tagLesbian SexHappily Married Woman Finds A Lover

Happily Married Woman Finds A Lover


It's been a long time since I've written in, had a few amazing encounters since my first stories, and maybe I'll write about those soon. I'll write this one now because it happened 3 days ago and I'm still smiling as a result of it.

Here's a little background on me. I'm a married woman, 43 years old, and my name is Jayde. I'm very tall, long legs, and slender firm build. I have long brown hair, deep sexy brown eyes, thick full kissable lips, and a nice round ass. I am very sensual, love touching, teasing, and maybe even a little torture with my tongue and fingertips. I am openly bisexual, and my husband supports that side and encourages me to find female lovers to play with, he loves hearing the details after. This time he still hasn't heard about my encounter, he wants to read about it here.

I searched a famous dating site that allows risque ads and found a woman named Shelley that was part of a dating couple, very close to my age, very similar body type, although she was 3 inches shorter. She has gorgeous brown eyes, beautiful firm natural C cups, and a beautiful tummy from hours of biking and climbing, a truly sexy woman with a tough side, just what I've been looking for.

After many messages back and forth on the website, exchange of pictures, a few texts back and forth, and a phone chat, we agreed to meet at a local restaurant on the patio to have a few drinks and chat. We're in the middle of a heatwave here, and it was so hot on the patio that she decided it was time to move our visit to her air conditioned home, we hadn't even finished our first glass of wine. I was already comfortable with her, so I agreed. She lived nearby, so I followed her in her car back to her place.

Her home was tastefully decorated, in a nice neighborhood, and very nice furniture. We sat down and had a glass of wine and chatted about our jobs, our lives, listened to a little music and just really enjoyed each other's company. Just as we finished our glass of wine, without any awkward moment or wondering who would make the move, she leaned in and kissed my lips softly. I melted, I've wanted a woman to take me like that for so long and it was so precious. We touched each other's faces and played with each other's hair as we kissed passionately, not worrying about time or agenda.

Shelley asked if I wanted to move this upstairs, I stood up, grabbed her hand and she passed me a bottled water and we headed upstairs to her bedroom. The room was beautiful, she has a great sense of interior decorating.

Shelley sat on the bed and I sat right next to her and touched her cheek and leaned in and resumed our soft kiss. Her lips were so soft, and she was whimpering from my tender kisses and commented on my thick juicy lips. Our kiss was prolonged, intimate, and her tongue felt so incredible against mine as we teased each other.

The teasing led to soft fingertips all over each other's arms. I slowly kissed down her neck and removed her top, a plunging V-neck tank top that looked stunning on her. She turned to me and slowly removed my top. I kissed Shelley deeper, sucking her tongue gently into my mouth.

My hands coasted over her skirt and I touched her soft skin on her calves and traced down to her feet, touching them softly. She smiled and kissed me softly. We took our time, savoring each others' bodies, and enjoying each others' touch. She unbuttoned my skirt, a knee length dark skirt with a slit on the side, and slid it off my hips and dropped it on her floor. I was left with a black silk bra and thong on.

I pulled her hair back and kissed her exposed neck while I unbuttoned her skirt with my other hand. She moaned out, "Oh God, Jayde", and rolled me onto my back. Shelley mounted me and ground her pelvis into mine through her skirt and my panties. The tension in the room was so electric. I rolled her back over and playfully took control. I lowered the zipper on her skirt and pulled the skirt up her thighs as I sensually licked her toes. She gazed into my eyes with a look of ecstasy, smiled, and she cupped her breasts through her bra. She looked so beautiful, I just had to have those breasts.

I looked into her eyes with a hunger, a desire I had not felt in a while. I reached around her back, popped the clasp on her bra, and pulled it over her shoulder with my teeth. She was loving the attention and reached around my back and released my bra clasps as well. We threw our bras to the floor and I lay on top of her, resuming our passionate kiss while cupping her beautiful full breast, years of yoga had paid off for her firm body. Her nipples were hardening and were about the size of a raspberry, very thick and red. I couldn't wait to suck on them softly, starting on her left one, sucking it with my lips as I flicked my tongue quickly over it. Shelley was moaning in pleasure, touching my hair softly and calling my name. I switched to the other nipple and gave it equal attention, her body was lifting off the bed as her temperature rose.

A bead of sweat formed on her forehead, I moved up to kiss and lick it off. We shared another very long passionate kiss, touching each other's breasts and just loving the time we had sharing our bodies with each other.

Shelley cupped my ass in her hands and told me how beautiful my body was, making me feel so connected to her. I reached under and cupped her firm ass as well, loving her sexy panties, I teased her through the material. Shelley took her turn sucking on my nipples gently, making them long and hard, although nowhere near the thickness of her beautiful nipples. i played with hers while she sucked mine, rolling them between my thumb and fingertip. She winced and let out a pleasured moan as I moaned while she sucked on my hard nipples.

