tagBDSMHappy Halloween, Sweet Slave

Happy Halloween, Sweet Slave

byenslaved lioness©

a wisp of rich, red hair lay on a white, heaving breast... blue eyes stare from the mirror in shining anticipation as ruby-red lips open slightly and curve into a soft smile... makeup applied just right to accent pale cheeks and wide eyes… more curled tresses of red arranged to frame the rounded face.

the corset was pulled tight to push up and out the heavy bosom, as if in offering. the skin smooth and glistening with the scrubbing from the shower and the oils that were applied. hands move over the leather that binds the large globes, brushing over nipples hard within their confinement. the hands move lower to caress a stomach fluttering with the same anticipation that the eyes and mouth express. a finger runs gently across the exposed skin where corset and skirt fail to meet. a shiver courses through her and goose bumps are raised where a long, shaped fingernail glides across flesh.

the hands travel down to smooth down the short, tight skirt that wraps itself around stocking-clad legs, then moving back to where the smooth material wraps around buttocks quivering in the tight confinement to run over and down. fingers move under where the skirt lays at mid-thigh to brush skin perfumed, powdered, and ready for a promise of ecstasy. another shiver as fingertips brush against her heated sex, which was devoid of covering, causing a slight moan of excitement before they are removed. the eyes that stare back from the mirror are opened wider now and breath, shallow with longing, moves through the slightly parted lips.

she shakes her head and red curls move around her face and across her heated skin. though the desire is there to continue, it is forbidden and she shall not break the trust no matter how her body calls for her to continue. hands now move down legs encased in black patterned silk, smoothing the material and enjoying the sensation of silk along thighs and calves. feet encased in spiked heels that lifted and formed her legs. all was ready for this night. this promise of pleasure.

her head turns as the doorbell sounds. it is not Him; that is for later. tonight the ghosts and goblins are out and knocking at her door. hastily she dons the costume He picked for her, hiding the bright tresses of hair under the nun’s habit before moving to open the door, bowl of candy in hand. the whore was now hidden under the guise of sweetness; the only sign of that hidden woman shone in the eyes that gazed upon the small children come for Halloween treats.

"trick or treat!" the voices ring as she opens the door.

a low soft laugh issues from her and she smiles at the words. "definitely treats tonight, children," she says with a double meaning as she places candy in their bags before closing the door and going back to her lonely vigil.

His instructions over the phone had been clear. she was to stay dressed like this, a good girl with a core of naughtiness, until He arrived. He did not give a time. He did not need to. He worked on His own schedule, and the fact that He had promised was enough for her. Still, she could feel wetness gather between her legs as her mind played through the possibilities the night could bring.

time passes as time must and still the doorbell only brings the children, older and less often as the night wears on. her heart beats in fear. had He forgotten her? forgotten His promise to spend this night with her? no, she must not think that for to think thus would be to doubt Him and to doubt would to be to break trust. He would be here. she must exercise patience. still her stomach flutters with fear that she will spend this night alone.

soon, the doorbell ceases to ring and the clock strikes ten… and then ten thirty. the eyes that held anticipation hours before now hold only disappointment as she locks her door and sighs. in little over an hour this Halloween night would be over. something had happened to delay Him and the night’s preparation was for naught. slowly, her enthusiasm gone, she climbs the stairs and heads toward the bedroom. once there, she closes the door softly and dims her lights. her hand goes up to where the habit closes about her hair and face and there it pauses, hovering in indecision. His orders were clear but everything pointed to Him not coming. did she dare to disobey? the hand flutters against the cloth and then drops to entwine with the other one as her head drops in defeat. it was not something she could do.

her head snaps up again as strong arms grab her from behind and pull her back against a strong body. her own body trembles in fear not knowing what is happening until a rough but familiar voice sounds in her ear, the heat of His breath being felt even through the material that covers her ear.

"Did you lose faith, little one?," He said, each word resounding through her being, "Did you think that I had deserted you?" His arms now encircled her, pinning her own to her side. her nerves were on edge and her body, once slumped in disappointment, now felt alive at the nearness of Him.

