tagIncest/TabooHannah and Mike Ch. 01

Hannah and Mike Ch. 01


(This is my first story, there will be more chapters to follow but bare with me while I get used to the writing process.)

Growing up in my family was pretty typical to say the least. I had two older brothers and one younger sister. Both my parents were only children so I didn't have any aunts, uncles or cousins. So I guess you could say we had a fairly small family. Just like any other family we had our differences, mainly between us siblings. My two older brothers, Phil and Tom, were only a year apart so they kinda buddied together. My younger sister, Hannah, and myself were also a year apart, with 4 years separating myself and Tom. So, naturally, growing up it was always Hannah and myself vs. Phil and Tom. This difference in age between us siblings really forced Hannah and I to develop more than just a brother sister relationship, it was more of a best friend type deal.

Fast forward to high school. Well, mine and Hannah's high school years to be exact, since at this time Phil and Tom had both gone off to college. I wasn't much for organized sports by high school, I had played in middle school, but was more into hanging out than being yelled out by a coach. On the other hand, Hannah was the teeny bopper turned high school cheerleader in high school. Now our high school wasn't the type you'd see in movies, but more of a everyone knew everyone type deal. Especially everyone knew everyone's older siblings. So whenever Hannah had a boy bothering her in school she would seek my help and my friends and I could usually handle it. But if not the mere mention of my two older brothers, who had played football, would scare anyone off. I guess I would sometimes overstep my 'brotherly duties' when it came to her boyfriends, because whenever she started liking a boy I would scare him off, after all, it was my little sister.

Well high school came and went with out too much interesting happen, I had my share of girlfriends and scared more than Hannah's share of boyfriend's off. But my guardian/big brother reign had to come to an end at some point. I was accepted to college halfway across the country and the following fall I packed up and left, never to come back. No, not really but it was quite a while before I returned. In fact I had not planned on coming home until summer break after my 2nd semester had it not been for a serious lack of money. I had spent all my time and money partying and I found myself quite broke with no source of income except for my student loans. Since we were the kinda of family with parents that 'worked hard for everything they had,' we were encouraged to earn everything for ourselves and to never ask them for money. So I canceled my Spring Break plans and headed home to earn some scratch to last me the rest of the semester.

I arrived home early March, unannounced, on a Saturday afternoon. I had taken a cab home from the airport to try and keep the whole thing a surprise. As I got out of the cab in front of my house I smelled the distinct smell of freshly cut grass. I know it so well cause that was how I made my living ever since I was able to follow a lawnmower. Since it had always been my job I was curious to see who had taken up the slack since I had left for college. I took my bags inside and dropped them in the foyer as I made my way to the back yard. As I walked out of the house onto the back porch, I was taken back by the beauty of the yard. Whoever had taken up my job of landscaping had gone way beyond what I had ever planned for our yard. There were beautiful flowers and newly planted shrubery and stone walkways...and a pool! I just walked the yard admiring all the work ad wondered what the hell had happened to my yard. Before I knew it I heard some rustling behind me but before I could turn around I felt a shove and was pushed directly towards the pool. There was no way I could catch my balance and I ended up head first into what I was glad to learn was the deep end of our new pool.

I surfaced a second later and looked around to find my attacker when I heard a splash beside me as I saw what looked to be a female body entering the pool. Just then Hannah, my little sister, rose out of the water in what could only be described as a what a model would do in a swimsuit ad. As she moved towards me she asked, "Mike, what are you doing here!?! We weren't expecting you for another 2 months! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw you come out the back door."

"You nearly had a heart attack, you assaulted me from behind and pushed me in the pool with no warning!" I half yelled back with as we came together for a hug.

"Well, what better way to welcome my favorite brother back home than soaking him in the new pool?" she laughed as we started to exit up the stairs in the shallow end.