I pulled Shelley's panties to the side and began to trace her sweet pussy with my fingertips. She threw her head back and moaned out my name again. I loved teasing her, and was in no hurry to finish her anytime soon. I lay her back down and slowly removed her panties. I returned my fingertips to her full pussy lips that were throbbing under my touch. Her clit had a long, beautiful dark hood and I could see lots of moisture on her sweet lips. I traced them softly with my fingertips, she was thrashing from side to side, loving the teasing and the torture. I kneeled down and got close with my mouth and blew warm air softly on her clit while I continued to softly touch her lips. She said "this is why I love women!" Shelley cried out as my tongue made its first contact with her engorged lips. I flicked my tongue over one lip as I slowly and softly sucked it into my mouth. She let out a scream and begged me not to stop what I was doing. I had no intentions of it, and looked up at her with an evil grin, and went back to torturing her lips. A stream of her juices ran down her thigh and got the sheets wet. She cried out, "Oh my, look what you made me do" and I switched to the other lip and softly sucked and flicked my tongue across it. Her toes were curling and I knew I had her on the way to the slow buildup orgasm that I had desired to give her. I teased her sweet lips for what I would guess was 20 minutes, although time wasn't exactly on my mind, listening to her whimpers, moans, screams, and even a few words that she said she rarely uses! :)

I had her where I wanted her, in a state of euphoria. I dove down and sucked firmly on her lips now and tongued her hole skillfully. Her ass lifted tenderly off the bed and I held her tight ass as I ate her so firmly, her moans turning to screams. She lowered her ass back down to the bed as I slowed down and resumed the torture, this time flicking my tongue over her hardened clit. It was protruding nicely from under the hood now, and she had a beautiful clit ring for me to tease and surround with my tongue. I made sure to use that ring against her, and licked around it, sucking it into my mouth softly. She was crying out my name again and moving her hips slowly. I took her to the verge of a very intense orgasm and then held her there by slowing down, torturing her even more. She called me mean and pushed her hips up into my face. After what had been a long time, I finally took her over that threshold and she exploded on my face, bucking as I dug my fingernails into her hips and sucked her sweet juices up from all over her pussy. I looked up into her eyes and she had tears running down her cheeks. She told me I was an amazing teacher and she had so much to learn from me. I told her class was in session. I knew from her sensual kisses earlier that she would be just fine.

Shelley lay me on my back, slid my thong over my ass and down my legs, kissing the bottom of my feet softly as she pulled them off. She traced her long fingernails up my calves and tickled behind my knees a little, a moan escaped from me as I lost myself in the moment. She traced her fingernails down my thighs and said "Payback is a bitch!" Shelley started to lick between my thigh and pussy, tracing her tongue up above my pubic bone and back down to the other side. She did this for a period of time, again lost in the moment, I had no idea. I was delirious, still hypnotized by her scent, and not wanting this night to end. Finally she traced my pussy lips, telling me how beautiful my smooth shaved pussy was. I told her how incredible she felt and curled my toes, pulling her hair and grinding my pussy into her face. I didn't want to cum yet, wanted the slow buildup I gave her, so I released her head and fell back to the bed, letting her return to her sensual licking.

Shelley's intensity increased by the minute, until finally she was just beneath my clit and licking me with a hunger and speed I had never felt before. The sensation was too much and all my senses exploded, my ass lifted off the bed and just as I was about to cum, she thrust a finger into me and curled it into my gspot. The feeling of her fingernail on me caused a massive explosion and I squirted onto her face, her chin, and her breasts. She burst out laughing and asked where that came from, I told her to shutup and keep licking, and she dove in again, forcing me to ride the wave of my orgasm. My mind was blown, and I no longer saw her as someone who needed to learn, but rather someone I need to share more with.

We lay looking at each other for a while, sharing long, sensual kisses, tasting each other, and loving the sensations. We touched, teased, and talked more about life, laying naked sweating on her bed. Shelley invited me to her shower to rinse off, and I won the race there, smiling as I turned on a nice warm shower to rinse the sweat off. I loved as she scrubbed my back with her loofah, and we kissed lots while enjoying each other's bodies. I returned the favor and scrubbed her back lightly as well. After a few minutes, we turned the shower off, returned to the room and got dressed. We sat and talked over another glass of wine, I looked at the time, realizing 5 hours had passed since we met, and not knowing where time had gone, I was so happy that I had met someone so special. We shared one more very tender kiss, a long kiss good night, and parted ways with the promise of another visit in the very near future. I don't feel that I found a lover, I feel like I found a great friend, a combination I have been yearning for far too long.



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Thanks for the comments!

Sadly, I don’t see her anymore, she got a little clingy and I had to move on. I have a new female lover now and I share her with my husband frequently. Maybe I will writemore...

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