tagErotic HorrorHappy Halloween Caitlin Ch. 05

Happy Halloween Caitlin Ch. 05


Halloween was today and Caitlin was looking forward to her sister Erin's visit. She woke up this morning feeling very well rested. She was becoming more comfortable and accepting of the transformation which had taken place within her. She had an understanding, a knowledge, that her transformation was more that skin deep. Her hair was how a crimson red, and her chest had settled into a thirty six D and her height was six foot. She had grown two inches in five days.

She was more accepting of the internal changes within her. She was more at ease with the sexual exploits of these past few days, with Aimee, with Tina, with the courier, and the nightly visitations. She understood that the visitations where just that, visits. And she now understood that the Dullichan was preparing her for her position of power which she would wield. Although she understood she would wield power, she wasn't aware of the nature or source of that power.

As she lounged in bed reflexing on this, Tina entered her room carrying a breakfast try. "Your breakfast, Mistress," she announced cheerfully.

"Thank you, please set it on the nightstand," Cait instructed. She was aware of her role as mistress, and Tina's role as servant. These roles had been made known to her in the Dullichan's visitation last night. "Call Ashley this morning and have her take the train up here. We'll be working from here today."

"Will there be anything else, Mistress?"

"No, that will be all for now. Thank you," Cait said dismissing Tina.

"Yes, Mistress" Tina replied, and left.

Caitlin relaxed and enjoyed her coffee. She considered how her sister Erin might react to the changes in her. Since Erin was only a year older than Cait the two sisters were close while growing up. She hadn't seen her since the previous summer, over a year ago, when Erin moved to San Francisco. There was a party for her at their Aunt's house. Cait still had the photo taken of the two of them in an antique silver frame on her dresser.

The photo showed Cait standing next to Erin. Erin's long brown hair flowing from under her vintage 'Women's Lib' hat, and the large round rimmed glasses punctuating her brown eyes. Her sister always had a love of vintage accessories. Cait thought her big sister looked goofy, but she missed her very much.

The day progressed, Cait finished breakfast, showered, and dressed for the day ahead. At ten that morning the Courier[OU1] returned to continue yesterday's meeting.

"Happy Halloween!" Tina chimed as she answered the door.

"Well, it's a good thing that I've brought both tricks and treats," the Courier replied. He stepped aside so Ashley could enter first. He had picked her up at the station[OU2].

Ashley came in and the Courier guided her to the dining room. Ashley let herself be guided along. She was uncustomary quiet, with a distant look in her eyes. It was as if she was lost in thought. But Ashley was in fact a bit more 'lost' than 'in thought'.

"Tina, could you come here a moment," Caitlin called.

'Yes, Mistress."

"I need you to go to the lingerie shop in town and pick up a package for me. The proprietress Aimee is expecting you. You will do as she requests. Is that clear?" Cait instructed as she gave her new acolyte the keys.

"Yes Mistress, as she requests." Tina responded with a smile.

"Thank you, that's all," Cait said and Tina went to her task.

"Now what tasks will I find for Miss Ashley here?" The Courier took her chin in his hand and turned her cute face towards him as he leaned down and kissed the young intern.

Ashley returned his kiss in her dreamlike trance, slowly unbuttoning her white blouse. The Courier removed her tight, gray skirt, then released her swelling breasts from her conservative white bra. Her young breasts rested firm and high on her chest. Her nipples erect and stimulated. She was panting heavily as the Courier removed her panties and lifted her onto the table. As Ashley felt herself overcome with lust; her dream-like trance gave way to a heat of passion and raw sex. Her pussy drenched and aching to be filled.

The scent of sex in the air got Caitlin's arousal growing. The sight of the Courier and her intern was exciting her. She could feel the heat rising within her. She felt herself drawn into the pleasure before her. Cait pulled off her sweater and began massaging her breasts. Her fingers toyed with her nipples. They responded quickly to her touch becoming aroused and erect.

Cait leaned back in her chair, lustily watching the powerfully built, naked Courier thrusting into Ashley. The young intern moaning and groaning as she leaned back on the table. Her head tossed back and forth as waves of pleasure ripped their way through her body and washed over her mind carrying it off. As the Courier's thick erection continued its way with Ashley's tight yet yielding pussy, she let herself give into the bliss surrounding her head.

Caitlin's fingers busied themselves pleasuring her own wet and wanting pussy. She let herself be entertained with the sex show. By watching, Cait absorbed Ashley's pleasure as her own. As Ashley felt the Courier filling her, arousing her, pleasuring her beyond self-control, Caitlin experienced the same bliss.

The Courier's blue eyes took on an eerie glow. As the Courier quickened his pace and arched his back, his climax approached, he thrust deep within Ashley and let his climax push the young intern over her edge. Ashley's eyes rolled back and she let out a cry as her own mind-numbing orgasm exploded within her. Sprawled out on the chair, watching, Cait's own orgasm came with a loud moan moments later.

As Ashley began to recover, the Courier placed her on the floor kneeling in front of Caitlin. He placed the young intern's face into Cait's wet pussy. Ashley's tongue began exploring her mistress's swollen lips. She enjoyed the scent of her. The desire to please her mistress grew deeply within her. As a tattoo began etching its way across the base of the back of her neck, a circle with a triquetra inscribed, Ashley was consumed. She brought herself forward as her lips and tongue were set loose to explore the pleasures of her mistress's warm and wet pussy.

