tagHumor & SatireJanitor Charlie's Angel

Janitor Charlie's Angel


Triple J Cup Educator Hilda Humper Stars In:

"Janitor Charlie's Angel"

Written by Victor C. Nathan


She was done with classes for the day and she watched as the school was slowly emptied out of students, each of the pupils excitedly expelling themselves from its doors as fast as she often made a load of jism burst from a pent-up penis. Miss Hilda Humper finished the last bit of paperwork that she had to do in one of the classrooms, tediously filling it out, her pretty brow furrowed into a pattern that signified thought.

Hilda's blonde hair was pulled back in a bun and the sleeves on her blouse were pushed up a little bit in response to the heat in the stuffy classroom. Two buttons on her blouse were undone and the gigantic swell of her breasts, which were always visible anyway, seemed ready to burst from her clothes as they surged like mountainous orbs from her tight top. Hilda was so horny right at the moment that she found it hard to concentrate on the last few papers. Hilda wanted to do something to alleviate the desire in her pussy that, not surprisingly, was beginning to dampen the tight skirt that clung to her voluptuous form, whose large and yet firmly rounded ass was parked in the uncomfortable wooden chair.

"Got to get these papers done," Hilda Humper groaned, dreading the rest of the task. "But I'll just take a five minute potty break first."

Hilda lifted her full figure from the chair, rounding the desk and stepping through the door and out into the nearly empty hallway. The rest room was on the far side of the hall and she walked briskly down the long walkway, her big boobs bouncing heavily as she did, their fleshy peaks bobbing, though still in her brassiere, and given all the support that mammaries of their magnitude could honestly expect. Not only was she horny, but she had to pee as well.

Hilda finally reached the restrooms and noticed that the door marked 'Women' and adorned with a silhouette of a petite female figure, was also partially covered with a very large paper sign that said 'Out of order' in red block letters. Hilda had heard that the toilets in the women's restroom had not been working properly lately and now they must be repairing them.

The buxom educator scanned the hall and was satisfied that the building was now entirely empty of people. She then slowly turned and reached for the handle of the door to the men's restroom and smiled as it swung open. Hilda jumped a bit when she heard the door hit something as she entered the bathroom. She saw that it was a large bucket with wheels on it, much like the ones that the janitors used. There was a large mop sitting next to it and leaning against the wall.

"Oh, damn," Hilda said as she heard a soft voice make a cry of surprise.

"Who is it?"

She saw a slightly hunched over figure in gray coveralls with his back to her standing at the line of urinals. His head was the only thing that turned toward her as she entered. Hilda knew when she saw his profile immediately who it was. It was the kindly and affable sixty-year-old janitor named Charlie. From the sound of liquid rushing in his general area, Hilda knew that Charlie was peeing.

"Hi, honey," Hilda greeted the modest janitor in a voice as smooth and as sweet as she could make it. "How are you, baby? I hope I didn't walk in at a bad time."

"Miss Hilda," Charlie said, smiling sheepishly as he stopped pissing for a second. "Imagine you ending up in here. I guess the ladies' room is all off limits, huh? It's still good to see you."

Hilda stepped closer and could just make out the tip of Charlie's penis still jutting from his open fly. She had currently forgotten about her need to urinate, but her horniness was still fresh in her mind.

"You were just taking a potty break from cleaning, weren't you, honey?" Hilda said in a husky and slightly suggestive voice. "And Hilda interrupted your wee wee break. I didn't mean to, baby."

She stepped even closer to where he still modestly had his back turned towards the urinal.

"T..th..that's alright, Miss Hilda," Charlie stammered as she put her manicured hand abruptly on his shoulder.

"It's not alright with me," Hilda replied as her face lit up with a smile and she moved ever closer. "I'm going to help you finish your pee break."

With that Hilda Humper turned toward the urinals and draped one arm around old Charlie's shoulder. Facing the same way and so close that one of her breasts pressed into his arm, she reached briskly down and grabbed his penis with her other hand and firmly held it, pointing it down into the urinal. It was thick but very soft and not particularly long.

"Now I'm going to hold it for you, Charlie, until you get done pee- peeing. Is that okay, sweetie?"

"Yes, ma'am," Charlie spoke nervously, but with the hint of a grin on his face. "That would be right helpful. A fine idea."

