"Carrington are you going to do anything?" Tamsin is looking over at me disgustedly.

I return her gaze and smile. She looks away uncomfortably. Satisfied I rise up off the sofa and walk straight past Millie who is still locked in lip consultation with Damien. I wonder if Damien spiked her drink because Millie looks fucked out of her head. And then I realise I don't really give a shit and move through the epic highway of a corridor to the left quarter staircase. I ascended to the top floor and poked my nose into Charlie's room whispering "They all float Charlie, oh yes they all float". I heard him whimper and begin to cry. Pleased with myself I walked to the last room on the left. I pushed the door open and found Karen Brightman in floods of tears. Karen was in the bottom strata of girls at Highgate in popularity and looks. I wasn't even sure if she had any friends so goodness knows why she was at Kev's party. She was dressed as the Wicked Witch of the East with full green face paint, red lipstick and credit to her a completely resplendent black cloak and black pointed hat. She even had Dorothy's ruby slippers! I was so impressed and awed by her dedication to her character that I lost myself momentarily.

"Karen you look absolutely fantastic!"

She was taken aback choking on her tears that threatened to ruin her wonderful make-up job.

"Here stop crying. Come on Karen it's ok." I sat next to her and softly pat her knee. She looked at me confused.

"Michael I don't understand."

"Understand what?"

"Why are you being nice to me?"

"Am I not a nice guy?"

"No -- I mean yes -- I mean..." She trailed off bewildered by her own bewilderment.

"Look Karen I know what it takes to put so much effort into getting inside character and then nobody gives a damn. It hurts doesn't it?"

Karen nodded gratefully.

"When I came in I thought -- I thought it was a Halloween party Michael! But nobody was dressed up. And then everyone started laughing and and I-I --"

"You've never been to one of these things before, huh?"

She shook her head despondently.

"Hey Karen it's no big deal. You're not missing anything seriously. I'm here every week and I'd rather be anywhere else if I'm honest."

"Then why do you go?"

"I don't honestly know Karen. I guess we all just want to fit in I suppose."

"But you're one of the most popular guys in school." She said surprised.

"Am I? I'm best mates with Kev and I date a plastic bimbo who I hate, I'm sickeningly rich and last Christmas I went skiing in Aspen. That is why I'm popular. It'll end eventually."

Karen was looking at me pityingly.

"Karen! Don't be sad! I'm the lucky one. Who invited you to this party anyway?"

"Amy. So you hate Millie? Why do you date her then?"

"She's cheating on me downstairs and I don't care Karen. Is something wrong with me? Am I a bad guy?"

"No Michael no you're a- a good guy. Everyone hates Millie but they're just too scared to say anything."

Karen's expression was so indignant that I felt compelled to kiss her. I leaned in and met her lips softly lingering for a few seconds before breaking away.

"M-michael why did you do that?"

"Because I wanted to."

I lean in once more and kiss her harder this time her lipstick sticky on my lips. She pulls away this time breathlessly. Her face was a mixture of fear and unbridled excitement. I removed her hat and gently brushed her mousy brown hair off her sweaty forehead.

"You've done an amazing job with the face paint Karen, tremendous!"

She giggled nervously and looked down shyly.

Slowly I reached behind her back and drew the cloak's zip down. She shifted uncomfortably as if unsure whether she was allowed to say no. I stopped.

"Look Karen if you just want to sit and chat that's cool. We don't have to do anything."

"Could we just lock the door Michael? I'm sorry it's just this is my first time and I'm -- I'm a little nervous." Her voice broke and she looked down again clearly blushing but through the green paint it was impossible to tell.

I locked the door and approached her again cautiously.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes. Yes I'm sure Michael I want this but I...are you sure you want to with me?" She stuttered uncertainly.

"Yes Karen I do." I reassured her.

She fiddled with her hands not sure what to do. I cupped her chin in my palm and kissed her whilst continuing to unzip the cloak. Her considerably pale bare back was in stark contrast to her emerald face. I rubbed her back sensually rubbing my fingers over her green bra strap.

"Stand up." I whispered.

