Handsome Ch. 08

byParis Waterman©

I gasped, "So soon?"

"Well, you are at your sexual peak ... I thought..."

"Oh, yeah, I can get it up again. Give me a minute," I said, and began to jerk myself back into fucking shape.

Nora kissed me then. It went on and on and on. I stopped jerking off. I thought she would never end it; and then I felt what up to then had been an almost imperceptible humping of her crotch against my leg.

I decided to show her that two could play the game of sexual enticement, and began to rub small circles on her back; gradually dipping lower and lower. When my fingertips crossed her firm belly I sent them further south to the beginnings of her pubic hair.

I heard her breath catch, and she started to gasp with excitement. She didn't break our kiss though, but looked me dead in the eye and increased the humping against my leg.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that she'd bent a leg back at the knee, with a foot up in the air waving like a flag in a gentle breeze.

She twirled her ankle in lazy, languorous circles, while her toes curled and unfurled in a sensuous display. Nora sensed what I was looking at, and broke the kiss for a smile. She rose up on her elbows.

"You didn't know that before, did you? When you see a woman's foot writhing like that you can be certain of one thing. She has something very much on her mind. She may not even know what she wants to do about it. But her body knows exactly what it wants. It's a very good moment for a man to be at his most persuasive."

I took note of the fact that her wonderful breasts were within reach and showered them with kisses. Grasping her hips, I gave a little nip to each side.

"Oooo!" she squealed, "So you like to bite, eh?" I didn't bother answering her, but continued massaging and nipping at her tits.

She was enjoying the hell out of my squeezing and biting.

"Oh Aubrey," she moaned, "Let's fuck!"

I glanced at my dick. It stood proudly, gleaming in the dimly lit bedroom. It was so stiff that it actually hurt.

"You're going to drive me crazy," I said, just to say something that wasn't completely stupid. She laughed and straddled me, saying, "You're wrong. I'm going to ride you insane."

As she lowered herself down upon me, I quit breathing. My whole body was quivering as the taut plug at the tip of my dick pushed between the fat flushed lips of her cunt.

Nora's eyelids dropped to a sultry low, "Feel good to you?"

I mumbled incoherently.

"Oh, do you want me to get off you?" she asked, lifting herself nearly completely off my cock.

"No, no!" I whimpered.

"Didn't think so," she said and laughed lewdly. Nora began going up and down at no great speed, patiently riding her way to another orgasm. Her eyes closed and a beatific smile spread across her face. She looked for all the world as if she were at a carnival, astride a pony on the slowest moving carousel. The only thing missing was the pole, but then again she wasn't really missing the pole, it was just buried deep up inside her.

I could feel her juices gush as the moment hit, the tightening around me as she held on to the glorified feeling sweeping her body. She came quietly, and then nearly as calmly, she climbed off of me. She turned around on her knees, lowering herself to her elbows, putting her magnificent breasts on display. Her ass swayed lightly, invitingly, an incitement to further adventures.

I was on my knees and directly behind her in a flash, one hand spreading her slippery cunt lips as the other guided my cock back inside. I sank all the way in, and then leaned down over her.

"This is marvelous," I told her as I nibbled at the nape of her neck.

"Isn't it?" she replied.

My hands reached under her to cup her breasts; my palpitating hands the only barrier between her breasts and full gravity. But it really was an awkward position. I straightened back up, still on my knees, and this enabled me to thrust into her all the more deeply.

She told me she loved it.

I gripped her hips, pulling her harder against me; my hands grasped the sides of her ass, squeezing those voluptuous pillows tight; my hands trailed up and down the wonderful lines of her back, completely delighting me.

"I love it too," I whispered, for to tell the truth, I was unable to converse in normal tones. "What do you like best?" Nora inquired.

"The sight of you ... and me, I mean, me sliding in and out of you. You're pussy sucking me back into you."

I reached beneath us and gave her clit a quick rub. That was enough for Nora. She came like a hurricane, screaming the sounds of her orgasm into a pillow that muffled them. In doing so, she pulled away from me, collapsing to the bed. My cock popped out, and there I knelt, all a throb and beside myself as to what to do.