Caitlin ran her hands through the young intern's thick auburn hair. She was drifting along a river of wonderful sensations welling up within her. The eager young tongue and lips pleasuring her pussy were a delight. She spread her legs wider. Ashley desperately swirled her tongue around her mistress's clit, drawing her orgasm closer. As her mistress rode on a wave of cresting pleasure, Ashley did as well. The young acolyte shared the same pleasure she brought to her mistress mirrored in herself. Catlin cried out as she came again, and Ashley came as well. Taking in the lust filled scene before him, the Courier's eyes glowed brighter.

Tina arrived back from her errand a little bit later. As she came in and delivered the package she seemed unconcerned with the scene, but the scent of sex in the air aroused her. Caitlin was at the table with the Courier.

"Tina dear, would you take Ashley up to the guest room," Cait said.

"Yes, Mistress," Tina replied, helping Ashley off the sofa.

"And, Tina," Cait added, "please take the time to entertain your friend. Mr. McGinnis and I have work to go over."

"Yes, Mistress," Tina said with a bit of enthusiasm.

Caitlin and Terrance continued reviewing timetables and scheduled deadlines for the Ipswich project. The principals behind the project were pushing to make sure that most of the major construction was completed before next year's start of school. As the afternoon transpired, the business was wrapped up.

"Would you stay for tea, Mr. McGinnis?" Cait inquired of her guest.

"That would be nice, thank you,'" He replied.

As if on cue, Tina and Ashley came down the stairs, each a bit flush from their afternoon's exertion.

"Ashley, would you prepare tea, and, Tina, prepare the table for our guest," Cait instructed smiling at her new acolytes.

"Yes, Mistress," they both replied.

As Cait returned her files to the office, the Courier packed away his copies. As they were having tea, the doorbell rang. Tina went to answer.

"Happy Halloween!" she answered opening the door.

"Hello, please tell Caitlin that her sister Erin in here," Erin said introducing herself.

"Oh my gosh!" Caitlin exclaimed, startled. Erin entered looking Cait up and down. Cait was similarly appraising her sister. They could pass as twins. Both women where tall, voluptuous, with green eyes and crimson hair. Erin was only slightly taller than Cait. But it was clear that Erin had undergone the same transformation Cait had just experienced.

"Yes, I can see it's happened to you, too, Cait," Erin said.

"What is happening?" Cait asked

"It's the Dullichan. He comes for women of our bloodline the Halloween after their twenty seventh birthday," Erin said. It was time for her to tell her sister the things she had found out over the course of the past year.

"Terrance, how good to see you again," Erin said greeting the Courier.

"Caitlin, the changes that you are going through now happened to me last year. The same visitations, the same thoughts, the same feelings. I know that the final vitiation will occur tonight."

"But how did you find out?" Cait asked, "How do you know these things?"

"I happened to have Aunt Susan's photo album. I noticed that these changes have been occurring for a couple of generations. The transformations occur on the Halloween week on the third anniversary of our ninth year of birth. Our family is descended from a group of families that migrated from Massachusetts generations ago. Terrance here, and others like him, are servants of families which remained in Massachusetts," Erin explained.

"We've been calling the coven back together," Terrance added. "Reaching out to those who have moved away. Most of the time the knowledge you are being made aware of is transferred from mother to daughter. But there are cases, such as you and your sister's. Families where the parent of the bloodline has passed away before the transformation, before you could be made aware of your family history."

Halloween, and Caitlin lite the candle inside the Dullichan and watched its glow reflected in the large bay window. All her guests had since gone to sleep. It was time, her time. She headed upstairs. It was time to make herself ready for bed. She was more aware now. Aware of her role in the transformation. She had spent the week being served by the Dullichan, now it was her night to serve.

She lay there in bed waiting. A shiver went through her. Again the warm layer of covers that should have helped to keep out the chill where gone. She knew without opening her eyes, she lay there exposed to whatever was coming for her, and she knew he was coming. The shadows were gathering, pulling themselves into a spectral force, the Dullichan, and she felt her pussy wetting with new found excitement. As she slowly let her eyes open to reveal the sight before her, she knew, yes, she knew he would come. There at the foot of her bed loomed the powerful, chiseled, body of the Dullichan.

Cait understood, and she got out of bed, naked, and presented herself before the Dullichan. She could see its eyes brightening and her arousal washed over her. She felt herself warmed with a lust inside her. She knelt before the specter in front on her. Using both hands she wrapped her fingers around the Dullichan's large erection.

She could feel it growing larger and harder at her touch. Her own arousal escalated. Cait's mouth was drawn to the massive organ in front of her. Her lips kissing the tip and then her tongue tentatively tasting the throbbing head. Then, with her lust driving her forward, Cait took to her task of serving the Dullichan.

With one hand pumping the specter's shaft and the other buried in her own pussy, Cait's mouth started swallowing the erection in front of her. The massive staff tasted good to her. She felt herself taking more and more as if there was no end to him. Her fingers could hardly make their way around his girth. Bobbing her head up and down the shaft she was lost in the bliss surrounding her head.

She felt a pair of strong hands holding her head in place as she continued sucking the erect phallic shadow. She could feel the cock head bouncing off the back of her throat. The fingers pleasuring her pussy were bringing her closer to climax, even as she felt the orgasm building in the Dullichan. She struggled to take more of him as she felt him coming. His powerful orgasm erupted in her welcoming mouth. Her own orgasm exploded through her. Things in her mind were becoming clearer now.

Overwhelmed by the release within her, she felt herself being lifted, and placed in her bed. The fire burning in the Dullichan's eyes was the last thing Cait saw as she drifted back to the realm of dreams. Caitlin's understanding of the power within her would also soon be coming.

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