"Yeah, well you certainly did a good job of that. Luckily I'm wearing gym shorts and didn't have my cellphone or wallet on me. Or else I'd have to get you back!" I said playfully while I acted like I was gonna chase after her. We walked towards the table and chairs near the diving board which were covered by a large umbrella. I shed my shirt to prevent the cold material from clinging to my chest and arms. Now that the shirt was gone it felt quite good with the water in my hair and on my body since it was quite hot outside. It wasn't until now that I finally got a chance to look at Hannah. Although it had only been about 8 months since I had seen her she seemed to have lost a bit of weight and her body was toned to that of swimmer. She stood about 5' 3" but it seemed like her legs were a good 3 and a half feet of her. From there it led to her very tight and shapely ass, the kind you just want to touch to feel how hard it was. Her waist was small and fit her frame perfectly and made way to a very smooth stomach with just the slightest hint of muscle beginning to show. Her breasts, while not giant, seemed pretty large for a girl of her size. My best guess would be a 32 C, perfectly round and amazingly perky. And then her long, straight, blond hair that, even while wet, was as pretty as any runway model could have hoped for. Her angelic face seems like it was the only thing that hadn't changed. She was still the cute kid I remember, but she just had this killer body to go with her adorable face.

As we sat at the table, Hannah, without saying a word, reached under the table and came back up with a couple Coronas and lime wedges from a cooler she had lying there. I popped the the tops off the beers with a lighter that was on the table and inserted the limes and handed her back her opened beer.

"Well thank you kind sir," she said in a shitty British accent and a beautiful smirk on her face.

"No, no. Thank you, kind madam," I joked back. "Since when did it start being okay for you to drink around here?"

"Last month when I turned eighteen, same as you when you lived here. You know mom and dad, so long as we don't hide anything and be safe about it, they don't mind what we do." Its true, their parenting style was less than strict, so long as there was honestly and responsibility involved. I then pulled out a couple of cigarettes from the pack lying on the table, lit them both and handed one to Hannah.

"I assume you smoke too since you're the only one out here," I asked her after I gave her the smoke.

"Yeah, well, not much, this is dad's pack but whenever I have a beer I like to have a cigarette too," she replied as she then sexily inhaled from her cigarette.

"So tell me, where the fuck did this back yard come from? When I left and was still in charge of it it was well maintained, but no where near this. Its gorgeous!"

"Well you can thank yours truly for that!" she said proudly as she stood up to give me a bow and show that she was proud of the work she did. "After you left I kind of took up the yard work responsibilities and felt it needed a little jazzing up. Mom and dad said it looked so good that at Christmas they surprised me and showed me a booklet of pools and told me to pick one out I liked. And sure enough, as soon as it was warm enough they broke ground for this fabulous new pool."

"What about the porch, I don't see dad splurging for someone to come build that."

"No, he actually did that himself, with the help from the Thompson boy from down the street. I really love how he built it around that big oak tree. It's going to be a bitch in the fall when the leaves fall all over the porch but nothing a blower can't handle." I was quite impressed, not by the yard but by the way was little sister was talking. It was like she had been landscaping her whole life.

"Well I think its fucking sweet, its like a resort here now compared to those shitty dorms I've been stuck in for the past 8 months."

"Speaking of..." she asked, while taking the last puff of her cigarette, "why are you back from college? I didn't think you were coming home until summer?"

"Basically I ran out of money. A couple guys I met through my intro to econ class have a buddy that looks like me and gave me an old ID. So I've got a fake and have been going out quite a lot. The bars are expensive, especially when you get drunk and buy every decent looking girl in the bar a drink."

"Oh yeah? So has my big brother been big pimpin over there in college?" she laughed.

"Not hardly. I had a girlfriend for a while but she was a little needy and I was a little too concerned with partying. But for real I'm broke and came home to see if the neighborhood could use some work. I'm sure I could get a couple small landscaping jobs and earn a few hundred dollars to last me the last me till I find a real job," I explained to her.

"You may have to work for those jobs now, after all, you've got some competition in the 'hood," she joked. "After you left, some of your 'clients' kept calling to see if you'd be home cause they needed their lawns touched up. People called so much and dad mentioned how much money you made doing it so he spent a couple weeks teaching me some things and I started working around the neighborhood like you used to."

