tagErotic CouplingsHalloween Love Story

Halloween Love Story


The morning came on as any other, dull and bleary. The fall chill had worked its way once again into the morning air. He slipped out of bed onto the chilled wood floor jumping back quickly as his feet touch the ground as cold as death. Getting up the courage to move again he slips his feet down searching this time for his slippers. Finding them he stands and goes into the bathroom. Brushing his teeth the mirror clouds over from the steamy water boiling up out of the wash basin. He wipes it away and stares at himself for a moment until he sees movement behind him. Quickly turning around he looks behind himself sure that the image in the mirror was that of a beautiful woman. In fact it was the only beautiful woman he had ever known, the very same one who had been killed three years ago this very night, by a drunken driver.

Oh how he missed her so...no more now than just a shell of a man mechanically going about his day he imagined the times before when she use to come to him hold him as he held her and they would make love from darkness till dawn every night again and again! He'd never found anyone who even came close to how he felt about her, though he'd tried something always reminded him of her and he'd lose interest in any new love.

He made his toast and for a moment his mind drifted back to when she use to make him breakfast, he never asked her too she would just do it. He could almost smell the eggs or not just almost, he could! He looked quickly around as the smell of eggs cooking assailed his senses. He could defiantly smell them but he thought to himself they must be coming from somewhere next door or something.

He ate his toast and left for an uneventful day at work. Sitting at his desk debugging software his mind began to wander back to their last night together, he'd held her close and his hands caressed her body as hers caressed his. He remembered the feel of her breasts, large and so soft. He could imagine still how smooth her thighs felt against his as their legs intertwined.

Leaning back in his chair thoughts of her activate his cock and his pants grow tight. He closes his eyes and pictures her face above him, imagining her riding his hard cock her tits bouncing right in front of his face. Suddenly he feels a hand on his cock, rubbing it and grabbing at it! His eyes pop open immediately and he stares around looking for who is there but sees no one. He is totally alone in his office. Hi mind reels, 'I must be emotionally distraught or something' he thinks to himself. He thinks about calling his grief councilor but remembers the last bill he got from her and decides not to.

The drive home is short even though he stops off at the store to buy some candy for all the trick-or-treaters. He knows there are many children in his neighbor hood and is friends with most of their parents and knows many of them by name. He hopes they will all get a smile from the candy he gives them, and hopefully it will brighten up his evening.

Getting home he talks to his mother on the phone. She calls him constantly and worries about him. For over an hour he listens to her as she drones on. Telling him again and again to get out and get on with his life. She just never lets up, he thinks to himself and finally he tells her, he has to go so he can hand out his candy.

The next few hours he greets little ghost, ghouls, goblins, princesses and superheroes. He has a blast, his problems totally lost until finally they quit coming to him and the night leaves him alone again. He returns the empty candy dish to the kitchen and starts for the living room for some TV. Hearing a light knock on the front he stops and says loudly, "I haven't any more candy, Sorry!" Then hearing nothing more steps into the living room and sinks into the couch.

His mind drifts to a time when they rarely turned on the TV. She sits next to him and they wrap their arms around each other their lips coming together, his mouth slowly opening to allow her penetration with her probing tongue as they seek to be closer to each other. His hands work their way down her back across her soft ass squeezing and kneading it. Her kisses trail down his chin lightly she nips his neck. Moving her lips further down she sucks his nipples as his hands move around to pinch and pull her own. She moans gently and he smiles. Her hands find his cock rock hard. Wrapping lithe fingers around it she jerks his shaft slowly up and down, his hips bucking slightly as she moves her head to lick the first bit of precum gathering at the tip.

Her lips gather his swollen head into her mouth. The warmth and wetness against his pulsing flesh causes him a deep intake of breath and she holds still for a moment knowing he is about to blow his load. She waits for what seems like an eternity to him, just holding his cock in her hot mouth waiting for his breathing to return to normal. Finally he calms down and she moves her mouth down his shaft taking his raging hard cock deep into her throat. He feels it hit the back of her throat and she looks up and smiles with her lips wrapped tightly around the base of his cock. Then slowly she moves her mouth back so that only the head is in her lips then finally only the tip is touching her lips looking as though she is giving it a kiss. Her tongue slides across his slit and he shudders in pleasure as she moves quickly sucking his whole cock back deep into her mouth. He begins to moan and writhe as she pumps her head up and down on his swelled member. Her lips and tongue working in unison wildly stimulating his sensitive flesh. He feels the rush of pleasure as his release draws near, his balls begin to boil and suddenly as she sucks hard on just the head he cums! He mind rolls, his body jerks as she sucks every drop of cum from him not spilling a drop.

