tagIncest/TabooHardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 03

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 03



Shortly after dad, Tom and I shot our latest loads over mom, the four of us went up to mom and dad's bedroom. Mom immediately lay down on the huge four-poster bed with her legs in the air and spread wide to expose the delicate beauty of her mature cunt as she beckoned me over to her. I dropped down on my knees in front of her to get as close a view as possible of her long wet slit, reaching out with my hands to fondle the folds of her pussy before spreading her labia with my hands.

Even with allowances for the fact that we are an incestuous family and that this was my first party, I could hardly believe that I was being freely allowed to feel mom's cunt and stretch her labia to show the hole I and my siblings emerged from off best. I placed my nose at the entrance to mom's cunt and breathed in its delicate feminine aroma.

"How d'you feel about licking mom's pussy, Matt?" asked Tom. "You'll love it, you know, its delicious."

"You should know, sweetheart," mom replied to Tom, her eyes shining with happiness, "you've licked it enough times in the last three years."

I didn't need to answer Tom's question, I simply stuck out my tongue and began to run it tentatively along the grove between the two silky soft lips. The taste, as Tom had said, was absolutely delicious and, inexperienced though I was, I just abandoned myself to the thrill of my first long lick of mom's exquisite cunt.

"Oh, sweetheart," mom said, writhing and squirming with pleasure, "that feels so good."

"That's the way, son," my father said, taking yet another photograph. "use your tongue on that nice hot pussy."

"Oh, sweetheart," mom moaned again, spreading her legs as wide as was possible to allow my tongue all the access necessary for me to carry on savoring the lovely nectaresque taste, "for a novice, you are excellent."

Any impatience I had felt in the months leading up to my induction into the family sex club before being allowed to lick mom's cunt quickly evaporated as my exploring tongue continued to scrutinise her rapidly moistening love hole, coating it with reams of her sweet-tasting pussy juice. I looked up and smiled, happy in the knowledge that I was giving my mother so much pleasure.

All thoughts of the piles of college homework waiting for me paled into insignificance so that not only did I forget about that, I also practically forgot about poor Ben shut away in his room to sit out the next two years while the rest of us enjoyed ourselves. I had been looking forward to this moment for a long time and was determined to savor every second of this wondrous new form of sexual entertainment.

I was more hungry for mom's cunt than I thought I would be, I wanted to love it, lick it and taste as much of it as possible and I dug my tongue as deep into the long wet gash as hard as I could while gripping my prick with my right hand and masturbating at the same time.

Not hurting you, mom, am I?" I said, looking up. Mom's screams of excitement reverberated around the room so that should have told me that I was doing it right.

"No, sweetheart," mom replied, "what makes you think that?"

"I just thought I might be digging in too deep," I replied.

"Not at all," mom said, "you're doing just fine, baby."

"Yeah, Matt," breathed Tom as he towered above us, masturbating and with his big cock virtually touching my head, "lick it hard, mom loves all that."

I started to increase the pace, flicking my tongue up, down and over the satin-like folds of mom's pussy. Oh boy, did it taste good! The sound of mom's grunting as she squirmed to the onslaught of my inexperienced tongue was like music to my ears, confirming Tom's words and so good to hear. Sex, as I was rapidly discovering, would not be half as thrilling if it was all one-sided and mom wasn't getting as much pleasure as I was.

But the words of encouragement from my parents and brother told me everything I needed to know that I was doing it properly.As I continued licking, dad hauled me to my feet until I was bent over with my tongue still probing mom's cunt while dad proceeded to lick my ass. In my wildest imaginations, I had never thought things would be this good. There I was, just eighteen years old, licking mom's cunt while having my ass licked by dad at the same time and there just aren't enough words to describe the thrill and how happy I was at that moment in time.

And, just to make it even more exciting, Tom moved round and, climbing onto the bed until he was kneeling over mom's face, dropped his thick cock into her mouth for her to suck so that nobody was left out of the equation, we were completely gathered as one, a family joined together in sex ...


Later that evening, Tom and dad crawled onto their hands and knees on the large four-poster bed beside mom and I and began sucking each other's cocks sixty-nine style. I had never seen two men having gay sex with each other before, apart from when dad and I sucked together that afternoon, and I stopped what I was doing with mom to have a better look. Mom saw me looking and smiled.

"Would you like to know what it feels like to suck another man's cock, sweetheart?" she asked me.

I was so nonplussed by what I was seeing and hearing that I didn't immediately register her remarks. I stood up, letting my big cock stand out in front of me. Before I could answer, dad and Tom stopped what they were doing and crawled off the bed and knelt in front of me.

"Wow," said Tom, "look how big Matt's cock is."

"Suck it, Tom," dad said.

My brother was only too eager to comply and. without further ado, he opened his mouth and quickly wallowed the stiff pole, indulging me in my first all-embracing brotherly blowjob. Mom sat back on the bed, fingering her fanny as she watched her sons going gay with each other while dad circled round us taking photographs.

I very much wanted to try sucking cock myself and, a short time later, I found myself kneeling in front of my father's and brother's pricks as they held them out to me, waiting expectantly for me to indulge them with my first gay suck. In much the same way as I licked mom's cunt, it was with an air of tentativeness that I opened my mouth to let dad slide his thick rod all the way in over my tongue and to the back of my throat.

