tagIncest/TabooHalloween Party Ch. 02

Halloween Party Ch. 02


The next year when the Halloween party came around, I was a year older, a year wiser and much more experienced. I had grown distant from my father and closer to my mother. Knowing that he had started having affairs shortly after they were married, put a knot in my thoughts toward him.

Meanwhile, my mother continued her affair with Grace. Twice I had heard them in my mother's bedroom in the throes of passion. Once, I had nearly walked in on them when my mother was using a large dildo on Grace's pussy. I was able to watch as they finished and watch my mother suck Grace's pussy juices off of the dildo and deep throat it. Afterwords, my mother talked at length about how she used to love to suck cock until she learned of her husband's infidelities.

I used my closer relationship with my mother to give her plenty of hugs and talk about how I would help her no matter what happened in the future. I worked to forge a close bond with her and provide her with a shoulder to lean in in my father's absence. I was rewarded with a new found comfort with my mother. She always hugged me and some nights she would come up to the apartment over the garage and sit on the bed with me while we watched a movie. I didn't make any overt sexual moves toward her, I didn't think that comfort zone was there, yet.

The Halloween party was bigger than any of the previous ones I remembered. My girlfriend, Amy had gone to a friend's wedding out of state and couldn't attend. I thought that I could use my single time to my advantage at the party.

The party progressed as usual. Lots of drinking, lots of laughter, the costumes weren't all as wild as previous years, but they were pretty good. Dad dressed as King Henry VIII and mom dressed as a 1930's gangster, with a double breasted suit and only a black bra on underneath. As usual, the bra was a push-up bra and mom's ample breasts pushed out of the bra and the suit. Grace dressed as a 1960's hippie with bell-bottom jeans and a halter top. I joined the party in costume this year, unbeknown to anyone, as Zorro.

A little after eleven, the party started getting wild. Dahlia jumped naked into the hot tub and was immediately followed by her ex, Henry and several other men. In a matter of minutes she was sucking her husband's cock while another guy fucked her from behind and another guy sucked on her tit. That seemed to be the signal for people to go nuts.

My dad took off with a red head I didn't recognize and later I saw her and dad in the tool shed. My mother remained a courteous host and didn't let all the new action distract her from her duties. I was coming up from the basement when I saw Jared Keith a friend of my dad's pin, my mom against the refrigerator and kiss her neck. His hands worked hard over her breasts.

Mom kept trying to quietly push him away. He kept saying, "Sylvia, let me at those great tits. Let me just have a little fun."

My mom finally said, "Your fun isn't my idea of fun." And pushed him away.

Jared staggered back. "Come on, Sylvia. You'll enjoy it."

"You'll enjoy it -- I'll regret it." She said.

She turned and quickly walked away from him before he could move again. Outside, my mom made herself a drink at the bar on the deck and then sat down and lit a cigarette. I had trailed behind her, but did not bother her. I just watched, waiting for her and Grace to have their fun together.

Much to my surprise a guy walked up to her and asked her for a cigarette. I recognized him as a guy from my college. I didn't know him, but I had seen him on campus often enough. My mom dug a cigarette out of her suit coat and handed it to him.

"Helluva party." He said as she lit the cigarette for him.

"Everyone's having fun."

"It's turning into a good old fashioned Roman orgy."

She studied him. "You like it?"

"Love it." He stretched showing her the bulge in his pants.

"You're from?"

"I'm a friend of the Harper's." He held forth his hand. "Steve."

She shook his hand. "Sylvia."

After a moment of silence, Steve leaned closer, "How come you're not indulging?"

"Haven't found anything worth indulging in." She took a big drink. "Besides, it's not all about the orgy."

He reached out and cupped her face in his hand. He stared at her for a long time then leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. My mom didn't fight the kiss. He pulled back after a moment. "Is there somewhere you and I could get better acquainted?"

She took a drag on her cigarette and studied him carefully. "I'm old enough to be your mother."

He laughed, "Incest is best. If I was your son, I'd want to do you."