"n…no, Master," she whispers in a shaky voice wondering how long He had been here and what He had seen, "i…i thought circumstances had prevented You from coming, but never that You had deserted me."

a low, throaty chuckle came from behind her as His one arm wrapped around her tighter and the other moved down over her stomach, as her own had hours ago, to grasp the one hand that had moments ago moved to undo the habit. squeezing it tight, He brings it up, using enough pressure to get a gasp from her but not enough to do damage.

"you thought I was not coming," He says in a matter-of-fact voice, the pressure growing just enough to get a moan from her now. "Did I not say that I was? Did I not give My word?"

weakly she nods, afraid of what He may say or do at her lapse in thinking. whatever physical He might do would be nothing compared to the possibility that He might leave her there now after His arms had held her so close. she did not think she could stand the emptiness of that moment if that was the punishment He chose.

"you are lucky you chose to obey Me," He says as He releases her fingers and lets them drop. she bites her lower lip as a tingling moves through her hand, the circulation returning in a rush. "I would not have left without letting You know that I was here, but you would have been left alone with that knowledge… as well as a punishment." the hand that had grasped her hand painfully now ran up the front of her costume to rest where the bare skin was beneath it. His own fingers moved back and forth slowly, rubbing the material along the exposed flesh.

"as it is, I shall take My pleasure from you this night, and consider yours only when you have given me enough reason to.," His voice had gained a hard edge, "you must demonstrate that your service to me outweighs your lack of faith, or I shall leave you here writhing in your own need. do you understand Me, my little whoreslut?"

quickly her head bobbed up and down in an affirmative but it was not good enough for Him. His arm tightens around her and His fingers dig in the flesh underneath deep and painfully.

"I asked if you understood Me, whore," His voice hisses at her, demanding she answer, "Do not make Me regret My forgiveness for your first offense."

‘yes, Master, i understand that i must show You how deep my devotion to You is this night," she moans, the pain in her belly where His fingers pressed shooting through her in a not unpleasant sensation. and suddenly she was released. with a gasp, she shudders as a feeling of emptiness falls over her at the removal of His body from hers and she looks around in a moment of panic fearing that her answer had not been good enough and He has left her to finish out the night alone.

she swallows hard and her body trembles with relief as she spots Him sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. she cannot see His eyes for He wears a costume Himself. red is the mask that covers His eyes and the costume is made of red tights that hugs every curve and would outline His shaft when aroused. a cape drapes from His shoulders. He was a devil come to corrupt the sweet innocent and she was more than willing to be corrupted. kneeling before Him now, she shivers as she feels His fingers graze the cheek of her bowed head.

"Dance for Me, slave," He says and His voice is firm. it is not a suggestion or request but a command.

rising, she places music in the cd player and begins slowly to move her body to the music. her hips gyrate and her hands move along her body still encased in the nun’s gown, moving through the folds of the costume to brush the material against skin that is growing warm beneath it. the gown moves and flows about her form as she bends, twists and turns in front of the man who controls her whole being.

gracefully she moves towards Him, letting the material of the gown brush against a leg or arm as she moves. the dance, the music, the thought of Him the only thing in her mind. twisting, twirling, her breast heaving as the dance progresses until he calls a halt to her movements.

"Stand before me," He commands and she does so, her breath coming in gasps and pants, her eyes again holding the anticipation they had earlier in the evening, as well as something darker and more primitive. "I am pleased with your dance, slave but now you will please me even more. you will show Me what i know is beneath that exterior of goodness. a slut begging to be taken by her Master."

swallowing hard, her fingers shaking as she lifts them again to the habit that adorns her head, she hears His voice again. "Slowly, slave, you will show Me how much you wish to be taken by doing everything in your power to arouse Me. make Me believe it or the consequences will be harsh."