Slowly Nora recovered, and then rolled onto her back. She looked up at me. "Come on down," she said, spreading all her limbs, "come on down here and fuck me proper."

She wrapped herself all around me as I did just that. Then cooed in my ear, "This is for you, Aubrey, the rest is all for you."

I began humping her in earnest. I knew I didn't have long. Nora had one hand cradling and fondling my balls, while the other squeezed a ring around the base of my cock. She had her pelvis going back and forth, up and down, and round and round, all at once. She was also giving her vaginal muscles a good work-out. All the while she continued to smile up at me. It was just seconds before I broke and burst, filling her with cum.

I was still in my final throes, when she rolled us over, managing to keep me inside her. Then she raised her haunches and daintily lifted herself off me. Running her hands from my shoulders down the sides of my ribs finally coming to rest on my hips, Nora moved back down the bed until her face once again hovered above my groin.

I groaned as she took my cock into her mouth. "That won't work," I gasped.

Nora ignored my plea, and sucked me for several minutes, and then she started slurping around the base. Satisfied by her ministrations, she moved back up and lay on her side next to me. She stroked my ankle with her foot, but that was the only point at which our bodies now touched.

Snuggling her head into the pillow, she looked at me with a smug smile and giggled, "It would've if I'd really wanted it to."

I lay there, feeling spent and satisfied, sticky and sweet, sweaty and stuck to the warm soft stretch of heated flesh I held tightly against me. Finally I sighed, "I suppose I better wash up and go."

I spoke into silence. Nora's mouth stayed shut, though her body did stir, latching herself to me all the more firmly. After a moment, she almost timidly began lapping at my earlobe.

"You fuck very well, young man."

Her limbs began to function, the upper arm and legs sliding slow arches across my flesh. Nora pulled my gaze to hers as her crotch started tapping at my thigh.

"That's quite a compliment," I said, grinning back at her, "coming from you."

She reached down and gave my cock a brief, gentle pat. "Okay, you're all clean; you can go back to your mother, still looking like a virgin."

I lay there for a few minutes absolutely stunned that she would say such a thing. Then I moved to get up, and said, "Oh, but she knows full well that I'm not a virgin. She caught me with those girls I mentioned last night." I counted to three, and added, "All three of them, with me, in my bed."

"Really? Three at once?"

"Yes, all three at once. Well that's impossible, what I meant is..."

"Never mind, I get the picture, and I apologize to you. You're much further advanced that I gave you credit for."

An then, for some reason, Nora changed tactics. I have never tried to figure women out. I go along with them. I have yet to be really disappointed by any one of them.

"Aubrey, there's a little bag under the bed. Would you please pull it out for me?"

I got down on my knees to get it, and she sank down with me. Her hands pinched my ass, reached between my legs to cup my balls, then circled around my waist. Nora took the bag and unzipped it, and reached inside. She pulled out a pair of rumpled lace panties and shoved them against my nose.

"Smell that! What do you think it is?"

I laughed, and said, "I can guess, but I'm not sure. Are they yours?"

My remark had her laughing hysterically for several minutes. When she calmed down, she patted my arm endearingly, and said, "Are they mine? You are really something. Why, the thought of them belonging to someone else gave me the best laugh I've had in ages.

"You know it's my pussy you smell, don't you? They're still damp. This morning they were soaking wet. I couldn't help myself. Thinking about you, I made myself cum like crazy in these panties. Think about it, me lying here, shoving my fingers up my cunt."

I thought about it, and felt myself becoming aroused.

"God, I love to masturbate, Aubrey. Would you like to watch me play with myself?"

My head nodded, slowly, of its own accord. Nora placed a pillow behind her back and sat against the headboard. She tossed the used panties at me and said, "Smell them while I masturbate for you."

I brought them to my face and inhaled. Nora put her hands to the insides of her thighs, and then spread her legs wide. Her puffy lipped cunt was staring me in the face.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked as her hands trailed down.

