tagFetishHalloween at StormyMoon Castle

Halloween at StormyMoon Castle


As a Halloween gift, my boyfriend made arrangements for us to spend the holiday at Stormy Moon Castle. What a surprise, I had wanted to go for so long.

Arriving at dusk, I knew it was well worth the wait, carved pumpkins lit the walkway and groups of large candles lit the entrance. As I turned to look back I could see that it was sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean. What a view! Groups of people were arriving as we did. They all are dresses in various customers as we are as well. My boyfriend dressed as Dracula, knowing it's my favorite and myself as a serving wench of long ago. All through the party and dinner he couldn't keep his eyes or hands off of me. The party was great, we had a lot of fun. The castle had went all out with the decor, even black cats wondering around.

We said our goodnights to newly made friends and went up to our room. It was great, with large arched windows looking out over the night ocean. A lighthouse in the distance. I can see a storm coming in off the ocean, can hear the thunder. The fireplace was already lit and chasing away the chill of the night air. Standing at the window watching the lighthouse, I felt his arms slide around me while saying we had on to many clothes. I had to agree as we started to undress each other.

He knows how storms turn me on and what perfect timing. The bed was a huge sea of dark blue silk, I love how it feels against my skin. And I can feel the moistness growing between my legs as his hands and mouth find me. He kisses me deeply and promises to make this a Halloween to never forget, and I have to smile knowing he will. I feel his kisses trailing off down my neck, over my shoulder and across my chest and then over my stomach. He slips a finger into me and his tongue is on my clit before I know it. I hear the storm getting closer as I slip off into lust land. I feel him removing his finger and moan my disappointment. He tells me to be good that he has a surprise for me. As he starts to lick and suck on my clit, he has my complete attention at once. When I feel him slide his finger back into me I realized that he had been rubbing some lubricant onto his fingers and hand. As I hear the thunder roll outside, I can hardly contain myself because I have now guessed his surprise.

He works more fingers into me and pushes deeper. He knows how I love this stretch. It doesn't take long and I am moaning and begging for more. Beads of sweat are forming across my forehead and my whole body shakes with ragged gasps for air. Slowly he keeps working in fingers and then folds in his thumb to start that push to get in deeper. Slowly he pushes with more pressure until he is past the tight opening and I began to feel the fullness of his fist in me. What a rush, it's more than I can stand and I cum uncontrollably. He lets me catch my breath and starts again.

Slowly at first and then deeper and harder, I am going crazy with lust by this point and lifting my hips to met every thrust. I can feel the need raging in me to cum again and I do for what seems like forever. He waits for me to finish and slowly removes his soaked hand. I laid him back on the bed and as I straddled his rock hard dick, he knew he was in for a ride. I ride him slowly at first and when he can't stand anymore I start to ride him hard and fast, he loves it. Soon he cums deep and hard in me and I explode again myself.

And as I sit here telling you about the best Halloween I have ever had, I realize that it is October again and wondering what he is up to this year. All I can say is, "Trick or Treat me baby!!!"

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