Happiness is being content, smiling softly, feeling warm inside, and knowing there is someone, somewhere, who is loving you, wanting you, needing you, and missing you.

Happiness is, when at the end of the day, you come home to a simple meal, and see your partner setting the dinner table. When you look straight into their eyes, you see in them – 'I've missed you.' You exchange a brief kiss to let them know you've missed them badly too. Dinner goes by with small conversations, knowing glances and soft giggles at nothingness. It's cuddling on the couch, watching The Simpsons, and pigging out on popcorn and ice cream, together.

It's the shiver upon feeling of their breath on your ear, whispering words you cannot make out, but you know just what they are. It's the gasps when their skin makes contact with yours. It's the heat between your bodies, but that's just a catalyst for the one between your souls. It's the fear you may hurt each other with that ardent heat, but you're unable to stop. Every time.

It's the knowledge that no matter how powerful the orgasms they bring to you are, you yearn to bring them even better ones, because seeing them in bliss is the greatest pleasure you will ever know. It's the beam in their eyes that makes you realize they're thinking the same thing.

It's the glazed-over expression on their face after the orgasms. It's the question you ask yourself – "Did I do this?" It's the moment they open their eyes and smile at you. It's the kiss they promptly give you, and the answer you find in it.

It's the goodnight kisses, the looks that say, 'I will see you in my dreams, like I always do', the hair stroking, the touches, and the caresses to let you know, 'Sleep, I will still be here when the morning comes.'

It's the sudden waking up in the middle of the night, only to find your fingers are intertwined, that you're being spooned and held, like something truly precious. And you wonder what you've done to deserve all this.

It's opening your eyes in the morning and finding their face, soundly asleep, peaceful and angelic, right next to you. You listen to their breathing, you trace your fingers along their lips, you kiss the tip of their nose, and you stop wondering. You breathe in the moment, the contentment, and you smile.

It's achieving success at work, and having a special someone to tell the stories to. It's hitting the hard stages, and having that same person lending you their shoulder to lean on.

It's sitting next to the window, listening to the storms, watching droplets of water cascading down the glass, enjoying the sound of the rain hitting the roof, and getting mesmerized by the power and the beauty of lightning, together. It's having someone to snuggle with, so you're feeling warm, even if it's freezing outside.

It's standing on the balcony, watching fireworks on the horizon, together. It's having their arms wrapped around your waist, letting you know, 'I'll hold you, forever.'

It's the conversations that go on for hours on subjects that you both are passionately interested in. Most of the times, you agree with each other; sometimes, you find them having such different opinions. It's the arguments that follow. It's the witty comment one of you makes that the other cannot reciprocate. It's the leers, and the frustrated grunts. It's, "Oprah's on!" and you both forgetting all about the argument.

It's looking into their eyes and knowing that a moment of silence is needed. You come and sit by their side, letting them rest their head on your lap, and you close your eyes, saying nothing. And after an hour, or maybe two, or three, or...after you have lost sense of time, it's their sitting up, and whispering, "Thank you," in your mouth.

It's making up after the fights, holding each other's face with your hands, determined to make it work. It's knowing no matter what has happened, no matter whose fault it was, you cannot lose them, and you have to let them know that. It's the first make-up kiss, getting to know each other again, after a brief scary moment...when you thought you may have lost each other.

It's the laughter, the tears, the raising of voice, the whispering, the ups and the downs when you're together. But at the end, it's the security you both provide for each other, that 'it's you who I will come home to, and you only.'

It's the questions and the uncertainty that get wiped away by a single smile, or just a look in their eyes that says, 'believe in me.' And no matter how hard your rational mind might want to resist it, your heart has made the decision.

It's hearing them say, "I love you," and knowing that they truly mean it.

It's saying, "I love you, too," back, with all your heart.

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