Harriet Hotter Ch. 12


Harriet thrust. The sound of their bodies colliding gave a wet smack and Candice's breasts lurched and then trembled to a stop.

"Fuck!" Candice spat again.

Harriet met it with another thrust, pounding the chubby girl, her body divorcing itself from her mind.

"Fuck-fuck-fuck!" Candice grunted. Every fuck was met with a pounding, surging thrust. She loved it; the pain and pleasure becoming one.

Harriet knew Candice was unaware of the state she had put her in, but she had to do something to stop her. Had to shut her up before she was driven mad from the maddening aching inside her pussy. She pulled the short girl off, turned her around, pushed face down on the table.

"That's it," Candice cried. "Give it to me. Fuck me hard!"

Harriet grabbed her by her short dark hair and mashed her face into the flour sack on the table - anything to shut her up. She fucked the short girl, pounding her from behind, causing flour fly in all directions.

Candice stopped cussing. Instead, she issued a sharp cry, more like a yelp really, with every thrust of the phallus. She could feel a pressure growing in her cunt, but she was too oblivious to even know that she was getting ready to cum for the first time.

Harriet was oblivious too. Forgotten were her plans of getting to the bottom of Paige's murder or getting thrown out of this dreadful school. Instead, she was enraptured by Candice's plump bottom as it jiggled with every thrust and watching the girl's pink labia as they distended, clinging to the wooden wand as she withdrew. "Ugh-ugh-ugh," Candice cried louder and louder with every thrust. She pushed back against Harriet, lifting her legs from the ground; spread her thighs with her toes curling. She gave a long drawn out wail as her orgasm hit. For a moment, it felt like her pussy was a bright light of pure pleasure shining through her body.

In the cafeteria, conversations stopped as they heard the cry. Those that stopped looked in the direction of the kitchen, where someone was obviously getting fucked - and getting fucked well.

Back in the pantry, Harriet hurriedly pulled Candice's black robe down her unmoving body, tucked the wand back in her briefs and dusted herself off.

"Come on Candy," Harriet said, pulling Candice by her shoulders. "Let's go."

Candice stood up on her wobbly legs, pulling her sweaty hair out of her eyes, and wiping the flour from her face. "Wow," she said, allowing herself to be pulled back toward the cafeteria. "Harriet . . . .can we - can we do that again?"

Harriet reached over and pushed Candice's handing bangs behind her ear. "Maybe," she said. "But, there's something I need first."

"I-I don't have any more money," Candice said. "But, I can see if I can get some from home."

"I'm not talking about money," Harriet said, wondering what she should ask for. She needed to get out, avoid getting killed, solve a murder, be with Chloe, and have an orgasm, and not necessarily in that order. She wondered which of these Candice would even be able to help her with and decided. "What I need is a map. A map of Frogwart's. All of Frogwart's."

"But, I don't know where a map like that-" Candice began, only to be pushed against the wall and forcibly kissed.

Harriet pulled back, licking her lips and tasting flour. "You'll find it," she said, opening the door to the cafeteria. Candice nodded, her big brown eyes hopeful, as she ducked beneath Harriet's arm and walked into the silent cafeteria, with every eye looking at her with a mixture of shock and jealousy.

Candice's already rosy cheeks, burned a little brighter. None of her classmates failed to notice the handprints left on her arse and bottom - evidence left by Harriet and white flour on the black robe. She made her way to the other blackrobes and sat meekly at their table.

Harriet watched out of the corner of her eye, trying to appear nonchalant about the whole affair. At first the other blackrobes looked at Candice in shocked disbelief. Then one of the girls said something to Candice, Candice replied, and all most of the other blackrobes moved in close to hear her. Eventually, they all crowded around her as she told her tale, with furtive looks in Harriet's direction.

'Yes,' Harriet thought. 'I'm going to be very busy. I wonder how long it will take for them to throw me out now.'

To be continued. . .


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