Karen rose, her hands shaking. I squeezed her shoulder and slipped the cloak off her shoulders and in slow motion we watched as the cloak fell to the white carpet below. Immediately she held her face in her hands mortified. She was quite a picture: Her pea green face flecked with red lipstick and then her bare white shoulders and slightly flabby stomach were offset by a lime green bra and green gloves. And over her legs she wore tight putrid green tights and most striking of all her ruby slippers glittering in the lava lamps glow. She made for the door but I stopped her pushing her to the queen sized bed. I spread her arms out and gripped her hands as I kissed her passionately flicking my tongue into her open mouth tasting the stale odour of vodka cranberry. I grinded my member over her crotch, pressing my whole body into hers. She sighed. I wandered my lips down to her breasts and kissed her nipples between the silk material of her bra all the while feeling myself getting hard. I eased my fingers down her tights rubbing her pussy through the soft satin of her panties. Suddenly I felt warm liquid trickle over my fingers.

"Oh my God Michael I'm so sorry I-I-I...!" Karen stared up at me desperately.

"Don't worry about it Karen seriously relax!" I shook the droplets of her urine off my hand.

Humiliated she fell to the carpet and began to cry. She looked truly pitiful, her green face paint had begun to crack and her crotch was soaked and omitting a powerful odour of damp urine. Instinctively I picked her up and carried her out the room.

"Michael! What are you doing?" She cried trying to wriggle free from my grip.

I walked into the bathroom next to Charlie's room and laid her in the bath. I locked the door and flicked on the taps allowing hot water to gush into the empty tub. Squeezing a whole bottle of Radox Lime and Fennel bath therapy into the whirlpool underneath the taps I saw Karen crumple in exhaustion.

"Let's get this stuff off." Wordlessly she unclipped her bra letting her small breasts free, I helped her slide her tights off and after a minute or so she eased her panties off. Her pussy was hairless and incredible tight. She was incredibly youthful in appearance.



"I'm so sorry." She choked out miserably.

"It was my fault I shouldn't have pushed you. It was unfair of me to do that. Karen, your first time should be special and well...I don't think tonight was that night." My voice is hushed, barely more than a whisper.

Karen grabs my hand and squeezes it tightly. Over the next half hour I scrub her face clean managing to remove most of the paint and wash her hair through twice. I find a dress of Amy's in one of the spare rooms and a cashmere coat that Amy has worn once in all the time I've known her. I pack Karen's costume into a Louis Vuitton sports holdall apart from her slippers which she keeps on. I shepherd her down the stairs and out one of the side doors that only Kev and I know about. I guide her through the bushes and out the main gate onto Bishops Avenue.

"Michael this is all too much. I can't have this stuff."

"Whatever you do Karen, keep it. Amy won't notice her wardrobe is as big as your house believe me."

"But --"

"No but Karen just do what I say."

I hail a black cab and tell the driver to take her home. She lives half an hour away in Finchley. I pay the driver thirty pounds and kiss Karen on the cheek. She embraces me like a long lost lover and I'm stunned by her affection. The cab whirls away into the deep mist and I'm left standing stock still without any feeling in my arms or legs staggered by what has just happened. I felt softened unable to comprehend the warmth and unhinged force of emotion welling up inside of me.

"Hey Carrington what the fuck are you doing out here? Come and fucking do a line with me you fucker!" Kev swayed toward me out of the swirling mist, a bottle of Stolichnaya in one hand and a cigar in the other. His eyes were blazing wide open, his hair was drenched in sweat and vodka and he was dribbling. At that moment I hated him beyond recognition for being such a pathetic leech, a pointless existence.

"Come on you fucking pussy! Millie fucked Damien and you did fuck all about it you pussyyyyyy." He was slurring badly. I breathed out slowly.

"Come on Kev lets go for a walk."

"Walk where?" He slurred stupidly.

"Come on dude it won't take long."

"Only if you do a line of Ruby's stomach when we get back." He grinned idiotically

"Sure thing dude."

"Fucking right you will dude!"

He staggered forward slopping vodka over the wet pavement. I walked slightly in front heading down alongside the Heath. The street was quiet except for the distant thump of bass from Kev's mansion. Fog billowed around us, squirreling out of the drains into the Range Rover's lining the curb and then into wispy figures of smoke that spiralled dizzyingly around our feet.

