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I've been in the business of erotic modeling for three years already and I love every minute of it. It's gotten me through college and I've made new friends through this job. Fortunately for me, I've advanced in a short time. That is, if you want to call getting better assignments an advancement. You see, the way it goes in this company, Hardcore Modeling Agency, you may begin as an amatuer model who does simple shoots like foot modeling, hand modeling, etc. They're okay, if you're into that kind of thing but it never paid the bills for me. Then the Photographer, Rick, would approach me and tell me that if we could get some better photos that are a little more risque', then that's when the money will roll in more. So in a year, I was doing nude modeling. That wasn't so bad since it paid about $200 more than the other shoots. But this is where it became an adventure for me, Rick, and Rochell.

Rochell is a friend whom I met in college. She's was a freshman when I was in my Senior Year of college and I helped tutor her in the University's Learning Center. As we began a Tutor-Student Relationship, our friendship eventually grew stronger. She used to call me her older White Brother away from home. Rochell was only 18 at the time and had plans to major in Criminal Justice. But she wasn't sure if she was going continue her education since it was becoming a financial strain on her and her mother. So I suggested that she give Hardcore Modeling a try. She wasn't too sure at first but I assured her that she would not have to do any kind of photography shots that she would not feel comfortable with. She turned to me and looked me in my eyes with her beautiful brown eyes and asked, "I don't have to do any fucking shots, I hope, especially not with you." Again, I assured her that she wouldn't. "Besides, what's wrong with me?", I asked her.

"No offense", she replied, "It's not you, Brad. It's just that we've had a strong friendship for a while now. Besides, if I enjoy the shoots, I'll probably show my friends and GOD knows they would disown me if I ever fucked a white boy. Believe me, not that I have anything against it, mind you." But I understood and we dropped it from there.

Rochell went on to doing hand shots and all but, like me, eventually moved up to body shots and our checks got bigger when we both did individual nude shots. But one day, our supervisor, Richard, had us in his office and hit us with a Bang. "I got an assignment for you two and you're both looking at $500 a piece to do it."

"And what kind of assignment is it?", Rochell asked.

"Couple Nude Shots.", Richard replied, "Can ya'll handle it?"

"As long as there's no sex involved, I guess I can. How about you, Brad?"

I was nervous but I said, "Sure, I can hang." Richard said, "Great, then your first shot is tomorrow. Meet Rick at the Winneford Warehouse. It's going to be set up for the shoot by the time you two get there. And don't bother over dressing. The less you're wearing, the quicker we can get done."

I thought that the following day would be like any other day. However, I got there a few minutes before Rochell did. As I walked into the near darkened warehouse, Rick was getting all of the equipment set up. Before I can undress, he asked me, "Did Richard discuss his plans with you two?"

"Yeah, we're doing a nude couple shot, right?"

"Um, yeah. For now but did he discuss the other?"

"What's the other?"

Then Rick had this sort of Gleam in his eye when he told me, "He wants you two to do a Sex Shot one day soon. He's about to get a contract with this Pornographic Production Company and they want us to do a hardcore pictorial for them."

"Rochell would never do it."

Well", Rick continued, "It's not anytime soon but soon enough."

Just then, Rochell walked in wearing a sexy looking Yellow sundress that stopped in the middle of her thighs. And it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra under it. She looked super sexy in it.

Rick ended the conversation by saying, "Well, he's leaving it up to you to be convincing to the others, if you know what I mean"

"What did I miss?", Rochell asked.

"Nothing Dear.", I said, "Let's just do this and be done for the day."

So I stood on one side of the room to disrobe as Rochell disrobed on the other side. To my surprise, she was less nervous than I was. Then I turned around to see the greatest looking brown sugar body that I had ever seen. Rochell stood about 5 feet, couldn't have been more than 120 pounds, partially muscular yet feminine, and all the right curves in the right places. Her breasts appeared to be 34C, her stomach was flat as a board, and her thighs were perfectly shaped with the outline of her quadricep plainly seen. It wasn't until then that I actually realized how beautiful Rochell really was. Her pouty lips and almond shaped brown eyes could make any guy melt. And it was obviously apparent to her as I stared at her in awe.