her stomach clenches and her fingers begin to unfasten the habit unsteadily. forcing herself to move slowly lest she displease Him, she removes the headpiece from her hair, letting the flaming curls escape and cascade down her shoulders and fall playfully around her face. shaking her head, the tresses bounce and jostle against her smooth skin and the black of her costume. running her fingers up and into her hair, she lifts it for a moment, showing Him her smooth, pale neck before releasing it and letting it settle around her again.

now fingers fumble at the front of her costume, undoing fastenings and letting the material fall away to reveal what was underneath. slowly the white of her skin almost luminescent against the black of the costume appears, flaunting and teasing Him as she moves. inch by inch she reveals herself, the costume falling from first her shoulders and then her arms to puddle into a mass at her feet. now she was revealed. the darkness of the outfit that clung to her underneath the costume outlining the pale of her skin, which shines, with a sheen of perspiration from her earlier movements.

a low growl from where He sits draws her eyes and she could see the beginning of His arousal but the outline told her that He was still not fully erect. again she moves her hands to the fastening of her corset but she is stopped by his command.

"No." He says simply and her hands are arrested in mid air. Then, "Come here." shakily she walks toward Him, her knees almost giving way. she makes to kneel before Him but is again stopped by His voice. "No, you will stand and close your eyes. Do not move unless or until I tell you to."

shutting her eyes tightly, she waits for what seems like forever before she feels His hands upon her. clenching her jaw so that she does not utter a word, she can only envision what is happening as she feels His hands sliding up and down her legs, running over the silk of her stockings, the sensation causing the wetness between her legs to increase. she dares not move, barely dares to breathe as His hands move from her outer thighs to her inner ones. slowly and deliberately His warm skin moves over her own, moving higher and higher until they meet the hem of her skirt and then stop. drawing a quaking breath, she tries not to move as her whole being centers on the feel of His hands upon her. the moment lasting for eternity until finally He begins to explore further.

pushing her skirt up as His fingers play along her skin, they brush so close to her throbbing sex, teasing and taunting her with such closeness as she had done to Him while removing her costume. His fingers splayed across the skin of her thighs and the tips brushed lightly against the bare wetness that nestled between them and she hears His throaty laugh as He says, "I see you are more than ready for me." with a quick intake of breath, she feels herself falling as her skirt is suddenly pushed up all the way, her asscheeks roughly grasped and she is pulled tight into His lap to straddle him and press against His growing bulge.

she moans as His hands roughly grasp her jutting breasts and squeeze them through the leather of the corset, the combination of pleasure and pain instantly making her nipples harden. pulling her towards Him by her soft mounds, she feels His mouth next to her ear and His breath was warm against her skin.

"you are such a little whore. you like making Me aroused, don’t you? you like to see My cock get hard. you were thinking about it moving in and out of your cunt the whole time you were dancing, weren’t you? that is why you are so wet, isn’t it?"

numbly she nodded, unable to speak as His hands continue to roughly kneed and press the white globes. His growl in her ear makes her find her voice and she gasped out, "yes, Master." the squeezing got harder and she knows He wants more. "yes, Master, i was thinking of Your cock thrusting into me hard, taking me over and over again. it made me so hot to think about it."

"And what does that make you?" He whispers in her ear.

"a slut, Master," she breathes, the admission sending shivers through her.

"Whose slut?" His voice comes to her again.

"yours, Master."

"And do you want me to treat you like the slut you admit you are?," His voice now has a hungry quality to it.

"yes, Master," it was hardly above a whisper but He hears her and she is pulled to her feet as He stands.

she feels herself forcefully turned around and bent over, her head meets something soft and she knows her face is being pressed into the bed, one of His hands pressing onto her back to hold her there as His other one shoves her skirt up to expose the quivering flesh of her ass.

