Halloween Nÿte


"You've never had a comparison before, have you?" Nÿte said, her body moving on top of him with exquisite rhythm. "Good little wifey's is the only cunt you've ever known up until now."

Doug glowered at her.

Slut. Tramp. Common cheap trash.

All the invective he could think of flowed through his mind, but it altered the state of his arousal not one tiny bit. His cock remained hard within her and pleasure flowed from the friction with her sumptuous flesh.

"Can your wife do this?" Nÿte asked.

She sank all the way down on his cock and then lay down on him so her breasts were resting like soft pillows on his chest. Within her pussy fluttering little contractions undulated up his shaft until they were tickling against his sensitive glans. Doug squirmed and writhed beneath her, this time lost to helpless ecstasy.

"See, it's not so bad is it," Nÿte murmured, her bruise-black lips brushing against his.

She kissed him lightly on the lips and then moved up to let her lips brush against his cheek. Her hands caressed his sides. He felt the occasional spike of pain as her breasts disturbed the bleeding cuts on his chest, but the pain only served to drive his cock deeper into her dripping pussy and release a bubble of sinful pleasure.

She kissed him lightly on the cheek and then continued up until her soft lips were touching his left eye. Her head dipped closer.

Doug screamed in agony. The sound was high pitched and piteous like a tortured animal. A relentless force gripped his left eyeball and sucked until he felt a snap that reverberated through his whole skull like a gunshot.

He bellowed his agony as his eye socket filled up with hot red blood. Through a distorted watery haze that seemed to lack a dimension he watched as Nÿte tipped back her head and slurped down a long red wriggling thing.

His eye.

The background giggles of the warlocks were replaced with sharp intakes of breath.

"Brutal," Figg commented.

His eye. She'd swallowed his fucking eye!

Still her hips continued to pump up and down on him, driving his cock back and forth into her sumptuous sheath. Doug didn't even have time to dwell on the injury she'd inflicted on him before her pussy contracted around him and his body automatically responded.

No. Not to this... abomination.

Forgive me Imogen.

Doug groaned as his balls shivered and he spurted thick ropes of his seed into the womb of the monster straddling him. The pleasure of the release clashed with the agony racking his body like thunderheads in a storm-ridden sky. Doug was a leaf caught in the grip of powerful and violent forces.

Nÿte sat astride him, a triumphant smile on her blood-specked lips. She wriggled in his lap, letting her pussy milk the last drops of ejaculate from his cock with tender sucks.

"She made him come? After that?" Higgins said, incredulous.

"Of course," Figg replied "She's a succubus."

"Best. Fucking. Show. Ever," Higgins giggled.

Nÿte's eyes narrowed as she flashed a glance in their direction.

She returned her attentions to Doug and placed a tender finger on his lips.

"This is only the beginning," she whispered to him. "There are such peaks of sensation I wish to show you."

Doug was still hard. His cock refused to go down. Nÿte had him trapped in the soft fleshy cage of her vagina. The walls rippled and squeezed against his member in a constant stimulation that kept him engorged and enslaved to her pussy. Nÿte ground her hips slowly against him. Her flesh tightened around the tip of his cock and he felt a pleasant low buzz, like little crackles of electricity.

"Sex organs are such sensitive parts of the body," Nÿte murmured. "Designed to experience the maximum sensation, be it pleasure... or pain."

The crackle of energy vibrating around his glans grew until it passed the realms of pleasure and became first a niggle, then a pain and then finally a searing agony that caused him to thrash and strain against his bonds in an attempt to escape it.

Nÿte serenely rode him as he thrashed and writhed like a landed fish. She stared down at him with dispassionate black eyes as her pussy pulsed bolt after bolt of dark energy across his sensitive nerve endings.

"Oh yes," she sighed, her voice low and husky. "Such delicious pain."

It was excruciating. His cock burned in agony. Like it was being crushed. Or dipped in acid. Or set on fire. Or being chewed on by millions of tiny biting ants.

And. He. Couldn't. Escape. It.

Then it was gone.