"Ummm, since you're not wearing anything, I guess you're just happy to see me.", She told me with a laugh. I was embarassed. As I witnessed her lovely body, my cock began erecting right there in front of her and Rick. Rick simply laughed and felt embarassed for me. But surprisingly, Rochell continued looking at it grow and told me, "DAMN, you got some meat there for a white boy. What is it? 8 or 9 inches?" I didn't know what the hell to do.

Rick told me, "Yo Brad, I hate to break this to you like this but you can't be up and ready in these shoots. You have to be soft."

Rochell turned to Rick, "Don't worry about him, I'll handle it. Just don't get nervous Brad. I'll help you out with that thing."

Rochell grabbed a background cover and tore a large piece from it. Then she walked over to me and said, "Let me see what you got here, Brad. Hmmm, one day you're going to make some girl a very happy woman with this thing. Rick, dimmer the shoot lights a bit. We don't want to give this snake here a tan, do we?"

Rick turned the lights low and Rochell reached out for my cock. The second her soft hand touched it, it was at a complete erection.

"Son Of A Bitch, Brad. You got another fucking arm down here. Please, don't tell me that it's going to grow any more or I'll have to leave it alone." With her hand wrapped around my cock, Rochell began stroking it. My breaths got shorter as her hand stroked faster on my hardened cock. She then brought her body closer to mine and began whispering to me, "C'mon baby, cum for me. Give me that cum baby. Shoot it right here in my hand as if you're flooding my hot pussy with it."

Her voice was so damn sexy. I've never heard her talk like that before.

My mind went crazy and I felt my balls expanding in no time.

"C'mon baby, shoot your load in my hand. C'mon, do it baby. Mmmmm, you're sooo big."

Then it happened. My cock exploded like a volcano. Cum shot at least two feet in front of us and some landed on Rochell's naked thigh and in her hand. I looked down to see the beautiful color combination of my white cock that was slowly deflating in her soft brown hand. Rochell used the torn rag to wipe my flacid cock, her hand, and her thigh free of my cum.

"Okay Rick, hit the lights and let's do this shit quickly.", Rochell told Rick, "All of this excitement got me hungry now." Then with a professional look on her face, Rochell turned to me and said, "Are you done now? That meant nothing to me, Okay? I just wanted you to feel comfortable around me since we're going to be doing these nude shots pretty often now. We don't need that snake popping up everytime we do these shoots. Besides, you owe me dinner for that now."

The shoot went well. Many of the shots pertrayed us as a loving couple caressing each other and others had us lying apart on a make shift sandy platform. Our final shot had Rochell with her back against me. Because of her short height, the back of her waist was pressed against my cock and I tried hard to concentrate on anything that I can to avoid getting another hard on. Then once the shoot was over, Rochell excused herself to the Ladies Room. I walked over to Rick and said, "When's that hardcord shoot supposed to be?"

"Next week, why?"

"Mark my word, next week she'll be ready for that Hardcore Shoot. Okay?"

Rick smiled, "How are you going to convince her?"

"Let me handle that. Just call me tonight with the scenery plans so I'll know how to handle it."

I took Rochell to a nearby restaurant for dinner and tried my best to convince her of the shoot. "As far as our friendship is concerned, Rochell, we'll always be friends."

"Fuck no, Brad. That's why I didn't want to jerk you off back there. I was afraid that you would think that it's something between us now."

"No, Ro. That's not what I'm talking about. It's our chance to make some serious money. I'm talking thousands per shoot, Girl."

"Brad, I told you. My friends have seen the pictures that I've done. They saw the agency portfolio and the first thing my friends asked me was, who the hell is that skinny white boy? Trust me, I don't need that drama from them."

