tagHumor & SatireHarriet and The Harlequin Horror

Harriet and The Harlequin Horror


H-Cupped Hootered High School Harlot Harriet Humper stars in:

"Harriet And The Harlequin Horror"

Written by Victor C. Nathan


"Oh, golly, gee whiz, Chuck!" Harriet Humper sighed in a 1950s teenybopper voice of childish seduction, her heavy H-cupped breasts heaving hornily with their nipples erect and pointed as her boyfriend Chuck Dicker slipped his waning hard-on from her sopping wet tunnel, her slippery and so delightful to fuck pussy. "Holy fucking humpsticks in Humperland, you're a good, good fucker! I'm multiorgasmic, motherfucker! It's the gift that keeps on giving!"

"Harriet, baby," Chuck managed to breathe as a trickle of postcoital cum leaked from his urethral opening and dripped onto his tawdry- tittied girlfriend's naked left leg. "I lost so much jism, it may take a fucking week to get my balls refilled again. Your big goshdamn boobies and your tight pussy are like cum-builders or some shit. Damn it! I can't fuck till they fill up again! Oh, look! Now those big motherfucking titties of yours are slapping together! Oh, just let me feel 'em one more time."

"Why, of course, Fucky Chucky," Harriet cooed as her horny boyfriend placed a hand on each of her "cum-builder" bazooms and squeezed them in a way that made her know he was still hungry for knocker, for her oscillating orbs, her heavenly hooters, her weighty whoppers, her bobbling boobie bombs, her sweater puppies, her glorious globular globs of great girth and giddy girlishness. "Baby, I haven't had that many orgasms since I fucked your daddy last week, Long Dong. Of course, his dong is a little longer. But you win in the thickness contest. You stretched my little pussy wussy cunny wunny with that shit, Humperfucker. Your cervix crusader tore that shit up, bitch. You could park a truck in my motherfucking pussy right now. Or maybe the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Tee hee."

"Sweetheart, I haven't sucked titties as big as yours since I fucked your mommy last week, when I had my pee wee up her snatch. Mmmmmmmmm, yeah. Her huge honking hooters are big as studentfucking mountains! But yours have bigger nipples on 'em. You win the areola contest, you big-tittied bitch."

"I love you, Chuckie," Harriet breathed silkily as she rubbed the sharp nub of her left nipple against Chuck Dicker's wrinkly balls, while at the same time he still caressed, kneaded, pulled, yanked and tugged on the abundant warm flesh of his girlfriend's pillowy plush feminine glands. "And I love this thing."

The young, lithe and ludicrously top-heavy Humper reached lovingly for Chuck's sagging penis, his seven inch soldier that was now drooping after its ejaculatory explosion inside of Harriet's accommodating, receiving and thoroughly nurturing cum-loving, cum- hungry cunny slot. Harriet raised his shrinking stalk straight up until it pointed towards her sweat-soaked brow, the brow that was surrounded by her sweaty blonde hair. Her high, proud, firm, yet danglingly heavy H-cupped boobs jiggled as she leaned forward, advancing her body in the direction of Chuck's private parts, his cock and his balls. Both of her bomb-sized bosoms wiggled, waggled and wobbled around the organ that she loved the best, though it certainly wasn't the biggest dick she had ever rubbed, sucked or fucked. It was at this moment that the stacked student threw her moist tongue across the surface of the head of his pecker, snagging the string of baby batter that still oozed like a slinking snake from his pee pee hole.

"I love you too, Harriet," Chuck replied, smiling as the most beautiful, busty, voluptuous and vivacious girlfriend he had ever bedded slurped the semen from the end of his male member, savoring with orgasmic excitement the taste of his salty discharge. "And I love these things. And this thing."

With his right hand, Chuck Dicker fiercely pawed, unashamedly and with some sense of entitlement, her man magnets, her naughty bulging pillows of mammary glory, quivering, fleshy and floundering as they were under his touch. With his other hand, he pulled her closer, plunging several fingers into the nether region of her female anatomy, her slippy happy honeypot, savoring her insides, her pussy, her cunny, her tunnel of carnal love and penile reception. Two of his fingers found the tiny nub of her sexual bliss, her clitoris, her rosebud, twanging, pulling and stroking what Harriet called her "cute little clitty witty." He kissed her bosom's rosy nipples and sucked at them, nipping and biting, yearning for her areola as he fingered her pussy.

Harriet and Chuck fondled and tasted each other's bodies, their sexual organs, their receptors of pleasure. Harriet enjoyed his slowly inflating penis, he her bobbing and bouncing bra-busting boobies and her tight and skillful pussy that could milk a prick and its gonads of every ounce of their spermy excrement.

"Chuckie, I need this thing back inside of me, Humperfucker," Harriet almost begged as she rubbed the swollen head of his now fully erect warrior against her thighs, making her tits slap noisily against each other. "Mr. Wee Wee's gonna take another fucking trip to Cunnyland. I want him inside me so bad, big boy."

"Geez, Harriet," Chuck laughed as he now worked both of her knockers between his ten outstretched and rapidly feeling fingers, their pliable flesh wobbling and giving way inside his greedy grasp as he leaned towards her chest for another taste of her boobie bounty. "This almost feels like a romantic story we're in."

"Fuck!" Harriet snapped with a naughty laugh as she felt waves of sweet tingles course through her soccerball titan twins like heavenly fucks and barely perceptibly touched the helmet of Chuck's fuckstick against her stretched labia lips. "I sure hope it doesn't feel too romantic. Cause I'm just hungry for fuck."

"The sentimentality is killing me," Chuck said with a wince as he naughtily bit down on a protruding nipple and accompanying areola and tweaked the other between his thumb and forefinger. "This is like some Harlequin shit."

"You're right," Harriet agreed with a smile, pulling away from Chuck and bounding, her naked jouncing, bouncing titties and all, to the door of her bedroom, throwing it open and leaning her head into the hallway. "I'll fix this shit, Chuckie."

"Okay, Pumpkin Tits," Chuck retorted, rubbing his seven inch length of penile pipe to keep it firm and hard as he admired his girlfriend's big round fanny and the edges of her overgrown titties that he could still make out from his view behind her. "Cause I don't want to turn this shit into serious romance."

"Mom!" Harriet yelled down the hallway, loud enough for her voice to carry to where Hilda resided in the kitchen fixing dinner. "Can you get up here with those big titties of yours and double up on Chuck with me? Chuck and I just feel like this is getting too romantic and shit and if you and I both fucked him together, it would make it more ridiculous and funny and shit."

"Sure, baby," Hilda replied from her place in the kitchen as she reflexively began to shed her blouse and her triple J boulder holder from her mammoth chest like she was hatching two giant dinosaur eggs. "Just keep his wee wee nice and hard and warm for me and I'll be right up to fuck. And I'm bringing my big ol' boobies with me, good fuckers. Chuckie! I'm comin' to fuck ya and suck ya and play with your big cock and balls! Keep 'em warm for Mommy!"

Harriet skipped back to the bed, her full-figured body wiggling and jiggling in the tittie and ass departments and slid onto the mattress beside her still erect and ready to fuck boy toy.

"Holy shit, Chuckie!" Harriet sighed amidst her laughter before she placed her lips on the head of his penis just to keep his penis firm till her mother arrived. "That was close. It's a good thing Mom's coming to join us in bed. My big titties, your big wee wee and my wet stretched pussy almost had a Harlequin romantic moment. Scary, isn't it? It's frightening to think how close we came. I mean, I almost felt something there for a second."


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