It was like his cock had been plunged into warm pliant dough. It wrapped around him in a soft, soothing layer. He buried himself in it, luxuriating in the softness pressing all around him.

His screams changed to low moans as he emptied his seed into the warmth smothering him. Pulse after blissful pulse welled up out of his cock and he spurted all of it into her accepting flesh.

The demon's accepting flesh.

She'd made him come again. The shame weighed down his soul like a heavy stone. His moans of ecstasy ended in choked sobs.

No, he mustn't give this monster the satisfaction of seeing him weep.

"What a sorry sack of shit," Figg laughed.

"Fuck this is hawt," Higgins said. "I want to whip it out and beat off right now."

"Save it," Figg said. "You want to be at your peak for Mr Barker's darling daughters later tonight."

"Oh. Yeah," Higgins said. "We really gonna do that."

"Yeah," Figg said. "I think we should take Nÿte along as well. It'll be fun to pound their sweet little virgin asses while our demon fucks their mum to death right in front of them. What do you think of that Mr Barker?"

Rage flickered in the dying embers of Doug's heart.

I will not cry. I will not beg. I will not plead for mercy.

Oh my poor sweet darlings. The thought of what these monsters have planned for you fills my heart with tears, but I mustn't cry.

I will not cry.

"How's she gonna fuck Mrs Barker?" Higgins asked. "She doesn't have the... you know... bits."

The corner of Nÿte's lips turned up in a cruel smile. Her tail curled up like an angry black cobra, potent with barely contained menace.

I will not cry.

The tail whipped round and plunged into Doug's defenceless ass. He grunted and cried out in both shock and pained surprise as the tip forced its way through his sphincter and violated him. He squirmed and writhed as her tail burrowed even deeper inside him, stretching and scouring his sensitive tissues.

"Ouch," Figg laughed.

"Ass rape," Higgins added.

They both giggled like a pair of Beavis and Buttheads.

Nÿte silenced them both with a low growl. She bounced on Doug with tigerish vigour, simultaneously fucking both his cock with her pussy and his ass with her tail.

Doug wanted it to end. The constant switches from pain to pleasure, pleasure to pain, were tearing his mind apart. His sensory system was overwhelmed. He couldn't process. Couldn't distinguish.

Even now the tip of her tail was vibrating inside him and a pleasant feeling was spreading through his cock and balls.

No. He wasn't that way. Shouldn't feel pleasure from...

The tinge grew and grew and became an odd sensation of fullness, like his bladder was full and he needed to release. Caught between the perfect ministrations of her tail and pussy, his body had no choice but to obey.

He grunted as he released a stream of cum into her black womb. The flow was constant with strong, steady pulses and it brought with it a sinful feeling of bliss that stained his soul with indelible marks of shame.

He had no control left. He was her plaything. She'd violated every aspect of his body, mind and soul.

Nÿte growled and thrust her body down to meet his. Her own orgasm exploded around his cock with wet warmth. Yowling like a cat in heat she whipped her upper body down on top of him and sank her fangs into the flesh around his right nipple.

Doug screamed in pain as she ripped her head back, taking his nipple and a small circular patch of skin with her. She left behind an ugly red wound. Her cheeks flushed with pleasure, she returned to dab at the raw welt with her black tongue. Her saliva felt like acid dripping onto his exposed flesh.

What had he done to deserve this, Doug wept inside. He'd always been a good man, a loving decent man. How could the Lord allow such darkness to enter his life?

"Help me God, please," he whispered. "Deliver me from this torment. Lord, please save my family."

Nÿte reared up in anger. She gripped his chin with a hand that felt like iron and forced him to stare up at her.

"Do not beg to them," she said, her eyes burning like smouldering coals. "They are not worthy of your breath."

Then she leaned down and crushed her lips against his in a breathless kiss that made him forget everything, even the agony coursing through his veins. Her black wings folded round and shut out the light like the closing of a coffin lid.

In the darkness she whispered to him, her voice low and audible only to him.