His knee press against the back of her thighs and force them open wide. a finger glides up and down the wet lips of her throbbing slit, teasing her and coating His digits in wetness. she gasps and groans into the mattress as He finds and circles her clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her and causing her to thrash about. immediately He stops all movement and simply listens to her ragged breathing as she tries to control her body, which is shaking with need. her hands clench the covers of the bed and she is almost sobbing with the heat and throbbing that play about her soaked pussy.

it is not until her breathing calms that she feels His fingers back against her puffy lips. this time there is no teasing as He pulls the swollen flesh apart and explores her wet passage with one, two and then three fingers. keeping her pressed into the bed, He moves the fingers about, exploring the depths of her heat and soon He begins to move the fingers in and out with a force that moves her back and forth on the bed.

the air is filled with the aroma of raw sex and sweat as she muffles her cries into the mattress. relentlessly His fingers ram in and out of her pussy, soon becoming drenched in wetness and she braces her hands upon the bed, her body straining to push back at Him as fire races through her body, the velvet folds of her pussy closing about the intruding fingers. again he stops, leaving her almost crying with the need that had begun to build hours before.

"Oh, no, loverslave," He says as He withdraws from her burning cunt, "Tonight you will remember who controls you. you will beg for that control of your body."

strong hands grasp her wrists and her arms are pulled sharply behind her. the feeling of silk wrapping around her wrists sends an involuntary shiver through her, and then she cries out as the silk is pulled tight and tied. she is unceremoniously picked up and dropped on her stomach onto the bed, her hands straining behind her back. she feels the bed bow as He moves behind her and spreads her legs once again.

her back arches as she feels His cock, hard and throbbing pressed against the crack of her ass. He had stripped Himself of His own costume and was making sure she knew of His own desire. one hand again searches and finds the soft petals that are the entrance to her most intimate pleasures. her passage is filled immediately and His thumb presses against the tightness of her anal ring. constant pressure is applied as she begins to moan again into the covers and soon a jolt of pain announces His entrance as her stomach tightens at the feeling of being filled so full.

the pain turns to pleasure as He begins to plow His fingers into her hard and fast. the rhythm builds until she can feel herself shaking with the desire for release. she bites the pillow beneath her head as she feels an orgasm approach only to moan in frustration as He abruptly stops. His harsh breathing mixes with her own as she is pulled away from the very edge of her release. "Now, sweet slave, tell me what you want. beg me to pleasure Myself with your body and, if you do a good job, I will reward you with the release you seek."

she opens her mouth to say the words but only a whimper emerges, her journey so close to release making it impossible to put her thoughts into words. then her body jolts as pain sears through her ass, the sound of His hand connecting with her flesh surprising her even as the sensations shoot through her body, taking her even higher in arousal.

"Tell Me," He demands and, when her answer does not come in time, a second jolt of pain is sent through her other cheek. "you will tell Me what I wish to hear. you cannot deny it… you only prolong your wait for your own pleasure by not admitting it."

again His hand connects with her pale skin, and this time a moan comes from deep in her throat. another smack and she cries out, but not for Him to stop. the warming sensation of her ass is spreading to her already heated pussy and the feeling almost takes upon itself a life of its own as her pussy envelops and squeezes the fingers that are buried deeply inside of it.

"your body tells Me what you will not say," He almost whispers as His hand lands another blow to her already reddened ass. with another cry, she breaks from her stupor and the words flood from her.

"please! please, Master!" her voice cracks with desire, "please take me…use me…pleasure Yourself with my body! i need to feel You deep inside me, i need to feel You claiming me as Your own! fuck me, Master…please! i need to be fucked so hard by You! i need to feel Your cum fill me and spill from me..." the words end in a sob and her body shakes with the truth that is contained in them.

with a grunt of satisfaction, He pulls His fingers from her drenched pussy, causing her to groan as she feels the emptiness almost overwhelm her. it is short lived, however, as He grabs both of her hips and guides her to Him. with a thrust of His hips, He is buried in her all the way and her pussy immediately grasps His hardened rod and holds it within as a moan of pleasure comes from T/them both.

He is not gentle. His movements speak of mastery as He uses her hips to pull her back against Him each time He thrusts. His cock enters, parts her hot flesh and runs the length of her passage until He is seated in her completely. pulling back, He thrusts again, the combined force of His hips thrusting forward and His hands bringing her back toward Him causing her to grunt at each penetration as the force causes her to rock along the bed.

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