tagErotic CouplingsThe Fool's Day Ball

The Fool's Day Ball


I pushed the girl with the scarlet feathered mask and matching colored wig into the emergency stairwell as our tongues fought to slip into each other's mouth. When the door shut behind us, she redoubled her efforts with her tongue while moving her hands from my neck to my hair. My hands were not idle either -- I slid them from her sweetly curved hips to her fabulous ass, grabbed it tight, and used it to pull her pelvis against my hard cock.

Breaking away from her mouth, I began to kiss her throat and the side of her neck as her hands laced through my hair, threatening to dislodge my own mask. I had not worn a wig as I had figured my mask, which was made of a metallic-looking black plastic and covered my eyes, cheeks and forehead but left my mouth and nose both exposed, would be enough to disguise my identity while leaving me able to kiss and breathe at the same time. This had been especially important to me after the prior year, when I had worn a wolf half-mask that had covered my nose and made kissing and licking various body parts while still disguised quite difficult.

"Oh fuck, that feels good," the girl moaned as she ground her crotch against the bulge in my shorts. I was not sure if she meant my lips on her neck or my dick pressed against her, but I was not too worried about it. She was clearly as into this as I was, and even if she wasn't Erin, and I was about 95% sure she was, I knew this year's Fool's Day Ball was likely going to be at least as good, if not better, than last year's.

The scarlet-wigged woman used her grip on my hair to pull my face back up so she could kiss me, our lips meshing as she again forced her tongue into my mouth, drawing my thoughts back to the present. Kissing her back with an urgency and passion to match hers, I moved one hand up and under her wig, grabbing a fistful of the hair underneath it. My other hand wandered up to her chest and grasped and squeezed one of her large, firms tits.

The girl moaned into my mouth as I found her nipple through the thin fabric of her bikini top and started pinching and pulling it lightly. Then, without warning, she forcefully moved my face away from hers, breaking our kiss. She locked her smoldering green eyes on mine as she let go of my hair and took a step back, moving her boobs out of my reach.

With a small smile on her lovely face, she reached behind her with one hand while she covered her breasts with her other hand and forearm. Never looking away from me, the hand behind her back untied her bikini top, first across her back, then at her slender neck. She then brought the hand from her neck to her chest before grabbing a handful of bikini top and tit with each hand and squeezing.

"Want to see them?" she asked, her eyes shining.

"Yes," I managed through my suddenly rapid breathing.

The masked woman grinned, then relaxed her hands, letting the bikini top fall away. However, her hands still covered her tits, and I almost stepped forward and yanked them out of the way. Fortunately, before I could do anything, she pushed her breast together, then slid her hands down her stomach, letting her big boobs free. As they settled into their natural place, I stared, mesmerized by the creamy white skin of her breasts, the tan expanse of her large areolas, and the slightly darker firm nipples protruding from them.

"Fucking awesome," I whispered, not realizing until I heard my own voice that I was going to say that out loud.

The girl smiled and blushed before she stepped up to me again and pulled my face down to one firm nipple. Wasting no time, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked hard as I groped at her other boob with my free hand.

"Shit, your cock feels nice and thick," she breathed as one of her hands fondled my erection through my shorts.

"Fuck, I hope you're not the Fool," I groaned before switching my mouth to her other nipple.


Instead of having dorms and fraternities and such, the university I attend uses the British model of residential colleges. Incoming freshmen are randomly assigned to a residential college, in which they will remain a member throughout the rest of their time at the university. For freshmen and sophomores, they are more literally 'in' the residential college, as actually living in the residential hall of the college is mandatory for underclassmen. And while upperclassmen may live off-campus, the residential hall of the college is always a welcoming refuge.

But the residential colleges to which a student is assigned does not just provide a place to sleep. Members of the college usually eat together in the dining common, whether they live in the hall or not, and the common areas of the hall are host to all manner of organized and spontaneous social activities. Thus, even juniors and seniors living off-campus spend a fair amount of their precious free time in the residential hall of their college.

