Happy Ending Ch. 06


Michele loved the feel of a cock buried deep in her rectum, and was enjoying doing Joe's friend. She let her hands roam over his chest, her fingertips teasing his nipples as he slowly slipped his dick in and out of her ass. "Feel good in my cute little butt Dave?" she asked him, clenching her sphincter around his root as he burrowed deep. She let him sodomize her, his strokes slowing to a stop as his cock twitched in warning. "Let's switch places." she whispered, catching his gaze as his eyes fluttered open. "I want to ride for a change." she giggled, squeezing his meat in her butt.

Joe was starting to feel a bit left out as he watched Dave fill Michele's rear, then Dave pulled out, grasping Michele's hands to help her up. Then he climbed up on the sofa and sat in her place and Joe watched her kneel astride his friend, reaching back to guide his cockhead to her anal port. Her most private opening was relaxed, the puffy redness inside in stark contrast to the pale flesh of her buttocks. Joe watched as her butthole captured Dave's penis, sliding down until her cheeks touched his thighs. He had to get in on this party, and walked over next to the sofa, his penis within a few inches of her mouth. "Come on babe... suck it nice while Dave enjoys your sweet little butt" he said softly.

Michele opened her mouth, letting Joe push his penis into her face. She swirled her tongue around his crown as her lips clenched on the ridge behind the head and she suckled noisily. Her anal channel worked on Dave's cock instinctively, her muscles rippling gently on the thick member and relaxing when she felt a twitch. Joe thrust his organ in and out of her mouth, his hands holding her head in place as he did so. "MMmmmglphhh" came her muffled groan as she sensed a twitch from both of the intruders. A second twitch from the cock in her ass signaled the point of no return for Joe's friend, and she began deliberate spasms in her rectal channel to bring him off. Then Joe's dick spasmed, his grunts letting her know she would be getting a mouthful shortly. Her body was buffeted between them now, their organs filling her from both ends.

Dave had never been this close to another cock, Joe's meat filling Michele's mouth only inches away. It was a bit distracting; but her asshole working his own penis was dragging him ever closer to a climax as her muscles rippled along his shaft. He was beginning to understand what Joe meant when he said she had 'wicked skills' as her rear channel pulled at his manhood. It felt like fingers encased in a velvet glove were stroking his cock. Joe's thrusts into her wildly suckling lips were more urgent now, and Dave figured his friend was about to blow. His own cock spasmed in Michele's tight rectum, then jerked again. He couldn't hold it. "ohhhhhhFUCK!" he growled, gripping her hips tightly. One more twitch inside her ass and his loins turned instinctive, his hands pulling her hips upward so he could fuck her asshole hard. With each stroke he unleashed a blast of semen deep inside her bowels. Inches from his face Joe's cock did the same in her mouth.

Joe pumped his load into Michele's sucking mouth, holding her head down until the last of his seed was drained. "Ohhbaby... so fucking good baby.." he groaned, another spurt of semen leaving his dick. She was squirming atop his friend, and Joe looked down to find Dave's hips pumping upward. He pulled his dick from her lips and quickly knelt behind her to watch as his friend fucked her asshole, pumping her butt full of his jizm. He swatted her cheeks, enjoying the jiggle, then pulled them apart so he could see the distended ring of her anus stretched around his skewering organ. "This is so fucking hot." he mumbled under his breath, reaching around in front of her to find her clit.

"ohhhGAWDDDDDDYESSSSSS" Michele screamed, her climax hitting her in a sudden, intense wave. Dave's cock was now rocked by convulsions in her rectal channel as her hips forced their way down to capture all of his organ in her spasming bottomhole. "ohhhFUCK... ohhhhhhSHIT... OHHHBABY... FUCK MY ASSSSSSSSSSS" she howled, draining even more of his semen into her anal canal.

Dave was just starting to ease up on his sodomizing thrusts when suddenly her body tensed and shuddered. Then her butthole started convulsing wildly and she slammed her hips down onto his meat. He didn't think there was any more; but her ass proved otherwise, working at his sensitive member with a lust he'd never experienced. He tried to lift her up; but his efforts were met with a clenching that felt like she would pull his penis from his body and he reached up with his hands to paw at her little breasts to help her along. Her face contorted in a frenzy of passion, her rectum squeezing his meat in a velvet vise. She leaned toward him and wrapped her arms around his neck, tiny mewls of abject pleasure escaping her throat as her spasms subsided.