Charlie just stood quiet for a second as Hilda still held his dick down to ready him to pee. She thought it probably surprised him so much that he couldn't get his stream going again. But finally it came and she could feel the pressure as a steady yellow stream arced easily from his cock and trickled down the porcelain. Hilda firmly held his member as it emptied itself of excess fluid. The most surprising thing was that Charlie just kept peeing and peeing. The old guy must have had quite a bit to drink earlier.

"My, my," Hilda giggled girlishly as she playfully touched his testicles with her thin fingers. "Somebody drank a lot of water today and is taking a long wee wee. Momma is going to be here until Charlie empties his skin pipe though. Hildy is not going anywhere until Charlie empties all the fluid from his pee pee pole. Tee hee."

"Aaaaahhhhh," Charlie groaned as she adroitly held his manhood that was just coming to the end of its urination cycle. "Thank you, Miss Hilda. That sure was helpful."

At this point his stream ended and his relief was at last complete.

"Good boy," Hilda said as she still stood holding his penis firmly in her right hand. "Need to get him dry before he goes back in his home."

She gently shook his cock up and down, watching as dangling drops of urine shook themselves free of his peehole. Hilda then took a napkin and wiped him off, drying his grizzled penis that she was sure had seen many pussies in its prime days. Finally she released his shaft and let it fall against his work pants.

"Thank you," Charlie mustered in the awkward silence. "I'll just zip my fly now, I reckon."

"No, baby. Keep him out for a little while," Hilda replied as she undid several more buttons on her tight blouse, feeling the need in her pussy, feeling the desire to be satiated immediately. "What do you want to do, Charlie? I've got the rest of the day and I've never done it in a men's public restroom before. Maybe I could suck you or you could take me in the stall and fuck me standing up. Anything you want, sweetie. I'm treating you today to some pleasurable good fun. We'll do everything that you can think of, sweetie. What do you say?"

This little invitation stopped Charlie immediately from zipping up and they both turned from the urinals. Hilda watched as his weathered johnson began to get just a slight hint of stiffness in it. She moved close to him and grabbed his length with one hand, softly tugging at its mushroom head. The other snaked around his neck as she gave him a deep kiss on the lips, her mouth opening and her tongue snaking into his mouth, which hungrily and desperately sought it. The kiss was a long one, and when Hilda finally ended it she noticed that the sixty- year-old janitor was now sporting a fully erect penis. It was straight and prominent as it emerged from his open fly. Though not particularly long, Hilda Humper admired the thickness that the old man's member had. Her pussy was longing for a hard stalk snugly inserted into its warm, cozy interior and expertly used to stimulate it. It was something that Hilda's pussy enjoyed every day, and today Charlie was the lucky recipient of the joy of her interior vaginal muscles that would squeeze and milk his penis until it was taken to a carnal paradise of tingling ecstasy.

"Oh, Charlie," Hilda cooed as she tickled his erection and slowly began to remove his gray coveralls. Her thick red lips were pressed against his ear and she whispered in a voice as smooth as silk. "Charlie, I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck the shit out of me with that tool."

"What if someone walks in?" Charlie asked softly as Hilda placed his hand on one of her breasts and gently pulled on his hard-on until it swelled even larger. "What'll we do then?"

Hilda slowly slid Charlie's trembling hand under her blouse where he could feel her big boobs with only a bra separating him from enjoying the softness of her titan fleshy basketballs. She moved his hand to the cleft of her deep and creamy white cleavage and could feel his fingers explore the deep space between her mountainous mounds. As he fondled her, his hands struggling to reach underneath Hilda's bra, she began to quickly disrobe. Hilda removed her blouse and began to unhook her big green brassiere as Charlie still toyed with her mams. She wanted sex and she was getting hornier by the second. Just having Charlie rub her titflesh was driving her wild and she felt the wetness grow in her pussy.

"Well, baby. If someone walks in, we'll just ignore them and keep on fucking," Hilda replied, laughing as she dropped her bra and freed her enormous breasts, which fell heavily into the janitor's eager hands. "That's what we'll do. Tee hee. What do you think of that shit?"

Charlie didn't reply, but his member sure did. It was now a swollen eager staff ready to do Hilda Humper's insatiable bidding, whatever it was and however long it might take. It was a typical reaction, the one this big-boobed bombshell got from every man.

Charlie's cock glistened with droplets of pre-cum as he began to squeeze her glorious naked breasts. After much stimulation their nipples had swelled to hard pebbly points of desire. Hilda moaned and cooed as he kneaded and pulled on her big boobs with horny abandon. Hilda reached and took Charlie's penis in a tight grip and tugged on it with a pressure that could not be said to be gentle.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Charlie yelped in a cry of both pain and pleasure that was all mixed up. "Yessss!"