"Dude you know that slut Ruby man? I was fucking doing line after line off her stomach and then she whispers to me have you ever fucked on cocaine? Dude!! I was like is that a movie line or something? And she grabs my hand and takes me to that random laundry room, you know the one that we used to use as a pool room before we got the games room in? Man she is crazy Carrington! She snorted a line off my dick! She wanted it all man, I fucked her mouth so hard she was bleeding man! Shit! She's so fucked man she doesn't even know about it...hahaha...and then I'm in the sauna dude and you know that chick Lisa in the year below man she was fucking on itttt! She was looking fucking nice man and she's just got a thong on and she's lying down with her legs wide open man and I was seeing everything dude...so I started to rub her up and down with those Eucalyptus oils and she was getting hornier and hornier dude she kept moaning and groaning and then she just jumps on my cock man and I'm still on it man I thought my cock would fucking give up but I've still got it! And I'm fucking her up the ass and slapping her a bit and she's loving it and it was so bloody hot I thought I was going to die man so I kick the door open and there's fucking Amy sucking some guys dick outside the steam room and man I was so pissed so I fucked Lisa so hard man she was fucking crying at the end of it seriously dude! Haaaaaa! Man where the fuck are we?!"

We are standing over Claire Allsop's gravestone. The stone is chipped and dirty green moss engulfs her epitaph. Behind the stone there is a large hole that has been only freshly dug out. Have the gravekeepers decided to remove her stone? No one would notice or indeed care so it was possible. And of course there was nothing down there.

"Where the fuck are we Carrington? Lets go do some coke man. I'll let you fuck Ruby dude she's nuts man." Kev takes another swig of vodka.

It just seemed odd that they'd leave a dug up grave without filling it in. I turned to Kev. He had dropped his trousers and was urinating on Claire's grave, a gleeful look on his face.

"Hey Crrington this is that dead chick's grave! Well she won't mind will she?! She's fucking dead!" He keeled over cackling with laughter. Wordlessly I let him finish. He tried to recover himself but he was laughing so hard he dropped to the sodden earth. I spotted a spade over by a gravestone to the right of Claire's. I picked it up nonchalantly and smashed it over Kev's head knocking him unconscious. A small pool of blood began to form in his matted hair. I smashed him over the head once more. Satisfied by the steady trickle of blood flowing down his neck I dug the spade under his body and rolled him into the open grave. His body made a loud thump as it hit the cold earth below. Soon the maggots would come and swim in his blood. The bottle of Stolichnaya lay next to him but where was his cigar? I saw it next to the gravestone, clearly he'd dropped it when he was taking a piss. I chucked it in after him. Sweating slightly I lifted the heavy soil into the grave until the sight of Kev disappeared and all was dark brown. I patted down the soil and smoothed it over. I was rather pleased with my handiwork. I found a bunch of roses resting against a grave five stones away. I plucked one off the bunch and laid it down on the block of dark earth resting on top of Kev.

"That took you longer than I expected."

I stumbled backward in shock. My heart banging I turned to the disembodied voice and staggered back against the gravestone.

"Sorry for startling you I haven't spoken to anyone in quite some time."

"Claire?!" I choked out.

"You remember me?"

"Y-yes of course I do."

"Well you have just buried your best friend in my grave so I guess it would be rude if you didn't know me." She smiles clearly amused.

"B-but where have you been? It's been three years."

"Yes it has hasn't it? I suppose you remember because you had that memorial today."

"N-no. I always remember."

"That's sweet. Yes I always thought you were an odd fit in the eliterati."

"The what?"

"Oh the eliterati? It was what I always called your group. You were snobbish, bitchy, elitist, empty and had ludicrous delusions of grandeur so I thought it suited you to the ground."


"Here come closer so I can get a look at you."

I approached her cautiously. I was shocked by how beautiful she was. She was more ghostlike than ever in her ivory complexion. Tendrils of blonde hair floated over her face, her grey eyes sad and lost gazed into mine. A loose white silk vest hung off her shoulders exposing her pale but plentiful breasts. A light white denim skirt hung over her pins of porcelain almost blinding me with their pureness. She was barefoot but the muddy earth seemed to wash off her feet as she stepped toward me.

"Do you like what you see?"

"You're...magnificent." I murmured.

"Take your mask off Michael I want to see you."

I pulled the mask off my head and lowered it to the ground.

"That's better."

It was as if she was floating toward me, a shimmering ghost floating over the dead, cutting through the twisting fog. She came to settle before me. Everything about her was white apart from her lips, which were light pink and ever so soft as I kissed her gently letting go of my fear and confusion. Her delicate fingers slipped my jacket to the ground and floated down to my belt.

"But Claire where have you been? What happened to you? I -- "

"Sssh Michael." She whispered putting her finger to my lips.

