tagRomanceHalo Ch. 05

Halo Ch. 05


Janey sat in the middle of the lounge, leant back and relaxed. It was getting late and she was tired but she was having a great time; Brad had bathed Nicky after they had eaten and put him to bed when he had fallen asleep.

Brad was sitting in the recliner chair with 'Tanaya on his lap while Matty, Ren and Brent were sitting on chairs around a small table playing cards.

Janey had declined playing as she was enjoying being able to have a couple of glasses of wine since Brad wasn't drinking and had declared he would be looking after Nicky.

Remembering her drink Janey lifted the glass to her lips and took several small sips of wine; it flowed down her throat smoothly leaving a trail of warmth in its wake. She glanced at the three playing cards as Ren gave a soft yell and put his cards on the table; the other two threw their cards down with good-natured complaints that he had to have cheated to win.

Brad laughed throatily and shifted 'Tanaya slightly on his lap.

"How about we watch that movie now?" Brad asked rubbing his hand up and down 'Tanaya's thigh as she sat across his lap.

"I'll put it on," Matty volunteered.

"What! Ready to quit playing already?" Ren teased.

"I think you've won all his lunch money for the week," 'Tanaya laughed even though she knew the three hadn't been playing for money.

"Actually I've won the right to sit up and fight Blondie here for the biggest piece of lounge!" Ren laughed as he leapt to his feet and sat on the lounge crowding Janey and trying to tickle her playfully.

"You'll spill my drink!" Janey squealed as she held the glass well away from herself.

Ren laughed and caught hold of her hand and gently manoeuvred her hand to bring the glass to his own lips so he could finish what little wine was left.

Janey watched as Ren carefully placed his lips in the exact spot she had sipped from; her eyes moved down to his throat and she saw his adam's apple bob as he drank the remaining wine.

"Hey!" Janey protested.

"It was getting warm anyway. Just how long have you been nursing that drink?" Ren asked before running his tongue over his top lip and removing a few stray drops of wine from his moustache.

"I'm not much of a drinker," Janey said thinking he was scolding her for not being an enthusiastic drinker of the alcohol she had chosen.

"But you enjoyed what you did drink?" Ren asked softly as he saw the unease in her eyes.

"Yes," Janey admitted after a few moments pause.

"Do you want more to drink? Or maybe a soda or a hot drink?" Ren asked as he settled himself comfortably and stretched one arm out on the back of the lounge behind her.

Janey looked down to where he still had held her hand around the empty glass and glanced up into his face slightly dazed.

Ren grinned down into Janey's eyes. He could see that the wine was having a slight affect on her, befuddling her senses and making her even sleepier.

"I'm right thanks," Janey finally managed and looked away from his intent gaze.

"Okay, just checking if you wanted another drink," Ren said getting to his feet as he took the glass from her unresisting fingers. He glanced around at the others inquiringly.

"I've had enough," Matty said.

"Me too," Brent acknowledged.

"I'll have a coffee if you're boiling the kettle," 'Tanaya said and turned questioning eyes on Brad.

"Yeah a coffee here as well," Brad said with a smile at 'Tanaya.

Janey flicked a quick glance Ren's way as he headed for the kitchen.

Brent got up to sit on the lounge on the opposite side of Janey to where Ren had sat; he glanced at Janey when she moved as he sat down.

"Okay with you if I sit here?" Brent asked.

"Yeah sure," Janey said with a faint smile. She was comfortable around all those in the room and didn't mind any of them sitting near her.

Ren returned shortly and paused as he looked at Brent where he sat on the lounge; he was pleased to see that Janey was quite comfortable and showed no signs of unease.

"Kettle's on. I'm pulling the bed out of the lounge now so I can be comfortable while I watch the movie," Ren declared as he moved to stand in front of the lounge.

Brent got to his feet and turned around to face the lounge so he could give Ren a hand with unfolding the lounge; he looked at Janey where she sat uncertainly and raised an eyebrow.

"You'll have to move out of the way so we can open out the lounge," Ren said gently.

Janey got to her feet and moved out of the way and watched uncertainly as the two men lifted the lounge seat to pull a bed frame from the inside of the lounge. Quickly they placed the mattress from behind the lounge on the frame.

Ren grabbed a sheet and quickly shook it out over the mattress and then stepped back.