For the sake of telling this story, I will call my residential college Charlie College. That is not its real name, of course, but it is close enough for us. And while every student at the university thinks his or her college is the best, it is well known that Charlie College students both study and party the hardest. It is also well know, at least within the college, that we have the hottest girls.

As a junior, I had thought about getting an off-campus apartment with some friends, but the allure of the social activities at the residential hall, as well as the even more compelling allure of a certain auburn-haired sophomore coed, had led me to decide another year of on-campus living was a very good idea.

Erin was the coed's name, and I had met her at the end of her freshman year. This would have normally been unusual, as people in the residential colleges tend to know everyone else, at least in passing. However, somehow I had missed Erin until the last few weeks of the year, but once I saw her, I did not know how I had ever not noticed her.

Strictly speaking, she was not my 'type'. I tended to like leaner, more athletic women, and I had always considered guys who salivated over any girl with big tits to be juvenile. So, imagine my surprise when I started obsessing over a girl with a quite large rack.

But to be fair, while Erin did not have the 'athletic' body type I typically liked, she was not at all unfit. She was just, well, curvy, I suppose, for lack of a better term. Her large breasts were matched by hips that flowed out from her waist and a firm, rounded ass. And although at 5'4" she was not tall, she still had shapely, toned legs.

But, I had never noticed Erin or her luscious body until the warm weather at the end of the school year had led several freshmen female members of Charlie College to put on bikinis and sunbathe on one of the second story balconies. I just happened to be walking by on my way to the front doors of the hall when Erin stood up on the balcony, her auburn hair falling around her shoulders and down her chest, the loose ends of it just covering what I thought were her bare breasts.

Shocked, I stood and stared. The young woman looked down and caught me staring, and even at the distance between us, I could see red spread across her cheeks. Still, I stayed in place and took her all in for a moment, noticing the way her flat stomach gave way to nicely curved hips, and how her tight green bikini bottoms formed a tantalizing triangle below her abdomen and between her thighs.

The moment lasted maybe a few seconds at most, but it seemed to stretch into hours as we stared at each other. Then, as if by magic, several other bikini-clad freshmen girls appeared and started calling to me. Or rather, to the group of guys around me, which must have formed as I stared at the auburn-haired girl.

As the other women on the balcony came to the edge, the object of my attention stepped back, and as she did so, her hair shifted off her chest, revealing a green bikini top to match her bottoms, not the bare tits I had imagined. Still, the fabric of her top was clearly straining to contain her boobs, and for the first time in my life I really understood what other guys saw in girls with big tits.

It was not until that weekend that I properly met Erin. I was on my way out of the dining commons when she walked in. We saw each other at about the same time, and both of us stopped in our tracks as we studied the other.

When I had seen her on the balcony, I had noticed she looked cute for more than just her body, but until I saw her up close, I had not realized how cute she was. Her soft face was graced with a pair of luscious lips, a small, slightly upturned nose, a splash of freckles across her cheeks, and large, expressive, strikingly green eyes.

For her part, Erin stared back at me, and I am not sure how long we might have stayed like that had she not said, "I'm Erin, and my boobs are down here."

"What?" I asked, sure I had not heard her correctly.

"Most guys stare at my chest," she said, and I realized from her grin that she was teasing me. "You keep staring at my eyes, and it's making me uncomfortable, so here are my boobs."

With her last words, she shook her torso, just slightly, but enough to draw my eyes to her chest, where her fairly loose t-shirt did nothing to conceal the size of her tits.

"I'm Gavin," I said, looking from her chest back to her eyes.

"I have a boyfriend at home, Gavin" Erin told me, again catching me sufficiently off guard that I was not sure that I had heard what I thought I had.

"I'm sorry," I responded. "I did not hear what you...."

"I have a boyfriend," the auburn-haired girl repeated, "but I like making new friends."

With that, she gave me a small wave and walked past me into the dining commons. I turned to watch her go, seeing her ass for the first time. And while the shirt she was wearing was fairly loose, her jeans were not, and the tight denim revealed every inch of her ass and how it kind of shook from side to side as she walked. It was almost as if she was purposely swaying her hips to make it shake that way.

