Halloween Party & My Drunk Wife Mar


When she got up on the table it annoyed me that she was attracting so much attention to herself, but like I said, I had no clue that she didn't know what she was doing and it wasn't like we haven't done anything sexual with other people before.

While she was dancing, the other girls were cheering her on and a few of the other guys and husbands that had been checking her out earlier now came over by us to watch her putting on a show.

Mike stood up and started putting hundred dollar bills in her stocking tops and in the strap of the top of the maids outfit.

The next time he put a hundred dollars in her top he held on to the strap and pulled it down exposing one of her tits.

Maria was lifting the bottom of her outfit while she danced showing everyone her clear thong and garter belts. All the guys started yelling take it off!

Meanwhile, Jill started to unzip my pants and pull my dick out. I looked back at Maria and she pulled the outfit over her head and threw it at Mike, she was standing there with only her thong, stockings and boots on.

Other guys started coming to her giving her money so they could get a feel of her tits. Mike showed her a fist full of hundreds in his hand and told her he wanted a lap dance.

By this time I had Jill's top off and her head was bobbing up and down on my dick. Man! Could she ever suck cock!

I looked back at Maria and now she was in Mike's lap giving him a lap dance, his hands were all over her, rubbing her tits and pulling her thong off.

I pulled Jill's head off my cock and started to suck on her long nipples, losing myself in her for a few minutes. When I looked back at Maria there was a crowd around her, she was moving up and down, the view was blocked some, then I saw that Mike had his cock in her and she was riding it fast and hard, moaning loud and sweating!

I noticed some other guy trying to push his dick into her mouth but she kept pushing him away.

Jill must of noticed that it was bothering me because she dragged me off the couch and took me to the mattresses like 20 ft away.

I could still hear Maria moaning and could see the back of her grinding on his cock, I also heard the sound of her gagging as someone had managed to stuff their cock in her mouth!

I tried not to pay to much attention and focus on Jill. I was licking away at Jill's pussy when the moaning and gagging stopped.

After about ten minutes I looked and Maria wasn't there anymore.

I was busy giving Jill a good hard fucking now and every time I turned to look for Maria, Jill would hold my head and start kissing me.

I then heard Maria's slurred moaning again and looked around and seen her on the other mattresses with her legs pinned behind her ears getting pounded by that big black dancer.

She kept saying "Oh my God, its to big!"

With every one of his thrusts I heard a loud moan and a sound that was like a squeal.

I heard the black guy saying,

"You shouldn't of teased me bitch, telling me you love my big black cock!"

Maria was just panting,

"Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me harder!"

Jill was trying to keep me focused on her but it was hard for me to look away from Maria. This guy's cock was stretching Maria's pussy out and he had no mercy! All I could see was his taut arse cheeks and his big balls banging against her bum as was fucking the shit out of her!

Some young guy was now squeezing her tits and sticking his dick in Marias mouth while I heard the black guy grunting as he came.

I was trying to hurry up and cum in Jill so that I could get Maria out of there.

As soon as I had shot my load in Jill, I pulled my pants up and headed for Maria.

Some other guy was fucking her now while she was busy blowing the young guy.

As I approached, I heard her gasp,

"Oh my God, oh my God I'm cumming again!"

Her hips were shaking as I got to her, the guy was jerking his cum onto her belly.

I pushed the kid away and picked Maria up.

Grabbing a towel, I wrapped it around her and walked toward the house. Her hips were twitching like she was still cumming!


When I got to the bedroom she was loud and drunk, making a scene telling me to fuck her.

Eric and Julie were already asleep as we walked in and I laid Maria down on our bed.

She wouldn't stop talking, and woke Eric up.

Eric asked me where we had been, so I told him we went to the party in the guest house. He asked me how it was so I told him good, not telling him the details.

I was so tired that I just dumped Maria on the bed, I fell next to her and we both passed out.


I woke up some time later, as my head cleared a little I became aware of some movement on the bed.

I looked down, and as my eyes focused in the half light I could see Eric's head buried between Maria's thighs.

He had pulled her down so that her bum was on the corner of the bed. Her legs were parted wide and hanging over the edge. Eric was kneeling on the floor, giving him eye level access between her parted thighs.

She was still passed out, but his mouth was busy on her pussy.

I watched quietly through slit eyelids as he continued to lick her out.

"Fuck, you're a wet little slut!" I heard him mutter. If only he knew why!

As I watched him at work, my own cock started to stiffen. A few minutes later he had her booted legs over his shoulders and lining his cock up. With a few gentle thrusts he had it in up to the hilt, I continued to watch as he started giving her a sly, steady, fuck! I could tell that he was having to hold back his enthusiasm as he was trying not to waken me or his wife.

It shook him when I suddenly said,

"Hey Eric, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Shit, you scared me! Sorry dude, my balls have been filling up ever since I saw her in this outfit. I was laying there looking at her, it was giving me such a stiff cock, it was just too inviting, I just had to get in there and unload them!...and keep it down man, Julie will kill me if she wakes up."

The cheeky shit never even stopped humping while he explained!

What the hell! Watching this had really got me going again now, her head was at the same level as my cock, so I moved over and began pulling on my dick with my helmet between her slack lips. As soon as Eric was finished I was gonna have to take a turn, unless I shot my load over her face first!

"Hey Eric, hurry up with my wife, I need to get in there pretty soon!

I saw his face contort as he finally dumped his load with a few loud groans. Finally, as he began to ease out of her I stood up, he passed me her ankles her ankles as I took his place.

As Eric crept back into bed next to Julie, I eased my stiff dick into the hot cum that he had just pumped up her. It felt great, so it wasn't long before I was adding my wad to all the others that she had taken that night!


When we woke up in the morning, Maria was sat on the edge off the bed holding her head. She told me that she had the worst hangover ever and asked me what happened last night and why is my purse filled with money?

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