Sylvia leaned back on the steps. "I didn't say I was your mother."

"Just a joke." He laughed nervously, "I'm just trying to tell you -- you're smoking hot."

"And when we're done?"

"What do you mean?" He shrugged. "We do the wild thing, have some fun, and we go our separate ways."

"What about my husband?"

"Where is he? Probably doing some other babe."

Sylvia stood up and dropped her cigarette. On the step her chest was even with Steve's face. "When we're done, what if I want more? What if I want a relationship? What if I need something more than mouthful of cum and an apology?"

He reached around her and pulled her to him. His chin went into her cleavage. "It's a party. Let's party."

Sylvia wiggled her tits a little and then pushed him away. "Sorry, Steve. I can get a quick fuck anywhere. I want more."

"I can give you more."

She turned up the steps, "No, you can't." She went past me in my Zorro costume, gulping her drink down as she went into the house. I turned and stayed a couple yards behind her as she made her way through the party, up the stairs and into her bedroom. She closed the door behind her with a slam behind her.

I turned and went back outside and after a moment realized that I might be able to see her from the balcony outside her room. I climbed up a tree -- not easy to do in a cape and boots -- and got onto the roof of my parents house with no problem. Over the top, I came down on the upstairs deck then out onto the ledge that went around to the balcony outside of my mom's room.

One corner of her balcony is obscured by a tall pine tree, it made it difficult to be quiet, but also gave me great cover from below where the hot tub, fuck fest on Dahlia was still going on. That also meant no one was looking up at the house. When I got onto the balcony, I peered through the french doors. There was Sylvia, with her suit coat unbuttoned sitting on the edge of her bed with a bottle of prescription pills in her hand.

Immediately, I was concerned -- in the last few weeks leading up to the party, she had seemed depressed and I knew that she had several prescription drugs for depression. I wanted to step inside, but thought I'd wait to see what happened. I didn't know if she had taken any pills or was just contemplating it.

After a moment she set the pill bottle down and reached over and opened the top drawer of her nightstand. She dug around briefly, then produced the same large rubber dildo I had seen her using on Grace a few months back. She held it in her hand staring at it. After a minute she stroked it with her left hand, very gently. She seemed to be debating about what she held in her hands. Her left hand stopped just under the head of the dildo and squeezed lightly.

"I could hold you off from coming." She said with a slight grin on her face. "I could just grip you at the right time and hold you there and watch that look of incredible want in your eyes." She stroked the dildo again, her hand moving up and down the shaft while her right hand held the fake penis steady. "Maybe I should go find him. Find him and let him fuck me." She dropped the dildo on the bed beside her. Her right hand went down to her crotch and began to rub. "Three years? Four years? I don't even know how long it's been since I had a real dick. He wants me. He's young, handsome, probably hung like a horse." She appeared to be discussing Steve who had approached her on the back deck.

While I liked what she was saying about needing a cock, I didn't want Steve to be the guy that would get her. She swayed a little on the bed, threw her head back as her hand pushed harder against her crotch.

"He'd probably cum to quick." She laughed, drunkenly. "I'd be left, coming back for this." She lifted the dildo again with her left hand. She swayed some more and I realized that whatever she had taken was making her sleepy. Her eyes fluttered as she looked at the dildo again. "I'm gonna shove you so far up inside me I'll feel you in my throat." She said to the dildo, then laughed.

After a moment she tried to stand, but the heels she was wearing, mixed with the drugs and alcohol made that difficult to do. She fell back on the bed with a sigh. Her legs were spread before me, just ten feet away. I could see her breasts standing up high above her body as she lie on the bed. Another minute passed and I saw her pants move over her crotch. I realized that she had her hand down her pants and was pleasing herself.

My cock got instantly hard. Another minute passed then Sylvia sat up on the bed again and pulled her hand from her pants. Her middle finger was wet. She put the finger in her mouth and sucked off the juices. She laughed again, then looked at the dildo in her left hand, kicked off her heels and stood up from the bed. Feeling unsteady, she quickly wriggled out of the slacks she was wearing then steadied herself on the bed foot rail. She saw her reflection in the full length mirror and stopped.