I let out a sigh that was perhaps a little louder than I might have wanted it to be, because the girl looked back at me and, for the second time in just a few days, caught me staring at her. I shrugged and smiled, and she responded by shaking her head and biting her bottom lip. I was not sure, but I thought she might have been biting it to keep from grinning back at me.

Over the last few weeks of the school year, Erin and I hung out several times, although never alone. By the time we all left for summer break, I could not deny that I had it bad for the cute freshmen, and not just because of her body. We never failed to have fun together, and we spent hours talking and laughing. We did not discuss her boyfriend "at home", and she did not mention the sunbathing incident again, nor talk about her boobs like she had that first time we talked, but I never forgot any of that, and I came to know later that neither did she.

When the Fall Semester began the next school year, Erin ran up to me and gave me a big hug the moment she saw me. It was the first time she had really hugged me -- everything before had been just a side hug. As I hugged her back, I asked her whether she still had a boyfriend. The object of my obsession looked up at me and nodded, but I do not think I imagined it that a look of sadness momentarily crossed her face.

Erin and I picked up where we had left off, but I thought I noticed a slight difference in her reaction to me. Sometimes when we were talking, I thought she looked at me with an almost wistful expression. And at times when we were just sitting together studying, which we did often, I would have the feeling she was looking at me. However, whenever I would look up, she would be looking down at her books. Finally, she was more physical with me, hugging me frequently and even touching my shoulders, arms or hands when we were together.

As the first semester sped along and we got closer to the holidays, my friend grew moody, and not just with me. She snapped at our other friends with little provocation, and by the time we reached December, I was the only person left willing to be with her for any period of time.

When she left for home over the holidays, she did so without saying 'goodbye'. She merely texted me that she was leaving and wished me a Merry Christmas.

"You deserve to be treated better, Gavin" her roommate Shari said after I told her how Erin had texted me.

"We're just friends, you know," I shrugged. "And she's going through something. I know it."

"Nobody believes you're just friends, not even you two," Shari scoffed. "I think that's a lot of her problem. If she'd just let herself admit it, I think she'd be a lot happier. I know you would."

I shrugged again, but I thought about Shari's words quite a bit over the holidays, and when I returned to school, it was with the intention of pressing Erin to see if she might feel what Shari had seemed to think she felt. However, Erin must have suspected this, because she avoided me whenever possible, and when she could not, she took great pains to make sure we were never alone. This was in stark contrast to how things had been before, and I have to admit that I was hurt and confused, even though I had a suspicion I knew why she was acting the way she was.

This all continued over the first eight weeks of the semester, during which time the pretty auburn-haired girl consistently avoided me. It became so bad that I began not to even look for her anymore, and therefore I was surprised when she walked into a room where I was studying by myself.

"Hi Erin," I said, expecting her to bolt and leave when she saw I was alone in the room.

And for a moment, it looked like she would do exactly that. However, after several seconds had passed, she sat down and placed the book she had been holding on the table.

"Hi Gavin," she said, her voice nearly emotionless. "Are you going to the Fool's Day Ball?"

It took me a few heartbeats to respond, as I had not at all expected that question.

"Probably," I admitted. "It's always fun."

"When I heard about it last year, I thought it sounded pretty scary," Erin went on, looking down at the table. "So, I skipped it. But I think I want to go this year -- to see what it's like."

"It can get pretty wild," I warned her as I studied her face closely.

She was clearly nervous, but I was not sure why. It could have been because we had not really talked in a while. Or, it could have been the subject. But whatever the reason, her unease was obvious.

"Yeah, okay," she said, still not looking at me. "I gotta go. Bye."

And with that, she rushed out of the room, giving me much to think about.


The Fool's Day ball is a tradition in Charlie College. It is held every year on the Friday closest to April Fool's Day. It is a masquerade ball, but with a twist. The twist if the Fool.

