Halloween with Mom


"My costume is a pirate. I'll send you the description, or pics of it, tomorrow. Basically it's black, with a hat and vest and whatnot. I have a mustache. I'll know you from your pic and I'll wear a mask. I'll say your name. We can get a room or whoever gets there first can."

"You men, you come and then want to go. But I forgive you, I came hard too, and need sleep. I'll see you there, I'll come early and get a room so I can change there. Don't want to be seen in public in that outfit." She typed.

"That's great. See you at the dance then. Thanks for tonight, it was great, can't wait to be with you, for real." He sent back.

"I enjoyed myself, it was great," showed on his screen, just before her name disappeared.

Mary got up, she really did intend to go to sleep, it was only nine in the evening, but that last come had been great, she wanted to try for one more, maybe while she read her novel. Maybe go back over one of the love scene's she'd already read.

John got up from his bed. It was early, he didn't really need to study, but he didn't want to go on too long. He suspected he might be talking to the mother of someone he knew. There were several guys at Woodston U from the general area with single moms. Plus several kids from High School were in the same family situation he was.

Of course Northern Iowa was a big area, and she had just said "me too" when he said that's where he lived. Still it was fun to think that he might be with Roger's mom, or Dick's. Of course Northern Iowa could mean anywhere from Rock Rapids in the North West to Decorah in the North East, not just the North Central that Woodson was in.

Thinking about Dick made him think of Dick's sister, Dot, well Dorothea actually. She was cute and smart. An english major at Woodston just a year behind him. She wanted to be a writer and go to the Iowa Writers Workshop at the University. He closed his eyes and day dreamed for a while.

He suddenly wondered if he was talking to Mrs. Blackett. She was Peggy and Ruth's mom, and about the same age as his own mom, and almost as attractive, her husband had died when Peggy and Ruth were very young. Her name was Mary, the same as his mom's.

Mary put a robe on, not the slinky one from before, but the long terry robe, it wasn't that thick, but right now she was warm. She wanted to check the house to make sure the doors were locked and windows closed. It had been a sunny day and she had opened several for the nice breeze. She suspected her son had as well.

John lay in bed, then got up and pulled his sweats back on. He tossed the hand towel into the laundry basket in his closet. And he wanted to make sure the doors were locked and windows closed. He had opened one downstairs while he was working on an assignment downstairs. He better see if his mom was still in the small downstairs office, and tell her say 'good night' to her. But first he had to pee.

Mary went down into the basement, after checking the windows and doors on the main floor. She pulled down the white sheet in the spare room there. It wouldn't do for her son to find it and start asking about it. She had a terrible time lying to her son, or anyone else.

She headed up the basement steps, and into the kitchen, thinking about Sunday night, and almost ran into her son, looking into the Fridge.

"Oh, I didn't expect to see you," She said, her face coloring up, wondering idly if it was one of his friends she had been chatting with, sending pictures to. And oddly excited by that thought.

"Oh hi mom, just wondering about some light snack, maybe some pudding," he said.

"You shouldn't have anything this late, how about some juice, or milk. Or I could fix up some hot chocolate?" she said.

"No, you're right, I'll just get some water."

"How are your studies going honey," she asked.

"Just fine, I finished both the papers I have due, on next week and one the week after, and I've got a handle on my studies. I don't want to lose my scholarship."

"That's good, so now you're probably going to be out running around with friends this weekend I suppose, just don't get into trouble, please, promise me honey." she said.

"I'll be fine, I was going to ask Dick if he wanted to go fishing out at Arrowhead lake, maybe camp out this weekend," he said.

Mary felt her son put his arm around her waist, pulling her close for peck on her cheek, then it stayed there as they walked out of the kitchen and over to the stairs. His hand slipped lower, just catching on her hip, half on her bottom. She hoped he couldn't tell she was naked underneath her robe.

His hand felt good, and a part of her wished he would slide it further down, completely onto her butt cheek.

"C, c, camping? isn't it going to be too cold?" she asked, not used to him having an arm around her, enjoying it, but ashamed that she did.

"We're supposed to be getting warmer, for the next few days, still in the thirties at night, but not freezing, and warming up in the day," he said.