"I have enjoyed this night. We have shared an intimacy together few ever experience, but now I must end your life and claim your soul. It will not be pleasant. The pain and suffering you feel now is nothing compared to the final agonies that await you. Your bravery and resistance has touched me though. I will grant you one final request. I cannot spare your life, but I can spare you the pain. I am still a succubus; I can fill your last moments with the sweetest rapture. Would you wish that of me..."

She paused.

"...or is there something else you'd like me to do?"

Yes, end the pain, a siren voice welled up from inside him. He couldn't take any more. His limbs, bent and contorted at awkward angles, throbbed and ached. His mutilated chest and ravaged eye socket wept tears of blood.

No more. Anything to—

"Don't let those bastards touch my daughters," he whispered, his words flecked with steel.

Nÿte's wings unfurled. She sat back up. Her black eyes gleamed and a smile twisted the corners of her bruise-black lips. She resumed fucking him until she raised her hips up high and then came down with one final, soul-shredding thrust.

Doug's world exploded in a maelstrom of pure, unadulterated agony. It rose and rose in him, a conflagration of burning pain that consumed his soul and tore his mind to shreds. On and on it burnt, one final needlepoint of pure suffering that stretched out for what seemed like eternity. Doug screamed and screamed as she took his soul apart and incinerated each piece in the burning furnace of her desire.


Clive watched Nÿte bend low over Doug and whisper words in his ear. He didn't hear what was said, but guessed she was continuing to torment her victim. She really was such a deliciously evil creature.

Clive had a rock hard boner. He couldn't wait to slip it into Ashley's ass while Nÿte tortured her mother in front of her. He'd quite like to slip it to Nÿte as well. He watched as her pale white buttocks bounced up and down on Doug. She was fucking hot, far hotter than any other girl he'd ever seen before, but she'd have to wait. Having sex with a succubus was fucking lethal unless you were absolutely sure you knew what you were doing.

Maybe once he'd had a little more practise.

Nÿte leaned back and tipped her head upwards. Her wings extended behind her and she held her arms outstretched from her body.

Almost like she was praying, Clive thought.

That sweet ass lifted up high and then came down with one final thrust.

Doug started screaming then. Really screaming. His body burst into black flames and the acrid tang of charred flesh assailed Clive's nostrils. Doug continued to scream, the cries rising in volume and pitch until they no longer even sounded human. The noise cut right through Clive and sent shivers up and down his spine.

Through it all Nÿte sat serenely on top of Doug's burning body, her eyes closed as she tipped her head up to the heavens.

Fuck. A lot of fucking practise, Clive thought.

Even Bradley was shocked into silence.

Finally the cries, and the crackle of eldritch flames, faded away, leaving only the greasy tang of burnt flesh swirling in the underground room. Nÿte smiled and got down from the stone sarcophagus.

"Mmm, delicious," she said, licking blood-specked lips.

All that remained of Doug Barker was a twisted chunk of black charcoal in the approximate shape of a man.

"Brutal," Bradley whistled.

"That was... intense," Clive said.

Nÿte looked up at him and fixed him with her jet-black eyes.

"Something you should know," she said, still smiling. "Whenever you summon a demon to fulfil a contract, you should also specify what the demon does once the contract is completed."

Clive's eyes widened.

He lunged for the yellowed old pages that contained the summoning ritual.

Nÿte was faster. She gestured and chains erupted from the stone wall behind him. He was flung backwards and crashed against the hard stone. The chains continued to tighten, lifting him up off the ground.

Fuck. Don't panic. There's a standard emergency dismissal.


Nÿte was already upon him. She reached into his mouth with a hand, gripped his tongue and pulled until something gave way and his mouth filled up with hot, gushing blood.

His tongue. The fucking bitch had torn out his tongue!

Nÿte placed her other hand behind his head and crushed her lips against his in an unexpected kiss. She exhaled and warm breath filled his mouth. His mutilated tongue tingled -- it was surprisingly pleasant -- and the pain, and flow of blood, dribbled away.

"It wouldn't be fun if you bled to death before I had a chance to play with you," Nÿte whispered. Her flat black eyes were like portals into an endless dark abyss.

