tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday Ch. 08

Happy Birthday Ch. 08


[pre-story]Content Warnings: Unrealistic anatomy, huge cock, huge breasts, incest.

Disclaimer: All characters are 18+[/pre-story]


Happy Birthday: Chapter 8

"Wait, fuck, Dani?" John called out, hoping to hear her answer from another room, even as he felt a pair of extremely slender, delicate hands tentatively grasp the girth of his rapidly-hardening teenage cock. He'd felt the triplet's hands on his shaft countless times before, they could hardly keep their hands off it, even in public, and these were not theirs. Still, some part of his mind hoped he was wrong, that Betty and Cherry had just reached back a bit to give him some extra stiluation. But his fears were confirmed when he felt a pair of incredibly soft lips press against his swelling crown, a gentle peck contrasted to the hungry tongue-kisses the elder sisters were lavishing on his churning, cum-heavy balls. "Fuuuuck..." John groaned, letting his head fall back, hitting Abby's chest between her enormous, freckled tits. "Aunt Christy's gonna fucking kill me..." He lamented as his cock pulsed, swelling and pressing against those delicate lips.

"Relaaax~." Abby purred, her hands sliding down off her breasts to his shoulders, massaging them for a moment before sliding down to his chest, fingers caressing the granite slabs of his pecs, her upper arms squeezing her tits together around his head as they did. "Mom's still sleeping off that fucking POUNDING you gave her last night." She reassured, her fingertips grazing teasingly over his nipples. "We've got plenty of time."

Betty pulled her head back, cheeks hollowing as she kept her plush lips glued to the orange-sized ball before her, pulling it back until it sprang free with a wet, sucking pop. "Don't worry, we'll be sure to milk these big, fat balls in record time!" She announced, proudly.

"Mmmmmh~!" Cherry added, burying her face in his sack, her tongue snaking out to lavish both swollen nuts with licks, the wet, pink muscle squirming as it hefted their impressive weight. Not to be outdone, Betty dove back in, pressing her cheek against Cherry's as the pair of redheaded sister buried their noses in his musky balls, tongues pushing against each other as they fought to please the hefty spheres of manliness.

John groaned as his cock pulsed once more, throbbing angrily as it lurched to full hardness, almost a half-yard of wrist-thick teenage pussy-pleaser, Dani's small hands barely able to wrap halfway around its girth. The veins winding over its surface bulged with a surge of blood, the fat, helmet-shaped crown gleaming like a ripe red apple against Dani's soft, delicate lips. Her head pulled back, eyes crossing as she stared at the monster in awe, hands squeezing tighter, beginning to pump up and down it's length. "...Please, John, I can't wait any longer, I just have to... Just once... " She whined, pleadingly, her words drifting off as she lowered her head once more, kissing the swollen, sensitive crown once again.

Without warning, John's cyclopean serpent spat a grape-sized dollop of clear, sticky precum, and the petite teen pulled back with a gasp of surprise, her soft pink lips coated in the slick, salty juice. Her tongue unthinkingly moved to clean them, only for her to freeze, eyes widening, as the taste of raw, masculine musk exploded across her tongue. She made a quiet whimpering noise, her eyelids fluttering as the flavor burned itself into her tastebuds, something clenching in her core. She'd never forget her first taste.

Once the initial shock wore off, her tongue ran all around her tender, faintly-tingling lips, gathering up every bit of the salty, musky flavor, her eyes closed to savor it for a moment, before opening up once more and locking onto the fat, throbbing head of his shaft once more. She leaned in again, kissing it once more as her hands accelerated, pumping up and down the steel-hard member, even both hands together couldn't even cover a third of his length fully. Her lips parted slightly, her tongue probing at the swollen tip tentatively, lips pursing as she began to twist her head side-to-side, emulating the movements she'd seen her sisters make as they serviced his towering monolith of maleness, drawing another soft groan from John's lips.

As the youngest of his cousins polished the gleaming tip of his weapon, and the middle two continued to lick and suck at his fat balls, faces buried in his sack, John suddenly found his attention grabbed by the eldest of the sisters, Abby's fingertips giving one of his nipples a sharp pinch. He jolted in surprise, twisting to look up at her curiously and find a wry smirk on her lips. In a surprisingly fluid motion, she lifted one leg, wrapped it around his torso, then moved to follow it, until she was abruptly straddling his hips, her legs spread wide, her enormous, freckled tits pressed against the granite cliffs of his muscular chest, their faces just inches apart. "Much better..." She purred, smirking playfully as her arms slid over his shoulders, linking together behind his neck.

Abby leaned forward, flattening her pale melons against the teenage stud's chest as she snaked her head to the side and niped playfully at John's earlobe. "How does it feel?" She breathed hotly into his ear. "Three sexy teens worshipping your cock like their lives depended on it, desperate to please you... You're one lucky stud. Most guys never get to experience anything like this. But you're Best. You got this big, fat, beautiful COCK, and a family tree full of size queen nymphomaniacs... Horny sluts with big, fat tits and tight, round asses, all desperate to FUCK and SUCK that glorious mega-cock... You're lil' sis's first cock, you know. After you, all the other boys are gonna look like toothpicks. Just one lil' taste of pre and she'll be totally hooked on your dick. She's all yours, now."