"GAWWWWDDDD that was good" Michele giggled, hoisting herself up from Dave's lap as she leaned forward to give him a kiss on the forehead. "Thanks cutie" she said. She turned to face Joe, planting her lips on his in a passionate kiss. "You too, baby." she added, reaching down to give his softening cock a squeeze. "I'll be right back. Let's have some more wine, shall we?" she laughed, walking awkwardly into the bedroom, her cheeks clenched to keep the copious fluids inside.

"Whew!" Joe said, tugging on his shorts and jeans.

"You said it bro. All I can say right now is WOW!" Dave responded, following Joe's lead and pulling on his pants. "So... does she..." he stammered.

"I know. She really has control back there, doesn't she?" Joe said.

"Holy shit!" was all Dave could come up with in response.

Michele emerged from the bedroom, having thrown on a kimono to cover up. The three of them enjoyed another bottle of wine between them before Dave bid them good night and headed out. Joe and Michele watched some TV before retiring for an unusual 'sleepover', Joe spooning his girl all night for a change.

The days had passed more quickly than Michele wanted them to. She had dropped off the research brief with Gil Cyrus and heard nothing since; but today was the day. He would be here to have 'the discussion' she'd been dreading. It had to happen. She began her day as usual, with a 3-mile run, a shower, then tea and some healthy toast and fruit. She had an hour to prepare; but really didn't know what to expect, so she prepared as if Gil were coming for a session - just in case. Would he want to see the lab? Would he ask to see her data? Would he push for names? Did he know about Raina? Michele hated this sort of thing.

At ten on the dot, Gil's Toyota rolled up. He walked through the door and she knew instantly that he wanted to evaluate things for himself. He never wore cologne at the Wellness Center, yet she could smell it across the reception area. I guess that answers that question! she thought, greeting him with a smile. "Good morning Doctor Cyrus." she said cheerfully.

Gil chuckled. "Good morning Michele - and please - call me Gil. We're not at work." he suggested with a smile.

She looked around the room. "Well... some of us are." she said with a soft laugh. "But okay - Gil. Come on in and have a seat." Michele offered, leading him into her office. She had carefully put anything away which might lead his questions, and sat at her desk as he followed her in. "Did you get a chance to read the brief?" she asked.

Gil Cyrus smiled. "Yes. Yes I did read it. Three times in fact." he replied. "Then I did some searching online to find more information, since the brief was quite interesting." he added. "So... before we get into the details of LSR therapy, let me just ask you.... do you offer other... uh... services to your clients here?" he asked.

Michele squirmed. "Um... yes. But just so we don't waste time here... do you want a menu of services we offer so you can select some, or...?"

"Okay, sure." Gil replied.

"Alright. Well.. for only selected clients I do offer services to address... um... sexual things." Michele began. "I can perform what is typically called a hand job." she said, getting a nod from Cyrus. "For some I will also perform fellatio" she continued, getting another nod. "Beyond that we are getting into the LSR therapy." she concluded, hoping he hadn't found that information on the web.

"Okay, so what if I wanted those services?" Gil asked.

"Do you want to schedule a massage Gil?" she asked. "That's the only basis for even beginning a discussion about the other services, so..."

"Yes." he replied. "I would like a massage, and the fellatio service, and..." he told her.

"The LSR therapy is still in the research and development stage Gil." she told him.

"Can I help with that development - as a test client perhaps?" Gil suggested.

"Ohhhh I don't know about that Gil. I mean... we still have to work together, and..." Michele tried to excuse the possibility.

"Oh come on Michele. How long have we known each other? Is it fifteen years?" he pursued his request. "I mean... if you're willing to add this other service, why not the LSR therapy as well?" He had found only 'rumors' that the therapy involved anal penetration, and he wanted to find out for sure - especially if it's his dick in Michele's cute round ass! he thought.

Michele thought about it for several long moments. "Alright Gil. So here's the deal. Fifty-five for an hour massage, another twenty-five for an oral prep, then a hundred additional for the LSR session." she told him.

"And the LSR session is...." he pursued.

"Your penis in my rectum." she answered abruptly. His eyes got big. "But listen, this isn't a sex session Gil. I'm not giving you head, and you're not fucking my ass. I prepare your organ with my mouth, then I give you a penile massage with the muscles in my anal channel until you climax." she clarified. He nodded.

"The rest of my morning is free, so how about now?" Gil asked.

"The therapy room is to your immediate left out my door. I'll see you in there when you're ready. You know the drill." Michele said, giving him a curt smile as he rose and turned away.

