tagLoving WivesHappiest Family in the World Ch. 03

Happiest Family in the World Ch. 03


This is the third part of my story "Happiest family in the world." Nisha's husband Sunil was persuaded to remarry for the sake of having kids by his mother Laila. Sunil married Jeena and brought her to the family home where he was living with Nisha and Laila.


The next morning everyone met at the breakfast table. Nisha tried not to let Sunil see the happiness on her face after the thorough fucking she got from her mother in law. After all she should look sad as her husband had married again and his new bride was seated across her at the table. Jeena looked shy and confused and stole glances at Nisha every now and then. There was an uncomfortable silence for a long time. Sunil was busy reading the morning newspaper while eating. Laila broke the silence finally.

"I am so lucky to have two such beautiful daughter in laws in my house. Live together happily like sisters and take good care of my Sunil. I don't want any petty fights between you two. As the head of the family I am responsible for the happiness of all the members and so I will do all I can."

She looked pointedly at Nisha after saying this. "As the elder daughter in law it's your duty to keep Jeena happy. Make sure she doesn't feel out of place here. My sister is not well and has been hospitalized so I will have to stay with her at her place for a few days. I hope everything will be taken care of until my return."

Sunil stood up and cried, "Oh Mother! I have to go to the city to attend to an important business matter. Its already been stalled too long because of the wedding. How can I leave Nisha and Jeena alone here if you too go away?"

Laila thought for a moment and then said "Nisha is quite capable of looking after the household and of course the servants are there. You need not worry so much son. It's good that we leave them alone for some time so that they can bond with each other. What do you say Nisha?"

Nisha was suddenly at a loss for words. Then she pulled herself together and said " Mother don't worry. I will take good care of Jeena and the house when you are away."

Laila left by lunchtime after giving a load of instructions to Nisha about the smooth running of the household. Even though Nisha vividly remembered the night before and blushed when she was alone with her mother in law, Laila spoke in a matter of fact tone and did not hint about anything that happened between them. Nisha accepted this treatment silently, as there was nothing she could do about it.

Sunil left after lunch. He was silent for some time when seated with his two wives at the table. Then jokingly he said "Hope my beauties will keep each other good company when I am away. I want you to be good friends as we have a lifetime ahead of us. I will be missing you both." Both Jeena and Nisha wished him a happy and safe journey at the doorstep. They watched until his car was out of sight along the village road.

Nisha had been too busy with Sunils wedding preparations to take care of herself. She was aching all over after the fucking she had with Laila the night before. She badly needed an oil bath. It is a Kerala tradition to have an oil bath at least once a week. There was a lotus pond at the back of the big house. The pond was secluded from all sides by stone walls and could be entered from the house through a passage from the back Verandah. She called to her maid Saabitha to get the oil ready and went to check on Jeena.

Nisha felt a sudden jab of pain when she knocked on the door of Sunils bedroom, now Jeenas. There was no answer. The door opened when she turned the knob. Jeena was fast asleep on Sunils large bed. Her rosebud like lips were parted slightly and she seemed to mutter something in her sleep. Her pointed boobs stood up like twin towers and rose and fell with each breath. Nisha was taken aback by the beauty of this girl who was sleeping on her husbands bed which was hers till yesterday. She was surprised that she didn't feel any animosity towards this girl ten years younger to her. Nisha decided not to disturb the sleeping beauty and silently left the room.

Nisha was seated on the stone bench near the lotus pond. She was naked up to her waist. Only a thin muslin cloth covered her pubic area. Saabitha the maid massaged warm scented coconut oil in to her supple skin. Saabitha was from Nishas hometown and had worked as her mother's maid. After Nishas marriage with Sunil she accompanied Nisha to her new home. Saabitha disapproved of Sunils second marriage and said so when she got this private moment with Nisha.

"My poor Nishu baby. How could he do this to you."

She had finished massaging Nishas neck and arms and now moved on to her luscious boobs. Her rough oiled palms kneaded each globe. She tweaked the nipples with thumb and forefinger. Nisha moaned with pain filled pleasure. Saabitha smiled slyly and tweaked harder.

"Now that he has seen new ones hope he doesn't forget these. I bet the new brides are not even half as big as these melons."

