her out of the way. He dropped hard to his knees and began to fuck her hard, in fast strokes. The guy who had been fucking her shifted and jerked a couple times, cumming in pools on her bare back.

Seeing this, the guy in her mouth groaned and spasmed. Hali felt his hot cum hit her tongue and throat, and she hadn't even swallowed before he was out of the way and another cock replaced his. This one was bigger, and she gagged as he forced it into her throat, fucking her mouth like it was her cunt.

"Asher!" she heard Todd yell. "You make her throw up, you fuckin' clean it up, asshole."

He slowed down, allowing her to actually suck him.

"Then I want pussy," Asher complained.

"Just a minute," Todd told him. He leaned over and wiped the cum off of Hali's back with her ripped shirt, then slapped her ass hard. Hali groaned and tightened and the guy fucking her cursed when he felt her tighten.

"Don't cum in her cunt! No sloppy seconds!" several voices yelled as he shouted. He yanked out and came on her ass and back. Todd handed him the shirt and he barely had time to wipe her off Asher yanked her up, sitting on the edge of the seat and making her straddle him, sinking onto his erect dick. He lifted up her up and down on his cock, her breasts bouncing in his face.

"Asher! You fucking asshole! Now she can't blow us!" someone complained.

"So fuck her ass," Asher grunted, stiller focusing on moving her up and down. He opened his mouth and caught her nipple in his mouth, sucking it hard. Hali flinched when he told them to fuck her ass.

"Fuck her ass? We can't get to her ass around you're legs, asshole!" the same voice complained. Asher lay back on the seat, pulling Hali down onto his chest, still thrusting up into her. Hali's ass was up in the air, and she felt hands on her asscheeks, squeezing, before someone slapped it.

"Have you ever had a cock up your ass, whore?" a gravelly voice asked from behind her.

"Yes," Hali admitted.

"Good," said the voice, "I don't want to deal with you begging me not to. Sluts use all three holes."

She felt him spread her asscheeks and spit into her small asshole. His finger began to poke, prodding the hole, spreading the spit. He stuck a finger in, and began to finger fuck her ass, in shallow thrusts. He spit again before going deeper. When she moaned he added another finger, thrusting deeper. Asher below was beginning to groan, and the guy with his fingers in her ass wrapped his arm around her hips to keep her on her knees as Asher moved to a sitting position, and shoved his cock into her throat, cumming the second she closed her lips around him. She swallowed, but some dripped out of her mouth onto his stomach and cock, and he grabbed her ponytail hard.

"Lick it up, fuck pig," he shoved her head towards the cum and she dutifully licked it up. Asher got up, climbing over the back of the seat.

"I'm breaking in her ass, anyone want mouth?" said the guy finger fucking her ass.

"Got it!"

"No, you already had some man, come one!"

"Ok!" Todd's voice rose above the arguing. "Who hasn't had any yet? Any at all?"

A couple of guys voices rose, and the guy holding Hali up moved his hand down and scooped some of her juices onto his fingers, rubbing them on her asshole.

"Her ass is almost ready," he told the group. "Then three of us could fuck her at the same time."

"How soon?" asked Todd.

"Um." the guy now has four fingers thrusting in and out of Hali's ass, as Hali moaned and gasped. "Actually, I think she good. I get dibs. And we need pussy fucking for a minute to get my dick wet enough."

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