John groaned, Abby's words echoing in his head, his titanic cock throbbing once more in Dani's grasp, spitting another dollop of pre from the tip, this time landing directly on the innocent teen's tongue. She moaned softly as the flavor once more bathed her taste buds, the sticky, salty precum clinging to her tongue, its musky, manly flavor burning itself into her mind. Spurred on, she squeezed her eyes shut and pushed herself forward, her lips spreading and stretching around the pulsing crown. She felt her jaw strain and the corners of her lips sting for a moment as she pushed forward, it was almost enough to make her stop, but she wasn't going to give up so soon. She thrust her head forward, pushing through the pain, and suddenly, the pain abated, leaving only a feeling of fullness. Her tongue was pinned to the bottom of her mouth by the sheer girth of the cockhead planted squarely in her mouth, and as it squirmed and wiggled against the underside, she could feel the ridge of the head. She'd managed to take the whole crown!

Betty and Cherry suddenly pulled back, gasping for air to refill their burning lungs after spending ages with mouths and noses buried in John's oversized sack, kissing, licking, and sucking hungrily at the teen stud's orange-sized balls, every inch of the hefty orbs now glistening with a layer of spit, thoroughly polished by their eager tongues. "GOD!" Betty panted. "How are these fucking balls so FULL after pumping so much cum into us last night?" She exclaimed, incredulity and a hint of awe in her voice.

"Mmmm... I'm just glad our favorite cousin is such a fucking STUD that can keep cumming and cumming like this..." Cherry replied, half-moaning, as she leaned in to gently kiss one side of the base of his cock. "And he's hung like a fucking horse..." She murmured, dreamily, as her lips parted, her tongue darting forward to flick at the vein-marbled length.

Betty let out a quick, breathy, half-moaned 'Fuck' before she leaned in to mirror her sister, passionately kissing the opposite side of his shaft. The two siblings' eyes met over the pillar of thick teenage fuckmeat, and wordlessly, they began to move in tandem, mouths opening wider to engulf more of his girth, tongues sliding out to squirm and lick along the bulging cum-channel along the underside as they kissed his cock from both sides, the tips flicking playfully together. Soon, they were moaning into his shaft as they moved their heads side-to-side, sliding up and down near the base of his shaft, making sure to coat every last inch in glistening spit. Even with Dani's hands pumping over almost a foot of the length, there was more than enough room for them to move as they polished the base of his cock, pausing only to seal their lips against its side and suck at a particularly bulging vein, before pulling back with a wet, sucking pop and then swiftly returning to their cock-worship.

Dani got a great view of the lustful, hungry worship her sisters lavished upon the throbbing pillar of John's steely shaft as the fat crown throbbed against her tongue. Eager to follow their example, she pushed her head forward once more, experimentally, only to feel the blunt tip push against the back of her throat and force her to recoil, lips popping off the swollen crown as she gagged and coughed for a moment, blinking away sudden tears. But only a moment, before John could even react with concern, she was already back at it, stretching her lips over the fat, helmet-shaped head once more, her delicate hands squeezing tighter and pumping faster, putting the extra effort in, almost as an apology for her failure to swallow him. As her lips once more popped over the flared ridge of his crown, she adopted a different strategy, squeezing her stretched pink lips tight around the shaft, and starting to suck, her cheeks hollowing, molding to the shape of his throbbing cockhead as the vacuum intensified, the ridge of it clearly visible on her stretched cheeks.

John groaned again, his back arching slightly at the sensations, pushing his body forward, Abby's pillowy mounds flattening against his granite chest. His groan turned to a growl through gritted teeth as his fingers clawed at the tabletop, vainly seeking something to grab onto to anchor him in this sea of pleasure. Abby merely smirked, holding him a little tighter, nails raking teasingly over his muscular shoulders. "Mmm, feels good, doesn't it?" She purred into his ear as she nibbled at his earlobe once more. "Is it that fact it's cute lil' Dani down there sucking your big~ fat~ cock~ that's got you this excited?" She asked, with a small giggle. "She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't she? She always acts like she's not interested in the 'family fun', but she's a Best girl, deep down. She's been watching you fuck our brains out over~ and over~ for years~, and she's been dreaming~ of joining in... Wanna know what she's really~ looking forward to?" Abby teased, giggling again.

She didn't wait for John to reply before continuing. "Dani's been fantasizing about you just ~covering~, her cute, innocent lil' face with your hot~, thick~, creamy~ cum!" Abby finally revealed, squirming excitedly against him, grinding her soaking-wet pussy against his abs. "She even stole one of my tops from the laundry after you soaked it in cum... and fingered herself to her first multiple orgasm with it draped over her head, letting the thick, musky scent of your spunk smother her... imagining you plastering her face, her tits, her stomach, feeling it run down between her legs..." She elaborated. "Her diary was quite detailed." Abby added, a smirk in her voice.

John groaned again, then raised his hand up high and brought it down with a sharp smack on Abby's round, pale ass, making the curvy redhead gasp in surprise at the sudden, stinging slap. "Fucking nosy little bitch" He growled as his fingers sank into her thick, juicy rear, the other hand joining the first, soon he was roughly kneading a double-handful of her jiggling ass. But he could hardly focus on doling out the punishment she deserved, the sensations were too intense, and her words had gotten him too hot and bothered to think straight. "FUCK!" He groaned aloud. "If Dani keeps this up, she's gonna-" He muttered, only to be suddenly cut off when Abby's hand shot up to the back of his head, her own head shooting forward to mash her fat, pillowy lips against his, hard, her tongue thrusting into his mouth hungrily, taking him by surprise with a furious, passionate kiss.

"Well, that's one way to say good morning..." A playful, feminine voice muttered from behind John's chair. When Abby released his head, he twisted around to see Aunt Christina standing there in a thin, silky, green robe, tied loosely enough that it was open all the way down to her waist, exposing every last inch of her spectacular cleavage. Pale, freckled, watermelon-sized tits wobbled freely, the material barely hiding their pink peaks, as she planted a hand on one flared hip and arched an eyebrow at the scene before her. "Now, what was that you were saying about Dani?"

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