I gagged as the salty taste of dad's pre-cum filled my mouth but nevertheless I enjoyed the sensation of sucking my first ever cock, even if it was my own father's. Blow jobbing dad's cock, I discovered, was just as exciting as licking mom's cunt. "Go on, sweetheart," mom said, urging me on just as dad and Tom had done when I licked her cunt, "you've learnt how to lick pussy, now let me see you learn how to suck cock." I sucked harder on dad's cock before transferring my mouth to Tom's. If anything, my brother is slightly bigger than dad in the downstairs department and the taste of his pre-cum even saltier, if that was possible ...


Karen got home from work an hour or so later and, like Tom, was delighted to discover me being initiated into the family's taboo sex games with dad, mom and Tom. She needed to relax so we all had a break before the whole family gathered round the dining room table, in the nude, of course and Ben included, for another of our naked dinners. By the time we had eaten and washed the dishes and after Ben had taken himself off to his room to play on his computer, I was raring to go again.

I was delighted that I had had the afternoon prelude to the parties with mom and dad since it made it a lot easier for me to get into the spirit of things when my elder brother, sister and I gathered with our parents in their bedroom for my first party that evening. As with mom, dad and Tom, I felt no shame nor embarrassment at my sister seeing me with a hard-on.

It was gone midnight when, after an immense amount of cock sucking, cunt licking and ass rimming, during which time I received my first ever facial cumshot from dad and Tom, I fucked my mother for the first time in my life. Mom pulled me onto the bed and, folding me into her arms, started to kiss me as her hand gripped my prick. We pressed our bodies close together, flesh upon flesh, while I reached out a hand and fondled her cunt which was slick and wet with desire. We both knew what was going to happen and, without a word, mom moved and mounted me as I lay on my back with my aroused prick standing proudly to attention, pointing directlyupwards to the ceiling. Since I had had no previous experience, mom helped and guided me as she climbed up and then slowly impaled herself on my thick rod, dad, Tom and Karen all the time issuing words of encouragement as they watched me fuck my first pussy.

"Take it all, mom," said Karen and then, smiling and addressing me, my sister continued: "how's that, then, Matt? Good or what?"

I looked up at Karen and smiled back in reply. It did, indeed, feel more than good as mom's pussy gobbled up more and more of my teenage prick and, once acclimatised, she began to post up and down, resting her hands on my chest. Mom had well and truly pulled my trigger so that, after a few tentative thrusts, I decided to go for it big time and began to poke her as hard as I could, knowing she would not object. Her grunts and groans grew louder as each inch of cock went in deeper while her big tits kept rising and falling in front of my face and, as they fell, I lifted my head up and stuck out my tongue to lick the dark aureoles and munch on the erect nipples while still pounding my cock balls deep into her delectable cunt.

Still joined as one without breaking the fuck, mom slowly but suddenly rolled over onto her back with me on top. I couldn't help giggling as I resumed the fucking motion, now looking down at her lovely face and sensing the approach of my orgasm. Although it felt as if mom and I were the only ones in the world at that moment, I was aware of dad, Tom and Karen standing watching and that, furthermore, they had a very good view of my clenching ass cheeks as I continued thrusting my cock in and out of mom's fuck box. "Keep it up, son," my father said, "you'll make her cum soon."

"Yeah," breathed Tom, "mom loves cumming with a nice hard cock inside her."

"How am I doing, mom?" I managed to gasp. I was enjoying myself immensely but I wanted to make sure that mom was enjoying herself, too.

"Magnificent, sweetheart," mom replied in-between grunts, "you're driving me absolutely wild."

Seconds later, as if to prove the point, mom let out a loud wail that could be heard throughout the house as she thrilled to a string of orgasms. Poor Ben, alone in his room, must have been really frustrated not being allowed to join in. But even my brotherly concern for him disappeared as I rose upwards, shuddering as I shot my load deep in mom's pussy. All the wanks I had had in the past, letting it shoot down my hand or over my belly, just did not compare to the newly discovered stupendity of an orgasm with my cock still embedded in a nice warm pussy and the fact it was my own mother's pussy made it all the more sensational.

"Ooooh, sweetheart," mom drooled as the sticky load flooded her innards, "are you sure you haven't done this before with one of those sluts at the college?"

"Quite sure, mom," I replied as she rolled over onto her back on the bed alongside me. Dad and Tom had started licking Karen's tits while I fucked mom but as I started to come down from my orgasm, they stopped what they were doing and moved across to stand over mom, masturbating wildly and very soon they were both pouring out lashings of hot luscious spunk over her face and tits. Mom was in ecstacy as she took the lot to go with the seeds I had planted inside her a few moments earlier. Karen was fingering her fanny and gave herself an orgasm as the rest of us sighed from out exertions.

The amount of sex I had that day was fantastic, the best eighteenth birthday present that any horny incestuous son and brother could possibly wish for and all the hot action captured forever on dad's digital camera for the family's pornography collection

Thanks to the parties, as the months went by and we got together almost every day, I had been steadily gaining experience with plenty of fucks of not only mom's cunt but my sister's too and also enjoying lots of cunnilingus with them. With my father's help, I learned how to really use my tongue to the full, discovering it to be as potent a sex organ for pleasuring purposes as my prick, which is something that Ben is currently working on. Sex, like everything else, is a learning process and my siblings and I have been extremely fortunate in having some very good teachers, namely our parents.

I also learned, as Tom had, how to suck cock and take it up the ass from dad and how to fuck him in return and fucking dad is now just as exciting and pleasurable as fucking mom. Similarly, dad has no problems when he takes it up the ass from me, nor from Tom neither so not only are our parties one hundred per cent incestuous but also one hundred per cent bisexual into the bargain ...


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