tagErotic HorrorHappy Halloween Party

Happy Halloween Party


Ah... sorry if this is a little garbled... sorry. Words are really not my thing, I'm more comfortable with numbers...have always liked numbers. They're solid, predictable...if you do it properly, the answer is always right.

Wait... let me start again, from the beginning. My name, yes, my name. My name is David Martin. Not an uncommon name, probably a bunch of David Martins in the telephone book. I'm 28 years old now, my sandy hair starting to turn a little gray on the sides. I think it's a little early for me to start getting gray, but it does run in my family. I guess I'm rather ordinary, , nothing special. Height around 5' 10" I guess, weight around 150, kind of skinny, maybe wiry is a better word.

I'm a Certified Public Accountant...I'm rather proud of that. I like being a CPA. I think that's something special. I majored in accounting in college and I did well. I enjoyed the classes, always got good grades. I didn't socialize much in college. I guess I'm a little introverted. No, no, I'm not asocial, I like people. I just never liked large crowds or noise...things like that.

I tend to be a quiet kind of person, mild in temperament... you know, go along to get along. I rarely lose my temper and on those rare occasions I tend to become even quieter, more withdrawn until I get over it, which really doesn't take long. Don't get me wrong, I don't let others take advantage of me. I'm not stupid and I know that there are ways to repay slights or rude behavior without ranting and raving. But, that's not really my makeup, it's much easier to get along. Not many things are that important where you have to lose control. That's bad, losing control. That's something one shouldn't do.

I was lucky in college. I did well in my studies and I met a wonderful girl there. Her name was Cheryl Watkins. I couldn't believe that she liked me. She was such a pretty thing, about 5' 3" tall, a little heavy, but not really obese. I never did learn what her measurements were, but suffice it to say that she was beautiful in form as well as face, at least to me. She had to wear glasses, the lenses were a little thick, but she was thinking of getting contacts. She, at that time, had long, blond hair and sparkling blue eyes... and she liked me, she did.

Cheryl was majoring in hotel management, or was it recreation management, something like that. We met in one of my accounting classes and just seemed to hit it off. She tended to have a problem with the math and I helped her... I tutored her, I guess that's the word...tutor.

It wasn't long before we were going...steady? Yes, steady is the word. We weren't seeing anyone else, we were going steady. We were both seniors when I asked her to marry me. She said yes...yes, she did. She accepted. I was happy, almost delirious... I'm sorry, I guess I'm not doing too well telling this story. Let me take a deep breath, I'll get better.

Okay, I'm okay now. Let's see, where was I - oh, yes. Cheryl and I got married right after we graduated. I got a job with a small accounting firm and she was offered a position at a large resort hotel on the outskirts of town. They specialized in conventions and business meetings. Cheryl was really happy about that, that's the job she really wanted.

We had rented a small two bedroom apartment somewhat between our two jobs and things were absolutely great. We had so much in common, like...well, I can't think right now, but we were really happy together. Cheryl didn't like to cook so I brought in or I cooked most of the time. She really hated housework too, but that didn't bother me. I didn't mind cleaning and straightening up. It wasn't a large apartment. Cheryl was really working hard so I didn't mind chipping in and helping out.

Cheryl really blossomed at the resort. She did get contact lenses and I was amazed at how pretty she was without the eyeglasses. She also lost weight, she was able to utilize the gym facilities at the resort and she had really slimmed down. I was proud of Cheryl, she had been promoted and was now Assistant to the Director of Human Resources.

I was doing well in my job and after a couple of years I got a promotion and was a now a senior account manager with a few really important accounts. I started to make some really good money too and I thought I would talk to Cheryl about perhaps looking for a house that we could buy. We had both agreed that we wouldn't touch my trust fund until it reached one million dollars and when that happened we would think about children. That wouldn't be for another five years or so, but we could look to buy a house now. I got really excited about that idea and made a mistake - I entered the bedroom without knocking. Cheryl hated to be caught without clothes on - she was very modest.

I opened the door and was stunned. She was standing there in a half bra and a thong. I had never seen her in undies like that, all I had ever seen were the full cut, white panties and her three clip brassieres. I stood still, shocked, for a moment until she screamed at me, telling me to get the hell out. I had never seen her like that - spitting, cursing, her eyes aflame. I didn't recognize her - her face red, a vein in her forehead standing out.

I turned around quickly and walked swiftly down the hall into the living room. I didn't know what to think - why was she so angry? And then I had other thoughts - where did the sexy undies come from? Why did she suddenly decide to buy sexy undies? I didn't mind, why would I mind if she had decided to get sexy? But why did she get so angry when I had seen her in those undies? Did I spoil a surprise? A surprise for me? I didn't know what to think.

She came out of the bedroom wearing a robe. She was still screaming at me, telling me that now she was going to be late for work and it was all my fault. I was still confused - why was it my fault? She stormed back into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Since I was dressed and ready for the day, I decided to skip breakfast and take off. I wouldn't be late to work.