A week or so before the Ball, all sophomore and juniors planning to attend have their names put in a bag. Then, a committee of seniors draws ten names. Those ten names are then put back into the bag and one name is drawn from them. No one but the committee members, and the chosen Fool, knows whose name is drawn.

The night of the Fool's Day Ball, everyone in the college (at least, everyone who reserved a spot) puts on masks (and often as little else as possible) and goes to the party. The stated object of the Ball is to discover which other partygoer is the Fool. Well, unless you are the Fool, then your object is twofold -- to stay anonymous and to play a prank on one or more unsuspecting partygoers.

The Fool is forbidden to lie about his or her identity, although misdirection is accepted and encouraged. So while the Fool can say all manner of things to make someone think he or she is not the Fool, if asked directly if he or she is the Fool, then the Fool may not lie. Now, this would seem to be a huge advantage to those hunting for the Fool, but there is a cost to making such an accusation falsely. Whereas correctly identifying the Fool garners a 'wish' granted by the Fool, a false accusation allows the person wrongly accused to demand a 'wish' from the accuser.

If the Fool remains unidentified until 1:00am, then he or she is celebrated all year until the next Fool's Day Ball, and the Fool is able to choose from a top-floor room in the residential hall the next year, if he or she wishes. If the Fool also manages to play a public prank on a partygoer or partygoers without being caught before the 1:00am safe time, he or she is given the largest and nicest room in the residential hall (a converted attic with private kitchen, bath and game room). The room is so special that only a Fool who earned it may live in it, meaning it is often uninhabited as it is very difficult to remain anonymous and play a very public prank on someone.

According to Charlie College history, the Fool's Day Ball began in the late 1930s, shortly after the founding of the college. The Ball has changed over the years, with perhaps the most momentous change coming in the late 60s when the college became coed. At that time, a new side game was introduced to the Ball, one that has no articulated rules and almost resulted in the Fool's Day Ball being banned in the early 90s.

The side game is simple. Attendees at the party try to trick their fellow partygoers of the opposite sex (and sometimes of the same sex) into performing oral sex on them. After the act is completed, the person who received the oral sex refuses to reciprocate, often despite prior assurances, and in some cases may ridicule the abilities of the person 'fooled' into going down on them. The person so fooled must walk around the rest of the night with a large red 'F' written on his or her forehead, usually in lipstick. Now, one might assume it would be easy not to get fooled into going down on another person during the Ball, but it is not that simple.

The Fool's Day Ball is also the perfect place for people to hook up with other people who they would never hook up with or who they would never have the chance to hook up with otherwise. Put another way, there is a lot of semi-anonymous sucking, licking and fucking that goes on during the Ball. Thus, refusing the advances of another partygoer puts one at risk at not being able to hook up. So, sometimes it is worth the risk to go down on someone else first if one believes that person is sincere in wanting to hook up. It is a game of odds.

Well, in the early 90's, a female freshman student (freshmen are the most common prey for being fooled in this way) gave a guy she thought was a friend a blowjob, letting him finish on her face, which, from what I am told, was a lot less common then than it is for us today. Anyway, the guy was not her friend, and as soon as he was finished, he wrote an 'F' on her forehead with a magic marker, stripped her naked, and made her walk through the Ball with the scarlet letter and drying cum on her face.

The girl ended up leaving the university, and the administration came down hard on Charlie College. The Resident Advisor (RA) at the time, a tenured faculty member in mathematics, was forced to retire, and several students were disciplined. No one was expelled, mainly because no one knew (or would admit to knowing) the identity of the offending party. But, the Fool's Day Ball was only allowed to continue under new guidelines that were intended to do away with the sexual aspect of the Ball, including a strict dress code and required faculty oversight.

Of course, it was impossible to completely get rid of the sexual components once they had become part of the lore of the Fool's Day Ball. The students just took that part of it underground. For a few years after the scandal, anyone fooled into giving someone oral sex was required to hand over her or his underwear, and the underwear was then displayed different places around the residential hall until the next Ball.

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