"Nice tits you got, Sylvia." She said to her reflection. "Nice hair, nice eyes, nice blow job lips." She laughed and lifted the dildo up to her mouth. Her tongue darted out from between her lips and licked the head of the dildo. "Isn't that what he used to like? Me on my knees, looking up at him, my mouth full of cock." She opened her mouth and slid the dildo between her lips as she watched herself in the mirror. She pushed the rubber penis in and out of her mouth several times making it wet with her saliva. She pulled the penis out, a strand of spit hung from her lip to the head. She smiled at her reflection. "Pretty damn, sexy."

Sylvia staggered over to her make up mirror and sat down before it. She picked up a tube of lipstick and applied a heavy coat to her lips. Then she checked her eyes and tried apply some extra eye shadow. She rubbed a little of the lipstick on her cheeks and smeared it. "Have to have some color." She laughed then picked up the dildo again and placed the head against her lips. "I bet I could make him cum just from holding his cock in front of my face."

The make up table was on the opposite side of the bed so it made it difficult for me to see everything without giving away my hiding place. I wanted desperately to sneak into the room, throw the dildo aside and feed her my throbbing cock, but it just didn't seem right. Besides, I was curious to see what she would do next.

After applying more lipstick, Sylvia stood up and went back to the full length mirror. She leaned against the wall and pushed down her thin, black panties. Using one hand to support herself, and the other on the dildo, she watched as she inserted the rubber dick into her mouth. This time she worked on it good, slobbering on it so it was very wet. She pulled the dildo from her mouth, spread her legs and began rubbing it on her clit. A moment later she positioned the dildo under herself and inserted it inside her wet pussy. Sylvia nearly fell into the mirror when the dildo went deep inside her.

Now, my cock was practically ripping through the zipper of my black jeans. I thought that with the cover of the tree, I could easily whip my cock out and stroke off right there, but I was afraid of making any noise. I held on, biting my lip.

Sylvia worked the dildo in and out of her pussy several times before pulling it out and rubbing it on her clit again. After watching herself for a few minutes in the mirror she staggered back to the bed with the dripping wet dildo in hand. She fell on the bed with a sigh. "I want a real cock. Big, small, thin, fat, I don't care." She rolled to her back and held the dildo over her face. "I need to get fucked, and that kid is probably my best chance." Her words were slurring bad now.

She rose up from the bed and dropped the dildo on the floor. She adjusted her tits inside her bra and tugged on the lapels of the suit coat. She stood up with wobbly legs and checked herself in the mirror. "Who wouldn't want to fuck me." She slurred and ran a rough hand through her hair. Without picking up her panties or stopping to put on her slacks she headed for the bedroom door.

I couldn't let her go out the door. She'd be gang-banged just like Dahlia had been before she even got through the living room. I stood up and entered through the french doors as she reached for the bedroom door.

"Wait." I said, fighting the urge to call her mom.

Sylvia turned slowly and looked at me. I was dressed like Zorro with a black shirt, black motorcycle boots, black jeans, black cape and a mask that covered my eyes and hair. I had added a thin, pencil mustache with some eyeliner I had borrowed from mom earlier in the day. I was pretty sure I wasn't recognizable to her.

"What are you a bandit?" She leaned heavily against the door.

Afraid to speak and give my identity away, I walked to her and took her by the hand. In a moment of inspiration, I kissed her hand softly. Sylvia stared at me as if she was trying to see who I really was.

"How'd you get in here?"

I gestured back to the balcony.

Sylvia pushed past me and walked to the end of her bed. She stared out at the balcony. "Kind of like Romeo and Julia." She said.

I nearly laughed at her mistake on the name of the play, but considering her condition I was surprised she had gotten that much out. I came up behind her and stood very close to her so she could feel my breath on the back of her neck.