Actually quite proud, and somewhat jealous of her, I had to try and take her down a peg. "So that how you lost all that weight, last I remember you were a little butterball."

"Bullshit! I was not!" She yelled at me, as she got up and and started hitting me playfully.

"My little sister is kind of a hottie now, I bet all the perverted old men love watching you do their lawn!" I joked.

"Actually they do. And thats why I get paid almost twice as much as you did!"

"What, are you serious?" I was pissed but rather intrigued at this.

"Yeah, I always wear skimpy bathing suits tops like this and really short shorts. I make sure I make a show of cooling myself off too. It makes me feel a little naughty but I swear I've got more lawns a week with double pay than you could have ever wished for."

"Shit, maybe I do have some competition." I realized.

"I'm going to grab a shower. Mom and dad usually get home from work around 4 so you'd better clean up too. They'll be glad to see you but not if you're all sweaty like that." I swear she was shaking her ass as she walked across the porch and in through the sliding glass door. I couldn't help but think how hot she had become, even if she was my little sister, she was one hell of a gorgeous young woman. After one more cigarette and finishing my beer, I grabbed my shirt and the empty bottles and headed inside, taking one more look around the new backyard.

I grabbed my bags from the foyer and headed up the stairs to my old room, which I was happy to see was left just the way I remembered. 'At least some things are still the same,' I thought as I threw my stuff down and got out of my wet clothes. I could hear the shower running in the bathroom, which was located between mine and Hannah's room, with no door to the hallway. It served as our little shared area when we were little, but we had to be more conscious of each other as we grew older and always closed the doors. However this time it seemed as though Hannah had forgot to close mine all the way and I could see the mirror which reflected back to the shower doors. I really had to pee after the beer so I knocked loudly and asked Hannah if she minded.

"Hey, no its okay. I'm just about through anyways so the shower will be all yours, just don't flush!" I grabbed a towel from my closet and wrapped it around me as I entered the bathroom and started to use the toilet. Aside from the initial stage fright and the thoughts of my sister naked in the shower behind me I finished up and flushed. 'Shit, she's gonna flip,' I thought. Sure enough a couple seconds later I heard Hannah scream and jump out of the shower. The shower is kinda small and no room to escape the scalding hot water when that happens so she had to escape through the door. Startled, I turned around and saw Hannah completely naked staring at me with a rather angry look.

"You asshole, I told you not to flush," she screamed and lightly hit my arm. We both kinda stood there looking at me as she started to cover up and look for her towel. In her desperate attempt to escape the shower it had knocked her towel off the top and back into the water. She slyly looked back at me, then to my towel and grabbed it from around my waist and ran laughing into her room. I was still stunned from seeing her naked and had not moved an inch. Thats more than I could say for my cock which had started to grow rapidly after the whole situation had unfolded. Hannah, now completely covered by the towel peeked her head back into the bathroom from her room to see if I was gonna chase after her. I just looked at her and acted like it was no big deal to be naked and she just stared back. I saw her gaze fix to my still growing erection and not leave it till I entered the shower. I felt bad for getting an erection after seeing her, but was also rather excited to be a part of the game which could lead to much more. I figured I wouldn't risk rubbing one out now considering both of our doors were wide open so I finished my shower and rinsed all the shampoo out of my hair. I looked down at my cock which was still rock hard, pointing out a good 7 and a half inches and showing no signs of deflating. Seeing as how I had no towel I opened the shower door and was about to step out but stopped as I saw Hannah standing with her back to be brushing her teeth at the sink. She now had on some white lacy boy shorts and a matching bra, with the towel from before now wrapped around her head. She looked at me through the half fogged mirror and then back down towards my crotch.

"Well you gonna give me that towel back, or am I just supposed to air dry?" I asked in a half serious tone.

Hannah, taking her time to answer, finally said, "I don't mind if you air dry, but I doubt mom would appreciate it too much." As she said that she nodded towards her room and I saw my mom sitting at Hannah's computer, probably checking her email.

"Shit, Hannah, give me that towel!" I said quietly trying not to get my mom's attention.