I didn't get much done that morning, worrying about what had happened and wondering about Cheryl's behavior. Before noon I had come to a decision. I would drive to the resort where Cheryl worked and offer to take her to lunch. I remember smiling, that would make her happy...and I would take flowers. Cheryl loved flowers.

It didn't take long to get there and I parked in the large parking lot. I had a dozen roses with me and I walked briskly through the lobby into the corridor that led to the administrative offices. I knew where Cheryl's office was, it was the last one at the end of the hall. I reached it and was about to enter the open door when I stopped in shock and horror. Cheryl was in the arms of Gil Barton, the Director of Human Resources. They were kissing. I reeled back, trying to catch my breath. I remember turning, retracing my steps, almost stumbling through the lobby and out to my car.

I stayed in my car for quite awhile, I think. I just couldn't get my head around what I had just witnessed. Slowly my common sense took control and I began to think more rationally. Of course, I muttered to myself. I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. What I had seen was perfectly innocent, probably just a friendly buss as a thank you for something. I remember shaking my head, feeling embarrassed. I felt so silly - then I started to feel better.

I figured that I had better not mention this to Cheryl. I know that she would be angry with me for spying on her, not trusting her. I thought that it would be better if I just forgot about it. It would be silly to start another argument about something so trivial. I remember nodding, satisfied that I had made the best decision.

I tried to be especially kind that evening. I went out of my way to compliment Cheryl, commenting upon her hair and how her exercise program was working so well. She really did have a wonderful body, but...it really has been awhile since I had seen it. I mean...without clothes. As I thought about it then I realized that we hadn't made love in quite awhile...hmmm, more than quite awhile. How long had it been? A couple of weeks? More????? After a bit of reflection I realized that it had been more like a couple of months...or more?

In bed that night I made an attempt...I tried to interest her in making love. She was so cold, so unresponsive. Then she changed. Turning to me she gave me a sweet kiss and pleaded a headache. I could understand that. I knew that making love would be difficult at best when one had a headache. I would really be cruel if I bothered her when she was hurting. I was understanding. I turned over and went to sleep... I tried to sleep. I was up most of the night, I had a headache also.

The next few days were uneventful. Cheryl was being nicer, it seemed that she was happy, she was humming to herself, moving about with a smile on her face. I was happy, it was nice to see her like this, not morose and frowning. I was glad for her, but... we still weren't making love. I had tried a few more times, but she always had an excuse. No, no, I did understand. Being tired, or having a backache or headache, things like that... it would be difficult to make love. I wasn't an animal, cruel or uncaring... I understood... I did.

Then, on a Thursday, Cheryl came in the house and informed me that she had to attend a seminar over the weekend out of town. She would be back on Sunday evening some time. I tried to get her to explain this seminar and why it was over a weekend, but she was short with me...abrupt. I did understand that sometimes work interfered with home life. There were times when I had to go out of town...I understood that. But...why over a weekend? Why such short notice? I was a bit put out, but Cheryl came to me and kissed me sweetly and patted me on the cheek. I felt terrible, she was such a good wife and I knew that I had to be more understanding.

She returned that Sunday evening, brimming over with good cheer. She told me what a wonderful seminar it was. It seemed it was about attracting new business for the hotel or something. She was bubbling over and really didn't make too much sense. I did notice that she was walking a bit funny and when she sat it was gingerly. I guess she had pulled a muscle or something.

It was a few weeks later that my boss told me that I would have to go out of town because one of my accounts had developed problems with the software that I had recommended. I was needed, it appeared, to do some additional training for the staff there. This wasn't all that unusual, it wouldn't take more than just a few days. I would be leaving Monday morning and I would probably be home no later than Thursday evening. I told this to Cheryl when I got home and she became very angry.

She told me that we were having a Halloween party the evening of the 31st and that she had told me that I had known that. All of her friends from work and some neighbors would be there. I truly didn't remember a thing about it, but Cheryl was adamant about that so I guess that I had just forgotten. I was very embarrassed, but I really had no option. I had to go out of town and I tried to placate Cheryl the best I could, but to no avail. She stayed angry with me. She wouldn't even drive me to the airport, I had to take my car and park it there.

Knowing that Cheryl was so disappointed in me, I made every effort to be as efficient as I could. I spoke with the staff there and found that I really could get done what I had to and be back home early. In fact, it was with some relief that I finished up my task and made the evening flight out on the 30th, a day before the party. I was so happy knowing that Cheryl would be delighted. I looked at my watch and figuring drive time, I would be home rather late that night - close to midnight, I guessed.

It was just a bit after midnight when I parked my car in the lot of the apartment building. I knew that Cheryl would be asleep so I was as quiet as possible coming in. I looked down the hall and could see a faint light coming from our bedroom and I thought that perhaps Carol had fallen asleep with the light on. I looked about and saw a few boxes containing Halloween decorations...you know, paper skeletons, black streamers, stuff like that. I smiled, Cheryl would be so happy that I made it back in time.