Janey watched as Brent sat up against the back of the lounge and stretched his legs out in front, she darted a quick look at Ren but he was headed back into the kitchen where she could hear the kettle whistling its alarm.

"Make yourself comfortable. You're okay to share the lounge," Brent said with a nod.

Janey swallowed nervously and silently reminded herself that she was safe and amongst friends. The others seemed unaware of her inner battle as she forced down her fears, hesitantly sat on the edge of the fold out bed and focused her attention on the tv screen. She almost sighed aloud with relief when Ren returned to the lounge room carrying three steaming mugs.

"Would you mind moving over so that I can sit down?" Ren asked Janey after handing Brad and 'Tanaya their drinks.

Janey moved to the centre of the mattress and sat with her back leaning against the back of the lounge; she relaxed slightly as Ren sat beside her and made himself comfortable.

As Ren settled himself comfortably he glanced across at Brent with a faint frown. If not for the fact that Janey was sitting so close to him that he could feel her shoulder touching his and her thigh along side his he would have told Brent to move away and stop making Janey feel crowded.

He reached behind her and stretched his arm out along the back of the lounge. He felt Janey shift slightly then lean into his side as she resettled herself.

"Comfortable?" Ren asked quietly.

Janey glanced his way only to find him watching her with dark eyes. She turned away suddenly shy and nodded silently.

Soon Janey was immersed in the movie and when she started feeling really tired she moved so that she was stretched out on her stomach with her head at the bottom of the mattress and her feet up near Ren's ribs. She rested her chin on her arms where she had them crossed in front of her and within a few minutes her head was resting on her arms and she was asleep.

Ren glanced down at Janey and saw how she lay with her head resting on her arms. He smiled to himself as he realised she had fallen asleep. He swung his legs off the mattress, got up and walked to where blankets and pillows were sitting in a pile by the far wall.

"Toss me a pillow while you're there would you?" Matty asked from where he was stretched out in a sleeping bag on a foam camping mat.

Ren picked up a second pillow and tossed it to Matty before picking up a warm blanket.

"I could do with a pillow as well," Brent said quietly.

"Did you pair loose the use of your legs?" Ren asked as he tossed a pillow to Brent.

"We been working all day," Matty said after giving his pillow several thumps to mould it to a usable shape.

"Any objections to turning the light out?" Brad asked. When the others chorused their approval he reached up over his head to the switch on the wall and flicked it off.

Ren put his pillow down by Janey's head and spread the blanket over her before slipping under the blanket and stretching out beside her. Janey murmured in her sleep as the mattress dipped beneath his weight and then she rolled towards him.

Ren slipped his arm over her waist and cuddled up against her back. Her bottom nestled in his lap and he felt his body harden even further than it already was. He forced himself to ignore the feel of her soft warm body against his chest and groin as he focused his attention on the movie.

* * * * *

Janey moaned softly with pleasure and turned her face into the warm body carrying her in their arms. She inhaled deeply sure it was a dream as the well remembered tangy smell of aftershave washed over her senses.

"Here you go, the bed's nice and warm and soft."

Janey smiled in her sleep. Her dream even had Ren's voice.

"Here, let's get those track pants off so you'll be more comfortable," he said whisper soft near her ear.

Janey made a soft sound of complaint in her throat as the seeming reality of her dream threatened to wake her. Strong but gentle hands pushed the track pants and underwear down over her hips, lifting her hips at the same time as they slipped the pants from her body.

The covers were pulled up over her body and tucked in around her trapping the warmth in with her.

"There you go. Nice and warm." The voice was slightly husky and Janey frowned in her sleep. He was slipping away from her again. He came to her in her dreams but always left leaving her feeling cold and bereft.

"Don't go. I need you," Janey protested softly as she felt his presence slipping away.

"You'll be alright," he whispered and brushed the hair back off her face.

"Stay with me," Janey whispered as she slipped deeper into her dreams. "I feel safe when you're with me."

Ren hesitated a moment then began to undress. He hesitated again when he stood wearing only his underwear but decided against taking it off, it would be easier for him to control his body's desires if there was at least one layer of clothing between their bodies. Trying not to disturb Janey he lifted the bedclothes and eased into the bed. He was unable to resist taking her in his arms and holding her close.

