tagIncest/TabooHandsome Ch. 04

Handsome Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 4

More Instructions

Aunt Nicole stood with her back to me, head bowed slightly, relaxed and waiting, the water streaming off her tanned buttocks. I started in a safe place, across her shoulders and worked my way gently down her back. When I moved to her sides, she raised her arms above her head, and I coaxed the soapy water down her arms and sides, ending up by brushing my fingertips across the tail of her breasts. She made no comment other than an occasional soft moan, and I knew I was doing it right.

I dropped to one knee, and began washing her hips, gradually moving to her lovely jutting behind. When she pushed back against my hand, I took it as a signal to press forward and did, running my soapy fingers through the crack of her behind, briefly touching her wrinkled anus.

"Oh, yes," she murmured, "Get all of me, I like a through man."

I repeated the process and felt her shudder twice, as my fingers lingered in the crack of her ass.

"The front," she said, "Get the front, too."

Her stomach was flat, and her pubic hair hid her labia. Her breasts were tanned, medium heavy, and an up tilt curve led the way to a pair of rosy hewed areola, and cherry colored nipples. I washed and rewashed this area, wanting to spend as much time on her breasts as possible.

But for some reason, perhaps my tender age, I felt that I had better get on with things. I would learn over the next few days that there was no necessity in rushing things as I was prone to do. Females, Aunt Nicole and Krista Marie informed me, preferred, or I should say preferred a man to linger here and there before moving on. I have, therefore taken my sweet time ever since.

The rewards from doing so have been unbelievable.

And so, in my youthful haste, I worked my way to the inside of Aunt Nicole's thighs. At the first touch, she shifted one leg out, opening herself at the juncture of her thighs and, in the process, opening up her now visible pussy lips just a little. I sat back on my haunches and looked at her for a moment, watching the water stream off her pussy.

"Like the view?" she asked, with a giggle. I later learned that heretofore Aunt Nicole had been reticent in such sexual matters, but my youthfulness and the fact that she had been without sex for a time prior to my arrival on the scene caused her to lose any amount of shyness, and pushed her over from a passive sexual partner to one with a more aggressive leaning.

I smiled, nodded, and then said, "It looks like you're peeing."

She didn't close her legs or look away in embarrassment. Rather, she smiled and said, "I often DO when I'm in the shower."

"I've never seen a girl ... I mean a woman, pee."

Again, that sweet smile as she shook her head. "Well, I'd like to help you out there, but I can't. I went just before stepping into the shower. You don't recall coming in with me, do you?"

"Um, yeah, I guess," I said, and tried to sound as forlorn as I could.

Aunt Nicole laughed at me. "Another time, perhaps," she said.

And so it was that after finishing our communal shower and getting dressed, Aunt Nicole sat me down, and began to tutor me in the art of seduction.

"Boy's," she began, in an off-handed way, "have a tendency to be almost entirely oblivious of girls until puberty, and then they become obsessed with the female gender. I think you'll agree that as the male enters puberty, they have almost constant erections.

I must tell you that Krista Marie and I attended a swimming meet at the local swimming pool last summer. The boys, who were roughly 13 to 15 years old, had erections from the first time we set eyes on them until they were leaving the meet, and probably beyond that time frame. It wasn't the girls in the area, for there were none. I seriously doubt it was any of the older women attending; for they were mothers all, save Krista Marie and me."

I interrupted her to say, "It could have been the mothers."

"Really, do you think the boys all shared incestuous thoughts?"

"No, not at all; only one woman represented their mother. The other mothers were seen as women. I mean, you could be looking at their breasts, or legs, or ... you know what I mean, don't you?"

"Yes," she said. "I believe I do, and I stand corrected.

"And," I continued, "I find myself getting hard at anything female. A girl's throat, or ankle, or hair; I mean, it doesn't have to be her sexy parts."

"I see," Aunt Nicole responded thoughtfully. "You know, I never thought of it that way. Now you're teaching me. Perhaps I should confine myself to teaching you about what I know, and that would be feminine traits."

"I'm all ears," I said.

She swatted me with a towel, and pointing to my erection, said, "That's not an ear, my dear."

And we both laughed until it hurt.

"Okay, about girls, or young women. Some endearing little traits come naturally, but others are definitely acquired. Like a pre-teen schoolgirl practices putting on her eye shadow and lip gloss and blush in front of her vanity mirror. They also practice their laugh and hand movements, so they look and sound casual, yet lilting. They sit at their dressing table and practice looking up from under lowered lashes, or giving just the right delicate shake of the head to make that errant lock of hair fall 'casually' over their left eye.

