tagErotic HorrorHalloween Tourist

Halloween Tourist

bySeries 6©

October is one of those months where the weather can go either way. Some days a person can comfortably go outside wearing just a short sleeve T-shirt and jeans. Then there are days where the weather is cold, raw, and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this Halloween evening brought the uncomfortable latter instead of the pleasant former. An earlier rain storm left the evening with the kind of weather that made you feel uncomfortably cold.

To Adam's credit, he didn't let the unpleasant weather affect his spirit that evening. He decided to celebrate Halloween with a trip to the small, isolated village of Hammock. The earlier rain gave the town a spooky, old-European feeling that night as he enjoyed watching the small crowd of tourists and denizens as they walked along the street under the moist glow of the antique street lights

"A nice, quiet little town," Adam thought to himself as he walked down the quaint little street for the first time. "Or is this considered a hamlet?"

The street, if that's what you could really call it, was the only thoroughfare through the small hamlet of Hammock. Hammock was barely a blip on the radar of American towns and communities. The population was about 25. The main attraction was the Tourm Inn, a luxurious hotel and bar that was the anchor of this small community that seemed to spring out of nowhere.

Hammock was a mysterious town. No one really knew anything about its history. It was believed that the town was established sometime in the early to mid 1600s by English settlers who were looking to not only escape religious persecution, but religion altogether. Hence the lack of a church close by. There had been rumors of ancient witches' covens and other assorted paranormal activity in Hammock but, of course, none of it was ever proven. All that was really known about the town was that a modest number of tourists would pass through to shop at the fine jewelry and baked goods stores that lined the single street village and relax at the old inn.

As Adam walked along the old brick sidewalk, he felt someone brush past his shoulder. When he turned to look at the person, time seemed to slow down as if he were in a movie. He couldn't believe that he didn't see the woman coming towards him and he swore that she was not there just a moment ago. It was like she simply materialized and was suddenly walking past him. Plus, it was impossible to not notice her.

The woman was so stunningly gorgeous that she could've stepped straight out of a dream. With the way she'd appeared...maybe she did. Her beautiful blonde hair came down to the middle of her back. Her long bangs were cut straight across and came just to the top of her eye brows. She wore a black leather jacket that was unzipped and open. Her large, round breasts looked like they wanted to burst from her pushup bra and the white blouse that revealed plenty of cleavage. The blouse was just short enough to show a little bit of the skin of her incredibly thin waist just above a pair of the lowest of low riding black slacks Adam had ever seen. She looked like a character drawn from a comic book.

But it was those blue eyes with the long black lashes that met Adam's gaze and locked onto him. She smiled slightly as she turned to continue on her way and time seemed to rush back to normal speed. For a moment, Adam felt like his breath had been stolen from his lungs. He took a deep breath to try to reenter reality as he stopped to watch the blonde woman walk away from him and enter the Tourm Inn.

It was almost an involuntary reaction as Adam turned to follow the blue-eyed beauty. Her eyes seemed so vivid when she looked his way and seemed to stun him for a moment. When he met her gaze, it gave him a feeling he just could not describe. It was something other than pure lust, but it certainly wasn't love. He felt a compulsion to follow her and meet this woman whose gaze enchanted him. When Adam entered the inn, he could see the woman was seated at the bar. A glass was already in front of her. Adam made his way to the bar and sat on the stool next to her.

"Hello," Adam said as he sat down next to her.

"Hi," her soft voice replied as she met him with a smile.

"Do you come here often?" he asked.

"Nice opening line, but you might want to work on it a little bit," she said with a laugh.

"I'm sorry. I just..."

"No, it's ok. It just seemed like the stereotypical pickup line," she said with an almost reassuring smile. "But then, are you?"

"Am I..."

"Trying to pick me up?"

"No, no, no. Nothing like that," Adam nervously replied. "I was just trying to make a little conversation. I guess you get all kinds of pickup lines. I'll leave you alone, if you want."

"No, it's fine. I just like to give guys who approach me a hard time. Helps weed out the undesirables."

"I take it you get approached a lot here?" Adam asked.

"Not really. It's a small town and not a whole lot of people pass through when I'm here in the bar. But I've been approached by enough of the undesirables."

"Hopefully I'm not one of the undesirables. I'm Adam, by the way. Adam Collins."

"Rachael Page. Nice to meet you, Adam Collins." The woman smiled and offered her hand. Adam firmly, yet shyly, shook her hand. "So, do you come here often?"

"Are you coming on to me?" Adam joked.

"Ah, touché." Rachael replied, smiling. "Actually, I don't remember seeing you around here."

"First time here. I live a couple hours away. I thought I'd come out and see what this town was like. It has an interesting reputation and seemed like a great place to spend Halloween." Adam replied.

"It can be. Are you here with anyone?" she asked.

"No." Adam replied with a slight laugh. "I'm a bit of a loner and a bit down on my luck right now."

"Sorry to hear that. What's wrong?" Rachael said empathetically.

