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Halloween Dreams


Autumn was Amy's favorite time of year with Halloween being her favorite night. She loved the idea of putting on a costume and becoming someone else, if only for a night. Amy was well aware that she is considered a plain girl; genetics had not been kind to her. She had inherited what she considers her family's worst traits: dull green eyes, mousy brown hair and at five foot five inches and 180 Lbs. a body that left much to be desired.

Amy's attempts at sociability had met with limited success, insufficient to translate to anything that lasted more than a few weeks. Men, in her estimation, were fickle creatures. Amy wanted a real relationship, one that included frequent sex. In her desperation she planned a Halloween party in hope that she would meet someone new or spark an interest in someone with whom she was already acquainted. She had agonized over her costume choice and had already rented space at a local hotel, one which also had a popular bar. Even if her party did not elicit the much desired interest among her invitees, there would be plenty of random people to meet.

Halloween night soon arrived and it was time for the party. People began trickling in and Amy was disappointed to see so many couples coming through the door. She had invited a good mix of people but had focused primarily on single men; those same single men who obviously felt the need to bring dates. She was pleased to see so many people keeping with the spirit of the evening and wearing costumes and secretly relieved to find that she wasn't the only one who had dressed up.

Amy flirted and Amy teased, and as the evening passed and people became intoxicated, some teased and flirted back. At the end of the night, Amy watched despondently as people left in groups and some in newly formed couples of the night. Nearly everyone told Amy that it was a great party and that she was a wonderful hostess. "Obviously not wonderful enough to score more than friendly smiles", she thought chagrined. A few stragglers remained in the bar but they appeared to be as desolate and dejected as she. She had hoped to stay in the hotel for the evening but with nobody to stay with she decided to go home and masturbate instead.

Slightly intoxicated and more than a little bitter, Amy stood in front of a mirror and surveyed her naked body. It wasn't that horrible and she did not understand why she couldn't even get a one night stand. She ran her hands slowly along her body and cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples roughly to harden the buds. Her head fell back and her eyes closed as she imagined a lover standing behind her cupping her breasts. For a moment she could actually feel a masculine body pressing against hers.

Amy opened her eyes and jerked her head up with a start. She looked in the mirror to confirm that she was actually alone. She laughed at herself for being spooked and thought, "talk about keeping with the spirit of the night". She watched, fascinated as a flush crept up her body. Strangely her nipples hardened and she felt the telltale wetness of arousal in her now throbbing pussy. She moved to the bed with every intention of relieving the building tension in her body.

As Amy lay on the bed, an unnatural drowsiness overcame her. Her eyes rolled around for a few moments until her eyelids felt heavy and her body relaxed into an immediate deep sleep. As she slept she felt as if something heavy was sitting on her chest, constricting her movements. She tried to fight it, tried to move but couldn't. She felt her consciousness drifting away and struggled to retain control. Color and movement distracted her, bright, vivid colors invaded her mind; soft, subtle background sounds grew louder and louder.

Amy's eyes fluttered, confused; she was back at the Halloween party. She couldn't decide if she was dreaming or if this was reality. The costume colors were brilliant; she thought for a moment that she could actually feel the colors surrounding her. The waves radiating outward from them were so vibrant that they battered her senses and made her feel weak. Every nerve ending in her body came alive, responding and screaming for release. As she registered the extra awareness of color, she also noticed that the music was pounding in her head; she felt every drumbeat and every reverberation of bass under her skin.

Amy could see the people talking, laughing, and dancing. It didn't feel real, yet it was so tactile that she did not understand how it could be imaginary. People were talking to her but she could not understand them. She was so engrossed in sensory hell that she was certain the others would notice and think her odd. No one acted as if anything strange was happening. "Great", she thought wryly, "I have gone insane".

A stranger appeared at her side; she was uncertain where he had come from but she couldn't deny that everything about him devastated her senses. The color, sound and music no longer mattered; there was a heat about him that called to her. She turned toward him and became lost in his bleak, black eyes. Pleadingly she reached one hesitant hand out to him, unsure what she was pleading for; relief, release, or something else altogether that could not be articulated.