His eyes pop open as he comes alert and realizes he's dozed off. His shorts are down and his wet cock is slowly draining of life. He cleans himself up quickly thinking to himself he's had a wet dream or jerked off in his sleep.

Feeling a cold breeze he quickly runs to the door finding it wide open. A bit scared he calls out, "Hello? Anyone here?" but gets no answer. He quickly checks his house and finds it empty as before. Locking the front door and making sure its secure he walks back to the bathroom to prepare for bed.

He flops back on the queen sized bed his mind still reeling over the sensations from earlier, it had felt so real, his hands were still tingling from where he had grabbed her breasts, his cock growing hard again at the thought of how her lips felt. 'Over active imagination,' he thought to himself, 'Nothing more than wishful thinking.'

He crawls onto the bed and slips under the covers. The blankets settle around him and he is suddenly aware of how warm they are. Normally the bed is so cold when he gets into it at night, now it feels like someone else has been here. He scans darkness of the room, sudden fear heightening all his senses. He hears deafening silence as he stares into the almost complete darkness. The only light coming from his digital alarm clock showing the time, 11:30. He feels himself relax as nothing seems to be out there when suddenly he feels a weight upon him. Suddenly lights begin to fly about his room, small globes about the size of a quarter. At first only a few are seen then hundreds and thousands!

With a flash all the dots of light become one large ball which slowly takes shape into that of a very beautiful woman. A glowing halo of light surrounds her and long flowing hair cascades down her back. Her naked body pulsing with energy and supernatural life. Her face is alight with love and he is astonished as he stares into a face he hasn't seen in 3 years. She steps forward placing a glowing finger against his lips to silence his stammering and stuttering. She slowly moves onto him and replaces her finger with her lips. Pushing against him he feels her warmth her love her raw femininity. His eyes close as he savors the sensation of feeling her against him again. His hands, moving of their own accord, stroke and caress her back and sides. His mind forgetting everything but the sensations he feels right now.

The blankets pulled aside now, he can feel her as flesh. Her body slides against his, sensations flooding his senses with feelings he thought he would never feel again. Sensations that bring life wildly and fully back to his cock. With it standing fully at attention her hand reaches down and begins stroking it. Slow rhythmic strokes with a firm grip, just the way he likes it the way he remembers her doing it. His hands stroke the flesh of her back and ass kneading and grabbing at it. He pulls them to her front where he grabs her full soft breasts squeezing them and rolling the nipples between his fingers. The spurt presses into his hands rears her head back and opens her mouth as if to moan, but only the sound of silence escapes.

Her body moves forward grinding pelvis against pelvis, slow circles to entice and excite. Eyes from beyond stare into his own and for now again they are on. Shifting her hips she slides his cock inside her, taking it easily and fully into her wet, hot, and ready cunt. Time stands still as they embrace for what seems to be an eternity, years of longing and loneliness fading away into love and pure lust. The wraith above him begins to move and he matches her beat for beat as his hands grip firmly to her hips, driving his rock hard manhood deep into her willing love canal. Her head thrashes back and forth throwing her illuminated hair back and forth in a tornado of light above his bed. She opens her mouth to let out a silent scream as he feels her body become rigid he knows she is about to enjoy an earth shattering orgasm. The tension suddenly fades as her body bucks against him driving her sweet pussy down fast and hard on his cock. The rippling effect of her contracting pussy mussels begins to drive him over the edge and he grabs her hips and drives himself up into her as fast as he can. Finally reaching the limit of his will he cries out loudly, his grunts and moans echoing through the empty house. His hot cum drenches her steamy insides, driving her again into the throws of orgasm as her body jerks and spasms above him.

She collapses onto him, exhaustion taking over as his eyes slowly slide shut. Deep into darkness his mind continues to play over and over again the events of the evening. In the morning as the buzzing of the alarm clock drags him from blissful sleep, he awakes to find himself naked in a sprawl of sheets. Blinking around him against the glare of the slowly rising sun he can't help but wonder if last night really happened or not.

But now he can't wait till next Halloween to find out...

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