A deeper warmth enveloped her and Janey sighed as she snuggled closer. Even Ren's scent had invaded her dreams; it soothed her and twined about her senses as she rubbed her cheek against the warm skin beneath her cheek.

Slowly Janey became aware that she was not asleep and the heartbeat beneath her ear was real. She opened her eyes and could make out dim outlines as she realised she was in the spare bedroom at Brad and 'Tanaya's.

"Ren?" Janey asked softly.

"Hmmm," he answered deep in his throat.

Janey felt heat flood her body as she realised that she was in bed with Ren. Not only was she in bed with him but also he was wearing next to nothing and she became aware with a start that she was naked from the waist down.

Suddenly she realised that she wanted him with a desperation that made all the reasons why she shouldn't want him fade into dim memories in the shadows of her mind.

Slowly she trailed her hand across his chest feeling the solid muscles beneath the skin. She turned her head and nuzzled against his chest the slightly salty taste of his skin against her lips and tongue.

The engagement ring Adam had given her caught against the bedclothes and Janey hesitated a moment before pulling it from her finger and reaching out to put it on the night stand by the bed. She sat up for a moment, pulled the oversized t-shirt she wore off over her head before removing her bra and laying down once more.

When she turned back to Ren he caught her face in his hands and kissed her lightly and briefly before raising his head.

"You sure about this?" he asked huskily. " Because once I start I don't think I'll be able to stop."

"I want this," Janey whispered then kissed him on the lips. "I want you, I want us."

She closed her lips over his and kissed him softly. She felt his lips part beneath hers and then he was kissing her hotly, his tongue thrusting into her mouth as he rediscovered the sweetness that was unique to her.

Janey moaned with pleasure as his lips left hers to skim across her cheek and then he was kissing just below her ear. She ran her hands over his chest then up onto his shoulders. She could feel his muscles ripple beneath his skin as he urged her onto her back.

His lips traced down the side of her neck and paused when they reached the soft skin where her neck met her shoulders.

"Did he leave that mark here?" Ren asked softly.

"Yes," Janey whispered in answer. She knew he was asking about the faint mark Adam had left behind.

She felt his mouth close over the spot and she tilted her head to the side to give him better access as he began to suck hard on the spot. Janey arched her body up against his as jolts of pleasure and excitement darted from where his mouth was fixed on her neck to the tips of her breasts and to the warm liquid heat between her thighs.

His lips and tongue soothed the tenderness his sucking had caused and then his mouth moved lower, down over her collarbone and into the valley between her breasts.

She twined her fingers in his hair as his lips skimmed over her breast, brushing and teasing but never quite touching where her breasts were full and aching for his attention.

Finally his lips closed over the peak of one breast and Janey gasped as he suckled strongly. Then his lips where releasing her nipple only to close over the other and give it the same treatment.

Janey opened her thighs willingly as Ren moved over her body; slowly he kissed his way down over her ribs and stomach. He flicked his tongue into her navel before closing his lips over it for an instant then he resumed his explorations down towards the triangle of curls below.

Janey held still as she felt his fingers part her moist folds; she felt his warm breath brush over her as he paused to inhale her scent then she felt a jolt of electricity as his lips closed over the hard nub of her clit.

Ren grinned to himself as he heard Janey gasp and jerk as he closed his mouth over the sweet little nub of her clit; he ran his tongue over it briefly before suckling gently and was rewarded for his efforts as Janey gasped once again and her hips rocked against his mouth.

"Mmm...I'd forgot how good it feels," Janey murmured almost incoherently as Ren continued his sweet assault.

Ren lifted his head for a second before taking a long leisurely lick of her slit making her gasp and squirm beneath his mouth. He closed his lips over her opening and began a series of quick licks interspersed with strong thrusts of his tongue into her passage that had Janey gasping and moving helplessly against his lips.

Ren took his time tasting the sweet fruity flavour of Janey before raising his head to look up her body as she lay gasping and moaning softly. Slowly he moved up and over her until he could lower his hips into the cradle of her thighs and rest against her body as he looked down into her face.

He watched as she opened her eyes and looked at him; he saw the faint movements of her tongue as she ran the tip over her lips to moisten them.

"You sure this is what you want?" Ren asked giving her one last chance to deny him and turn him away.