Adam found himself relaxed as he talked to Rachael. He was rarely at ease with others, especially strangers or attractive women. But there was something about her that made Adam comfortable, more comfortable than he had felt with any other person. There was just something alluring and charming about her.

"Well, I lost my job and I've been worried about how I'm going to pay for my expenses," Adam explained.

"You still seem pretty young. Do you have any family or friends that can help you out?" Rachael asked.

"Sadly, no. I'm an only child. My mother passed away when I was young and I haven't spoken to my father since I left home right after high school. We had a bit of a rocky relationship. I also tend to have a hard time making friends."

"That's a shame that you have no one in your life you can depend on. But, you seem to be doing a fine job making friends with me." Rachael smiled.

"Well, you did a good job of making me feel welcome," Adam admitted.

"You seem like a sweet person. I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better. Would you like to get to know me?" Rachael grinned.

"Now you're coming onto me," Adam said, trying to hide his enthusiasm.

"Maybe, just a little. Want to take a little walk? See what Halloween happenings are going on out there?"

"Sure, I'm game," he replied.

The couple left the inn and walked along the rain soaked sidewalk. Their breath appeared as little clouds of mist in the air as they chatted with each other. As they made their way down the nearly vacant street, a fine misting rain began to fall. The foul weather seemed to chase any Halloween revelers indoors.

"Sorry, going outside didn't seem to be as interesting as I had hoped and this weather is just terrible. Would you want to come back to my place where it's warm and dry?" she asked. "I have an apartment above one of the stores up ahead."

"Warm and dry seems like a much better option right now," he replied, smiling.

Rachael led Adam to one of the buildings and up a stairway where she unlocked the door. She gave him a smile as she led him into her apartment.

"I have to admit, I thought you were cute when I first bumped into you on the street out there. I'm glad you followed me into the inn," Rachael whispered.

"I couldn't take my eyes off of you as you walked away. I had to meet you," Adam replied softly.

Rachael leaned close and gently kissed Adam's lips. It was a sweet, light peck that was just a precursor of what was to come. He put his hands on Rachael's hips, pulling her close. He kissed her slowly, his tongue parting her hot red lips. Rachael's tongue snaked around his as she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him tighter against her. Their bodies writhed with passion in their embrace as Adam kissed her deeply.

Rachael pushed her hips forward, grinding against Adam's crotch as their warm bodies lustfully writhed against each other. They were both gasping for air as their kiss ended. It was a hot, wet kiss that left them both wanting more. Rachael could feel Adam's excitement growing through her sexy low-rise slacks as she ground her hips against his swelling groin.

"How about we get out of these damp clothes and warm up?" Rachael breathed.

She led him to the bedroom at the back of her small apartment. Rachael flicked the wall switch to light the small lamp that sat on the table next to the four post queen-sized bed. The dim light from the lamp paired with the high-post bed gave the room a romantic feel.

As they reached the side of the bed, Rachael turned and kissed him again. Their tongues slickly twined together as the kiss deepened. She slid her hand inside his pants, feeling the warmth of his hard member. His thick shaft slipped between her fingers as she ran her hand down to his balls. She gently caressed his patch of pubic fuzz, letting his hard cock rub between her ring and middle finger. Adam gave a whispered gasp as her hand explored in his pants.

Before Adam realized it, his shirt was off and his pants were wrapped around his ankles. It happened so quickly that Adam didn't seem to realize he was undressed. Rachael was seated at the side of the bed and she pulled him close, tugging his hard cock like a handle, directing him to stand before her. With his pants wrapped around his ankles, he was pretty much helpless, like putty in her hands.

Slowly, she ran the tip of her tongue from his balls to the tip of his mushroom head. Adam gave a whispered gasp as her tongue slickly ran the length of his penis. Her tongue circled and teased the purple tip. Rachael licked her way back down his thick shaft to tease his balls, slowly licking each one with the entire length of her sensuous tongue before gently sucking each one in her warm mouth.

Rachael licked her way back to the tip, opening her lips to let the head of Adam's throbbing cock enter her hot, moist mouth. Her scarlet lips popped over the rim, sliding down Adam's thick shaft, enveloping his manhood. Rachael's sucking mouth was sliding up and down his cock in a steady rhythm that made Adam gasp softly with each stroke. His back arched, pushing his hips forward so she could suck his entire length, all the way down to the base. Up and down, she lustfully sucked as Adam's mind was reeling with pleasure.

Rachael stopped and held his cock in her mouth, feeling it pulsate. As she held his cock in her mouth, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. Next, she unhooked her bra to bare her large breasts. She released his saliva coated cock from her mouth and let it slide from her lips, trailing down her chin, down to her ample breasts. Grasping the shaft, she teased the slick, weeping head against her pink nipples. Adam's oozing penis left a shiny trail of pre-cum on her hardening nipples.