"So they don't have to know.

"Brad, the answer's NO. So let's drop it."

For a couple of days before that hardcore shot, Rochell and I had done some softcore shots. And believe me, that took a hell of a lot of talking just to convince her to do that. Richard even treatened to fire her on the spot had she not done them. My problem was the same though. On the shots where any part of Rochell's body touched my cock, it would get hard as a Rock. But what the hell, that's natural with any man, right? In one shot, Rochell played a slave girl who serviced her master. I've done poses where my cock was in her hand or touching her mouth. But by the time it was rock hard, Rochell would began stroking it for the final "money shot", that is when the cum would shoot out on her back or her face. Some of the poses actually looked like we had had real sex, in fact.

Friday evening was to be the Hardcore Shoot but Rochell only knew it to be another Softcore shoot. So Rick and I had everything planned. Part of me hated to trick Rochell but I had a feeling that I could convince her eventually. I was hoping that it wouldn't affect our friendship. So Rick explained the scene to us both but I already knew what to do. I played a Neo-Nazi Soldier and Rochell was my captured U.S. Spy. She was bound and gagged on this platform that held her legs apart and her arms out over her head. She had told me earlier that she wanted to get that shoot over with fast because she don't like to be gagged. Rick was taking some great shots of us as it appeared as if I was torturing her and trying to make her talk. Basically, we were both naked. Her clothes were hanging up near by so that it appeared that she was brutally stripped of her clothes. Then I stripped off my clothes and threatened to force myself upon her. She did a great job of trying to break free. I would squeeze her breasts and bite her nipple. And to my surprise, her nipples were getting hard. I couldn't help but wonder if that was getting her excited. Then I stood between her opened legs and sat my semi-erected cock on her pussy, which Rochell had neatly trimmed for this assignment. I begin rubbing my cockhead along Rochell's slit and I could feel her getting wet. Her hips reacted to it well but I think she was still acting for the camera. She was constantly lifting her hips, as if to be trying to escape. Then without any warning, I slid my fully erect cock into her pussy. I could see her eyes open wide with shock. The gag prevented her from screaming or protesting. My God, Rochell was so fucking tight. I couldn't understand why she would want to hold out for so long before allowing me to fuck the life out of her as I was doing just now. With every push, I could feel another inch of my cock sliding into her tight pussy. And within minutes, I could feel her pussy getting wetter, which allowed me better access of fitting more of my cock into her. Rochell was screaming through her gag for about 5 minutes and she was throwing her hips up trying to push me out of her. But it only allowed me to ram all 9 inches of white cock in that sexy black pussy that was in dire need of some fucking. Then I realized that I was a different person. My friendship for Rochell turned more into lust. I got hotter and hotter the more I pistoned my dick in that tight, young pussy of hers.

After about 6 minutes of her bodily protest, she stopped. Her hips began Gyrating on my cock and her screams began turning into hums and moans behind that gag. Her eyes had closed and occassionally, I would see them open partially with only the whites showing. While all of this was happening, I could hear Rick constantly shooting away with his camera. He managed to catch her eyes fluttering, her hips rocking back and forth, and later he told me that he was sure that he snapped her as she was having a massive orgasm during the shoot.

"Mother fuck, we're all going to have a great check this week.", Rick shouted in between a snapshot.

I wasn't worrying about money at this time, All I worried about was shooting my load in Rochell's hot pussy and giving her all of the orgasms that she deserves. But that wasn't going to happen that day because I had to give Rick his "money shot". When Rochell had calmed down completely from protesting, I reached over and removed her gag.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Mother Fucker?", she asked me, still dazed from already having 2 orgasms.

"Sorry Rochell, if you hate me for the rest of our lives at least today we'll get a big bonus."

"So you sold our fucking friendship for money?"