He took her offered hand, the hairs on her arm standing up at the contact. An electric crackle resounded in the air around them. He led her onto the dance floor and pulled her close. Amy couldn't hear the music playing; hearing instead only the static hum of their bodies as they slowly made their way around the dance floor. She felt as if she was being burned alive, the sensation not altogether unpleasant. Their bodies melded together perfectly, as if by magic.

He began to twirl her lightly around the dance floor. She became lightheaded with the vibrations; more intoxicating than the liquor she had consumed. She lost track of time, caught up in what seemed like an endless dance. Each movement heightened her awareness of her partner, so strong, hard, and firm. She began panting in exhilaration as each moment blended into the next.

The dance spun out of control, the other people disappeared from her vision. She could no longer place herself at a particular point in time or space. She held to her partner in bewilderment as she felt herself falling. The party faded away, she could no longer hear the sounds around her. She closed her eyes and just reveled in the wonder of her partner holding her closely as they fell. She wasn't afraid, she felt safe and protected in his searing embrace.

Her movement suddenly stopped. Amy batted her eyelashes and tried to orient in her surroundings. She became suddenly aware that she was in her own bedroom, in fact, she was on her own bed. Her costume had disappeared and she lay naked on the bed, the cool air of the room a welcome relief to her scorched skin. She sighed and brushed the hair away from her face. "It was only a dream". The moment she had that thought, she became aware of him standing in her room.

Amy's dance partner was standing beside her bed, beautiful in his raw, naked form. Her eyes devoured the sight before her; his body all harsh planes and angles. She tried to take in the sight of him all at once but her eyes kept drifting back to his cock. Turgid and throbbing were the first words that came to mind. Delicious quickly followed. "How had this come to be? Oh God, if it is a dream please, please, please don't let me wake up."

He leaned over her, covering her body with his, touching his lips to hers. She was afraid to close her eyes, afraid that this would all go away. She whimpered as her eyes closed involuntarily. She perceived that rough hands were touching her, not just two hands, but hands everywhere and all over; gliding over her body and fueling the flames of her desire. She moaned as that phenomenon was combined with the feeling of fervent mouths skimming over her excited flesh. It was unbearable and indescribable, yet she could not catch her breath for the sheer pleasure it induced.

Amy felt ardent lips skim the nape of her neck. One nipple was being suckled eagerly while the other was being lightly bitten. She felt a sizzling tongue lapping her clit while another eager tongue penetrated unusually deeply into her cunt and yet another was licking light circles around her quivering anus. Amy exploded; she was positive her body would disintegrate from the waves of undulating pleasure coursing through her. She screamed as each progressing climax took her further into the depths of ecstasy.

As she become somewhat acclimated to the non-stop hands and mouths, those sensations were joined by the wonderful feeling of a cock sliding into her slit. She wanted to open her eyes and see what was happening but she was afraid of what she might find if she did. She groaned when she felt the cock head teasing her pussy hole, slightly penetrating her and then pausing. Inch by tortuously slow inch of hard, throbbing cock invaded her body as her pussy struggled to expand and adjust to it. She cried out when it withdrew only to purr as it thrust back into her.

The huge cock was buried deep in her pussy, too big and too thick for her. She felt stretched to the limits, oh but it felt so good. Demanding hands were still stroking and petting her body and diligent mouths were still tormenting her rock hard nipples, alternating between sucking, licking and nibbling. She could still feel the hectic tongue on her swollen clit and she became aware of another cock probing at her anus. She would have stiffened had her body not been so languid from the colorful assault on her senses. She had thought that she was full earlier but as the determined cock slowly entered her ass, she truly learned what it felt like when you were being ripped apart.

Amy was thrashing upon her bed, welcoming the unreal pleasures being offered. At first the hard cocks moved as one, withdrawing and thrusting in unison then the pace changed, so that while one cock was withdrawing the other was thrusting. It drove her mad, reduced her to a simpering, mewling creature. She would come apart in orgasm, have no time to recover and another explosive orgasm would be upon her. Each volatile orgasm was slightly stronger than the last so that it seemed the hot, molten core of her being was being drawn out. Just when she thought she could bear no more, she discovered that indeed she could. On and on it went, hectic hands, frenzied mouths, and dueling cocks all intent on pleasing her.