"After all, what better way to get "Him" to feel her perfect skin, or to gaze deeply into her perfect eyes, or lean close enough to smell the delicate scent of her expensive shower gel, or after bath talc, than to give him a reason to brush that lock of hair back behind her ear?

"Men seem to love the hair thing. Somewhere they've been told it makes them seem more 'romantic,' and they're convinced that we women will get weak-kneed and unable to resist their frighteningly transparent efforts to end up between our legs.

But no one tells us that we're supposed to practice, to teach ourselves how to be charming and sweet and sexy and sultry and innocent all at the Aunt Nicole time. Most of us go through our pubescent years desperately yearning for a clue; desperately longing—as only teenage girls can desperately yearn—for the answer. Searching for the thing that will make the boys look at us like they do at the head cheerleader, and all-around favorite girl."

"Wow!" I said, trying to retain all that I was hearing.

"Then, if we're lucky," Aunt Nicole went on to say, "somewhere at the end of our absolutely miserable teen years, the penny drops and the girls finally get it. The head cheerleader wasn't born like that. She doesn't roll out of bed looking like God's gift to wet dreams.

So they sit at their mirrors and take stock of their good points. They experiment with honey-blonde rinses and Cover Girl blusher, and they stop eating their mom's mashed potatoes, and they start practicing. They wink and giggle and flip their bangs back until they, too, know that the boys will be slavering and sniggling, and although they protest, and stomp their pretty feet, inside they're thrilled to find out that their name is included in the "for a good time" graffiti in the boys locker room."

Aunt Nicole went on and on about women and how they set out to entrap their men. She also told me that if men did certain things during this period of enticement, then they would become the hunter instead of the hunted. I paid the greatest attention to this segment, and later reaped the greatest rewards from it.


Krista Marie and Aunt Nicole set aside the following afternoon for my instruction on properly making love to a woman.

We had a light lunch first and then retired to the bedroom. Krista Marie removed her clothing, and lay nude on the bed. I took off my own clothing and joined her.

"Handsome, why don't you position yourself between Krista's legs?" my aunt suggested. I did as I was told.

"This is called cunnilingus. You're familiar with it, having done it with me several times already. This time you'll have the benefit of two women telling you what you're doing right, or what's going wrong and how to correct it."

"Shall I start?"

"Please do," my aunt said, and a lewdly smiling Krista Marie parted her legs, allowing me access to her treasure box. I began by paying homage to Krista's cunt, licking it up and down in long, slow swipes of my tongue.

"He's good at this, Nicole," Krista Marie said, without a care in the world.

"Don't forget the little man, Handsome," Aunt Nicole said, reminding me. The "man" she referred to, being "the little man in the boat," or clitoris.

With the first contact of my tongue on Krista Marie's clit, I forced a loud moan from her, and she had to grab the sheets tightly with both hands to stay on the bed.

"Why not raise her legs up? It presents a much better target," Aunt Nicole suggested. In no time at all, I had hoisted Krista Marie's legs up and onto my shoulders, presenting a much better angle from which to lick and suck upon her cunt.

Krista Marie was moaning almost non-stop at this juncture, and gushing a whitish fluid which I found to be quite tasty, more on the sweeter side than sour, but to be perfectly frank, it was a little of both.

"Ease up on her, Handsome," Aunt Nicole said in her advisory capacity. "She's almost ready to cum, and I think we should let it build a bit more."

I really had no idea what to expect. I mean, I knew Krista Marie would be coming at some point, but not when exactly. 'Letting it build, ' was something new to me, and as I eased off, I made it point to study the situation more closely.

Following Aunt Nicole's detailed instructions, I brought Krista Marie to the brink again and again. Each time she reached the crest faster than the time before.

Finally, although I didn't know it then, I had her right on the edge. She couldn't back down, but I wasn't allowing her to climax either.

"Let me cum!" she screamed. "Aubrey, you bastard, let me cum this instant!"

"Do you really want to cum now, Krista?" Aunt Nicole asked innocently.

"I do! I do!" Krista Marie screamed and began to rant and rave, cursing the two of us for keeping her from achieving her goal.

"Look at her pussy, Handsome," Aunt Nicole said excitedly.

