tagHumor & SatireHank & His Harley

Hank & His Harley


It was 7pm in the Bronx. Ben and Sam had gone to stay overnight with their school pal , Joey. They had just eaten most everything in Mrs. Marianetti's icebox. And now they were looking for some mischief to get into.

"We could raid your dad's liquor cabinet!" suggested Sam.

"Nah, he has only got beer in the icebox and he knows just how many there are left." replied Joey.

"Hey did you hear about Hank getting busted at school today with a couple of joints?" said Ben. "Wish we had got a couple of him before he got busted."

"Hell yeah," said Joey "we coulda got stoned and watched TV or gone on the net into a chat room or something."

"That would make for an interesting night." said Sam with a smile.

"Hell we don't need to get stoned to do that." replied Ben. "Let's make up a profile and go into the romance chat rooms."

"Cool" both the other boys replied.

So they set to, getting what they would need for their profile.

"I got a picture of my dad on his mate's Harley that was taken when I was about 4. It would have made him about 32 and he had on jeans and a T so the clothes wont look outdated." volunteered Joey.

"Way cool" said Sam "the chicks dig guys with Harleys."

"Now what will we call him?" asked Joey.

"The Italian Stallion!!!" laughed Ben.

"Nah that's old Ben. We want something different. Something that will get the women's attention." spoke Sam authoritatively. How about hank_n_hisharley!" he suggested.

"Yeah sweet." Ben and Joey both replied.

"Better make him divorced with a little girl. That will explain my little sister in the foreground." said Joey.

"What about hobbies?" asked Ben.

Sam smiled to himself. "I've got just the thing!" he said as he started to type. The other boys watched the screen and were both smiling as well when they saw what he had typed.

'Moonlight rides on my Harley with a sweet tasting woman.'

Soon they were ready to try out their new alias.

"Okay which room shall we pick?" asked Sam.

"Thirties love sounds good" answered Joey, "Hank is thirty two." he added laughing.

So Sam clicked on the room. They were soon flirting in the room while checking out the profiles. They had already checked out about five when they noticed a new woman come into the room. Her name was Cleos_double and as they had been just studying Egyptian history that day, they all smiled at each other.

"Check her out, Sam" piped up Ben. But Sam was already ahead of him and her profile soon came onto the screen.

"She looks hot." said Ben and Sam and Joey just nodded agreement with their jaws gaping at the sight of a foxy looking Aussie chick. Tanned and blonde with legs that went all the way up. They couldn't help but drool. Finally they were able to pull their eyes away from her photo to check out wot she had written.

"30 years old" said Joey "Just the right age for Hank."

"From Queensland" added Ben. "Isn't that where Mom and Dad had their honeymoon?" he asked Sam.

"Yeah" said Sam "on the Gold Coast. Dad said there was some great beaches there and I bet that is where that photo was taken. Look at the surf behind her."

But it was hard for the boys to look at the surf with this great looking chick staring out at them. Not to mention the miniscule bikini she had on.

"Wow" said Sam "we gotta try and get onto this woman. She is soooooooo hot."

So he whispered her.

'Hi sexy!' he typed. "Great opening line" said Joey sarcastically.

"Well you want to see if you can do better?" said Sam.

Cleos_double typed back a tentative hi.

Sam carried on typing. Just general conversation, asking her about Australia. Her likes and dislikes. He told her a little about 'Hank'. Meanwhile the other two boys were nudging him and urging him to ask if she wanted to cyber. Finally Sam typed in "Would you like to cyber?"

They all nearly wet their pants when she typed back that she would but that she had never cybered before.

"Oh my God" said Sam "What will we do now? I don't know how to cyber either."

"Let me take over, I have seen my sister Marina doin it in these rooms quite often. I got a fair idea what to write." said Joey.

So Sam gave up his seat to Joey and "Joey started to type away.

'Have you got a vibrator?' he asked cleos_double.

'Yes' she replied.

'Well' he suggested 'why don't you use that while we cyber.'

Ben and Sam high fived each other and patted Joey on the back.

"Good one, Joey" said Sam.

"Shame she hasn't got web cam" added Ben.

Both Joey and Sam let out a long sigh and said "Yeah" at the same time.

As Joey started to cyber, you could see it was affecting them all. All three were sitting there with erections and trying hard not to notice the others.

Joey was typing in how he would suck on her tits and play with them.

Sam said "Go lower Joey. Get down to her pussy!!!"

"Don't rush me!" said Joey. "I am the one typing, let me do it how I want."

Soon he was down there, telling his internet 'friend' how he would eat her out, until he made her cum.

"I wonder if she really orgasmed then" said Ben.

"Yeah of course she did" replied Joey. "Look her spelling has gone funny. And she is really slow typing now. She must have."

All the boys smiled at each other.

"Tell her, it is her turn now" said Sam. So Joey typed in asking her is she would like to go down on him.

Soon she was busy doing their stuff.

"God these Aussie chicks are hot!" said Joey. Just then Sam excused himself and went to the bathroom.

Of course when he returned Ben made a quiet little dig at him about wanking off in the bathroom and they could tell by the red rushing to Sam's face that that was exactly what he had been doing.

Sam didn't offer any excuses.

Just shrugged his shoulders and said "A man has got to do what a man has got to do."

While they were watching the woman doing her stuff, Sam suggested that they ask her if they could add her to 'Hank's' IM.

So when she had finished Joey asked her and she said yes so quickly, that he couldn't chicken out but had to do it straight away.

After they had said their goodbyes to Cleos_double, they looked at each other and grinned.

"We will make a pact." suggested Joey. "We will all try and cyber with this chick at least three times a week. What do you reckon."

"Yeah" the other two agreed.

Soon they were rushing to Joey's place every other night to cyber with this cute Aussie chick. And every time they did, they would all go home and jack off thinking about her.

After a few weeks, on one of their 'off' nights, the Goldman's announce to their sons, that they were going to go to Queensland for a holiday on the boys spring breaks. Ben and Sam both looked at each other smiling. "Cool" said Sam and Ben nodded his agreement.

They couldn't wait to get to school the next day to tell Joey.

"Wow guys," said Joey "I am soo jealous. How can we work it so you could both check out Cleo while you are there?"

So that day at recess, they sat and hatched their plan. First they would tell her that 'Hank' was coming over on business. Then they would arrange to meet her somewhere when they got there. They picked Sea World on the mono rail platform as Sam had seen it on the brochure of the resort where they were going to stay.

That way, they thought, Ben and Sam would be able to see her but she wouldn't know that they were 'Hank' so they wouldn't be busted. Then Joey could just 'talk' to her on IM the night after they had arranged for her to meet 'Hank' and tell her he had to fly back early as his little girl was sick.

"That'll work" said Sam "and that way we can still cyber with her whenever we want."

So that night they cybered for an hour or so with 'Cleo' and then they announced just before signing out that 'Hank' would be coming to Australia for on a business trip and would like to meet up with her.

That was the last they ever saw of 'Cleos_double'. The next time they were online to speak to her, she didn't come on. They tried again a few nights later and few nights after that but they never saw her come on again.

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