When she could no longer make a sound, could no longer move and was reduced to just shaking as one earth-shattering orgasm liquefied into the next, the onslaught subsided. She found the strength to open her eyes and discovered her dance partner laying on top of her and looking directly into her eyes. He kissed her lightly on the face, soft, sweet kisses. He moved to straddle her head and held his cock near her mouth. Amy's lips and mouth were dry but his cock was dripping wet with her cum. She eagerly took his cock in her ravenous mouth. She licked and sucked his cock, welcoming the moisture it brought as well as the combined flavors.

Amy wanted desperately to please him. Her body felt weightless, she didn't think she could move now even if the house was on fire. She could suck his cock though; indeed, she would do anything and everything he wanted her to do. He pumped his cock into her mouth, each stroke gaining a bit more ground. She was swallowing as fast as she could, trying urgently to take in as much of his unnaturally large cock as possible, knowing he was too big but willing to die trying if that is what it took to please him.

Suddenly he rammed his massive cock into her mouth, down her throat. She could feel the base of his cock with her lips. She started choking and gagging at the unexpected penetration of her throat. She couldn't breathe. Her body started bucking wildly, trying instinctively to remove the intruder to permit her a fresh breath of air. She didn't have the strength to expel him and was powerless to do anything but lie there, pleading with her eyes for mercy.

Amy started seeing black spots before her eyes; a sure sign that she would soon pass out. For one brief instant she thought she saw something impossible; surely a trick of light or an oxygen deprived hallucination. Her dance partner had wings. Not the soft, white, feathery wings one associates with angels either; these wings were brown, with a leathery appearance. Amy's eyes went wide and a silent scream resounded in her head.

Amy woke up, out of breath, panting and coughing hard. As the dregs of sleep slowly departed, she felt as if a great weight was being lifted from her chest. Slowly she caught her breath and soon was able to breathe normally. The bedroom was heavy with the scent of raw sex. She wondered for a moment what exactly had happened and became reconciled to the certainty that it was just a dream, albeit a dream like no other. She braced herself on her elbows and surveyed her body. Her breasts felt heavy, her nipples were rock hard and it looked as if she had several love bites around her areola.

Amy was afraid to touch her pussy. She could feel a slight burning sensation emanating from it, as if it had been used too hard and too much. She nervously moved a hand to her cunt and timidly touched her labia. It was swollen and puffy, as it would be after having sex. She apprehensively got out of the bed and walked to her mirror. Her hair resembled a rat's nest. She slowly surveyed the rest of her body. It was hers', although if she wasn't mistaken she looked different. Nothing she could put her finger on though; did she look smaller? Did her eyes look brighter? What the hell had happened last night?

Amy spent the following days in a daze, each day blending into the next. Each day she looked forward to the night, more specifically to the dreams and her dream lover. She could never quite get a grasp of his appearance but she always knew it was him, the eyes were a dead give away. She felt haunted and shamed to look forward to each night's encounter, as she knew is was not normal but the pleasure she was receiving was beyond anything she had ever experienced before. She dared not speak of it for fear that the mere utterance or suggestion of what was happening would break the spell, if indeed that was what this was.

Amy knew she should be more curious about what was happening but she had reached the conclusion that she simply didn't care. Several people had commented to her that she seemed different. Most people thought she had started dieting and exercising, giving her a more pleasing appearance and higher self-esteem. Amy always just smiled coyly at them and held her secret close.

The passage of time had lost all meaning to Amy and it seemed as if within the blink of an eye a year had passed. Halloween was coming and Amy anxiously wondered what that might mean for her enjoyable nocturnal adventures. She had noticed the intensity of the sex increasing each day as Halloween approached. She long ago quit trying to predict what the night might hold and had accepted the idea that she would simply embrace each experience as it unfolded.

Halloween night arrived to find Amy standing nude in front of her mirror. She couldn't quite get over the changes in her physique: her body was trim and taut leaning slightly toward an athletic appearance, her eyes were bright and seemed to glow with a mysterious contentment, her hair had grown rather long and it shone causing beckoning fingers to toy with it. Amy looked at her bed's reflection in the mirror with trepidation, wondering if what had begun a year ago would end this night. Every secret fantasy Amy had ever indulged had been fulfilled and she was positive that no matter what the cost might be that she didn't want this to end, ever.

