Halloween Delight


Mychelle slips her hand back between their legs and Tomm slows enough for her to hold his cock and let it slide through her fingers on its way back into her lovely wet center. She withdraws a juice-soaked hand and presses it to her face so she can lick and smell their sex.

Not wanting to miss out, Tomm drops his face to hers and licks the back of her hand before using his chin to muscle her hand out of the way and kiss her deeply on the mouth. As their tongues touch and he knows Mychelle is tasting herself on his lips Tomm explodes in orgasm and fucks down as hard as he can, holding his cock in place as Mychelle's hot, wet cunt spasms around him.

Tomm feels the rippling sensations of her pussy as she cums hard and creams his balls. He plunges in and out a few more times as his cock softens and becomes a malleable tool within her pussy. Mychelle places her hands on his ass and holds him still as her pussy finishes it trembling explosion and she pauses to catch her breath but keeps her mouth locked to his.

Together they lay at peace, Tomm on top, naked, hot and sweaty with Mychelle supporting his weight and smelling beautiful. Finally, he rolls off to one side and they just rest there holding hands while looking at the stars through the branches of the tree above.

"Don't fall asleep here baby," Mychelle admonishes after a while, "we have to go back to the shack where I intend to fuck you to sleep. Remember?"

Smiling and grumbling at the same time, he gets to his feet and pulls up his pants. As he does his belt up, Tomm steps over to great, great granny's tombstone to offer thanks and reads the inscription. "Reginald Heitman - 1776 to 1802 - dead before his time"

"What the fuck?" he asks.

"Trick or Treat," Mychelle laughs as she climbs to her feet, "or should I say, Tricked and Treated!"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/26/17

Coulda been better

the sex parts were all right, but too many typos and spelling errors to earn more than three stars. A little more care might have earned four.

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