I pulled back a bit and was amazed, for her clit had extended to the point at which it resembled a bright red baby's prick that was vibrating all by itself.

"Are you really sure you want this?" Aunt Nicole asked.

"YES!" she said, choking out the words. "And I'm going to get you for this, I will. I swear to God, I will."

I gave her pussy two or three quick swipes of my tongue.

"Please, Aubrey, please! I can't take any more..." and her words dissolved into a hopeless sobbing.

Aunt Nicole touched my shoulder, and said, "Now's the time, Handsome. Send her to the moon."

I gave Krista Marie's vibrating clit a sharp flick with the tip of my tongue. That was all it took. Her pelvis exploded as she was taken with an incredibly powerful orgasm. But my aunt told me to keep at it, not to pay any attention to Krista Marie's pleas to stop. And so, I lapped up her cream and probed her pussy with my tongue.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and then bit it lightly, and she came again, this time with a violent spam that cut off her ability to breathe.

I halted my tonguing, and she slowly came down from her peak, and some color returned to her face. Then, at a signal from Aunt Nicole, I attacked her cunt again until she shuddered and came once more. I did this two more times, until Krista Marie was just sprawled on the bed looking like a Raggedy Ann doll cast aside by a three-year-old, legs akimbo, arms flopped out in both directions, but she was sobbing happily.

Aunt Nicole gave me a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream to eat, and when I finished, I took the bowl back to the kitchen and washed it, dried it and put it away. When I returned to the bed she had removed her clothing. I couldn't help but stare at her beauty. I always did, it couldn't be helped.

"Now eat me," she said softly.

Krista Marie scrambled off the bed, muttering something like, "Now it's my turn. Revenge is so sweet."

"Talk to me," my aunt said, and meant it.

"Err, what?"

"Just talk to me. I want to hear your voice."

"I ... I don't know what to say."

"Just open your mouth and let the words come out. Come on Aubrey ... it's easy."

"Okay," I said nervously, "you're more beautiful today than you were yesterday."

"Oh! Handsome!" she gushed, obviously pleased. I had exceeded her expectations.

"How nice," Krista Marie said, beaming, "You're gonna do just fine, little man."

Aunt Nicole's fingernail traced a circle on my upper thigh, "Keep going," she said with a wide smile.

"I think I'm gonna cum in my pants before long, I'm very ... excited, Aunt Nicole."

"Well don't!" she said, as her divine lips formed a pout. I knew she wasn't angry, but she was deadly serious.

"Concentrate. Think of something different."

"Like what?"

"Do a math problem in your head. You like baseball, think about yesterday's game, or something like that."

I got the point. I concentrated on recalling how I had pitched to each hitter in my last game. (I had lost a five-hitter in the tenth inning, and was able to conjure up each batter that I had faced during that critical period.) Somehow my prick began to wilt a little. (This little exercise has helped me numerous times since. Another thank you note never sent.)

"You have such a beautiful face and body," she said softly. "Did you know that?"

I could swear she was purring. I touched my face as if to discover it for myself.

"Angelic," she murmured happily, as her fingernail roamed along the side of my dick. "But with a cock as formidable as the sword of Michael the Archangel.

Oh, yes, I'm a lucky girl to be getting eaten by you. But don't let that go to your head, my handsome Prince Charming."

"Oh, now he's Prince Charming," Krista Marie said, and laughed lewdly.

"You think not?" my aunt asked with concern.

"He is! He is!" Krista Marie was quick to agree.

My head swiveled from one to the other.

Aunt Nicole brought me back to where she wanted me, by asking lewdly, "Can you smell my pussy?"

"Oh yes. Yes I can. And it's a wonderful smell, Aunt Nicole," I said, surprised at myself.

"Good, because I smell something good myself," her eyes gleamed and she licked those wanton, salacious lips of hers seductively.

I was ready to bust a load and began stroking my cock, rubbing the early seepage around and into my purple knob. As I manipulated myself I became aware of the intensity of her breathing.

"Now watch me, but don't touch me, understand?" my aunt said.

I nodded.

"Look at what you've done to me, Handsome," her thumbs were hooked inside her pussy, and she was spreading it wide apart. The hot pink color leapt out at me.

"I'm opening my pussy for you to see my clit." Her voice virtually dripped sex.

My hand froze, my jaw dropped open and my eyes bulged out of my head.

"See, Handsome, it's swelling from me touching it, but I'm thinking about you; just you ... and your lovely cock!"