I nodded, and inhaled her aroma from the night before.

"These are my labia. See how puffy and swollen they are? Usually they're not like that. This means I'm incredibly excited."

She slid a finger inside herself. "This is my vagina, or cunt. Inside it is heaven-on-earth for a penis. But you know that. See all that wetness? It's because a woman gets so excited thinking about the man's cock about to slide in and out of her that she gets all wet. Its pussy juice, baby, my pussy juice, and I am excited about having that wonderful cock of yours crammed into me.

"And see this little bump up here? That's my clitoris. It's even more sensitive than my nipples; which means it delivers about a thousand times the pleasure. See how I'm pumping my fingers in and out, while this other finger rubs my clit? Oh, I'm going to be coming like crazy real soon."

She licked her lips with her tongue, and I inhaled her smell again, only I no longer needed the panties. Her scent wafted up to me from her smoldering cunt, or vagina.

"Could the fact that you're watching me jill off be making me so hot?" It's your fault, Aubrey; making me watch you watching me.

"I mean ... what I mean ... is ... What I mean is ... OH, MY FUCKING GOD!"

I reached out and pinched one of her stiffened nipples.

"Aubrey! Aubrey!"

I twisted it and pinched the other one.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, Aubrey! Look at me ... LOOK AT ME!"

"Come for me!" I yelled into her ear.

"Yes ... I ... I'm coming!"

I waited with bated breath as she came and came again.

I continued waiting, caressing a breast now and then; running a hand between her legs, but not touching her clit or pussy until she began to calm down. She had fingers from both hands embedded in her cunt.

Once her breathing slowed, I bent forward and spread her still quivering, tightly clenched thighs. Then I lifted one of her hands away, holding it with my thumb in the palm, while my fingers caressed the back. Gradually, I raised it to my face; my eyes fixed on hers while slowly, one by one, I sucked her fingers clean.

Nora stroked my face while I worked on the other hand. When I'd finished, she just cradled my face, gazing down at me. Her hands moved up into my hair and slowly tightened their grip as I lowered my head down to her cunt.

"Oh," she sighed, "my dear ... dear, boy. Please eat me!"

I hesitated, and as I savored her scent, I fumbled around, searching for her soiled underwear, and finding it held it to her nose. She laughed lewdly again, and moaned, "Eat me, Aubrey. Suck my cunt, lick my hot pussy; dear God, drive me wild!"

Then she took in her own smell from the previous night, and stuck most of the panties into her mouth.

That was my signal to eat her out.

Oh Aubrey," she gushed, "make me come all over your face!"

As my mouth made contact with her glistening folds I thought of the ways and places in which she'd fingered her cunt. I thought of how the lightest touches were often the most erotic, and how once they'd accumulated to a level of breathtaking intensity just a few brusquer gestures could make her entire universe explode.

I thought all these things as my tongue circled a perimeter around her opening, and then, slowly spiraled inward.

Now whimpering, Nora was wetter than ever. I realized she was already so highly aroused, that I could simply blow lightly on her cunt and drive her nuts.

I did just that, and it did just that. Her fingers went racing across my scalp, only to yank ferociously at my hair.

I nibbled her lips with mine, and then ran my tongue up and down the length of her slit; and when she whimpered, "Yes, yes, yes!" I knew I had her totally under my control.

In everything I had tried, no negative responses had occurred. I parted her inner folds with my fingers, and stuck my tongue as deeply inside as I could. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved my mouth firmly against her cunt, forcing me even further. I snaked my tongue in and out; made it thick and then narrow, for I had come to understand her earlier remarks after she'd sucked me off.

What I was experiencing was more than the pleasure of giving pleasure. Sucking her off was giving me incredibly pleasure. My cock was throbbing, already fully erect and raring to go. My nose bumped against her clit and she shuddered as she wriggled her hips trying to get me even closer. I remained with her clit for the next minute, paying it careful attention, giving it the lightest of kisses and licks, then lapped it more forcefully with the broadside of my tongue.

I resorted to the use of long, languorous licks and then intensified the tempo and pressure upon her love nub.