Her work hardened palms slid down along Nishas torso. She was by now lying on her back on the stone bench. Saabita slid an oiled finger in to Nishas deep navel which lead to another moan from her. Slowly the muslin cloth covering her navel was slid away exposing her womanhood covered by silky black hair. Saabita took a palm full of oil and poured it over the cleft between her labia. The warm oil flowed down in to the crevice, which made Nisha open her legs slightly. Saabitha took advantage of this and slid a palm in. She started an up and down motion with her hard right palm which rubbed on Nishas clitoris. A loud moan escaped from Nisha who half rose from the bench.

Saabita said nonchalantly "Now let Saabu massage your back. The skin looks very dry."

Now Nisha kneeled on the bench and Saabita did her back with usual vigour. She poured another palm full of oil between Nishas large buttocks and kneaded them with both hands. Her palm again slid between the cheeks and caressed her openings, which made Nisha cry out loud. Suddenly they realized that there was another person nearby and turned to see Jeena standing near the passage door.

She looked surprised and asked quietly "What happened Nisha? Why did you cry?"

Nisha was at a loss for words at first and then she realized that she was naked and hurriedly draped the muslin cloth around her naked body glistening with oil.

Nisha pulled herself together and said, "It was a large frog which frightened me. It's hiding behind that rock. Saabu was giving me an oil massage. I am having body pain because of the hectic activities of the past few days. She is really good with her hands. All the pain has gone away. I feel so relaxed now. I will wash now. Care to join me?"

Nisha hoped she sounded very casual though her heart was beating rapidly in her rib cage at the thought of Jeena seeing her naked body. Jeena had seen all there was to see. The huge oiled boobs and the large quivering buttocks would not leave her mind. The beautiful lady with oil all over her naked body glistening in the afternoon sun. It was the body her husband caressed all these years until yesterday night. The thought of her first night with Sunil made her blush.

"Not today Nisha. I had one a couple of days back. May be next week. I am sorry I disturbed you. Please carry on with your bath." She left hurriedly along the passage.

Saabitha smirked "Good that she got a look at your body. She should know who is the beauty here." Nisha gave Saabu an angry look and slid in to the water.

Dinner was a quiet affair with Nisha and Jeena sitting at a corner of the huge dining table. Nisha tried to avoid eye contact, as she was not sure how much Jeena had seen. They chatted meaninglessly about this and that and retired to their rooms as soon as they had eaten. Alone in her room Nisha suddenly felt sad at the thought of Jeena occupying her husbands room whereas she had been banished to this large but cold room. Yesterday night Laila had skillfully hidden away her pain. Today it was back again making her the loneliest person in the world.

Nisha was awakened by a soft knock on the door. She wondered who it was. The clock showed that it was twenty minutes past twelve. She was wearing a thin cotton nighty with nothing underneath. She opened the door to see Jeena standing there with her hair tousled and sleepy eyes. She had a pink negligee on which showed off her svelte figure to perfection.

"Nisha can I join you. I can't sleep alone. I tried not to bother you. It's a new house you see. I haven't got used to it." She was already inside the room before Nisha could answer.

"Of course you can Jeena. Even I am feeling a bit lonely in this large room.

"Jeena looked in to the older womans eyes. She could sense the pain, her sadness.

Suddenly she moved closer to Nisha and hugged her. "I am sorry Nisha, that it happened. Are you angry? You have been so nice to me for the past two days. I am feeling really bad for you. That's why I can't sleep."

Nisha was taken aback. She had never expected this from the younger woman, her husband's new wife. With the young girls beautiful body pressed against her she couldn't think of what to say. They stayed like that for a few moments. Jeena felt very warm with Nisha's voluptous body pressed against hers. She tightened the embrace. She could feel the large soft boobs and the long nipples hardening against her skin through the thin materials of their nighties. She felt a sudden unknown yearning to kiss this woman, to comfort her in her misery.

Jeena pressed her soft lips on Nishas large puffy ones and then there was no stopping her. She sucked on Nishas lower lips. At first Nisha tried to pull away but then yielded and opened up for Jeena who went on sucking on the luscious flesh as a baby feeding at its mothers bossom. Nisha sucked on Jeenas upper lip. It seemed like eons when they came back to their senses and pulled apart. Jeena felt shy to look Nisha in the face and stood with her eyes lowered to the floor.

"I am sorry. Didn't mean to do anything like that. So impulsive of me. I think I should go back to the other room."

Jeena turned towards the door but felt Nishas palm on her shoulder. "Don't go. Please stay with me tonight."