Adam was frozen in place from pleasure as Rachael slipped his throbbing penis between her soft breasts, squeezing it between the soft flesh of her cleavage. She fucked him with her large, milky white breasts; his cock rock hard and hot between them. Adam's cock was slick with saliva and pre-cum as her warm breasts slid up and down the hard shaft. His purple head would pop into sight, then disappear once again between her perfect breasts. She would flick her tongue across the slick helmet that topped his rigid shaft each time it appeared. He could feel the tingling as Rachael was driving him close.

Rachael could sense Adam was approaching the point of no return.

"You feel so good," she purred sensually, "but I'm not ready for you to cum yet. It's my turn."

Pulling back from him, she stood up. She pulled down her low-rise slacks to reveal the strip of blonde, wispy fur above her sweet pussy. Of course there were no panties underneath those slacks; there was no way panties could ever fit underneath those sexy, sexy pants.

She kicked her pants into a pile on the floor and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs to reveal the pink flower between her thighs. Adam got on his knees and brushed his lips across the light blonde hair of her pubic patch, letting it tickle his face, before moving down to the pink folds of Rachael's pussy. He teased her nub of a clit with his tongue. Rachael gasped and quivered at the touch of his warm tongue. He ran his tongue along the length of her pink lips, licking and teasing her rapidly slickening opening.

Rachael drew her knees up to her chest and spread her thighs wide to expose her pink opening to Adam. He greedily licked and sucked her swollen pink nub as she groaned with lust. Her body heaved with each deep breath as Adam's tongue worked the little knob of flesh above her slit. His licking increased in fervor as Rachael reacted with low squeals and her body quivered from bliss.

Adam easily slipped two fingers into the hot, moist opening of Rachael's honey pot as he continued to fervently lick her slick clit. Rachael writhed as he slid his fingers in and out as he gently sucked the little fleshy lump of her clitoris.

"Oh, yes! Lick me and fuck me with your fingers, please!" Rachael managed to gasp as her body arched with pleasure.

Rachael's syrupy juices were flowing from her hot opening, dripping down to the little pink ring of her anus. The bouillon of her passion was coating Adam's hand as his fingers earnestly fucked her pussy. He could feel her body tremble and quake as he was driving her close to orgasm.

"Get up on the bed!" Rachael demanded, her voice barely a gasp.

Adam slid up onto the bed, his pants still wrapped around his ankles as he swung his legs around to lay prone on his back on the soft, red satin sheets of the bed. He finally freed his ankles from his cloth shackles and kicked them off and onto the floor. Rachael sat up and straddled his body and he could feel his hard cock against the smooth skin of her perfect ass as she leaned down to kiss him. It was a lustful, sloppy kiss. He savored the feeling of her warm body pressed against his as she kissed him deeply.

Rachael reared back to let Adam's cock easily slip inside her. Her hips bucked up and down slowly, filling her as she slid down Adam's rigid shaft, riding him in a steady rhythm. The two lovers gasped and moaned lustfully.

Adam reached up and gently kneaded Rachael's large, bouncing breasts. She grabbed his wrists and pinned him down, her strength surprising Adam as the enthusiasm of her thrusting hips increased. Her knees dug into the soft mattress and she was leaning forward. Rachael's face was in the crook of Adam's neck as she furiously rode his unyielding cock, his wrists pinned against the sheets by his shoulders.

Both of their bodies were quaking with anticipation as their orgasms were building. Adam could feel his balls tightening and his cock felt like it was about to explode as Rachael aggressively pumped up and down on his burgeoning cock. He couldn't get any harder as he felt the familiar twinge that told him he was on the brink of orgasm.

Rachael was gasping loudly; her heart pounding in her chest as her pussy spasmed with the pleasure of her orgasm. She was cumming as she continued to ride up and down on Adam. He finally felt the explosion of his own orgasm as she continued to pump his cock with her pussy.

It was the hardest Adam had ever cum. He groaned loudly and drove his hips upward as he sprayed his orgasm deep inside Rachael's loins. His mind was dizzy as wave after wave of pleasure washed through his body, his mind hazy from the pleasure when he felt a bite at the base of his neck. His hands were pinned down and he was still in the throes of orgasm as he felt the sharp, cutting sensation.

Adam's mind felt even hazier as it felt like his energy was being sucked from his body through the gash in his neck. He was too weak to fight and he felt like he was losing consciousness. It felt like he was fading away.

Then, he felt a pair of lips meet his with a kiss. It was warm and salty tasting. His vision was blurred and it felt like he was falling, like he was spinning down a drain. Through the haze he managed to see Rachael's face hovering over his, red blood dripping down her pale chin.

"I'm so glad you followed me tonight," she hissed through a lascivious, blood-stained grin.

Adam expelled his last breath and his vision went completely black as he felt his existence fade.

Days later, the body of a man was found in the woods outside of the Tourm Inn in the small town of Hammock. The man was eventually identified as Adam Collins. The coroner ruled it death by misadventure. No family or friends came forth to question that claim.

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