Gil Cyrus could never cheat; but this was therapy. He stripped and climbed onto the table, belly down under the sheet.

Michele went into her lab, reaching into the cabinet for her favorite prep tool, coating it with lube, then taking down her shorts to remove her panties before inserting the plug. Then she pulled on her shorts, wiped her hands and headed to the therapy room, her heart pounding. I have to treat this in the most clinical way possible! she thought. Opening the door slightly. She knocked. "Ready Gil?" she asked, waiting for his mumble before going in. "Any areas I should focus on today?" she queried.

"Mmm... just a good tuneup." Gil replied.

She got to work, her hands working his muscles thoroughly - almost in autopilot. Once he was on his back she made quick work of his upper body then moved down his left leg and up his right, ending the trip with her fingers tickling his balls. "Ohhhkay Gil, here we go. Just relax" she said, lifting the sheet to duck her head under it.

This was the moment he'd waited for. His third wife had been uninterested in any sort of pleasure in several years. She would let him have vaginal intercourse with her if he could get hard and use lube; but she hadn't gone near his genitals in five years, and hadn't had her mouth down there since the day after they got married. He wanted to feel a woman's lips and tongue on his penis. Call it therapy; but he needed head.

Gil's cock was soft, not the usual situation for her. She cupped his balls and began bathing his limp shaft with her tongue. Several minutes later his organ began to respond, and she wrapped her lips around it, swirling her tongue around the head as she suckled on the salty flesh. She could hear his moans as she worked her lips up and down his meat, squeezing his testicles as she sucked him. Even fully erect his cock was the smallest she'd personally handled, less than six inches long and only about an inch in diameter. Once it was hard she slowly lifted her head, wrapping her fingers around the shaft, and reached down for the lube. Moments later he was ready, and she pulled the tool from her ass and climbed onto the table.

Gil was in a trance, his cock being suckled by a young woman as he lay there on the table. It had taken her nearly fifteen minutes to get him hard; but he enjoyed every one of those minutes. Now he would find out what anal penetration felt like, and his cock twitched in anticipation.

Michele felt the twitch as she guided his dick to her hole. "Relax Gil. You need this." she whispered, realizing how much after her oral effort. She felt the slippery tip of his organ at her ring and began clenching and releasing her sphincter. He grunted, his hips twitching upward. "Reeeelaxxxxx" she told him, easing her hips down to take the crown into her anal chute. "There we go... nice and easy..." she whispered, letting her rectal tunnel engulf his meat until it was all the way inside before beginning the massage of his penis with her asshole. She relaxed with his organ in her butt, letting her channel adjust to his small girth while he acclimated to the smooth warmth of her rear. "Feel good Gil?" she asked, squeezing his root with her sphincter.

He hadn't expected this. The heat inside Michele's ass was almost too much; but she seemed to know, and was able to relax the tension on her rectal muscles so he could gradually get used to it. If this is Libido Stress Relief therapy, he was definitely in favor! he thought. "ohhhhmmmm... easy..." he mumbled as he felt her snug channel slowly move upward. "AHHH..." he grunted when her taut ring clenched just behind his cockhead. Then her hole relaxed again, and slipped slowly down his shaft until he was safely back inside the warmth of her bottom.

"You let me know when you want your release Gil. I can do it any time." she told him, gently massaging his penis with her skilled muscles. She had to admit that taking a small organ into her rear was pleasant enough, though she might be tempted to go find a big black man to sodomize her later. She gently lifted her hips, gliding the silky walls of her anal port along Gil's dick, then she felt a spasm - and another in quick succession. "Okay Gil, time to go... Let it go... ohhhhyes... let it go..."

Gil hadn't had an orgasm like this one - maybe ever. His long-time friend and associate had more skills in her ass than most women had in their entire body. Her rectum convulsed around his spurting penis, as if to suck his seed from his balls. It felt so good he never wanted it to end...

Michele kept her hips moving slowly, her anal muscles gently squeezing his ejaculating member, until he begged her to stop. She eased her hips upward, letting his organ slip free gently. "Just relax Gil. No rush." she said softly, climbing down from the table. She quietly wiped herself and retrieved her shorts, pulling them on as she found her prep tool. "No rush. Take your time and I'll see you when you're ready." she told him, slipping out the door and closing it behind her. Whew! she took in a deep breath. That wasn't so bad. she thought, wiping the tool thoroughly and putting it back in the cabinet.