She drifts down and unbuckled my jeans. Above, the moon shines down casting Claire in a glorious light. She flutters her tongue over my tip and then wades down taking me to the back of throat. She doesn't gag or even splutter. She just rolls her wet smooth lips over my pulsating member. I feel myself throbbing in her mouth growing and growing. She pushes me to the side of her mouth her tongue flicking the base of my cock causing a tickling sensation. Warm juices stream down my shaft to which she swallows every drop. She lingers over my balls licking each one before floating upwards once more and diving down onto the raging member itself. The tip hit the back of her throat but she continued to suck ferociously pumping back and forth back and forth until I was fit to burst. Finally she gagged choking on the flurry of liquid foaming out of her mouth. She stared up at me looking for approval.

"Claire that was...wow! Amazing!" I breathed heavily trying to compose myself.

She stood up and grabbed my face hard pushing her lips into mine violently drawing blood her tongue thrashing against mine. She pushed harder into me forcing me to the cold wet earth below. She released the straps of her vest allowing her supple breasts to press into my face. I suck her hard nipples in tasting a milky substance. Thirsty for more I suck harder and feel her lactate, thundering the substance into my open mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh mnnnmnnnn!" Claire moans her neck arched to the moonlight.

I flicker my tongue over her nipples squeezing the flesh to release more milk. Her hand is pumping my cock and more liquid spurts out of the tip to which she sucks up hungrily. I move my hands down and grip her bum through her denim skirt. Slowly I raise the skirt up and feel the soft curve of her cheeks. She rises up and places her hairless pussy over my lips and sinks my head into her moist lips. I massage her small clit inhaling the pungent aroma of wet earth infused with her juices that flow out onto my cheeks. I force my tongue up inside her feeling walls of soft flesh welcome me in.

"Faster!" Claire screams.

I lick faster and harder her nails digging into my scalp so hard my eyes water. And finally she explodes, sticky tendrils of glue lace my face and drip off my lips. Without hesitation she lifts up and drops down onto my feverish member and in response I thrust up inside her soaking pussy. My fingers traipse through the damp earth as I push harder and faster. Her tits bounce up and down with each thrust and she is moaning so loud it resembles the undead. She jumps off me and leans against her gravestone and beckons me.

I hesitate for a second and she violently pulls me toward her. I drive into her open lips enjoying the squelch and thwack as her leg rests on my shoulder she lies across the stone at a side angle allowing me extra power into each thrust.

"Ahhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmhhmhhmmhnmnmnm! Yes! Yes! Yes!" She is wailing at the top of her voice and I am ready to blow the mother of all loads but just as I feel it's time she pushes me back. I slip into the earth below.

"Get that shirt off." Claire orders.

I suddenly notice I am freezing breaking out into a cold sweat goosebumps snaking across my body. Claire jumps on top of me and rips my shirt off and tears my shoes and socks off. Her vest and skirt lay next to her gravestone. She pins my arms down into the soft earth her tits pressing hard into my chest as her lips bite mine drawing yet more blood. She pores over my naked torso her wet bloodied lips licking my icy nipples. I am too exhausted and in thrall to resist as she drenches my cock in the boggy earth giggling delightedly as she places her pink pussy onto my cock. She thrusts into me oozing sticky fluids and earth inside her.

"Come on Michael! Come on fuck me fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt!" She howls at the moon like a woman possessed.

I strain to hold on thrusting deeper into her. I feel my whole cock immersed in her soaking vagina and it still expands further until I know I will burst. An explosion of steaming hot cum erupts out of her pussy soaking my stomach. She leans back screaming in ecstasy cum flowing from her lips. Pools of fluid lie on my stomach but I am too drained to sit up. Claire throws her hair back a demonic glint in her eyes.

"I'm dead good aren't I?!" She cackles uproariously pressing down into my naked skin with hers our juices mingling into some sort of sick syrupy mixture.

I am frozen staccato in the Everywhen unable to move a muscle. I feel like my very soul has been sucked out of me. I don't feel Claire's last suffocating kiss or her deathly cold hands forming a vice grip around my neck. I notice the sky has blackened and the trees are baying for blood, everything is blurring out of focus but as clear as day is the spectre of Claire Allsop floating above me illuminated by the fading moonlight and the last thing I see before the power goes out is her grin, wide and dripping with pleasure.

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