Chirping of birds from a mango tree near the window awakened Jeena. She felt something soft against her cheek. Nishas soft breasts were pressed against the side of her face and one arm was thrown over her waist. She felt like a baby sleeping next to this warm beautiful woman. She tried to remember the night before. Nisha had asked her to sit down on the bed next to her and they talked for sometime hand in hand as if they had known each other for years. They exchanged their life stories and each felt the others sadness as if her own. They knew each other very well now. They had a lifetime to spend together with a man, the man who had wed both of them.

Nisha was lying awake but didn't want to move, as she was afraid to awaken Jeena. The girl whose arrival she had dreaded all these days but sleeping like a baby next to her now. They had talked till 3am and then went to sleep curled up against each other. She felt Jeena stir and stiffened.

"Good Morning Nisha. I slept well. Hope I have not been too much trouble to you. Being an orphan I have never been much close to anyone. I feel so good that I have got you now!" She hugged Nisha once more and got up from the bed.

"Must go now. Sunil said he will be back in the evening."

Nisha stayed in bed for some more time. She felt like she had been in a dream for the past two days. Sunils wedding, her night with Laila and then her night with Jeena. She felt pleased as if there was something wonderful to look forward to and she knew not why. She was relieved that Jeena was not her enemy as she had imagined all these days. In fact she liked Jeena now...or loved Jeena since the night before. Yes she loved Jeena and wanted to keep her happy.

The rest of the day flew by awaiting Sunil's arrival. Breakfast and lunch were enjoyable with the women chatting away about so many things. They enjoyed each other's company now and stayed together. Sunil was back by seven in the evening and then suddenly everything changed. During dinner Sunil talked about his trip to the town to no one in particular. The women remained silent just listening to their man. Sunil finished eating and stood up.

"Got some calls to make. You girls take your time. No need to hurry. Regarding our sleeping arrangements, I would like to tell you both that I don't want any one of you to feel left out. Tonight, Nisha can sleep with me in the master bedroom. Jeena I hope you would oblige and make use of the room next door."

He didn't wait for them to answer and just walked away.

The women were silent for a few moments. Then Nisha said "Jeena you can't sleep alone. I think you should sleep with Sunil. I don't mind sleeping alone."

"Sunil asked for you. He needs you tonight. Don't worry about me dear I will manage."

Nisha was secretly happy that Sunil wanted her in spite of having a brand new bride. At the same time she felt bad for Jeena that she had to spend a lonely night away from her bridegroom of just one night. She looked forward to the night with anticipation and knocked on the master bedroom door.

"Come in. It's unlocked."

Sunil was at his desk going through some papers. Nisha closed the door behind her and walked towards Sunil. It was as if the past two days never happened. Sunil looked at Nisha's face. He stood up and walked towards Nisha. He hugged her tightly.

"I missed you, my sweetheart!"

He led Nisha towards the bed and made her lie down next to him.

"Tell me. How was your day? Did you and Jeena get along well? That was my main reason for going away. It is very important to me that you and Jeena be good friends for life."

"Don't worry, Sunil, we are already very good friends. We slept together in the other room yesterday. She is a wonderful person. I am happy that you have chosen her. We are really close now."

Sunil hugged Nisha tighter. "I am so happy to hear this. That means you know everything, is that so my dear?"

"Everything?" Nisha half sat up in the bed. She wondered what Sunil was talking about.

"Didn't she tell you about what happened on our wedding night?"

"No, nothing about that. Can you tell me?"

In the adjoining room Jeena tried to go to sleep. Her thoughts wandered to her wedding night. She was very apprehensive though excited about her first night with a man. A married experienced man, much older than her. Somehow she felt a tinge of guilt deep in her heart that she was going to sleep with this man when his wife was lying awake in another room cursing her. Sunil got rid of her clothes fast and here she was standing before him like a marble statue. Milky white with high perky 36C boobs a long slender 24 inch waist and shapely 36 inch buttocks awaited his touch. She was so different from Nisha yet very beautiful. Nisha, ...his voluptous goddess. Both are now his. He got rid of his clothes fast and moved towards Jeena. She was trembling, fear? Excitement? Both? He drew her towards him and took her rose bud like lips in to his mouth. She tasted so sweet. She didn't respond and he wondered why?

After kissing and worshipping her from head to toe he laid her down on her back on the bed. Her nipples were erect and dark pink and the light pink areola was large and faded in to the milky white skin. He bit on one after the other. She moaned. She ran his fingers down her navel and touched her womanhood. She was wet there. He prepared to enter her. She winced in pain. He pushed again. This time she cried out loud.