She kissed him on the cheek before turning and walking slowly towards Bradley. The other boy was also chained to the wall and he watched her approach with wide-eyed fear.

"Clive, what's going on?" he asked.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Clive thought.

He tried to shape words in his mutilated mouth, but produced only unintelligible gargles.

"Clive? We're her masters, why's she doing this?" Bradley whined.

"Were," Nÿte corrected. "I've completed the task you asked of me. Now I'm carrying out another's wishes."

She ran a black claw down the side of Bradley's face.

"Clive?" Bradley wailed. "Make her go away."

"He can't," Nÿte said softly. "He needs this--"

She held up a piece of waggling pink tissue.

"--and I don't think you know the dismissal spell."

Bradley stared at her and gulped nervously. He said nothing.

"As I thought," Nÿte chuckled. "He's the warlock; you're just the lackey."

Bradley trembled in terror. Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Don't hurt me. Please," he pleaded.

"Did you ever tear the wings off flies when you were younger?" Nÿte asked. "Fun, isn't it."

She gripped Bradley's finger and tugged. The ligaments and muscle gave way and the digit left Bradley's hand with a sickening pop. Bradley wailed like a wounded beast. Still smiling, still looking as gorgeous as a naked Playboy centrefold, Nÿte moved onto the next finger.

Clive watched in horror as she pulled Bradley's fingers off one by one. Once she'd finished with his fingers she moved onto his toes while Bradley blubbed like a girl. At first he'd begged and pleaded with her to stop, but now he was wailing for his momma like an abandoned infant, tears and snot running down his face.

Jesus fuck, Clive thought. He didn't feel a great deal for Bradley, as Bradley was basically a moron, but it was still horrifying to watch, especially as he was most likely next.

There was hope though. While she was busily pulling Bradley apart one bone at a time, dawn was approaching outside. The invocation had an automatic termination clause. When the sun rose Nÿte would be banished back to hell.

He could survive this.

Having his fucking tongue ripped out was fucking terrible, but it wasn't terminal and might not even be permanent. There was magic to restore lost limbs; he could find a way to repair his severed tongue.

He could survive this.

"No will or fight at all," Nÿte said. She ripped open the front of Bradley's robe. "Inflicting pain on you is scarcely more enjoyable than torturing a common beast of the fields."

She hooked a long finger underneath Bradley's balls and pressed upwards. Bradley jolted and his cock sprang to attention in a stubby little erection. Nÿte crouched down and took it between her sumptuous lips. She sucked -- no inhaled would be more appropriate -- and Bradley trembled violently.

Despite how the scene looked, Nÿte was not pleasuring Bradley. His chubby cheeks sucked in, hollowed out. His chest collapsed inwards. All the colour seeped from his skin. Finally his body crumbled into a fine ash that rained down onto the stone floor.

Nÿte stood up.

"A meagre meal at best," she said distastefully.

She looked up at Clive with her cold black eyes and the blood froze in his veins.

She walked slowly towards him, her hips swaying seductively and her black tail swishing behind her. She was naked apart from her thigh length black boots. The smears of blood across her pale white skin gave her a feral, wild sexuality. Even though he knew what she was capable of, knew what she was about to do to him, Clive was still entranced by her perfect beauty.

Nÿte grabbed his chin and twisted his head until he was staring right into her empty eyes. She stared back at him, reading the depths of his soul.

"Hmm, plenty of ambition and low cunning. You'll make a much more interesting plaything."

Clive didn't care. He could hear the birds singing out amongst the tombstones. The sun was rising. She was too late.

He smiled smugly at the demon.

Just like with that Farrell girl. He always landed on his feet.

Nÿte smiled back at him.

"Silly human. Did you think I was unaware of the length of my stay on this earth."

Clive's smiled wavered.

"You're my new toy," she said, her voice sweet like dark poison. "I'm taking you back to hell with me."

She released the chains and pulled Clive down into her embrace.

"I'm going to enjoy shattering your mind into tiny little shards," she whispered in Clive's ear.

Her black wings folded around him, drawing him into a darkness that had no limit or end.

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