She turned back to me and stared at me again. "I must be dreaming." She finally said. She looked me over from head to toe and then back again, her eyes coming to rest on the bulge in my pants.

To my surprise, her hand went straight to my hardened cock pressing to get out of my jeans. Feeling her hand on me, smelling her perfume, looking into her eyes, the close proximity of her body, I thought I would surely cum right then and there.

"Are you my knight in shinning armor?" Her hand rubbed hard against my jeans. "Is this your sword?"

I bent and kissed her lightly on the lips. It wasn't a thought, it just happened. Her lips were soft, tender, moist, perfect to kiss. When I pulled back, her eyes were closed and she was smiling. After a moment, her eyes fluttered open and she stepped back.

She caught sight of herself in the full length mirror. She laughed, "I probably look like an easy lay, but I'm not." She turned and sat down on the edge of the bed.

I moved over by her as she tried to steady herself. I looked down at her body, enjoying the view of her tits and her well-trimmed brown bush. I knew that I could have her. I knew she wanted what I had in my pants. I bent and kissed her again, this time, opening my lips, our tongues met, danced lightly then parted.

I stood tall before her. She spread her legs as one hand went up to her breast and squeezed it. Her eyes became sultry, half open, as if in the throes of passion. She reached out with her other hand and caught the waist band of my jeans.

"Unleash that -- that monster." She laughed and fell back on the bed.

Slowly, I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock from my boxers. She spread her legs wider as she looked down between her breasts and saw my cock. I could see her pussy dripping with desire as her left hand went down to her lips and parted them for me.

I pushed my pants down further and moved forward. She was too far back on the bed, so I caught my hands under her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. "Yes." She sighed. "Fuck me."

I put the head of my cock against her lips and rubbed it, letting it get lubricated with her flowing juices. Her fingers worked to spread her lips wider for me. Her red fingernails so exciting next to the bright pink of her pussy.

A knock on the door then Grace's voice, kept me from plunging in. "Sylvia? Sylvia?" Grace called.

Sylvia under me groaned loud, "No. Not now."

Her pussy was there, open to me, her breasts were heaving, her mouth was poised in the anticipated ecstasy of the event. But, Grace had heard her voice and I saw the door knob turn and I realized the door was not locked.

I grit my teeth and hoisted up my pants. Turning quickly, I went back to the balcony and hoisted myself over the railing to the ledge. I stood concealed inside darkness and the tree. I heard Grace enter the room.

"Sylvia, what are you doing?"

"Where'd he go?" Sylvia asked.

"Who? You're alone."

"Dammit!" Sylvia cursed her voice ripe with sadness. "He was here. Where'd he go?"

"Sylvia you're drunk. There's no one here."

"No. He was here. He was here." Sylvia demanded.

"You're dripping wet, and -- here he is." Grace said and I held my breath sure that she had somehow seen me. "Your old friend. Smells like he's had some recent use. This is your visitor, Sylvia."

No doubt, Grace had found the dildo on the floor next to the bed. I slipped back over the deck and took off my mask and cape. I entered the house in the hallway outside of my mother's bedroom. I could hear her crying and Grace attempting to comfort her. I went downstairs and grabbed a beer. I made my way through the few remaining guests in the house, out the back door and quickly up to my apartment over the garage. I hurried into the bathroom, unzipped my pants and pulled my cock from my shorts. The head of my cock glistened with her pussy juice and my own pre-cum. Two quick strokes and I was coming.

A few minutes later I collapsed on my bed. I couldn't believe that it had almost happened. She looked so perfectly sexy, so lovely, it felt like the most incredible experience -- almost experience -- I had ever had. How would I ever have such a perfect chance again? Just thinking about it got my cock hard again. I sat up on the bed and thought, I'll just go back up there and do her. Grace probably put her to bed and left, I could sneak back up, go in over the balcony again, but no. That wasn't right. I didn't want her when she was passed out. I wanted her though. I wanted her like I had never even thought possible. And I knew I'd find a way to make it happen.

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