I moved silently down the hall to the bedroom and looked in. I didn't want to startle Cheryl - she gets angry when startled. I saw Cheryl lying in bed. She didn't have any clothes on and a man was on top of her, his rear end moving up and down slowly. Cheryl was muttered things like...fuck me, fuck me...never stop fucking me...never stop fucking me...never stop fucking me. Her legs are wrapped around his thighs and I could see where they were joined.

I moved back into the hallway...I think that I changed at that moment. I don't understand it all, but I really did think that I changed...something happened...not sure what...but something happened.

I moved quietly into the kitchen and then into my little work area in the laundry room. I gathered up what I needed and quietly retraced my steps back into the bedroom.

My shoes made no sound on the carpet. I moved to the bed...Cheryl had her eyes closed...she was still murmuring...never stop...never stop. I took the carving knife and stabbed Gil Barton. I slid the knife into the back of his neck. I think he died instantly...that was a pity...I wished that he had suffered a bit before dying. Cheryl's eyes had opened and she was staring at me with her mouth open. By then I had pulled the knife out of Gil's neck and motioned to her to be very, very quiet - showing her the bloody knife.

I wiped a little of the blood off on her lips and agaiin motioned for her to be very still and very quiet. Her breath came in small gasps, I remember. She looked rather frightened...that made me chuckle. Cheryl had never been frightened of me...I liked seeing her frightened of me now. I liked that a lot. It was nice that she was frightened. I put the knife back into Gil's neck, there was a slot there already. I picked up the epoxy and quickly mixed it. Then, with a butter spreader from the kitchen, I tried to smear the epoxy between Gil and Cheryl. Cheryl started to move and I quieted her. She froze, remaining still. I put a lot of the epoxy where they were still joined. I was surprised that his penis was still in her... it really must be a long penis. Mine was not very long.

After using up all of the epoxy I toke the roll of duct tape and started wrapping them. I was never able to refuse Cheryl anything...so when I had heard her say that she never wanted Gil to stop fucking her, I would grant her request. I wrapped them together as best I could. His head had fallen, he was lying cheek to cheek with Cheryl...I thought that was so sweet. I hoped that the epoxy would keep his penis in her forever. I saw her eyes again...there were tears streaming down her face.

I didn't understand that...I had granted her request, Gil would now never stop fucking her. She should be happy...oh, maybe they were tears of joy. That's right...she was so happy that she was crying...isn't that sweet. I was so relieved that Cheryl was happy...that's all that I had ever wanted...for her to be happy.

I went back into the living room and took my bag into the guest bedroom. I unpacked and put on pajamas, slipped into bed and fell asleep. I awoke early the next morning and went into the second bathroom and performed my morning ablutions, humming contentedly. I dressed and then peeked into the master bedroom. I didn't want to disturb them. They were in the same position...well, after how I had wrapped them, there wasn't much that they could do. Cheryl's eyes were still wide open, but I didn't see anything in them. It looked like she had gone somewhere...that was a bit puzzling, but I just shrugged it off.

I was busy that day. I had to go shopping for food for the party. Cheryl had not bought anything, so I got stuff at the deli. Cold cuts, salads, stuff like that. Also some beer, sodas, etc. I came home and put it all away. I then spent a few hours cleaning up and then decorating. I put up all of the party decorations. I must say I thought that everything looked so nice... Cheryl would be so proud of me. By the time I was finished with the decorations and setting up the buffet it was late. I quickly took a shower and dressed. Just casual, nothing fancy.

People started arriving around 8 p.m. and I was a gracious host. I made everyone feel so welcome. I didn't really understand some of the smiles I got. It was almost as if they were pitying me. Some were smirking...it didn't seem very friendly of them to do that. Many were inquiring about the whereabouts of Cheryl...some even wondering where Gil was. I told everyone that they would be here soon. It wasn't long, everyone was now here...I guessed that I should introduce everyone to Cheryl and Gil. I would show them how I honored my wife...by fulfilling her request. I yelled for everyone to come see what I had done for Cheryl and led them into the bedroom.

Everything was still as I had left it. Cheryl and Gil were still wrapped together...almost like a present. I was happy to see that Gil's penis was still in Cheryl although there was quite a bit of epoxy where they were joined. I guess I did a sloppy job there. I would have to be more careful in the future. I looked at Cheryl...her eyes were still open, but she still seemed to be gone. Her eyes seemed so blank. I remember that I thought that I should make an appointment for her with the eye doctor. It could be something serious.

I... I..really don't remember much after that. I think that there was a lot of screaming...people running. I...don't seemed to...remember. It's all so hazy...foggy. I know some men came and took me away. I think I remember that. They put me in a small room...one wall was just bars...metal bars. I remember that.

I remember that a lot of people came to speak to me. I... I..can't remember what everyone said...I..just can't remember. Oh, oh, I do remember something. A man...a man came and said something about pleading insanity...he wanted to say that I was insane. What a crock...I became angry and told him that I wasn't insane and he shouldn't say that. I told him never to say that again.


I think that I had better end this story now. I can hear footsteps in the hall outside my little room with the bars. I can see the chaplain coming toward me with two men in uniform. The chaplain is holding a Bible and the men in uniform are unlocking the door. I can't write anymore...

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