"I'm sure," Janey said huskily and reached up behind his neck to pull his head down towards her.

She could taste the tang of her own body on his lips as he kissed her hungrily and somehow it seemed right, the way it should be. She felt his body against hers as he shifted slightly, the brush of rigid hard male against the softness of her femininity.

Ren groaned against her lips as he kissed her; he wanted to take his time loving her and make it good for her but his body demanded otherwise.

He felt the wet slickness of her opening against the head of his shaft and shuddered, his body demanding he claim her. He was still for a moment then surged against her strongly.

Janey felt the strong thrust of his body as he sought entrance to her body; there was a moment of incredible pressure then a wonderful fullness as he entered her. Janey pulled her lips from his as she gave a soft cry of surprised pleasure.

Ren realised she was no longer the scared girl he had known but a mature woman, his equal in her own right. She wrapped her legs around his hips and clutched his shoulders close as he began moving rapidly against her.

Ren lowered his head and kissed her deeply as his body forced him to set a rapid pace. He swallowed her whimpers and moans as he kissed her.

Rapidly pressure began to build low in his stomach and he felt the tingling beginning in his balls that heralded the approach of his climax. He ran both hands down her sides and cupped her hips in his hands as he increased his speed.

Her hands moved restlessly over his back and shoulders as she turned her head away from his lips. He filled her senses. His touches, his possession, were all she needed.

"Please, please...Ren...Ren..." Janey moaned against his shoulder.

Ren became aware of the tightness of her passage, the way her muscles seemed to suck and pull at him as he plunged into her. He tightened his grip on her hips and increased his speed as the tingling grew in his balls and then erupted in a flood of pleasure that rushed up through his cock and flowed forth. He was dimly aware of the added sensations as Janey gasped and surrendered to her orgasm.

Slowly Ren came back to his own body. He could feel an occasional shiver run through Janey and a resulting ripple of her inner muscles where he was still joined with her.

Even though he had found his release he was still far from satisfied, careful not to withdraw from her body Ren eased them onto their sides so he was not resting his full weight on her body. He felt Janey move slightly and then she pressed closer to his body.

"Are you okay?" Ren asked softly.

"Yes," Janey murmured softly.

Ren ran a hand up and down her body slowly in a soothing motion. He rubbed the back of her shoulders before running his fingers lightly down her spine to the hollow just above her hips.

Janey was aware of the fact that Ren was still half hard even though he had cum. She snuggled close and relaxed as he slowly and gently stroked her back. The long leisurely strokes began to rekindle the fires that had burnt so strongly just a few minutes earlier and she sighed with pleasure.

Being in his arms again, being loved by him, filled places within her she had not been aware were empty. She ran her hands over his shoulders as she concentrated on trying to arouse him once again. She didn't want the feeling of completeness to end.

Every now and then a shiver of pleasure ran through her and she felt the jerk of response from his body where it was still inside her.

Janey tilted her head back and when Ren looked down at her she reached up behind his head and pulled him close for a kiss; she slid her tongue into his mouth caressing his tongue and when he thrust his tongue into her mouth she pursed her lips around it and suckled.

Ren groaned and rolled her beneath him as he began to move his hips; she made soft little sounds of pleasure as she loosened her grip with her legs giving him more room to move.

Slowly they kissed - deep long kisses that were soft and gentle as they moved just enough to keep the sensations alive. They took their time rediscovering each other's bodies, finding the places where touches bought pleasure and where the other was extra sensitive.

Gradually their touches and caresses became more ardent and their movements began to transform into long deep thrusts that left Janey moaning softly with pleasure.

Ren raised his upper body and watched Janey's face in the dim light as she moved beneath him. She kept gasping and swallowing soft little noises of pleasure as he made love to her. He could see her eyes in the dim light, and they were focused on his face; he smiled as caught up in the moment as her.

Slowly he lowered his head until his lips barely touched hers. He kissed her with feather light touches and listened as she whimpered and gasped with pleasure.

Gradually he increased the pace and strength of his thrusts until they were once again moving hard and fast. Abruptly he withdrew and pushed back onto his knees and before Janey could protest rolled her onto her stomach, grasped her hips and pulled her into doggie position. He slid into her hot wet passage before Janey realised what he was doing then reached underneath her and found her clit with his fingers.

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