Hannah then, in a very slow motion, unwrapped her hair, and held the towel a few feet from me and said, in a rather loud voice, "Here you go, Mike." It was then when my mom I saw my mom turning toward the bathroom just as I was rushing back into my room. Having barely avoided letting my mother see that I was exposing my rock hard cock to my half naked sister, I quickly got dressed in a tight pair of jeans to try and conceal my erection. I threw on a shirt and walked back through to see my mom. As I passed by Hannah, now brushing her hair with her ass sticking out, I made a point to rub my crotch against her ass. I felt her push back a little which sent a chill down my spine and saw her smirking devilishly in the mirror.

"Hey, sweetie. Hannah told me you came home to surprise us! I'm so glad to see you!" my mother said as I entered Hannah's room. She came over to give me a hug and I thought of my erection that was still strong as ever.

"Yeah I thought I'd keep it in the dark and come home and surprise everyone at once. I figured you and Dad would be home on a Saturday," I told her as we hugged. I was keeping my waist as far away as possible to hide my bulge.

"Well you father is downstairs go say hi to him then get ready. We'll all go out for dinner in an hour or so," my mother said. She was glowing and it made me feel really good to know she was glad to see me. As I headed downstairs I heard my mother commenting to Hannah that she was going to dress more appropriately now that I was home. I talked to my dad for a while downstairs and had a beer with him as we caught up. Dinner was really nice especially since it wasn't the cafeteria food I was used to. We knew the owners of the restaurant so we were comfortable ordering drinks all around and racked up a pretty large bill, not to mention a slight buzz.

After dinner we all just wanted to stay up and keep talking so we headed out to the back porch. We were enjoying our 3rd round of drinks when I needed to use the bathroom. I used the one upstairs b/w mine and Hannah's room cause my mom was using the downstairs and I had to go pretty bad. I was in such a rush that I didn't bother closing the doors and just went for it. With the large amount I had been drinking it took me quite a while. By the time I was finished I felt a presence beside me.

"Don't forget to shake, Mike," Hannah said as she walked in from her room. Since I had not zipped up, Hannah was once again treated to the sight of my dick. Although this time it wasn't hard, she was still ogling it.

"Jesus Hannah, are you ever gonna give me any privacy?" I rebutted.

"Not as long as you keep leaving these doors open. Besides, I kinda like the show," Hannah said as picked up the hand towel and handed it to me after I finished washing my hands. "Now hurry up and get outta here. I gotta go to."

Before I could exit the bathroom she already had her pants down and gave me a slight view of her neatly trimmed pubic hair as she sat on the toilet. I made my way back out to the back porch were my mother and father were cleaning up.

"You guys done for the night?" I asked as I popped the top to another beer and lit myself a cigarette.

"Yeah we have to set up some breakfast for church tomorrow, so we're gonna call it a night. Don't bother getting up early tomorrow. We know you must be tired from the flight so just sleep on through church. We should be back around lunchtime," my father told. I was kinda relieved cause I was tired and wanted to sleep in. I told them goodnight and started strolling around the pool. Hannah came back outside and grabbed herself another beer. I had since sat down on the diving board and was lying down looking up at the sky, enjoying my buzz. Hannah came over and sat on the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in. She had changed to a small pair of athletic shorts and a pink Victoria's Secret tshirt.

"Its so good to have you back home, Mike. I really did miss you when you left for college."

"You too, sis. College is a blast but there's nothing like the comfort of home."

We chatted for a while and noticed that we were both out beer. I suggested another but Hannah said, "How about we go for a dip. I love swimming at night."

"I'm game. Just let me go a suit from my room."

"Ahh, don't bother. Its dark outside and no one can see us. Just go in your boxers. Unless you're afraid your little sister may tease you about something."

"What about mom and dad. What would they do if they saw me out here in my underwear?" I protested.

"You saw how they were acting. Mom was drunk and I could hear them goin at it as I was coming out here. They'll be plenty busy," she assured me.

"Well I appreciate the mental image first off. And secondly, I guess you're right. Its only you out here and its not like I've got anything to hid from you after today."

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