Hilda screamed loudly when the janitor took each of her huge areolas between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and pulled on them with the force of a child grabbing and seizing a toy. Her giant breasts tingled with a sensation so strong that it made her soaking wet. In return for his horseplay with her boobs, Hilda gave Charlie's wee wee the same treatment. She spanked it with her stroking hand and she pinched its swollen head in a way that sent a rush of more blood to his member and made him yell again, this time with more pain than pleasure.

"Enough of our rough stuff, baby," Hilda Humper said, releasing Charlie's shaft from her small hand. "Honey, I want you to suck Momma Hildy's big ol' boobies like you were a hungry little baby and Momma was feeding you. Okay, sweetie? I want to make baby's wee wee get really excited while she is feeding her big boy."

They were both undressed except for the briefs that Charlie's penis was sticking from the front of, and the pair of little green panties that Hilda wore.

Hilda quickly decided on the best way to have Charlie comfortably suck her titties. She would sit down on the floor and lean against the wall. Charlie would lie down on his back with his head in Miss Humper's lap. In this way he could comfortably enjoy her breasts as she leaned over and popped a nipple in his mouth to suckle.

"Lay your head down in Momma's lap," Hilda breathed softly as her dangling bosom bobbed heavily and invitingly.

"Yes, ma'am," Charlie replied, placing his head like a sick child in her lap, his face looking up at the enormous mountains that poised just inches above it. "I'm getting hungry." At this he chortled in a voice that sounded younger than his sixty years.

"Are you ready for dinner?" Hilda asked as she lowered her huge left breast to his lips and he took its tip happily into his mouth. "Now suck me."

And boy did he ever. Charlie began to enjoy her breasts so much that the loud sound of his nursing echoed throughout the restroom. He smacked his lips as he devoured Hilda's sweet bounty, greedily using his mouth in such a way that he seemed to be trying to draw milk from her. Charlie's tongue licked and his lips tasted the sweet flesh of Hilda's melons. Hilda pressed her twin peaks together as Charlie worshipped her tits with his mouth. They were bounding and quivering as he enjoyed them. They were experiencing absolute bliss in his oral embrace.

"Harder!" Hilda screamed as he took a break from sucking and his tongue darted over her pillowy flesh balloons. Charlie obediently took her boob back into his mouth once again. "Now suck me! Suck me harder, hungry boy! Bite me!"

And Charlie did. His teeth bit roughly into her big left knocker, pinching and pulling on the flesh just below her nipple. His teeth opened and released and then bit down again, this time right on Hilda's silver dollar sized areola. Charlie's ears rang as her loud and uninhibited cry of frenzied enjoyment made the walls vibrate.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, shiiiiittttttt!" Hilda cried out as she writhed and moaned, the squeak of her glorious ass now sliding against the damp tile floor. "You are one good sucker and my boobies like it. Try the other one now."

Hilda carefully removed her left tittie from Charlie's lips and replaced it with her equally oversized right one. Her left was hot and wet from his sloppy uninhibited suckfest.

"Now give me more," Miss Humper said in a voice that sounded almost musical. Then she began to sing to Charlie as he applied oral pressure to one of her two biggest parts.

"Ohhhhh, baby, suck me good, cause Momma can see you're getting wood. Oh my baby, won't you do it right, cause Momma really likes it when you lick and bite. And if little Charlie just keeps on sucking, then Hildy's going to give him a real fine fucking. And when that happy fucking is through, sweet Hildy just might go down on you. She'll suck that cock until you holler, and when you come Momma Hildy will swallow. She'll take every drop of your big load down, and then lick all clean your mushroom crown."

With this little song Hilda cackled with laughter and then placed both hands on the sides of Charlie's face and pressed her giant boobs into it, her tits squashing down, leaving his face buried between them. Then Hilda shook at the waist, making her titties slap roughly into it, the sound of their heavy flesh smacking against his skin.

"Oh, fuck, yeah. I like this," Hilda squealed, giggling like a schoolgirl having her perfect cheerleader tits greedily enjoyed by a popular football player. "Your dear face in a big beautiful place. A big-tittied poet who didn't even know it. Tee hee hee."

Hilda was going crazy.