Gil laid on he table catching his breath and collecting his thoughts. He hadn't placed much faith in this therapy until now. The idea that he needed Libido Stress Relief hadn't occured to him until now. He pulled himself up, dismounted the table, and pulled on his clothes. He took a deep breath and headed toward the door, knowing he would have to face Michele - and her questions. He smiled as he approached the desk where she was busy with notes of some kind. "Well..." he said. She looked up and returned his smile. "I... um..."

"Don't worry about it Gil. When you want to talk about it you will. I just have to say I think you needed that." Michele blurted out. "Everything about that session told me you came in here feeling a lot of stress in - that area." she added.

"Uh... I think you're right, and I hadn't given it even a single thought; but you're absolutely right." Gil replied. "And I will also say - unequivocally - that the therapy works." he told her, taking out his wallet. "One thirty?" he asked, handing her some bills. "Here's two hundred." he told her. "You keep the change, and I would like to setup another session if that's okay with you."

"Uh... sure, why not. I'm glad you see the value Gil." she said softly. "So it's not too - um - kinky for you?" she queried.

"At first I thought it would be; but you showed me the value of that specific technique." he replied. "And I understand why it works." he added. "I'll call you to setup the next session. Thanks Michele." he said, turning toward the door.

Michele had a lot of thinking to do; but there were two very significant changes that had just occured. Dr. Cyrus now knew not only that she was offering 'services'; but what those services were. And there really were men who needed that therapy. While the research of other professionals suggested that was the case, this was the first real example of that syndrome - and Gil Cyrus knew it too. She felt very, very good about the day. She had one more massage appointment mid-afternoon, and she needed some lunch first. But the day was brilliant.

Michele awoke before the alarm sounded, eager to get started on what should prove to be a good day in the lab. Raina would be joining her after noon, and she needed to get the enhanced sensor tool upgraded and tested before then. She dressed, went for her run, showered and had her usual breakfast, then went into the lab to get started. Her mind raced with the new life in the LSR project, and she couldn't wait to fill Raina in. She had to be discrete with the details; but she needed to let her assistant know that Dr. Cyrus knew about the project - if not all the information about the team.

She carefully unwrapped the new sensor tool, holding it up in the light to have a close look. There were three visible ridges beneath the thin flexible cover that weren't there before. She grabbed the instruction packet and pulled out the stapled papers. The front page was the 'simplified instructions', showing all of the new connections as well as the additional components, and a short paragraph describing how to install the new software. The next seven pages described the enhancements that had been made in great detail. The ridges she'd observed were thin plastic tubes, one each about mid-way along the shaft, at the one inch point behind the tip, and one inch from the base. Each tube ran the full circumference of the shaft, and they connected together and to a tube which extended with the wires from the base of the tool. The most significant new hardware component was a small air supply with a computer-controlled compressor and 'pulse release' valve. A cable connected the unit to the computer via a USB port, and plugged into the main system power supply. When a 'twitch', 'spasm', or 'convulsion' was desired the computer would command the compressor to regulate an appropriate pressure and execute a carefully timed control signal to activate the 'pulse release' valve, pressurizing the tubing and creating the desired organic penile 'pulse' in the tool.

Michele read through the instructions and got to work, making the directed connections and powering up the controller before slipping the software CD into the drive. With drivers installed and the sensor tool code upgraded, she was ready for a quick, rudimentary test. With the software running she picked up the tool, wrapping her fingers around it. She started the data capture and gave the tool a strong squeeze, pleased that the traces reflected her grasp. Then she moved the mouse to the 'Twitch' button and clicked. The tool twitched in her hand. Clicking 'Spasm' produced a stronger pulse, and 'Convulse' an even stronger one. She had to try it in her anal channel! She took off her shorts and panties, then coated a finger with lube and slipped it into her ass. Then she coated the tool and gently eased it into her rectum, letting her muscles get used to the intrusion before she turned on the capture. She gave a conscious squeeze with her sphincter, causing the lower two traces to record the event. Okay... here we go... she thought. She hovered the cursor over the 'Twitch' control and clicked it. nnNNnnn she reacted, as did the data traces. Wow... I wonder what 'Convulse' does? she thought. She moved the cursor to that control and clicked it. HOLY FUCK! she thought, noting that the highest setting resulted in clipped traces on two of the sensor channels. She would have to adjust the sensitivity before they got around to any meaningful tests. She pulled the tool from her butt, carefully wiping it and herself before putting her shorts back on. She had two hours before Raina would arrive, and she needed to put together a preliminary test process for the new tool.

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