"I ... see, I really see," I said breathing heavily.

"This is my hardon, Handsome."

"Oh, Christ, this is turning me on," Krista Maria groaned.

"Watch my finger stroke my clittie, Handsome," Nicole murmured and licked her lips sensually.

"Know what I'd really like, baby," she husked.


"I'd love to have you take my little bitty clittie in between your lips. You have lovely lips ... have I told you that already?"

Her eyes had a dreamy, far-away look in them as I answered, "No, it's the first time."

"Won't be the last, sweetie. Doesn't he have the nicest lips, Krista?"

I turned to look at Krista Marie as she answered. She was standing, leaning forward, with one hand supporting her by using the bedpost. Her other hand was thrusting several fingers into her gaping cunt. She didn't answer Nicole, as she was lost in her own erotic fantasy.

"C'mon, Handsome, gimme some tongue," she hissed, snakelike, and curled her tongue. "Mmmm, c'mon, gimme a lick here, baby."

"Just think there are men out there who think this act is disgusting. I pity them."

I moved in, ready to lick and suck for as long as she could stand it.

"You know, Baby, when my thumb nail rubs against it, like this..." and she flicked it just so ... "Mmm mmm! It just tingles all over.

Handsome, baby ... it's throbbing so ... c'mon give it a lick."

"Cumming!" That was Krista Maria off to one side, having frigged herself to a rousing climax.

I nodded in response to Nicole's request. I think I was actually drooling as I nodded.

"Handsome, if you wanted to you could put your head right between my legs right now..." Her thighs widened considerably.

"Okay," I whispered hoarsely."

"Watch me, baby, she cooed, and thrust three fingers inside her.

"I can feel them, Handsome ... three fingers," she shivered as I placed a hand on her shoulder to maintain my balance.

"Mmmm, so tight ... why look, Baby, they're..." she paused and sucked in her breath, "stretching me, Handsome. Look how open I am for you, baby."

I inched closer to her, my nose brushed against her pubic hairs.

"I'm rubbing my clit, Baby."

Oh, yeah, no lie there.

"Oh look at me baby, look at me. I'm so fucking wet baby..."

Another revelation, I loved hearing her say "fuck. I loved hearing her talk dirty. I have loved hearing women talk dirty all my life. She was the first, and I have had her on a pedestal ever since.

I kissed her belly, and caught her by surprise. My tongue did a lap or two around her belly button, and she gulped and drew in a breath.

Nicole took a deep breath and rasped, "Oh, yes, baby! Come on down!"

I began a series of small, light kisses that could only lead to one place. Her fingers fluttered in front of my face capturing my attention. I paused in my kissing, focused on those fingers. She raised herself up slightly and slid one hand under her ass, the fingers of her other hand moved fleetingly upon her clit.

I resumed my nipping kisses. She moaned, and panting heavily said, "Let me tell you about my pussy, Handsome. There's a lot to it, you know."

I could hear the squishing sound her juices made as she plied those fingers in and out of her cunt. Then I realized fingers on her other hand were moving in and out as well, but from her ass!

I continued my trail of wet sloppy kisses into her bush and then I arrived at her pussy gave it a tentative lick ... a taste bud savoring ... and I went for it.

"You taste good, Nicole."

"Ahhhhhh ... God, you sweetheart!"

"You okay?" I asked.

"Of course I'm okay, baby," she said, and lowered her face to kiss the top of my head.

I continued kissing and licking, emboldened now, I took a large lip into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

My aunt responded by grasping my head with both hands, and holding my face in place.

"Ohhh, fuck!" she moaned, "Right there!

"Ohhh, do it! Yes, yes, yes!" Nicole's hands were clutching at my head, pulling my hair, but I felt no pain ... then.

Oh, yes ... there! Ahhhhhh! Yeah, right there!"

My prick was so rigid I started to rise to get some relief, but she called out in a hoarse whisper, "No, stay put!"

I putted. Sucking on her enlarged clit, as she'd instructed me.

"There! There! Oh, right there! Oh, good Christ, that feels sooo nice!"

I stopped using my mouth for a moment, and let my fingers slip inside her. Curious, I spread her legs further apart, to obtain a better view of her pussy.

With the blinds drawn, the room was almost dark except for several thin rays of sunlight spilling in and falling across the bed. Two rays highlighted her wet vaginal furrow until I blotted them out by lowering my face once again.

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