Just then, Rochell's anger caused her groin muscle to tighten up and I lost it then. I began ramming my cock in faster and deeper until it disappeared in her tight, black pussy. and Rochell lost it too.

"Yeah, Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh Shit, Oh Shit. I'm cumming.

I could feel my cum boiling up in my balls and I could hold it no more.

"OOOHHH Fuck Rochell."

I quickly pulled my cock out just in time to shoot a large load of cum all on Rochell's belly. Loads and loads of cum kept shooting out of my cock until it began rolling onto her side. I was near exhausted after that one shoot. But I knew that I was about to get a serious ass chewing from Rochell. In fact, I was sure she was going to slap me once Rick and I took her off of the platform. Rick complimented our work and told us that we will always have a job with Hardcore Modeling as long as we can give him shots like that.

"Yeah, right", I told him.

I found a towel on the set and began wiping Rochell off after I unhooked her from the platform. She grabbed the towel from me with anger, "I don't need you to do that. I can get it myself. You did enough, don't you think?"

"I'm sorry Rochell."

"Fuck you, Brad. Was it good for you?"

I didn't say anything.

"Well, was it?"

"Yeah, it was."

"You bet your ass it was. You may never get any kind of pussy like that again in your life. I guess you just wanted experiment with some black pussy, huh? Now what's this shit about extra money?"

I explained to her what I had told her during dinner the previous week and she was not too upset anymore.

"So you're saying that we can make that kind of money for every shoot?"

"Yeah, just about."

"Well, I guess since you can say fuck it to our friendship just now, I might as well say fuck it to my other friends. If they don't like me fucking a white boy, they can kiss my ass." Rochell reached down and placed her hand around my limped dick, "Umm, do you think he can go another round or two?"

I was shocked. "In another minute or two, I guess.", I replied.

"Fuck that. His break is over.", she said. Then she told Rick to get all of the film that he can spare because we were doing more shoots that evening for at least another hour. Then she knelt in front of me and started licking my cock and balls until they responded again. She sucked me until I was harder than I've ever been.

Then Rochell and I fucked in every position that we can think of. Everytime we would complete the money shot, she would suck or stroke my cock to bring it back to life. And she was a woman of her words, we fucked for an entire hour and Rick shot all of it. But just as I was about to shoot my last load, she had other plans. She was on top and when I told her that I was about to cum. She looked at me with lust in her eyes and said, " So, I don't care. This money shot is mine now. Let's see if we can make a Brad, Jr. on this shoot." Then she reached behind her and rubbed my balls like it was an aladdin lamp. I shot what felt like a gallon of cum into her tight pussy and her pussy sucked every drop out of me again. By the time we were done, we were both too exhausted to move. Rick simply told us to lock up when we were done because the only energy we had left was enough to roll over and fall asleep.

I couldn't believe how horny Rochell was that day. I felt as if I had created a monster. A horny little fuck monster, in fact. Because when we woke up after a 2 hour sleep, she wanted us to fuck one more time before leaving.

"But Rick is gone now. Who's going to take the pictures?", I asked her.

"Who said that it has to be shot, Baby? Do you always photograph yourself having sex?", She asked me as she brought my cock back to life in her soft hands.

"Are you serious about wanting a Brad, Jr.?", I asked.

"Hell no, I just wanted to feel you cumming in me. I got too much to do with my life before having any kids. Besides, I'm on the shot.", she explained.

This time she wanted it Doggy Style and in 10 minutes, I was shooting another load of sperm lava into Rochell's tight, horny pussy.

Surprisingly, Rochell and I became a hot commodity in the business. The hardcore pictorials were selling like hot cakes, we appeared on a popular radio talk show, and there were even talks about us doing a calendar shoot. As for the money, Rochell made enough money to pay for college and get her own apartment and car. But more importantly, Rochell often calls me to come over to her apartment for some private shoots of our own. I guess you can say that we're still good friends and even better coworkers.


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