Amy lay on the bed and waited for the overwhelming lethargy to overcome her, thus far regardless of her fatigue, when going to bed she always fell into an immediate trance like sleep and would again be transported to the Halloween party where her dream lover waited. She released a small sigh of relief when her eyelids fell heavy and she felt the comforting weight settle on her chest.

She became instantly aware that she was still in her room and on her bed, the usual dream had changed. She opened her eyes slightly and her mouth formed a round 'o' of surprise as her dream lover this night was definitely feminine. The eyes were the same but the form most assuredly was not. He, she, it smiled wantonly at Amy from behind the most beautiful lips she had ever seen; soft, full and entreating and Amy thought, "he, she, it - what the hell!" Amy could never quite make out her lover's face and tonight was no different. Amy could see the hourglass figure, the soft rounded hips and the full, firm breasts adorned with dark pink nipples.

Amy's dream lover was lying at the foot of the bed and Amy could not shift her view from the creature. Amy couldn't bring herself to call the being an 'it' and so settled for calling it 'lover'.

Her lover leaned forward and slowly licked the bottom of Amy's feet. Amy giggled at the sensation which both tickled and aroused. Her lover gave extra attention to Amy's toes, alternately licking the space between them and sucking on them. Amy had never realized that the bottoms of her feet were so sensitive or that oral stimulation on her feet could be arousing.

Her lover slowly made its way up Amy's legs licking, teasing with its tongue and lips, urging Amy to spread her legs to allow access to her pussy. Amy marveled at the difference in sensation; she could feel soft, silky skin sliding against her own, so unlike the feeling of hard, hairy male skin.

After what seemed like an eternity, Amy's lover reached her cunt. Amy's entire body froze in expectation, her pussy now throbbing with heat. Her lover paused to smile as she looked down at the feast waiting before her. Amy could feel the heat radiating from her lover's mouth and moaned at the surprising orgasm that hit her hard and fast, the anticipation alone being enough to drive her over the first edge. Amy felt more than heard, her lover laugh right before she felt a greedy mouth suckling her hardening clit.

Amy flexed her hips involuntarily, offering her cunt up for all that her lover desired. Electric pulses of lust, originating from her lover's mouth ravished her throbbing pussy, shooting through her tense body and making every nerve scream. Amy was overcome with surging orgasms that rolled through her body one after another becoming a long and luxurious moment in which she reveled.

With her previous lover, Amy knew that every need and desire would be fulfilled, immediately and without hesitation. Every part of her wanton body would be touched, licked, kissed and pleasured by the multiple hands and the huge penises. Tonight however it seemed that she would have to wait for her pleasure. This night her lover was taking its time and offering only a smidgen of what Amy was accustomed to receiving. Amy wasn't sure if she should be happy at the variation or saddened by the perceived loss.

The air was thick with the smell of Amy's pleasure. Amy whimpered as her lover abruptly stopped its ministrations and rested its face just over her cunt and blew softly while appearing to breathe her scent in. Her lover rubbed its face over the slight curls on Amy's mound before taking a slight nip, making Amy jump at the delicate pain. Her lover lightly kissed the offending spot before slowly kissing and licking its way up her aroused body. The being would randomly nibble a bit of fevered skin here and there, creating a confusing flash of pain then proceed to lick and kiss the hurt away, seemingly taking sadistic pleasures from Amy's pained flinches and subsequent sighs.

The being placed its knees between Amy's spread legs as it finally reached Amy's yearning breasts. Amy began grinding her slick pussy on her lover's proffered thigh as it cupped Amy's breasts and took devilish delight in switching from one nipple to the other while tracing concentric circles around Amy's nipples without ever actually touching them. Amy started to feel desperate and arched her back further, offering her breasts pleadingly. Her lover squeezed Amy's breasts roughly as it sucked one puckered nipple into its sultry mouth and bit down hard. Amy screamed and locked her legs around her lover as her cunt again flooded with cum.

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