"Wait Honey, don't be afraid. We will take it slowly. Let me enter you with my fingers first." He tried to push his middle finger in to her. She cried again. "Loosen up now Jeena. I don't want to hurt you."

"I can't. I have never done this before. She sobbed uncontrollably."

"What is it Jeena? Its not just that its your first time. What is worrying you? Tell me now. I want you to be happy first. Sex can wait."

"It's that I feel I am not a good person. I feel guilty that I am enjoying my first night with you when Nisha, your wife, is all alone. I am not being a good human being.'

"You were aware of the situation here before you agreed to tie the knot with me, Jeena! Suddenly why this change of heart?"

"I thought I could cope with it but looking at Nisha, I can sense her pain and helplessness. Her face came before me just now when you were touching me...so I can't. I want you very much but I can't. Please try to understand me."

"Oh. So that's it. Put on your clothes we need to talk."

He wore his clothes thoughtfully. Jeena was still sobbing while getting dressed. Sunil was deep in thought for sometime and then said. "Tomorrow I will leave you and Nisha alone in the house as I have to go to the city. Mother is also leaving to her sister's place. Make good use of this time and get close to Nisha and convince her that you are going to be very good to her. Win her over. Both of you need to be in love with each other for us all to love together, the three of us. Love her with an open heart. I know Nisha. She will love you a thousand fold. Only then you can be free of your guilt, my sweet heart. Can you do this for me...for Nisha...for us?"

Jeena smiled. "I will try Sunil...I will try." They went to sleep in each other's arms.

She had tried to convey her feelings to Nisha last night. She wanted everything to be alright. She tried to sleep in the room ... Nisha's room ...tonight it was Nisha in the master bedroom.

Jeena was awakened from her light sleep by a knock on the door. She listened carefully. It was the connecting door to the master bedroom. She wondered who it was Sunil or Nisha. She had expected them to be deep in sleep by now. She went to the door and unlocked it. It was Sunil.

"Jeena, I want you to come to the master bedroom."Jeena was speechless for a moment.

"How can I? It is your night together with Nisha. I don't dare interrupt."

"It was Nisha who suggested that you join us. She is worried about you that you may be afraid to sleep alone. Come on in, my Sweetheart, ...we welcome you...both of us."

Sunil put his arms in to Jeena's and walked with her to the master bedroom. Nisha was sitting on the bed and when she saw Jeena and Sunil she stood up and walked towards them.

"Welcome to the room and to my heart Jeena, I love you."

Nisha hugged Jeena tightly and kissed her fully on the mouth. Sunil watched with a smile on his face.

"Ladies...don't forget ...your man...is waiting."

He led both the women to the bed. "Jeena, Nisha wants us to consummate our marriage in front of her. That's her wish as my first wife...what do you think?"

Jeena smiled shyly. "I want Nisha to hold me while we do so."

Nisha smiled. Yes I will be there for you my Darling. Now come here. Let me prepare you."

Jeena walked shyly towards Nisha. Nisha caressed her lips and then her fingers moved down her neck to the pert boobs. She undid the front ties of the negligee one by one and slid it down Jeena's shoulders. Jeena was standing in her black lace bra and panties before Nisha and Sunil. Nisha sensed the excitement in Sunils eyes and smiled.

"She is so beautiful Sunil. You are a lucky man to have such a beautiful bride. Before I unwrap her fully before you, why don't you also get rid of those clothes?"

Nisha helped Sunil undress and he was standing fully naked before the two women. Nisha moved towards Jeena to get rid of her remaining clothes. Sunil stopped her.

"Now, this is not fair Nisha. You can't stay dressed like this when we are naked. Jeena, what do you think?"

Jeena smiled and walked towards Nisha. She undid the buttons of Nisha's nighty and slid it down. Nisha stood in her white panties and bra. Her large boobs bounced when she moved. The long curly hair framed her beautiful face. Jeena watched her in awe. Sunil was watching them both and felt he was the luckiest man in the world with two goddesses at his side one dark and the other milky white. Nisha removed Jeena's bra and panty and saw her fully naked for the first time. Her milky white skin gleamed in the light from the bedroom lamps. Her breasts were like cantaloupes when freed from all restrictions and the nipples like pomegranate seeds. She was shy when the two pairs of eyes took in her beauty. As though to hide her shyness she hurried towards Nisha and unclasped her bra. The two melons sprang free and bounced a few times. Her skin was wheatish and her nipples dark brown with large dark brown areolae. When she turned her large round hips quivered. Jeena could not take her eyes off Nisha.

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