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Halloween Dreams


"Trick or treat!" the children at the door yelled and knocked. I opened the door to find myself looking at a lady bug, a lion and a ninja holding his tiny skeleton companion's hand. They all had big smiles on their little painted faces and reached out with their candy bags and pumpkins.

"Ooh look at these costumes!" I said handing out pieces of candy to each of them.

"Stay safe kids, Happy Halloween muahaha!"I said to them trying to make myself sound ghoulish.

"Thank you vampire lady!" the tiny skeleton voice said stepping carefully down the steps of my stoop. I laughed aloud and waved goodnight to them. I looked out my door holding my bowl of candy and watched all the children of the neighborhood walking door to door. A faint "Trick or treat" and children's laughter roared throughout my street. It smells of October, it's dark, windy and dry. It's getting late; the children will be going inside soon. Parents will be calling to their little ones and examining their candy. I remember going to bed every Halloween night with a tummy ache from all the candy I could fit into my mouth before bed time. Halloween is much different now that I'm a little older.

I close my door and set the candy bowl on the stand where I keep my keys and mail. I click my high heeled boots across my linoleum floor to the kitchen. I walk to the sink, place my hands on the edge and look out my opened window. I gaze at the crescent moon and sigh. I grab the tip of my long black hair spilling over my shoulders and I know you're here. I can smell you. I inhale deeply and roll my head to the side of my shoulder closing my eyes. You smell of leather and cold air. Your lips pressed against the nape of my neck are freezing and I'm getting goose bumps. You press your body against mine and trace the tip of your fingers from my lips to the front of my cleavage revealing dress. Reaching into my bra you gently squeeze and pinch my nipple as it grows harder.

I moan involuntarily. Your touch is gentle and cold, like it's always been. Your teeth graze my neck and you bite down. With your other arm you grab my hip digging your hardness into my ass. Your growl echoes through me as I'm lost in your embrace.

I don't remember how I ended up with my arms above my head, my wrists rope bound together and attached to headboard in my bedroom. I don't remember lighting my candles; the light was warm and faint. The candle sticks dripped and appeared to be floating the way they surrounded the room. My eyes felt sleepy, I could barely see you through the cloudiness in my vision as you undressed me. You left my stockings on as you normally would. Your silhouette walked from the side to the foot of the bed. You released my feet from my boots, and you looked so handsome. Running your hands up the back of my calves and kissing my ankles, your touch was cold. The gorgeous black mask looked up at me with green eyes that reflected the candle light. You licked your lips thin and strong through the hole in the mouth. The sound of soloist violin music drowned in the background as I arched my back yearning for more of your touch. I felt you come over me and I closed my eyes, you stroked my face and whispered softly before you kissed down to my breasts. I gripped the rope tightly as your swirled your tongue fast and delicately over each nipple, making soft suckling noises wrapping your hands around the back of my waist. My heart began to race when your cold kisses ended at the top of my black see through tights. I couldn't tell if you were wearing anything, but while you were peeling my tights off of my long legs I felt the rope loosen at my wrists and release. You grabbed my hips and dragged me down to your face as you kneeled at the foot of my bed. My knees were bent, and I felt the rope again. The rope wrapped around my legs and spun a web through my wrists attaching them to the outside of my ankles. I licked my burgundy painted lips and told you I loved you lifting my chin and trying to focus on the headboard. Everything in my vision trailed and blurred.

I felt your fingers spread the lips of my moist vagina. Your tongue swirled and buried itself into my tight hole as I tried gripping onto my bed cover. I closed my eyes and held them shut tightly. You slid one of your strong fingers into my pussy with your tongue and pumped it slowly in and out. I moaned your name and arched my back lifting myself deeper onto your touch. I was getting close now, my breathing became shallow and I could feel your catlike green eyes looking at me, waiting for it.

"Oh...Ohh...Ohhh..." I let loose. My back arched higher than it ever has and I was blinded by ecstasy.

The music. The candle light. The scent of your leather. The cold crisp air. You.

All the muscles inside of me contracted and pulsed. My heart pounded in my head and I adored you're your gentle kisses on the inside of my thighs. I opened my eyes and again I can't recall how I ended up on my front side, hands tied behind my back, my face against the sheets and my knees beneath me. I opened my eyes slowly and still my vision was bleary. I felt your hands on my large round hips behind me, tilting your head enjoying this view of my body. You've always loved it. I tried moaning as you pushed your large thick cock inside of me, you've gagged me. It tastes like your bandana. I always loved the way you dangled it out of the back pocket of your black jeans. Your groan echoed in my head, thrusting with all your strength into me. Fast and rough like an alpha dominates his female. You gripped my large hips rigidly; I know you'll leave bruises. I always love when you do. I whimper as your pumps begin to get harder and faster. I bite onto your bandana tied around my face and try to look back at you. You spanked my ass with a firm open hand when I tried. I looked into a blurry lit candle and it rocks back and forth with me. You're so large in girth it fills me up completely. Your close and I hear it in your echoing groans as the slapping sounds get faster and faster.

Come for me, I thought.

I closed my eyes and felt the hot sticky injection fill up my insides. It was so warm and fulfilling the way it dripped down my thighs and out of my pussy onto my bed. I let out a long satisfied sigh through my nose.

I was on my side lying on my pillow with my blankets placed gently over my shoulder. I sat up and looked around for you. My vision was clear again and the candle flames danced around my room celebrating our orgasms. I looked down at the pillow next to me and saw that there was no indentation. I can't smell you anymore. You've left me.

"Come back to me my love..." I whispered quietly to myself, trying to hold back the tears forming behind my eyes.

I brought my knees to my chest and held them in my arms, thinking about what we had done tonight. What we used to do every night. I lowered my head into my arms and wept.

"I always do..."You whispered slowly and softly in my ear.

Every Halloween night.

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