He liked the feel of his Mom's hip, OK, her butt, under his hand, and her body next to him, shoulders touching. He wondered what it would be like with Viki, naked, together in bed. She looked like she would have a figure like his mom, well maybe with bigger breasts thought.

He took a quick peek at his mom's chest, and decided he couldn't say, in the pic Viki had a sort of bra on, that held them up. His mom, right now, was definitely not wearing a bra. Not that they really sagged that much. The clothes she usually wore were loose and made it difficult to tell. Not at all like Dr. Barrable, she wore tight blouses or sweaters and it was easy to see them move as she moved.

"Well be careful, don't drink, and if you do, be extra careful. I don't want to find out you've frozen to death. I worry." she said.

"It'll just be a last time out of doors over night mom, a bonfire, well campfire anyway, probably too late to catch fish, but who knows, it'll be fun," he said.

"I suppose you'll invite some young ladies?" she said.

"No, not even his sister Dot. By the way, what are you going to be doing Saturday?" he asked.

"I'm not sure honey, I may be at the school library, Dr. Stedding asked some of us to help with something or other there. I suspect, from the list of who he asked, That it might be an excuse for a small party there, you know, for the 'in' crowd of the faculty and staff."

"Oh yeah, and you know none of the stuffed shirts would go help do anything outside their department, I wish I could go," he said.

They both laughed and both felt a twinge of guilt for misdirecting the other as to their plans for Saturday evening.

As she turned and stepped in front of him to go up the stairs, he let his hand slide down and cross her butt, as if by accident. It was all good. He gave her a few steps and followed her so he could watch her go up the stairs ahead of him.

He was sure that she had nothing on under the bathrobe, she had been holding the front closed right up to her neck, making it tight everywhere else, and she certainly felt naked through that terry cloth under his hand. He ogled her bottom as he followed her up the stairs.

He figured that his mind was over active. And she was his mom after all! But he couldn't help watch as she went up the steps. Her ankles and calves where nothing to sneeze at.

Mary got to the top of the steps and turned to her son, still a few steps below her. She could still feel his hand sliding over her bottom, she nearly shivered. She was definitely using her battery powered friend when she she got settled down tonight. She felt guilty, but knew it would pass.

"I know it's a little early, but I'm going to bed, I might read for a while, but it's an early night for me," she said.

"Me too mom, see you in the morning, don't worry about breakfast, I'll leave early and get something at the cafeteria at school," he said.

"Sweet dreams then honey, don't let the bed bugs bite," she called as she went into her bedroom and closed the door.

Her son walked past her closed door, shut of the hall light and went into his bedroom. A little later as he was messaging Dick he heard her showering in the bathroom they shared.

It was hard waiting until Saturday. The next day was Friday and she went through her classes on auto pilot, and she had to bring herself back to reality for her office hours, dealing with the various students that came in.

Finally it was Saturday, she slept in. Got a short email from CaptFlint and sent one back, finalizing their rendezvous,

In the end it worked like a charm. Her son was gone by noon, a cheery peck on the cheek and a reminder that there wouldn't be cell service at the camp site, and he was off to spend the weekend with his friend. She left a few hours later so she could arrive at the hotel at three, the normal earliest check in time.

She had one small bag and an a suit bag with her costume. She put her toiletries in the bathroom, and condoms and some toys, just in case, in the night stand of the king sized bed. She thought about it, and put some more condoms in the other night stand. She made sure she knew how to switch on and off the lights over the bed.

She called in room service, she had skipped lunch because she was too nervous and now was ravenous. She also put the bottle of wine in the closet with some cheap plastic wine glasses. Everything was set. She set her alarm on her smart phone and took a nap.

As she fell asleep, she had an odd thought, what if her son wasn't exactly telling the truth about what he was doing. Telling her that there was no service out at the lake was a convincing way to keep her from calling or texting, and for her not to worry about not hearing from him. She had the thought that she should send a text, she could tell if it was delivered, or not. But she was sleepy and dozed off.

After she got up she took another shower, a last close bikini trim, and then dressed, sexy sexy sexy was her thought. And it was. In the full length mirror, with the bright overhead light, she looked herself over.

