tagErotic HorrorHalloween Ball

Halloween Ball


The slim brunette came out of the Halloween party at around 2am. She was in a long white dress with her face made up deathly pale; she shivered as the cold night air made her wish she had a coat.

The sleek black car pulled up at the door to the restaurant and the back door opened to give her an indistinct view of the man all in black. His voice was somewhere between a leer and a whisper, "Get in Slave." It was as if she were two people; one of her stood on the kerb trying to be heard.

"No, you fool, just run, what are you doing?"

The sensible Julie stood helplessly as it watched her body silently slip onto the back seat beside him. She felt his presence overpower her as she sat beside him on the leather seat while the car silently pulled away.

His hands freely roamed her body enjoying every curve and pressing into every soft part as she sat still and powerlessly allowed him to do as he pleased. When they arrived it was too dark to see the house properly, she just had an impression of bare trees, high walls and dark battlements. She left her shoes in the car and walked barefoot on the sharp gravel to the cold stone steps. While they had been in the car she had lifted her buttocks from the leather seat to allow his cold hands to reach up her dress and remove her tights as his sharp fingernails pricked her flesh. The stone flagged hall was lit by hundreds of candles. When she was in the centre of the space he clapped his hands and she felt her fingers go to her buttons.

She had no power over her own hands as she watched them disrobe her body under the stranger's eyes. When she was just in virginal white bra and pants her mind was desperately trying to gain control. "No let me keep my knickers on, he mustn't get to my pussy, no please stop." But it was useless, her own hands removed her last vestiges of clothing and she stood helplessly as he came to her and his freezing cold hands possessed her body. His cold breath smelt dank and musty as she felt it on her slim white neck and then the needle sharp fangs penetrated her delicate skin.

She had no memory of being taken down to the cellar but the memory of what happened there was all too sharp. She knew that she was strapped down to the heavy oak table with her legs pulled lewdly and shamelessly apart by the thick straps about her slim ankles. The only light was from the flaming torches in cast iron sconces and the firelight flickered over every intimate detail of her exposed flesh. At first she tried so hard to pull against her cruel bonds but it was useless and all she achieved was aching limbs and blood where the leather bit into her delicate skin.

He was grinning as he worked with his blades and spikes and hot irons while her screams echoed off the thick stone walls and then he lay on top of her and took her again and again and she could not keep herself from responding like a bitch on heat. Her own body was reaching up into his intrusions and her own wanton cries and gasps of sheer lustful pleasure were encouraging him to further debase her.

Then there is a blank until they were once again in the back of the car with its silent uniformed chauffeur. They cruise along a country road; it is just after six and the light is fading as he hands her a newspaper and she recognises her picture on the front page. She only read a few phrases. "A bright 18 year old...grade A student...life cut off before it began...naked body found at midnight with signs of a sustained and vicious attack." She looked up at her master with the question in her mind...."Body found at midnight...but it was after that when I met you." And then she knew.

A slim figure is hurrying along the lane wearing a raincoat. The girl keeps looking over her shoulder and the moonlight picks out the fear on her flawless face framed by the blonde hair. He whispers to his slave. "She is just 18 and she is late home from choir practice. Bring her to me and we shall enjoy her in so many exciting ways and then we shall feast and she will be mine for ever just as you are."

Julie opened the door and slid out of the car with a welcoming smile on her sweet face.

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