Nora was squirming and squealing, gasping and groaning; her fingers like iron bars pressing into my temples. I pursed my lips around her clit, and lashed at it with my tongue, reaching under to grab the cheeks of her ass, squeezing them tight as I sucked on her clit. I could feel muscles around me start to quake and quaver. She clasped her hands roughly on the back of my head as she started to climax, her mouth opened in a wide silent oval. I couldn't hear her cries very well because her thighs were clamped tight against my ears.

And, Nora, true to her words, came all over my face. Her juices flooded my chin, trickling down my throat. The second her legs relaxed their grip just the slightest, I nodded down to lap up all I could. All her limbs grew limper and limper until she lay there like a puddle of soft flesh.

I was content to spend the rest of the day giving her sex quiet little kisses and gentle lazy licks. But then I felt several small muscles in her groin start to clutch, signaling a return to tension. I was about to send my steaming dick back into her, when Nora hooked her hands under my arms, pulling me up on top of her for a long sensuous cuddle.

She commenced kissing me all over my face and neck; her tongue licking the wetness from my skin while giving it a new sheen.

"I love tasting myself on you," she moaned. "I love thinking about the amazing things you've done to me and you're ... eighteen?"

"Yes," I said, "I'm going to be nineteen in a couple months though," as if that made a difference.

"I would very much like," Nora blinked, almost in tears, "to keep on sucking this lovely cock for as long as you can stand me doing it."

She sent a hand on a descriptive journey, "And it's so big, and so hard, and so beautiful, and I want it inside me right now ... pretty please?"

She guided me to the font of her wetness, holding me there until the head of my cock had safely slipped inside. "Deeper, deeper," she whimpered as she coaxed me.

"Fill me up completely."

I slid in to the hilt.

"Aubrey?" she asked.


Nora locked her legs around my waist. "So, this is probably the last time we'll have today. So let's make it a good one, all right?" And she began to grind her pussy into me, milking me with her well developed cunt muscles.

I let her carry the action for a while and then noticed something a little different. I shifted a little until I was sort of riding up on her. The top side of my dick was now rubbing over her clit with each thrust.

Nora gave me a puzzled look, but seconds later her eyes went wide, almost bulging from her head. Nora twisted her hands through the labyrinth of our legs, one cupping my balls from underneath, while a finger of the other tickled my anus, gently probing.

This seemed terribly one-sided to me. I twisted slightly, inserting a finger up inside her along with my cock. Nora got a big smile that turned down to a whimper of disappointment when I pulled it out. I moved my hand around and then, without so much as an introduction, stuck the slickened finger up her ass. This had sent her over earlier. Her hands went to my ass, gripping it like a steering wheel. Then she gave a great groan and started to cum.

Eventually I rolled off her, on my side by her side. Nora turned her head towards me. "Incredible!" she whispered. "Just incredible!"

"You too," I said.

"No, you are special, Aubrey. You're unique, truly unique. You search and search until you find a woman's secret."

"I do?"

"Yes, you do. And then you weld them to you forever by bringing them happiness that may never be repeated. I can only hope that I have sex like this again. But if not, I have this to look back on. And I'm ever so grateful to you for that."

"Well, you were pretty damned exciting too, Nora."

"Thank you, but I know better. However, would you consider returning here to stay with me for a few days? Perhaps Thanksgiving, or Christmas?"

"I'd like to, but I think my mother will have plans for us then."

"Yes, I expect so," Nora said, eyes downcast. Then she brightened. Perhaps next summer. We could have the two of you for a long weekend. Your mother seems to be enjoying herself with ______."

"That's a possibility. I'll mention it to her."

"No, don't. I'll have _______ mention it to her. I know she's involved with him and would probably accept the invitation to be alone with him."

"I think you're right," I said.

And then we said our real goodbyes, the artificial farewell would occur the next day. I didn't know it then, but it would be the last time I saw Nora. She and her husband would perish in a fiery boat accident that fall. But I would remember her for the rest of my life. Her and the wonderful aroma of her cum soaked panties.

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