'Well, sexy, yes, but also a bit slutty as well, I hope it looks good to my guy,' she said to herself.

She expected to see the outline of her nipples sticking out, but she saw not only that, but the faint shadow of her nipples and aureole visible through the thin dress, as was the faint shadow of her garter belt.

She decide it was OK, the ballroom wouldn't be that bright, and there were going to be plenty of very sexily dressed younger women. The hard part would be going down the hall and past the lobby to get to the ball. She fortified herself with a little wine and left. It was a quarter to seven.

John was worried, excited, and very nervous when he pulled into the hotel parking lot. There were lots of cars, and people, mostly in costumes were heading into the lobby. The hotel billed itself as a convention center. Everything was going to be perfect.

He was earlier than he planned. He parked and got out of his car, adjusted his costume and walked in. He had originally planned to wear the costume he'd been wearing for years, but after looking it over decided it was a little shabby. On Friday he went and something new, he found a cheap one at a "halloween store" set up in the Mall at Riverton that was decent looking.

Once in the ballroom, Mary felt more at ease. She by no means had the skimpiest outfit. Waiting in line to buy a glass of wine at the bar, she stood behind a young, twentyish young girl with what amounted to a transparent body suit, with nothing on underneath but a very skimpy thong. Mary thought wistfully of her own breasts at that age.

She was feeling nervous by seven thirty. A small band had set up and a few couples were dancing when a man in a batman costume asked to dance. She agreed, since she couldn't see a pirate with a mustache. Her batman was tall, and a good dancer, she thought he was older than she was, but not much.

Unfortunately he smelled strongly of whiskey and after one dance she politely declined another. She had no more than turned away when a woman's voice spoke.

"Would you like to dance with me?" the other devil woman asked.

"Well I've never danced with a devil woman before, so why not," answered Mary.

They danced for a few minutes, then a slower dance started. The other woman took Mary in her arms.

"I like your costume, did you make it yourself?"

"Yes, I've always enjoyed making costumes for my family," Mary answered.

"I just got this thing mail order, but had to make some alterations to make it fit, it was way to tight in the bust, but I think I didn't add enough," the other woman said.

"Well, they certainly are on display," said Mary.

"My husband loves it, he was the one dared me to ask you for a dance,"


"Yes, he's got the typical guy fantasy of either seeing to women together, or being in a threesome," the other woman said.

She pulled Mary closer, their breasts pushed against each other.

"That's an interesting sensation," Mary said.

"I know, want to try with less clothing between us?"

"I have to admit I'm tempted, Oh! There is my date, I think," Mary said, pulling away from the other woman and looking behind her at a pirate that seemed to be watching them intently.

Mary started over to the Pirate, avoiding other dancers. The tall distinguished older gentleman dressed in a top hat and nineteenth century looking suit with a cape started to step forward, but pirate reached her first.


"Yes, I am glad to see you," Mary said.

"Wow, I guess you weren't making him up after all," the other devil woman said. "Let me introduce you to my husband," she said indicating the tall gentleman in the top hat and cape.

"Hi," said Mary.

"I think he thought you were heading over to him, too bad," the woman said, then leaned in and whispered in Mary's ear.

"Maybe later when we've tired out our guys?"

"Well, you never know, but probably not," Mary said.

"O.K. but I'll be down here in an hour, maybe a half hour, while my hubby is snoring away in our room. If you know what I mean.

Mary laughed.

The other woman leaned in again.

"Or, if you want, we're in room four thirty five," said the woman.

She turned and walked away with her husband without waiting for an answer.

"Would you like to dance with your favorite pirate?" he asked as he slid his arms around her.

"Oh yes, for a little while maybe," Mary said as they started out on the dance floor.

"You smell good," said her pirate.

She could tell that Captain Flint was pitching his voice artificially low, to either disguise it or make himself seem more mature. She thought it was cute. Something tickled the back of her brain.

"Thank you kind sir, did you just get here?" said Mary.

"Yes, I left a bag at the desk, my regular clothes. I thought I would get a room key, but didn't know your real name," he said.

"No problem, we can pick it up on the way out."