When Hilda Humper finally pulled her big boobs away, Charlie sputtered and gasped for breath. Breathing could be difficult after having one's nose pressed into the deepest cleavage known to man. Hilda didn't wear a J cup bra for nothing. With boobs that big she needed powerful support, and when those giant bosoms were freed from that support, crazy things could happen. When two gargantuan wonderful wonders of nature are unencumbered, splendid and enjoyable situations can ensue, and the man that is a part of them is lucky indeed. Janitor Charlie felt like a pretty damn lucky man at this point. He could think of no better and more blissful way of being asphyxiated than by the girth of Hilda's super titties.

"Oh, my boobies feel good," Hilda informed him as she pressed her pair together and then placed a hand under each one and pushed them up and down. "They feel like they have had a full massage. These big fuckers are tingling profusely. I can only think of one thing that feels better than this."

With this comment, Hilda grinned, her thick wide lips curling into an upward arc that made her already beautiful face look angelic. Charlie was now sitting beside her against the wall and Hilda leaned over and gave him a soft little peck on the lips.

"Miss Hilda, you are a sweet lady," Charlie said, returning her smile with a grizzled one of his own. "And if I was about twenty years younger, I would probably ask you out."

"Who needs a date, when you can just skip the formalities and go straight for the sex?" Hilda whispered, her lips pressed against his ear. "I think the best thing a man and woman can share is a fuck." With this line her voice took on an almost cynical tone.

Hilda gingerly toyed with the janitor's still fully erect johnson and her titan titties bobbed ever so slightly as she began to stroke it. Charlie made happy sounds as she rubbed him that almost sounded like whimpering.

"Wee wee like?" Hilda asked, as she squeezed his spongy head and then cupped his balls. "Hildy's little 'suck my tittie ditty' wasn't quite accurate. I mentioned regular sex first. I think I want your wee wee in my mouth first."

As Charlie leaned back against the wall Miss Humper brought her pretty blonde head down between his legs, which were brought up to where his knees nearly touched his chest and his feet were planted on the floor. Hilda pushed his erection up against his stomach so that she could slide his briefs down a couple inches. Charlie's penis sprang to attention and Hilda brought her head down to it, sweetly licking its head and then expertly taking that head between her lips and into her mouth. She was now going to give it her very sweetest and most pleasurable treatment.

Charlie the janitor let out a soft cry of shock as he felt the warmth of Hilda's mouth closing around his swollen mushroom tip. Her tongue tickled him right at its peehole and then circled the head of his penis in a rapid rotation that made his head spin. Charlie had never felt anything so wonderful in his life. Miss Humper's head lowered still further as she took in another stiff inch of his thick pole. What she was doing to him was making his member as hard as a steel column.

"Mmmmphhh," Hilda moaned in a muffled and obstructed voice, her wide mouth stretched still further open because of the sheer thickness of Charlie's shaft.

Charlie's hands gently tussled her long blond hair. His cock was tingling so excessively that he could not help but moan his extreme gratitude. Hilda's mouth was so hot and wet that he felt like steam should be coming from it. Charlie felt like an intense heat was being placed on his penis, yet at the same time her soft sucking sent a chill of pleasure through his entire body. Hilda was like a fever on him and he hoped he would never get well.

"Ohhhhh, myyyyy!" Charlie yelled as Hilda slid another two inches into her mouth and then sucked loudly on it like it was a nipple, giving sustenance. The smacking of her lips and the frenzied activity of her tongue on his fleshy length were a noisy phenomenon. "Yes, Hildy! Feels so..."

It was at this moment that Hilda took all of him inside her mouth, while reaching to cup his balls with her left hand. Then she began her talented up and down motion with her head, taking him slowly in and out. It was a heavenly feeling to the janitor. Just watching his dick disappear into Hilda's oral cavity and then to have her take it all the way back out except for the head, was exciting him ever so much.

Hilda's gigantic fleshy orbs swayed and slapped together, making their own music in this wet symphony of oral rhythm. She was so skillful. Charlie suddenly realized why so many of her male students called her Wonderlips. His wee wee would never have it so good again. He could only wait for another day and beg this sweet English teacher for a repeat performance. As Hilda's head rose and fell and she played a beautiful tune on his skin flute, Charlie would enjoy every moment, every heavenly tinge of pleasure that coursed through and tickled his aroused penis. If paradise was a place on earth, it would have to reside within the glorious mouth of this blonde-haired earth angel.

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