They continued to move around the dance floor, and, although she could only see his chin and mouth, partly covered with a large bushy handlebar mustache, she felt that he was familiar to her. All the speculation she had earlier that she might know him worried her.

"This is nice," said CaptFlint.

"I can't keep calling you Captain Flint, what should I call you?"

"Just Flint," he said.

"As in 'hard as" she said with a little laugh.

John was turned on, he knew if he held her any closer she would notice his erection, he didn't know if that would be good or bad. Viki was everything he dreamed of, sexy, a little padding but not too much. She danced well, had a sense of humor and smelled good.

"I thought of saying that, but didn't know if you'd think it was funny or gross,"

She gave another little laugh, a laugh she hadn't used in a long time. Her ex husband called it her sex laugh. She knew it was different from her usual laughs or giggles, but didn't know she was doing it until it came out.

John was hoping his voice sounded low, but natural. He had always wanted a lower voice, thought it was more manly, and was faking it now. He hoped she didn't notice. Her voice was very familiar, but with the noise from the band and the people around them it was hard to tell. He hoped it was Dick's Mom, or Mrs. Blackett.

"That song's ending, would you like to go sit down, or ...." he said.

"Oh god, I'm so darned turned on, lets 'or ...' she said quietly.

"Allons-y" he said, in imitation of his favorite "Doctor".

"Oh god, not you too," she said.

"Was that too much?"

"No, my ... uh, someone I know says that a lot, it's from a Brit tv show he's always talking about," she said.

"Oh well, I guess you have good taste in friends," he said.

They heading into the lobby, he picked his bag up from the desk, it was a backpack like any other that the college students had, and the got in an elevator.

"Push the button for the fourth floor," she said.

"This elevator is really slow," he said.

"I know, I think it's just us," she said.

"I felt so naked standing in the lobby, this dress shows everything," she whispered.

"I know, and you have nothing to be embarrassed about, you're beautiful."

He noticed that the dark area around her erect nipples was visible in the bright light of t he elevator, he had only seen the nipples sticking out downstairs. They were facing each other, and he didn't want to stare at her tits, or lower. He wondered if he could see anything else in the dress.

He looked past her shoulder, at the reflection in the mirror behind her. He saw a series of his back and part of her, one boob, one leg, each image getting smaller and smaller, and finally disappearing in the distance. And yes, he saw a small imprint of the clasp of one garter. He couldn't make out much else in the short look in the mirror.

Mary looked over his shoulder and saw the many versions of his back in the mirror, fading to nothing in the corridor of reflections. It was disconcerting, usually elevators only had a mirror on one wall. She noticed his butt in the tight pants he was wearing. It looked good.

The got to her floor, and the room, she fumbled the keycard and then they were in, tossing it to the table. Then they kissed.

"Pffft, that 'stache has to go," she said pulling away.

"No problem, do you want to turn the lights on, it's dark in here," he said, tossing the face mustache behind him.

"No, tonight lets just be mystery people,"

"Ships that pass in the night,"

"Yes, could you unzip my back," she said, "There at the top, a catch, it's sticky, but the zip is s..."

"The zip is undone, are you wearing the same lingerie?"

"Yes, I'll model it in the light of day in the morning, now I just want it off!"

"I'll do it,"

"Mmmmmm that feels good, you have my permission to keep playing with those all night."

"Let me help with the shirt, Oh! Are you all right?" she blurted as he stopped moving.

"Its just the bed, took me by surprise. You pulled the sheets back!"

"That's what an experienced woman will do for you, let me show you what else."

"Let me get my shoes off, and my pants," he said.

They quickly got naked, he staring at her breasts, she at his erection. It was sticking out at an upward angle, hard and long and thick. Not porno huge, but definitely as big as her ex, maybe a hair larger. She leaned over as she slipped off her panties her head almost bumped it. Then they were naked, except for her stockings.

They stopped talking, he had scooted up the bed and she engulfed his erection, she had never deep throated her ex, but she tried, tried hard, and decided she needed practice. He pulled her over him with her legs straddling his head.

"That's great, you taste good, so good," he said.

"Oohhhh, it's been soooo very long since someone did that."

"Go ahead and sit up, I'm so excited that I'll come before I want to," he said, then took a deep breath and went back to her pussy.

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